Chapter 257 – The Ink Dragon Talisman

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Chapter 257 – The Ink Dragon Talisman

“Don’t block my path.” The long, scarlet dress began to dance. It turned into a smear of red as Lolth directly charged out of the cave.

With a white flash, Gu Yanying appeared right in front of her, with a few strands of her hair drifting through the air. “I’m afraid I can’t oblige.”

Lolth immediately turned away. In a single instant, she changed directions several hundred times, but she was blocked by the white shadow every time.

In that instant, a smear of red light filled the cave, constantly hovering and lingering around a certain spot. However, a white shadow seemed to appear in every part of the cave at the same time, forming an impenetrable wall.

In the blink of an eye, the two of them returned to where they were before, as if they had never moved away in the first place.

Lolth opened her scarlet lips and spat out a strand of spider silk. It turned into a huge web in the air, enveloping Gu Yanying.

Gu Yanying did not move at all. A miniature whirlwind rose up beside her, causing her clothes to flutter. Even to regular people, the whirlwind did not seem to be special. At most, it could just blow a few fallen leaves around.

However, the spider silk that was a hundred times tougher than steel was silently ripped to shreds when it came into contact with the wind.

“Atmospheric wind!” Lolth’s eyes narrowed, and she became even more furious. With a strange, sharp hiss, she began to undergo a startling transformation. Her long dress lifted up, and the lower half of her body turned into a black spider with sharp, long legs and a large abdomen covered in brightly-coloured streaks. It extended to the upper half of her body, and her snow-white skin darkened too as her pupils shone.

She said with a sharp, hiss-like voice, “Are you going to move or not? Don’t forget, half of your blood is daemon!”

Gu Yanying said, “It’s exactly because I’m half-daemon that I’m stopping you. This is the dragon king’s orders.”

“The dragon king! Are you trying to frighten me with the dragon king?” Lolth lowered her body, such that her face was only inches away from Gu Yanying’s. The two faces of absolute beauty were almost pressed together. One was bewitching and magnificent, while the other was graceful and composed.

“Everyone knows that the Hawk God and dragon king completely oppose one another!”

“The Hawk God is the Hawk God, while I’m me. You know, daemons really should get along with each other. Oh right, he also gave me this thing.” Gu Yanying took out an item. It was a black, coiled dragon made of unknown material, brandishing its claws and fangs in a glorious manner.

“The Ink Dragon talisman!”

“What an unsophisticated name.” Gu Yanying curled her lip. “But he did say that whoever sees this is equivalent to seeing him in person. All daemons of the Green province must obey the wielder.”

Lolth said in disbelief, “That’s impossible. How is it possible for the great dragon king to give the Ink Dragon talisman to you, a hal-”

“Lolth, back off.” The Ink Dragon talisman suddenly sprang to life. It coiled around, and a dignified voice rang out, giving an order.

Lolth shuddered and gradually shrank, turning back into human form. She lowered herself and said politely, “Yes, dragon king.” She glanced at Gu Yanying with reluctance before turning around and vanishing into the darkness.

Gu Yanying flicked the Ink Dragon talisman. “Uncle, are you going to continue to put up with it silently?”

The Ink Dragon talisman fell silent. It did not move. As a matter of fact, it just closed its eyes.

Gu Yanying said, “Fair enough.” With a flash, she vanished.

On the top of the Green Vine mountain, Gu Yanying descended from the sky and landed on the top of the hall silently. Her hawk-like gaze landed on Fu Qingjin’s back brilliantly.

Fu Qingjin let out a long sigh and stood up. He turned around and clasped his hands. “I’ve troubled you, commander Gu.” There was not the slightest displeasure in his voice at all.

“Green Vine, Golden Pheasant, and Lone Grave greets ma’am Gu.” The three elders eased up and greeted her in a hurry. They dared not take advantage of their seniority when it came to her.

Yu Zijian exclaimed, “So beautiful!”

Hua Chenglu raised her head and thought obstinately, I’d like to see just what this Gu Yanying looks like. All she saw was a woman under the brilliant moonlight, her clothes whiter than snow, her wide sleeves fluttering in the wind. Her appearance was enough to bring the world to its knees. As a woman, she could not help but sigh in amazement, but if this was all there was about her, there would be nothing impressive about her.

Who knows just how many beauties Hua Chenglu had seen while growing up. They just had their own different merits. She had also heard how there were divine physicians who could change a person’s appearance so that they could become as beautiful as they wanted to be. However, no one could match her bearing.

Turning around, she saw Hua Chengzan with his head raised, just as expected. She suddenly remembered what he had once said, “If you see her yourself, you might be able to understand me!” Whilst Hua Chenglu was unwilling to admit it, she could begin to understand why he would still be infatuated over her even if her appearance was nothing special!

“Little Hua, this must be your sister!” Gu Yanying hovered down and studied Hua Chenglu.

Her smile was as pleasant as the spring breeze. It was difficult for Hua Chenglu to feel ill will towards her. “Greetings from Chenglu, ma’am Gu. My elder brother has mentioned you many times.”

“Knowing by repute is better than meeting face to face!” Gu Yanying poked fun at her.

Hua Chenglu reddened and lowered her head. “It’s the other way around.”

Hua Chengzan smiled silently. “It’s all the same.”

Gu Yanying said, “You’re Zijian.”

“You know my name, ma’am?”

“I’ve also heard little Hua mention you.” Gu Yanying studied Yu Zijian carefully. Her gaze seemed to be able to see through her completely. Yu Zijian could only be considered as somewhat talented, but she was nowhere close to being a genius. However, Gu Yanying did not doubt Hua Chengzan’s judgement. Her understanding of the Sword Collection palace was much deeper than Hua Chengzan’s. Her sharp instincts told her that this child would be the next master of the Violet Clouds sword.

Gu Yanying only spoke with them, brushing aside Fu Qingjin and the three elders.

The three elders turned red, but they were not bold enough to become angry.

Fu Qingjin smiled by himself and lowered his hands. He did not feel awkward. Being brushed aside was a given if he made trouble for someone else.

Gu Yanying suddenly turned her head and said to Fu Qingjin, “You’re not going?”

“I’m going right now.”

“If you’re going to go, then go quickly. Just seeing that sword gives me a headache.”

“Umm.” Yu Zijian was powerless.

“Be good. I’m not talking about you.”

“Before I came here, the master of the palace told me to pass on a message to commander Gu. The territory of humans and daemons only exists on a whim. You’re on your own, commander, so please take care.” As Fu Qingjin said that, his bearing changed. His gloominess vanished, and his gaze became as sharp as a sword, giving off a stern and dignified bearing, as if he had not just passed on the master of the Sword Collection palace’s message, but also his bearing.

“Help me pass on a message too. If you want to make trouble, please find somewhere else. The Green province is very large. For each day the Treaty of Kings remains in place, I will uphold it for another day. As for the matters of the future, that’s something to decide on later.” Gu Yanying’s smile vanished. Her gaze was like a hawk’s as she held him off sharply.

Although neither of them had used any spiritual energy, the people in the surroundings all felt pressured.

Fu Qingjin’s expression loosened up, and he turned back to normal. “I really can’t imitate the palace master. I will definitely pass on your word, commander Gu.” Afterwards, he said to Yu Zijian, “Lady Yu, your destiny is closely linked to the sword. Are you willing to return to the Sword Collection palace with me to practise and study the path of the sword?”

His gaze was serious as he said sincerely, “I came here this time not because of anything else. Just for you.”

With that, the three elders were all shocked. Being a person with a destiny closely linked to the Sword Collection palace was no longer just a pie in the sky. It was basically a staircase that led to the very top in the sky. Even they were filled with envy.

Yu Zijian, who had originally been the most inconspicuous and weakest person present, immediately became the centre of attention. She was rather flustered as her face reddened. “Sorry, but I already promised Chenglu to attend the Academy of the- mmmph!”

“Are you stupid?” Hua Chenglu, who had been stunned the entire time, returned to her senses. She covered Yu Zijian’s mouth. “That’s the Sword Collection palace, for heaven’s sake!”

PS: Almost a new volume. Li Qingshan will truly climb on stage and begin his journey, throwing himself into this vast xianxia world. The set-up earlier does seem a little long, but the fascinating parts are starting very soon. I have complete confidence in it, but in order to achieve what I’m expecting, I need to spend some extra time thinking about it. If my releases fall behind, please forgive me and understand. There will be a satisfying answer in the end, for you and for me.

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  1. Quality over quantity, take your time. By the way, I know translation is way behind source, but novelupdates says that novel is on hiatus for quite a while. Do you know the reason and if author is planning to finish the story? Thanks for the chapters.

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  2. its funny, i asked someone to translate
    (pick up translating this series lol )they ended up translating the first chapter of this book on Reddit. way before it started getting officially translated. i was using google translate on random books on the Qidian website and found it, i feel like a hipster! i knew this book would be dope. keep up the good work translator bro/sis!


  3. Hmm, so things will finally “start” soon. I was getting a bit fed up with him being such a weakling and this nagging feeling that the author was just spending 250+ chapters to set things up for the real adventure. Now it seems he has kinda found himself for real and he’ll very soon step into foundation establishment.

    I hope that zijian won’t care about those sword muppets, at least she shouldn’t join some anti-daemon faction.


    1. Probably the other way around. The author seems too docile for an outright good and old sect extermination, so he’s setting up a bridge to spare the sect. Extremely annoying and completely forced plot.


  4. The fact that this bitch is one of Li Qingshan’s main goals annoys the shit out of me, all she has is cultivation base and looks, just a generic jade beauty.
    Rongzhi tier in my book.


    1. It’s just that her cultivation is already high from the start, and she became one of qingshan’s motivations… Which is another problem of the pacing, “biting of more than you can chew” is the right quote here


  5. So you’re telling me 5+ arcs and 250 chapters later this is only the start? Oh god the novel is getting shittier every chapter


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