Chapter 227 – Killing Intent

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Chapter 227 – Killing Intent

Li Qingshan also heard the anger contained in this voice, but he was unfazed. He continued, “Seven hundred spiritual stones!”

“Eight hundred spiritual stones.”

Li Qingshan said directly, “One thousand spiritual stones.”

Everyone became momentarily stunned. Even high grade spiritual artifacts rarely fetched a price beyond a thousand spiritual stones.

Was there really something extraordinary about the Sword Qi Calligraphy? That was what everyone thought, but no one was bold enough to bid right now. By the time they bid and actually spent over a thousand spiritual stones to purchase a mid grade spiritual artifact of some unknown use, they would not even be able to cry anymore.

“Is there anyone else who wants to bid higher? If there isn’t, then the Sword Qi Calligraphy will be going to this fellow.”

Shi Peipei’s eyes swiveled about as she smiled from ear to ear with her wrinkly face.

No more voices rang out from the thick mist, perhaps because it was no longer worth it, or they were coming up with another plan.

Shi Peipei said to Li Qingshan, “Sir, the Sword Qi Calligraphy goes to you.”

A while later, the Sword Qi Calligraphy was delivered to Li Qingshan. He unfurled it eagerly. The strokes on the scroll were intricate and sharp, brimming with sword qi. However, it was half the size of the Cursive Sword Calligraphy, which was why it was a mid grade spiritual artifact.

As it seemed, the calligraphy had not been evenly divided in the past. The issue now was how to assemble it.

Li Qingshan tried taking out the Cursive Sword Calligraphy and placing it on the Sword Qi Calligraphy before shaking it, but they showed no signs of merging together. He was slightly disappointed.

However, he immediately became riled up. His cultivation was still too low right now. It took him quite the effort even to wield a high grade spiritual artifact, so it was impossible for him to refine a supreme grade spiritual artifact. Otherwise, the Cursive Sword Calligraphy would be much more complicated than just being able to launch a few strands of sword qi.

Only when his cultivation had caught up and he had refined both spiritual artifacts could he try again.

Xiao An looked at it eagerly, so Li Qingshan handed it to her. Then, Li Qingshan glanced at the private box shrouded with mist and muttered to himself, “Why did that person want the Sword Qi Calligraphy?”

Xiao An immediately began to study the Sword Qi Calligraphy. She lay down on the thick, silken carpet, supporting her chin with her left hand while she used a finger on her right hand like a sword, moving about rapidly within a limited region. She produced blurs with her small hand, which seemed like a sword dance, yet also like calligraphy. There was a beautiful rhythm to it.

Her comprehension of the sword intent within the Cursive Sword Calligraphy had deepened once again. When she heard what Li Qingshan muttered, she tilted her head. “Maybe he’s just like me!” Suddenly, she stabbed out a few dozen times with her finger, ripping through the air and kicking up a violent breeze. Wind immediately whistled through the private box, ruffling Li Qingshan’s clothes.

Li Qingshan suddenly understood. Yep, that’s probably the main reason. Unless they also possessed a fragment, no Qi Practitioner would be willing to gamble several hundred spiritual stones on something like this.

At this moment, there were a few gentle knocks on the door. Li Qingshan opened it, and Liu Ruping said, “The person who bid against you earlier wishes to see you.”

Li Qingshan said, “Alright. I just happen to want to see him too.” He became more and more certain about his guesses. Assembling the Sword Qi Calligraphy and the Cursive Sword Calligraphy would definitely result in a supreme grade spiritual artifact. If he could obtain another fragment, just what would it become? A legendary arcane artifact?

Liu Ruping backed out obediently. She actually did not try to pester him anymore. After leaving the private box, she smiled scornfully, but she was not in a hurry to pass on the message. Instead, she walked to another private box and knocked on the door.

A young man opened the door, and surprisingly, it was Mu Zhicong. He let her in and directly asked, “Why have you only come now?”

Liu Ruping threw a fake tantrum. “The customer who bid against him earlier wanted to see that Niu person, which is why I came a little late. Senior brother Mu, I hope that you can forgive me!”

Mu Zhicong was not too worried about this. He turned around and said, “Senior brother Song, I never thought that this bastard would be so wealthy. If he sells that daemon core too, he’ll have two or three thousand spiritual stones on him at the very least. You can say that this is a blessing in disguise for you, senior brother.”

Seated there was the senior brother Song from the Pheasant’s Grace mountain, who Li Qingshan had tossed out in a single move, Song Ming.

Liu Ruping added, “That’s not all. He just spent eight hundred spiritual stones earlier for a high grade spiritual artifact, and he exchanged some spiritual talismans for a few hundred spiritual stones as well.” Originally, the transactions of customers with the school of Miscellany were an absolute secret; breaches would result in severe punishments.

However, as she had failed to curry any favour from Li Qingshan, she was resentful, and Mu Zhicong just happened to come at this time, asking for any information regarding Li Qingshan. He got her to report back to him immediately whenever she saw Li Qingshan. He offered her many benefits in exchange.

Liu Ruping saw Li Qingshan set foot in the store of Miscellaneous Goods and immediately reported this to Mu Zhicong, who was in another private box. However, Mu Zhicong had his own plans.

Song Ming sat there, unfazed, as he glanced at Mu Zhicong. “You’ve purposefully come to tell me this. What are you planning?”

Mu Zhicong walked over and patted Song Ming’s shoulder. “The disciples of the three mountains stand together. Since you’ve been insulted, senior brother, how can I just stay by and watch? I just happened to run into this bastard a while back, and I wanted to kill him for you then and there. Unfortunately, thinking about how even senior brother was not his opponent, I would never be able to defeat him with my cultivation. Right now, the people from your sect are nearby, so this is the best opportunity for revenge you will ever have.”

Although he smiled, killing intent was pent up inside. Niu Juxia, oh Niu Juxia. Our relationship wasn’t so horrible before, but how dare you actually try to take Zijian away. As such, don’t blame me for showing no mercy now. You’re a mere independent cultivator, yet you still act so arrogantly. Even if you don’t die to my hands, you’ll die elsewhere. I’ll just be sending you off a little earlier.

Song Ming clenched his fists. He was pale. Ever since that last battle, he had become famous about the three mountains, regularly mocked and made fun of by others. It was basically the greatest humiliation he had ever experienced in his life. He could never just accept it like this.

Now that he knew his enemy was nearby, he was overcome by anger. And, three thousand spiritual stones were enough to interest any Qi Practitioner. No matter what scheme Mu Zhicong had in mind, he would try anyway.

In the end, he asked carefully, “You’re not telling me that your Green Vine mountain doesn’t want in on a share of this, right?”

Mu Zhicong said, “Our Green Vine mountain serves as the host. If we work with others to kill independent cultivators before the Herb Picking ceremony, it’ll probably make everyone fearful and affect the procession of the ceremony. Even if I had the courage, I wouldn’t try to. However, if it’s just personal grievances, then there’s nothing wrong with it at all. And, how can senior brother Song not give me a share?”

Song Ming’s expression wavered before he suddenly snorted coldly and left through the door. “Keep a close eye on him for me!”

Mu Zhicong said, “Ruping, keep monitoring him. Once this is all over, there’ll be plenty of benefits for you!”

Liu Ruping pressed over, wanting to flatter up to him. She said gently, “I knew that a brute like him wouldn’t be able to break free from your schemes!”

Mu Zhicong became impatient with her. He pushed her aside and made his way out.

Liu Ruping stamped her foot down viciously. Not a single man is decent.


Li Qingshan was clueless about these schemes. The auction had broadened his horizons. He gained a rough estimate of the value of spiritual artifacts and herbs.

However, his item had yet to appear in the auction. He wanted to see just how much a daemon core would be worth.

A while later, an earthen-yellow daemon core was presented on the auction table.

“A class seven earth element daemon core. It can be used to make Earth Element pills… Starting price of one thousand spiritual stones.” Shi Peipei gave a lengthy introduction to the uses of the daemon core before finally stating the starting price. Just the starting price was higher than most high grade spiritual artifacts. Not only was it because it was rarer, but it was also because its usage was broader.

Shi Peipei cast her gaze to the few boxes with the best positions at the very top. Since the very beginning, they had been extremely quiet, as if nothing could interest them.

Li Qingshan pursed his lips together and wondered if he should throw in a few dummy bids to get the ball rolling. However, he soon discovered that there was no need for this at all.

The boxes at the very top that had been silent the entire time finally placed their first bid. “One thousand two hundred spiritual stones.”

“One thousand five hundred!”

“One thousand six hundred!”

The price of the daemon core increased rapidly as Li Qingshan’s smile grew wider and wider. He scooped up Xiao An and rubbed his face against her smooth cheek. “Haha, we’re rich!”


The tumultuous centre quietened down once more. The auction had ended, and the lights on the stage dimmed.

However, Li Qingshan could still clearly “see” the lingering aura in the air. The lively atmosphere did not seem to settle down just yet.

Li Qingshan remained in his box. He did not leave as he thought back to the bidding war earlier.

Of course, this was not for the daemon core, but for a supreme grade spiritual artifact shaped like a small bottle.

The starting price was three thousand five hundred spiritual stones, and basically every bid increased it by five hundred. The Qi Practitioners below were on the edge of their seats with each bid, while the Foundation Establishment cultivators remained calm. They bid at ease. During the entire process, regardless of who won the item in the end, they remained calm.

Not a single Qi Practitioner was bold enough to participate in this mellow bidding war. In the end, the supreme grade spiritual artifact was sold for a price of nine thousand five hundred spiritual stones to a customer in the western box.

The final victor even said in a composed manner, “Thank you for letting me win!”

Li Qingshan personally believed that he was not capable of something like this. It had nothing to do with one’s breadth of mind; it was purely due to the difference in strength. It made him feel that whether it be humans or daemons, only when they survived a heavenly tribulation had they truly set foot on the path of cultivation, able to control themselves and go about matters free of any burden.

This was like a child learning how to walk and talk. They could stumble towards their objective and express their thoughts. Whether it be Qi Practitioners or daemons, they were all just babbling as they crawled along the ground.

Of course, the daemon core reached Li Qingshan’s expectations in the end. Just as Shi Peipei had said, the earth element daemon core surpassed two thousand spiritual stones. It was sold for a price of two thousand six hundred spiritual stones in the end.

After taking out eight hundred spiritual stones for the Whale’s Ingestion of Water and the store of Miscellaneous Goods’ five percent fee, a total of one thousand, six hundred and seventy spiritual stones now laid quietly in his hundred treasures pouch.

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