Chapter 169 – The Zombie Daoist

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Chapter 169 – The Zombie Daoist

Li Qingshan understood. As expected, Zhuo Zhibo had sold him out. Of course, this was not particularly surprising. It would have been surprising if he had not done that. Right now, he was only worried about whether Zhuo Zhibo trusted the Zombie Daoist’s strength or not. If he did, he might not personally come to kill him.

Then, the Zombie Daoist said to Zhang Lanqing’s group, “You lot might be lacking in comparison, but I’ll treat you all equally and turn you all into zombies…” He basically treated them like their heads were all on the chopping board already.

Before the Zombie Daoist had finished talking, the five mohist disciples had pulled the trigger on their Thousand Mechanism crossbows and unleashed a storm of Fire Crow bolts.

Li Qingshan stood to one side. All he saw were the completely scarlet, three-inches long Fire Crow bolts. They basically emerged from the crossbows in a stream, moving startlingly fast. They were also extremely densely-packed, making it almost impossible to dodge.

Before the Zombie Daoist could even respond, several dozen Fire Crow bolts struck him. The bolts heated up in his body before blowing apart.

There were a string of explosions and fire sprouted from various parts of the Zombie Daoist, blowing him to pieces.

Zhao Lanqing and the three others were delighted, but Li Qingshan drew his Wind-entwining blade once more. Hao Pingyang bellowed, “Be careful, it’s all fake!”

Li Qingshan glanced at Hao Pingyang. He really was the strongest one after all. He was brawny on the outside and sharp-witted on the inside. If the Zombie Daoist could be finished off so easily, it would have been impossible for him to remain atop the Hawkwolf Guard’s list for so long. Although he had used a broadcasting technique, it was possible to tell with careful listening that the voice did not come from the Zombie Daoist at the entrance at all. The mask was just to cover the face.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang…

The lids of several dozen coffins in the morgue flew off at the same time with zombies rising from them. Their eyes were wide open with their arms extended in front of them. Their sharp canines were clearly visible. They rushed towards the six people in the morgue.

In order to avoid raising any suspicion from the Zombie Daoist, Hao Pingyang’s group did not clear away these zombies, so they immediately became surrounded.

Five zombies lunged towards Li Qingshan. He was already prepared. The Wind-entwining blade in his hand erupted with light, and blades of light shot towards the four directions.

The blade entered the bodies of the zombies and produced the muffled thump of a blunt blade hacking into wood. The five zombies only paused slightly. The ten, purpley-blue arms continued to extend towards Li Qingshan. Their long nails were like daggers, and from their black colour, Li Qingshan could tell with a single glance that they were poisonous.

Hao Pingyang bellowed at Li Qingshan, “You need to go for the head!” The highest number of zombies lunged towards him. There were a total of eight, but he was composed as ever. He raised the Yellow Dragon’s Cannon of Devouring Light and smashed it towards the head of a zombie in front of him. Then he circulated his true qi and swept out horizontally. The seven zombies were all knocked away, landing heavily on the columns and coffins. As a matter of fact, two of them directly smashed through the walls and flew out.

He was on a rampage, seeming like a god of war.

However, aside from the one that had its head crushed and the two that had their bones completely shattered, the five others all sprang up from the ground agan. They could not feel pain, nor were they afraid of death. They lunged over again.

After receiving Hao Pingyang’s reminder, Li Qingshan thought, So much for being a transmigrator, I’ve forgotten such a common piece of knowledge!

He grabbed Xiao An and leapt up.

The ten arms and the fifty nails were like the mouth of a beast, closing down on his feet. The five zombies all raised their eyes together, looking at Li Qingshan in the air with their pupilless eyes. They leapt up at the same time. Their knees were unable to bend due to rigor mortis, so it seemed like they had springs beneath their feet.

Li Qingshan stomped down forcefully and crushed the head of a zombie, pushing off its shoulders and piercing the ceiling of the morgue.

Dust and shattered tiles fell down as a ray of moonlight landed on the morgue.

In the air, Li Qingshan held Xiao An with his left hand as he firmly gripped the Wind-entwining blade with his right, resting it on his shoulder. He glanced down cautiously, taking in the entire morgue.

The four zombies in the sky were unable to attain the same altitude as him, so they fell back to the ground.

However, Li Qingshan did not pay any attention to them. He had never been looking at the zombies in the first place. Although they were mostly invulnerable and possessed great physical strength, they lacked intelligence and techniques. Their reactions could not even be compared to regular wild beasts.

Whether it be his strength, speed, or reactions, he completely surpassed these zombies. As long as a few hundred or a thousand of them did not surround him, they could not touch him at all.

He was only cautious about a single person—the Zombie Daoist who had only spoken but never appeared. According to the files of the Hawkwolf Guard, he knew concealing techniques and possessed a Submerged Shadow sword. He was extremely skilled at sneak attacks.

The autumn wind rustled through the surroundings of the morgue, sweeping up dead grass and twigs, but there was not a single person at all.

In the end, he locked his aura onto Hao Pingyang. If Li Qingshan were the Zombie Daoist, there would be two choices he would consider if he wanted to win. One was killing the weakest first, to weaken his opponent’s strength, while the other was directly killing the strongest and obtaining an absolute advantage.

However, he would definitely expose himself if he killed the weakest. It would cost him true qi, and it could even lead to openings, which could lead to his own death. As a result, the most optimal choice was to wait for an opportunity to heavily injure Hao Pingyang.

Hao Pingyang and Li Qingshan were already prepared and were stronger, so they did not fear these zombies. However, Zhao Lanqing and the others did not have it as easy. The zombies were right beside them. They had just emptied their magazines, and they had no time to reload their crossbows.

Several dozen zombies lunged over from all directions. They were clearly mindless creatures with no intelligence, but they seemed to have been rigorously trained, splitting up the five of them tactically.

Jin Bao was the weakest. He rolled on the ground in horrible shape as the ten nails of a zombie stabbed deeply into the ground where he was previously standing. If he had been a second slower, he would have been disemboweled. Before he could even get up, three zombies lunged over with their teeth and claws, stunning him completely. He had no weapons, only his empty hands. How was he supposed to stop these zombies? He could only close his eyes and wait for death.

Jin Yuan called out, “Jin Bao!” He wanted to save his younger brother, but four zombies stopped him. He could barely hold his ground. He Yishi and Zhang Lanqing were no different.

“Use the puppet, you idiot!” Hao Pingyang saw how his junior brother was in danger, but he had no intentions of trying to save him. He was the same as Li Qingshan, currently focusing all of his efforts into looking for the Zombie Daoist. He did not dare to lose focus. He was the only sixth layer Qi Practitioner present. If he were injured in a sneak attack or even killed, none of the people here would be able to leave alive.

The claws and teeth fell, but there was no cry. Instead, there was the sound of striking wood. At the moment of danger, Jin Bao had summoned a puppet to block the zombies, allowing him to survive.

The three zombies pulled out their teeth and claws before plunging them back into the puppet emotionlessly. Bang! Bang! Bang! With three consecutive, heavy blows, splinters flew from the puppet as it became riddled with cracks. The claws of the zombies could even pierce steel. If it were not for the fact that the puppet had been specially made, it would have been destroyed in a single strike. However, even with that being the case, it could not last for too long.

At this moment, the four zombies that previously targeted Li Qingshan lunged towards Jin Bao under the influence of an invisible force. The greatest use of puppets was for attack, not for serving as a shield. As a result, it fell into pieces with a clatter.

Despair filled Jin Bao’s eyes as he called out, “Save me!”

Hao Pingyang sighed inside. As he wielded the Yellow Dragon’s Cannon of Devouring Light, he was about to charge up and assist him, disregarding the threat in the darkness.

A bolt of scorching, white lightning descended from the sky with the rumble of thunder. It charred several zombies by Jin Bao’s side and stunned all the other zombies in the morgue.

As Li Qingshan descended from the ground, he threw out a Lightning Summoning talisman, but he did not even check the effect of it. He stared straight at Zhang Lanqing, and his Wind-entwining blade swept out as a streak of light.

“Nice!” Hao Pingyang praised loudly. He raised his Yellow Dragon’s Cannon of Devouring Light, and it gathered specks of light. The dragon’s head actually targeted Zhang Lanqing as well.

With everything happening around him, Zhang Lanqing was unable to save Jin Bao in time despite his superior strength at the fifth layer, as he was handling seven zombies. However, he was able to protect himself. However, facing the incoming blade and the charging Yellow Dragon’s Cannon of Devouring Light, his breath immediately became stifled, revealing fear and disbelief.


The Wind-entwining blade arrived a foot before Zhang Lanqing and produced a metallic sound that was no softer than the thunder earlier. A small sword appeared out of nowhere.

His blade immediately gained a huge nick, but the small sword was sent flying by Li Qingshan’s great strength as well, spinning away uncontrollably.

Using the previous bolt of lightning, Li Qingshan had finally grasped the whereabouts of the Submerged Shadow sword.

At this moment, the Yellow Dragon’s Cannon of Devouring Light unleashed a dazzling streak of light, striking the small sword in the air and directly reducing it to a piece of scrap metal. It fell from the sky.

A miserable wail resounded within the darkness of a corner, and a blurry figure appeared, drifting towards the door.

Li Qingshan and Hao Pingyang turned around at the same time and rushed in the direction of the miserable wail. They charged out of the morgue and saw a figure in the distance that was rushing off in a hurry.

“Come!” Hao Pingyang tossed aside the Yellow Dragon’s Cannon of Devouring Light and extended a foot towards Li Qingshan behind him.

“Go!” Li Qingshan gained a proper footing on the ground, crushing the tiles beneath his feet. A shockwave spread through the surroundings as he drew strength from the ground. Unleashing his full strength, he punched the bottom of Hao Pingyang’s foot.

Hao Pingyang shot off like a human cannonball, rushing past the bushes and rapidly approaching the figure. He smiled viciously as he spread his arms; true qi surged out, slamming against the temples of the figure’s head. With a spurt, the head exploded.

Li Qingshan was instead disappointed. He thought about how the Zombie Daoist was truly crafty.

Hao Pingyang limped back while holding a headless corpse and tossed it to the ground. “Another fake!”

When his flying sword was destroyed and his mind was injured, the Zombie Daoist was actually still able to think about leaving behind a substitute to flee. He was well-prepared, and his reactions were fast.

Li Qingshan lifted up the Yellow Dragon’s Cannon of Devouring Light and studied it. When he heard that, he spread his arms and shrugged, tossing the cannon back to Hao Pingyang.

Hao Pingyang caught the cannon and stowed it back into his hundred treasures pouch as he patted his foot with a frown. “Kid, that punch was too much!”

Li Qingshan said, “If it weren’t enough, how were you supposed to catch up to him?”

Hao Pingyang suddenly said, “The Submerged Shadow sword has been destroyed, so that bastard has been greatly weakened. It’s a good time to kill him.”

Li Qingshan said, “His specialty lies in refining and controlling corpses, not controlling a sword. This is only one of the places he nurtures corpses. Don’t tell me you plan on entering the Zombie Cave in search of a sixth layer Qi Practitioner who is skilled at concealing techniques? And, it’s just like what you said, this has nothing to do with me.”

The two of them conversed outside the morgue as the battle continued inside, but they had no intention of interfering.

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