Chapter 231 – Is that All?

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Chapter 231 – Is that All?

There was nothing wrong with the weak wanting to band together, but the strong would never want to share fairly with the weak. At least, Li Qingshan did not. His proud, lonely heart did not need the ‘warmth’ of so many strangers. Just Xiao An alone was enough for his family.

The expressions of the independent cultivators all changed. The female cultivator who wanted to share her body earlier cursed under her breath in anger, “Selfish!”

All of the independent cultivators chanted with her. “Selfish!” “Selfish!” “Selfish!”

The waves of sounds rolled out, wrapping around Li Qingshan. As the flames rose up, the shadows projected on the walls twisted and distorted, as if they were demons that wanted to lunge at him.

Li Qingshan lifted the fire iron and picked at the fire. He asked, “What did you add to the fire?”

Priest Qiu was slightly surprised. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Li Qingshan said, “Your voice is very special as well. It made me remember some matters of the past.” The singing, the dance, and the incense from the Parlour of Clouds and Rain in Jiaping city were what he remembered. Having experienced it once already, he would be a fool if he fell for it a second time.

Priest Qiu lowered his head. “If you join our Truth-seeking society, I can make you the vice leader.” The two sixth layer Qi Practitioners wanted to say something, but they both seized up when priest Qiu glanced at them.

“Oh?” Li Qinghan smiled. “I can join, but let me ask you one thing. Will you be venturing underground as well for the Herb Gathering ceremony of the three mountains?”

Priest Qiu smiled. “I’m already too old.”

Han Xiong said, “The leader is our father, the hope of the cultivation world. How can he enter such a dangerous place? We will find the spiritual herbs ourselves and bring them back to share.”

He was originally a clever, capable man, but his eyes were filled with devotion right now. And, what he said led to an echo of agreement.

Li Qingshan’s heart was like a clear mirror. The strongest did not venture underground, only waiting for the weak to risk their lives. The weak would gather the herbs to bring them back to the strong. This relationship was nothing like a father and son’s. It was clearly a master-slave relationship.

Priest Qiu had used this Truth-seeking society to enslave all of the independent cultivators here. Even more terrifyingly, these independent cultivators completely embraced it, like crazed zealots. They had been completely brainwashed. This was not something that could be achieved in a short amount of time.

Under the threatening glares of the Qi Practitioners, Li Qingshan shook his head. “You and I don’t share the same path.”

Priest Qiu said sinisterly, “The selfish have no right to live in this world!”

The killing intent was so heavily condensed that it was almost tangible. The specks of firelight dimmed, finally extinguished.

There were over twenty Qi Practitioners, varying in strength, but just like what they had said earlier, they were brothers and sisters. Their true qi merged together, all gathering onto the body of their father, priest Qiu.

Priest Qiu’s true qi rapidly increased. It easily broke through the level of the eighth layer, reaching the ninth layer and then the tenth layer. The powerful, terrifying true qi surpassed Li Qingshan’s understanding of Qi Practitioners. It rushed towards him like a raging wave.

This seemed to be some wondrous combined attack. No wonder he was still so oppressive towards Li Qingshan even though he knew Li Qingshan had defeated a sixth layer Qi Practitioner in a single strike.

Li Qingshan felt like a straw hut by the ocean, almost about to be smashed to pieces by the incoming tidal wave. He rubbed his forehead gently. Was this the feeling?

Priest Qiu said, “Look how powerful I am. If you continue to cling to your ignorance, refusing to let go of your selfishness, only death awaits you. Open your mind and join us. Merge with us. You will be protected by the family!”

As he said that, the independent cultivators actually all said the same thing. The thunderous sound wave shook up the tiny hut, almost as if it wanted to crush all dissent.

The walls of the tiny hut flickered with light and glyphs. It had been inscribed with some sort of formation, such that it was impregnable. Li Qingshan seemed to be trapped in a cage with a monster.

Li Qingshan straightened himself up and knelt on the ground on one knee. He held the Whale’s Ingestion of Water and shook his head. “Is that all?”

“Kill him!” Priest Qiu bellowed out.

The Qi Practitioners all rushed over like they were crazy. There were techniques, talismans, and spiritual artifacts, a great assortment of items shining with various colours and lights. They all rushed towards Li Qingshan to kill him.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom! Sparks and fire flew everywhere!

The wild gusts of wind sucked the extinguished ashes high into the air.

By the time the dust in the air had dispersed, an ice ball had appeared where Li Qingshan previously stood. He had curled up and hid himself in the ball, so he was unscathed.

Priest Qiu raised his head, and the surging true qi condensed into a great hand, gripping the ice ball.

Crack! Crack! The ice ball became riddled with cracks. Even the ice from the Ice Condensate water was unable to withstand the terrifying force of over twenty Qi Practitioners.

The crystal ball shattered to pieces, and the hand of true qi grabbed Li Qingshan, pressing him firmly against the ground.

Blood spurted from Li Qingshan’s mouth. He questioned, “You never planned on sparing me right from the beginning, did you?!”

“Originally, I wanted to control you so that I could use your power and obtain your items, but I didn’t expect you’d be so pigheaded. Is there anything you want to say now?” Priest Qiu walked over and looked at the immobilised Li Qingshan. His face was filled with a victor’s complacency.

Li Qingshan said indifferently, “Is that all?”

Priest Qiu said furiously, “Die!”


Xiao An crouched down unhappily in the snowy forest beside the valley. She used a branch to draw on the snowy ground. Due to the destroyed bamboo basket, Li Qingshan made her wait here.

However, ever since Li Qingshan entered the hut, his aura had completely vanished. It made her somewhat uneasy.

Suddenly, this feeling of uneasiness intensified for seemingly no reason at all. Xiao An suddenly stood up and stared at the hut in the distance. After a moment of hesitation, she made her way towards the hut.

However, she suddenly seemed to sense something. She crouched down again as she carefully observed the surroundings. Two prayer beads rolled out of her sleeves and they turned into two extremely small skulls. One flew into the air, while the other pressed along the ground.

Flames flickered in her eyes. Her field of vision immediately became extremely broad, covering the entire valley, but it was extremely detailed as well. She could even see every blade of grass on the ground.

White bone and great beauty could see through all illusions!

Immediately, she saw over a dozen Qi Practitioners secretly lurking in the surroundings. They had all used powerful concealing techniques, such that they were almost transparent. In this white world of snow, even people with extremely good vision would struggle to discover their traces.

However, Xiao An was able to see them extremely clearly thanks to her ability. She could not help but worry. She had no idea how to contact Li Qingshan.


Priest Qiu’s complacent expression stiffened. He gazed at the terrifying wound on his chest in disbelief. Li Qingshan continued to lie there, staring at him coldly.

By Li Qingshan’s hand was an unfurled Cursive Sword Calligraphy.

In the moment that priest Qiu had struck out, the criss-crossing strokes of sword qi had sliced through his protective true qi like a hot knife through butter.

Priest Qiu said in disbelief, “I- is that a supreme grade spiritual artifact?” Why did a weaker Qi Practitioner possess such a rare treasure?

Li Qingshan stood up and pushed priest Qiu gently. “I’ve said already, is that all?”

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