Chapter 177 – Killing Zhuo Zhibo (Two)

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Chapter 177 – Killing Zhuo Zhibo (Two)

Zhuo Zhibo did not even try to use his flying blade. The range of his artifact was thirty steps. This was quite a distance to regular people, but with Li Qingshan’s terrifying physique, he only needed to take a step and extend his hand. With just that, he would be able to reach Zhuo Zhibo easily.

Zhuo Zhibo was not crazy enough to engage in close combat against such an opponent. He would probably die in Li Qingshan’s hands before his flying blade had even managed to pierce Li Qingshan’s barrier. He could not afford to die here. As long as he could return and expose Li Qingshan’s true form, powerful masters of the Hawkwolf Guard would come to deal with him themselves. How could the Hawkwolf Guard accept daemons into their ranks?!

Ge Jian looked back as he fled for his life. He discovered in fright that Li Qingshan had vanished from his previous location. His colossal body moved with unbelievable speed, appearing in front of him in a single moment. Before he could even react, all he felt was his body tighten and ache; then he lost all consciousness.

Li Qingshan grabbed Ge Jian and casually tossed him towards another Black Wolf guard.

The Black Wolf guard heard the whistling wind from the projectile. When he turned back to look, all he saw was Ge Jian bleeding from all of his orifices, only inches away.

With a bang, the two of them collided against a wall and were reduced to a pile of flesh of blood. They slid down from the wall slowly, stuck together forever.

Li Qingshan opened his mouth, and the spirit turtle’s daemon core shot out, piercing the other fourth layer Qi Practitioner and reducing him to a corpse.

In the blink of an eye, only Zhuo Zhibo and Xie Nande remained. The unstoppable group of Hawkwolf guards had basically been annihilated. All of this took quite some time to explain, but there actually was not the slightest pause as the massacre unfolded.

Zhuo Zhibo fled the fastest. He had already arrived at the cave above the waterfall. Xie Nande also strode over the water and reached halfway up the waterfall, but he suddenly saw the daemon core turn around in the air and fly towards him. He cried out, “Save me, commander!”

Zhuo Zhibo would have never stopped for him. Xie Nande let out a crazy howl and used everything that he had. The true qi he had cultivated over all these years surged out like the tide, swinging towards the incoming daemon core.

However, any form of resistance was pointless before absolute strength. The daemon core only paused slightly before suddenly speeding up and piercing Xie Nande’s head, leaving behind a tiny hole.

Whether they were at the fifth layer or the fourth layer, they seemed just as easy to kill as ordinary people to Li Qingshan now.

Zhuo Zhibo completely ignored what was going on behind him, rushing straight for the cave. The cave was quite spacious, but Li Qingshan was simply too large for it. As long as he could make it in there, he would be able to escape.

Suddenly, he felt great danger. He forcefully twisted his body in the air, and a white prayer bead emerged from the waterfall and brushed past him. It scraped his chest with lightning speed, taking away a chunk of him.

“It’s you!” Zhuo Zhibo saw the child who often followed Li Qingshan around blocking the entrance to the cave. She had no expression as she stood among the silent flames. Although she did not give off any aura, the sense of danger she emitted was no less than Li Qingshan’s.

And, she could control artifacts. This child was actually at the sixth layer or even higher than that, but how could she be so young? Zhuo Zhibo was unable to understand it.

Li Qingshan recalled his daemon core and saw how he was beginning to fall. With a thought, he used his daemon qi, and a pillar of water rose up from the centre of the lake, lifting him up towards Zhuo Zhibo.

There was a vicious beast in front and behind him, and they were each more terrifying than the next.

The suffocating killing intent basically made Zhuo Zhibo’s heart stop. At that moment, he was filled with regret. He never had any irreconocible disagreements with Li Qingshan. If he had just ignored Li Qingshan from the beginning, he would still be the authoritative Black Hawk commander of Jiaping city. He would have both women and power. He never would have been reduced to such a state.

However, it was already too late for regret. In the face of life-threatening danger, Zhuo Zhibo no longer cared. He launched his flying blade at Xiao An. If she moved out of the way to dodge, then all would be well. If she did not, then he would drag her down with him even if it would cost him his life.

As expected, Xiao An remained exactly where she was. She formed a seal with her hands, and the Skull Prayer Bead flew towards Zhuo Zhibo as well.

Li Qingshan called out, “Xiao An!” He was helpless as he watched the flying blade pierce Xiao An’s chest.

At the same time, the Skull Prayer Bead landed on Zhuo Zhibo, but it was blocked by his protective true qi, so it failed to penetrate him. However, it managed to send him flying, falling down from the waterfall.

Li Qingshan extended his huge tiger claws towards Zhuo Zhibo with a gust of wind. Zhuo Zhibo had lost his balance, and his true qi was shaken up, so it was impossible for him to dodge. Li Qingshan immediately used his full power, his unstoppable physical strength and his tremendous daemon qi, to shatter the true qi around Zhuo Zhibo, before crushing down. There was the cracking of shattered bones and blood sprayed from Zhuo Zhibo’s mouth violently. Most of his body had been squashed. He could no longer employ any more tricks.

Li Qingshan rushed over to Xiao An’s side. “Are you alright?”

Zhuo Zhibo knew that the only thing awaiting him was death now that he had fallen into Li Qingshan’s hands. He laughed crazily as he spurted with blood. “She has been struck by my Spiritual Flame blade. She’s dead.”

Xiao An shook her head to express that she was fine.

Li Qingshan was still worried about her, so he picked her up like a doll, cradling her in his hand. He saw that her beautiful skin was completely fine. There was just a small hole in her clothes.

“H- how’s that possible!?” Zhuo Zhibo widened his eyes, refusing to accept this. Even Qi Practitioners would be dead for sure if vital points like their heads or hearts were pierced.

Xiao An’s flesh and blood, including her vital points and her heart, had all been refined by herself. It was only a representation of a body. Her true form was just a skeleton. Even if her body, her flesh, was destroyed, she would still be alive and kicking.

Something like a heart could be repaired if it were pierced. It would not take her much effort at all. That was why Xiao An had not dodged, ‘throwing her life away’ in the clash against Zhuo Zhibo.

Zhuo Zhibo suffered from his lack of information. If he had not been so determined, he might have been able to maneuver himself between Li Qingshan’s fingers for a while.

Li Qingshan lifted Zhuo Zhibo before him. “You’re much weaker than I imagined you’d be.”

Zhuo Zhibo said, “Don’t kill me, I can give you a lot of benefits…” At the same time, he concentrated on the Spiritual Flame blade. He wanted to find an opportunity to deal a fatal strike against Li Qingshan.

“You’d better keep all of that to yourself!” Li Qingshan completely ignored Zhuo Zhibo’s nonsense, directly crushing him to death. The best way to resist being tempted by the enemy was obviously to shut them up for good.

The Spiritual Flame blade fell into the water quietly.

Zhuo Zhibo had seen Li Qingshan’s true form. Li Qingshan would never allow him to exist for any longer in this world. And, the only benefits he needed right now were pills, large quantities of pills. As long as his cultivation strengthened, there would be plenty of benefits. The Soaring Dragon Elder’s sumeru ring was still on his finger. Even all of Zhuo Zhibo’s wealth probably would not be worth as much as a single item in there.

Li Qingshan found a hundred treasures pouch within the bloody mess. He signalled. “Xiao An, time to clean up!”

Flames immediately surged over, taking away Zhuo Zhibo’s corpse without even leaving behind a single droplet of blood. Afterwards, it scattered and swallowed the corpses of the other Black Wolf guards, turning them all into the purest form of energy.

Whether it be the bones or the flesh and blood of Qi Practitioners, they completely surpassed what ordinary people could provide in terms of quality. It was equivalent to a rare delicacy. The colour of the Skull Prayer Bead became purer once more.

Afterwards, the flames returned with seven hundred treasures pouches and seven low grade spiritual artifacts. Li Qingshan picked up the Spiritual Flame blade that had fallen into the water. This was a true mid grade spiritual artifact. It would definitely be priceless, but before he could even inspect it properly, his heart suddenly skipped a beat. “Someone is coming!”

Xiao An nodded, expressing that she had sensed it too. This person had concealed his aura as much as possible, but slivers of it had still leaked out, unable to fool their senses. The person was actually a sixth layer Qi Practitioner as well.

Li Qingshan said to Xiao An. “Let’s hide and see who it is.” He began to use the Spirit Turtle’s Method of Sea Suppression. The daemon core returned to his dantian, and he returned to human form, hiding all of his aura. He sank into the depths of the murky lake water with Xiao An.

Before long, a figure arrived at the cave opening, scanning through the cavern silently and secretively. The darkness underground drastically affected his vision, preventing him from seeing what was in the water.

However, Li Qingshan managed to see him clearly. He also wore a black uniform from the Hawkwolf Guard, but his embroidery differed from regular Hawkwolf guards. Li Qingshan immediately understood that he was the Black Wolf commander who had never shown himself before. He wondered why he had come as well.

This person was Lao Xishan. He had come here in pursuit of Zhuo Zhibo, wanting to seek an opportunity to avenge himself. However, as soon as he encountered the first fork, he had almost lost track of Zhuo Zhibo. He had only chosen one of the paths because of the number of people he could sense. He had only just broken through to the sixth layer, so he struggled to control his true qi a little, which was also why Li Qingshan had managed to discover him so easily.

Lao Xishan widened his eyes and inspected the cavern with great caution. The daemon qi he had sensed earlier was no joke. If he really did run into a powerful daemon, it would be extremely dangerous. The auras of the Qi Practitioners had vanished one by one earlier, so they must have been doomed. He was reluctant to follow in their steps.

However, after sensing for quite some time, he failed to discover anything in the end. The daemon qi seemed to have vanished into thin air. The Spirit Turtle’s Method of Sea Suppression was so effective at hiding auras that even a ninth layer Qi Practitioner like the West Gate Granny failed to discover Li Qingshan, let alone a sixth layer Qi Practitioner who had only broken through recently like him.

Don’t tell me that Zhuo Zhibo is dead? That was what Lao Xishan thought. His emotions were very mixed. He felt both joy and pity. He had bided his time and steeled his resolve to become stronger. After all these years, he was about to settle his grievances with his old enemy, but his enemy had died in the hands of some daemon. However, at the end of the day, his feelings were still more on the positive side. He made up his mind to take no risks and returned quietly along his original path.

Li Qingshan and Xiao An emerged from the water and sat down by the water to rest. They wanted to see what they had obtained!

But suddenly, Li Qingshan wondered about how Hao Pingyang and the others were doing. Had they found the dwelling of the Zombie Daoist yet? Hopefully they were fine!

Blood flowed unceasingly from Jin Bao’s body. His eyes were wide open with regret while his face was frozen with the fear of death. However, it was unable to stop the arrival of death. Someone had ripped him open viciously from his chest to his abdomen, disemboweling him. It was a horrific death.

This time, Li Qingshan was unable to save him.

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  1. Afterwards, the flames returned with seven hundred treasures pouches and seven low grade spiritual artifacts.

    A little tip, when there’s a quantity of an item with a number in it’s name, such as above, go for the old trick of using 1 and one. That is, in this case, it would be “seven 100 treasures pouches” or “7 hundred treasure pouches”, the latter sounds better of course. What this does is making the reader separate the two and know for sure that it’s not supposed to be 700 or seven hundred but rather 7 items.


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