Chapter 152 – Flaws in the Plan

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Chapter 152 – Flaws in the Plan

A while later, there was not a single gambler left beside him. Several dozen hostile men replaced them, armed with swords and blades; they either sneered or glared at Li Qingshan.

All of the doors and windows were shut now; not even a fly would be able to escape from here.

Only then did Shi Jixiang slowly make his way down from upstairs. He spoke like everything was under his control, “May I ask who you are, brother? If you tell me about your identity, you might even make a new friend today. If you’re lacking money to cover travelling expenses, feel free to mention it. I, Shi Jixiang, am not a stingy person.”

Li Qingshan looked around and said in a pity, “Just this much?”

Although he had originally come with the intention of purging evil, it was obviously impossible for him to scour every corner of Silver Mountain town after killing Shi Jixiang. He lacked both the time and energy for that. There were still another twenty-six missions and over nine hundred people waiting for him.

However, when it came to something like teaching a lesson, basically everyone who should have been here was here!

Shi Jixiang was unsure about his motives, but he could tell that Li Qingshan had no plans to answer him. He was infuriated, and he took off his thin clothes, revealing a bulky upper body and the tattoo of a buddha. He sat down in front of Li Qingshan. “I’ll gamble with you this time.”

Li Qingshan saw him strip and was ready to fight, but when he heard that, he was slightly surprised. Then he said, “That works.”

Rattle, rattle, rattle.

Shi Jixiang rolled the dice viciously. He stared firmly at Li Qingshan with his small eyes. For some reason, he felt uneasy when he met those calm, unperturbed pupils that clearly divided the colours of the latter’s eyes. However, he had fought and killed for many years now, so his mental fortitude was rather impressive. He forced back his uneasiness and slammed down the dice cup with a bang. He asked aggressively, “Big or small?”

Li Qingshan casually cast his bet. Just like before, he bet all the silver on the table and went with big once again.

Shi Jixiang raised an eyebrow. He channeled inner force into the cup before immediately lifting it. He roared with laughter. “One, two, and four. That’s small. You lose?” At the same time, he circulated his true qi, and the men in the surroundings eyed Li Qingshan closely, ready to fight at any time. They were all wary of Li Qingshan flying into a rage from his loss and trying to hurt any of them.

Li Qingshan laid out his hands. “And then?”

Shi Jixiang was stunned. Originally, he thought that Li Qingshan would furiously label him as a cheat. “What and then? If you’re willing to gamble, then you need to be ready to lose.”

“Alright. I’ve lost. All of the silver is yours.” With that, Li Qingshan kicked the marble gambing table.

Not a single person present had thought that the heavy, sturdy, still table could be launched with such terrifying speed and might in a single instant, whistling through the air.

Shi Jixiang’s eyes narrowed as he was shocked. Even masters of external martial arts do not possess such strength! At the same time, he reacted by leaping up. The extraordinary martial arts he took pride in seemed so slow now. He could only watch as the dice and dice cup was launched into the air while the marble table slammed into him.


Dust was kicked up into the air as the marble table slammed Shi Jixiang into the wall. It firmly lodged the lower half of his body into the wall as his bones shattered under the collision of the table.

The men in the surroundings still seemed to be lost. Didn’t they win? How had their mighty boss Shi been reduced to such a horrible state in the blink of an eye?

Li Qingshan ignored them. He walked over to the marble table.

Shi Jixiang really was a first-rate master after all with how tenacious his vitality was. His lower body was crushed, but he still managed to remain conscious. “W- w- who are you?”

Li Qingshan said, “A Hawkwolf guard on a mission. I find it annoying when people like you smile. This expression suits you better.” He conveniently caught the falling dice on his side, “And, you can’t decide big or small through these.” Without even looking back, he threw them backwards.

The dice pierced a man who was just about to launch a sneak attack on him with his blade.

“Just what are you going to use for a gamble with me?”

Everyone immediately understood their disparity in strength and the fact that death was near. They rushed for the entrance without any regard anymore. They wanted to open the main entrance that they had just shut firmly.

A man looked back in fright. A stream of fire that seemed like a dragon rolled over from Li Qingshan’s waist. Wherever it passed by, everyone was reduced to nothing, only leaving behind a set of clothes that fell to the ground slowly. This was basically even more terrifying than any bloody sight. He pushed against the entrance firmly before losing all consciousness.

The fire snake opened its mouth and lunged towards Shi Jixiang before pausing again and looking at Li Qingshan.

Li Qingshan waved his hand to express there was nothing more he wanted to say to him. However, Shi Jixiang opened his mouth. He was the one who had something to say, but his face was already lit up by the firelight.

The fire snake immediately swallowed Shi Jixiang.

The gamblers had not dispersed. Instead, they paced around outside the entrance. The night had just begun. They had yet to enjoy themselves fully!

They believed that this ignorant kid from another place would suffer very soon, and the casino would reopen. However, there were other people who believed that only those with the ability would take a risk like this and that the kid would be a difficult opponent. As a result, they split into two sides and gambled on this matter.

However, they waited for a very long time, and the casino still had not opened up again. However, none of them were bold enough to force their way in either. People of the government opened the entrance only after the next morning arrived. The large casino was completely devoid of people.

There was a speck of light in a tiny inn in the middle of nowhere.

Li Qingshan unfurled his mental map of the Green province and planned his destination for the next day. He used an invisible line to connect twenty-seven specks together.

Twenty-seven specks, one thousand people.

Xiao An sat to one side, looking at the mental map and Li Qingshan. He seemed to be in thought.

Li Qingshan asked, “Do you remember the number? How many was it?”

Xiao An dipped his finger in a cup of tea and wrote on the table, “Fifty-seven.”

Twenty-six specks, nine hundred and forty three people.

Li Qingshan corrected the number in his mind. He did not deal with Shi Jixiang’s property. Ever since Xiao An gave him a clear goal, that had become his greatest priority that he eagerly wanted to complete.

If he could be a little faster, Xiao An would be able to recover his body a little faster.

However, he did not go without any benefits. Shi Jixiang was swallowed by the flames, but he left behind a few talismans. Originally, this person had planned to use them as trump cards, but before absolute strength, he basically had no chance to use it.

Li Qingshan raised his head and smiled. “We’ll be done very soon. Let’s go to Giant Deer valley tomorrow and go find the horse bandits. What do you think? The route I planned is pretty good, isn’t it?”

Xiao An then wrote on the table. “But if this continues, we’ll alarm the others very soon. They will go into hiding.”

“That’s true. We can only move a little faster then and travel day and night. If they end up hiding, that’ll be troublesome.” Li Qingshan was slightly taken aback. He rubbed his chin in thought and found that Xiao An really had a good point.

These people were not mobs from games who would pace around in the same place, waiting to be slain. Though, once they were slain, new ones would definitely spawn, as there would never be an end to people like them.

News always spread rapidly through the jianghu. As long as he repeated this a few more times, probably all the figures of the jianghu on the blacklist would realise that their end was coming, and then they would subsequently vanish into hiding. Just which Qi Practitioner would waste their precious time to scour the world for them? Li Qingshan did not want to waste this time either. This was also the reason why the Hawkwolf Guard could not eliminate them all!

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