Chapter 141 – Qian Yannian’s Death

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Chapter 141 – Qian Yannian’s Death

The lightning from the talisman immediately illuminated the dark hall, but it could not hide the two balls of red light that had suddenly appeared.

The scorching white lightning struck the iron-like skin viciously, but it failed to leave a trace behind.

Qian Yannian took a step back. He looked at the huge monster that stood like an iron tower behind him as he became frantic. “D- daemon!”

He could not sense any daemon qi at all, but the tremendous pressure that had almost materialised crushed against his chest such that even his breathing became sluggish.

His mind was a mess. How could a teenager who seemed like a regular, weak second layer Qi Practitioner transform like this? This was an ability that completely exceeded his imagination.

Li Qingshan stretched a little. The sharp horns on his head almost reached the beams up top. He lowered his head and looked at Qian Yannian below as he said with a voice that sounded like resonating metal, “I said to stop! Why didn’t you listen? Huh?”

Qian Yannian roared out crazily. The two Geng Metal Swords of Qi turned into two streaks of golden light, stabbing swiftly towards Li Qingshan. It seemed like he would struggle to dodge an attack like this with such a cumbersome body, but Li Qingshan did not plan to dodge either.

Before the Geng Metal Swords of Qi could even touch Li Qingshan, they were blocked by the shield shaped like a turtle’s shell, directly crumbling into pieces under the attack of daemon qi. They failed to condense again.

Qian Yannian reached towards his hundred treasures pouch instinctively. Inside were talismans that could save his life, pills that could turn the situation around. The hundred treasures pouch was a second life to Qi Practitioners.

A sharp, crescent claw extended out from an index finger that seemed like a metal column. With a sharp, resonating screech, it stopped before Qian Yannian’s forehead, forcing him to halt. He was afraid of even moving a finger. It was so fast that he was unable to react.

If Li Qingshan wanted to kill him, the claw would have penetrated his head already, claiming his life.

Qian Yannian’s voice trembled as he said, “What do you want? I can give you everything! Just don’t kill me!”

Li Qingshan fished the hundred treasures pouch from Qian Yannian, holding it between his fingers before picking up the tiny, toy-like Wind-entwining blade.

Qian Yannian’s expression was mixed between fawning, flattering, and fear. Afterwards, it all collapsed like a mask.

Li Qingshan pierced Qian Yannian’s chest with the blade without any hesitation at all. This was not a fatal wound to a fifth layer Qi Practitioner, but it was enough to take away most of his battle prowess, especially so when he was an old man over a hundred years old.

Qian Yannian’s eyes widened. He opened his mouth as if he wanted to say something.

Li Qingshan flickered his finger, which shattered Qian Yannian’s chin like a ballista.

Afterwards, Li Qingshan drew out the Wind-entwining blade, retreated a few steps back, and gradually shrank once again, returning to human form. He said to Qian Yannian, “Let’s continue now! Do be aware that I’m coming to kill you now!”

Having lost his hundred treasures pouch, his two Geng Metal Swords of Qi, and suffered a stab in the chest, Qian Yannian was like a heavily injured, clawless and fangless beast. All he let out were meaningless howls and growls.

It was as if he knew fleeing was no longer possible. Qian Yannian forcefully sealed off his wounds with true qi and charged towards Li Qingshan while mobilising all his true qi.

Before Qian Yannian had even arrived, a fierce gust of wind rushed over. Qian Yannian shone with a faint, metallic lustre.

Li Qingshan swung down with his blade as hard as he could. Qian Yannian did not try to dodge it. He condensed faint golden qi blades with his arms and stabbed them at Li Qingshan’s ribs.

Clang! The Wind-entwining blade that Li Qingshan had imbued with true qi and great strength cut through Qian Yannian’s protective Geng Metal true qi and left behind a bloody gash on his shoulder.

Li Qingshan ignored it. Wiping and twisting the blade, he swung it towards Qian Yannian’s neck this time. There was a clang of metal again, and he felt two stabbing sensations of pain from his ribs.

Qian Yannian’s blades of qi easily cut through the Black Wolf uniform that could even stop crossbow bolts; it also broke through Li Qingshan’s protective true qi, but it was unable to pierce Li Qingshan’s skin that was as tough as an ox demon’s hide.

There was a string of heavy barrages. Within such a tight space, neither of them took a step back, nor did they try to dodge. They launched several dozen attacks against their opponent.

Li Qingshan’s Black Wolf uniform was already in tatters, while Qian Yannian was covered in blood. The wound on his chest constantly oozed with blood.

Qian Yannian’s eyes reddened. He was like a wild tiger. In the end, he did not even try to use any moves. He just tackled Li Qingshan into a pillar.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! They smashed through five pillars in the hall, and the entire structure collapsed, kicking up dust everywhere.

Li Qingshan was covered in dust. He seemed to be in quite a horrible shape, but his eyes remained as tranquil as water the entire time. An attack as crazy as that obviously could not harm him, but a devastating battle like this was what he wanted.

A fifth layer Qi Practitioner who knew he was going to die, who fought like a caged beast, possessed tenacity beyond Li Qingshan’s imagination. Even when he was heavily injured, he could still unleash startling battle prowess.

Li Qingshan discovered that with his strength as a second layer Qi Practitioner, it would be very difficult to defeat Qian Yannian despite his tough body.

All of his true qi was blasted away wildly. Li Qingshan basically could not counterattack at all, and finally, a fist landed firmly on his chest. He did not try to stabilise himself. As a result, he flew over thirty meters away, landing heavily on the terrace. He did not even forget to add, “How powerful!”

There obviously was a reason for his act. He wanted to kill Qian Yannian in public, not kill him in a single strike. He purposefully made a disturbance to clear up any potential suspicion that he was related to Zhao Liangqing’s death; he wanted to hide his identity as a daemon.

Not only could he appear weak to his hidden enemies to numb their sense of danger, but he could also mislead some of them as well so that they would not be in a hurry to kill him; this would earn him even more time to grow. It truly was quite the plan.

However, before Li Qingshan could take pride in the facade that he had spun, he became stunned when he looked around.

The heavy smell of blood enveloped the entire terrace. The moist, sticky blood dried and blackened. Over a thousand corpses, men and women, old and young, were piled on the terrace and steps. It was impossible to imagine just how horrific of a sight it was unless people had seen it in person.

There were countless arms and legs, countless twisted faces, and countless eyes that remained wide open even upon death. Li Qingshan had been locked in a ‘battle to the death’ with Qian Yannian within the hall, so he was in no shape to care about the shrieks and howls outside. He basically turned a deaf ear to it all. Now that he had seen it in person, he felt deeply shocked even when he had killed many people with his own hands before and believed he had grown accustomed to bloodiness and death.

Who was it? Who did all this?

The moon emerged from the dark clouds, coating everything with a silver glow. The surroundings were deathly silent. There were no chirpings of insects, as if all the living creatures there had been stunned, afraid to make a disturbance.

The person behind all this, Qian Rongzhi, currently held a Water-splitting barb as she sent the survivors who still groaned and breathened in the piles of corpses off to hell.

Qian Ronghui retreated with difficulty. “Don’t, Rongzhi! We have no grievances!” He had been sucked into the bloody massacre in the very beginning, but with his strength as a peak first layer Qi Practitioner, he had managed to survive. However, all of his true qi was depleted, and he was covered in wounds. He basically had no strength left.

Qian Rongzhi responded, “During the autumn four years ago, on August 15, you called me a whore!” The Water-splitting barb stabbed into Qian Ronghui’s head mercilessly.

Qian Yannian followed Li Qingshan outside the hall. He saw this and was immediately stunned. He recovered a sliver of rationality. Was the Qian family over just like this?

Qian Rongzhi looked back at Qian Yannian. There was no fear on her face. Instead, she said with great satisfaction, “Haha, grandfather, do you see now? All of your descendants are dead!”

With a wild howl, Qian Yannian descended into even greater madness. He ignored Li Qingshan, charging straight towards Qian Rongzhi.

Li Qingshan held the Wind-entwining blade that was covered in knicks, but he did not swing it. This woman was wicked and two-faced. She had repeatedly worked against him, so why would he save her?

Watching Qian Yannian charge over, Qian Rongzhi took out three fire talismans and launched them at Qian Yannian as fireballs.

Boom! Boom! Boom! With three explosions, fire rose into the air as the shockwave blasted away the corpses.

However, before Qian Rongzhi could celebrate, she saw Qian Yannian forcefully charge through the fire. His remaining strands of hair were singed away, and he was charred all over. He was even still on fire as he charged towards her recklessly.

Qian Rongzhi finally showed a sliver of fear, but she did not flee. She gripped the Water-splitting barb tightly, and it shone with azure light as it stabbed towards Qian Yannian.

Suddenly, verdant, green vines sprouted from the ground, wrapping around Qian Yannian like a snake. He erupted with Geng Metal true qi, tearing away the vines, but he had halted due to it. The azure light pierced his chest and blood gurgled from the wound that Li Qingshan had originally dealt him. It now flowed relentlessly.

Qian Yannian staggered a few more steps forward. Even more green vines sprouted beneath him, wrapping around him. He was like a moth caught in a spider’s web. His struggle became more and more powerless.

Diao Fei had returned at a certain time. He held his right hand in a seal before his chest as he stared right at Qian Yannian. The green vines came from a technique he used.

Only then did Li Qingshan learn that Diao Fei did not practise the Innate Method of Practising Qi, but probably a cultivation method from Green Vine mountain!

Qian Yannian seemed like she never imagined her strike would be effective either. Her face lit up crazily, but she did not rush up to finish him off. Instead, she retreated over a dozen steps away cautiously. “Grandfather, your concubines, wives, and children are all here. Do you see them? Look, just right beside your foot! Oh, you’ve kicked your beloved concubine’s head. But that doesn’t matter anymore. I’ve also helped you kill all the traitors of the Qian family. What do you think? I’ve returned all the kindness the Qian family has shown me!”

Qian Yannian howled, but he had already reached the end of his rope during his battle against Li Qingshan. This charge took up the last of his energy. He only remained alive due to his heavy true qi. He glared at Qian Rongzhi viciously as if he wanted to dig out a piece of her.

However, Qian Rongzhi only smiled widely and chattered endlessly, “I remember, you promised me in the past that you would make me the leader of the Qian family. Of course, I knew you were lying to me. Why would you make an outsider, moreover a woman, the leader of the family? But now, there’s no one else who can inherit the position of patriarch, so just let me inherit it.”

Then she seemed distressed. “But now, the Qian family doesn’t have anyone left, so there’s no point in being a leader anymore, so I think I’ll return the position to you. You are the first and last patriarch of the Qian family.”

Every single word from Qian Rongzhi was like a blade, piercing Qian Yannian and making him tremble all over. However, his chin had been crushed, so he was unable to utter a single word. He raised his head and let out a spurt of blood before the green vines swallowed him.

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  1. Qian Yannian seemed like she never imagined her strike would be effective either. Her face lit up crazily, but she did not rush up to finish him off. Instead, she retreated over a dozen steps away cautiously. “
    Is not Qian Yannian, Qian Rongzhi


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