Chapter 268 – A Gamble

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Chapter 268 – A Gamble

Only Han Qiongzhi pursed her lips as she thought, This guy has some backbone, unlike regular men who can even forget about their own mothers when they see this whore. Originally, I wanted to find a chance to teach him a good lesson, but I’ll forgive him this time.

Let alone the men here, even the women present struggled to resist Qiu Haitang’s charm. Han Qiongzhi was basically a special exception. People with higher cultivations were more resistant to the arts of charm as well, but at the end of the day, the thing that played the decisive role was a woman’s jealousy.

Whether it be in terms of cultivation, background, appearance, or figure, Han Qiongzhi was first-rate, but Qiu Haitang just happened to be slightly better than her no matter where she went.

Qiu Haitang looked at Hua Chengzan. Hua Chengzan said, “Since you only suspect it’s him, then there’s no evidence. Our Hawkwolf Guard will get to the bottom of this matter ourselves. Sect master Qiu, it’s best if you take a step back.”

“Sect master Qiu? Hua Chengzan, all you know is how to help others against me!” Qiu Haitang lost her temper as the rim of her eyes reddened slightly.

The others never expected Hua Chengzan to stand on Li Qingshan’s side so firmly either. This matter had become a dispute between Hua Chengzan and Qiu Haitang, no, the Hawkwolf Guard and the Sect of Clouds and Rain. They really were unsure with which side to stand on. They were filled with displeasure towards Li Qingshan.

But at the end of the day, Hua Chengzan was still the one in charge of them, so they all tried to persuade her. “Big sis Qiu, isn’t it just the death of someone insignificant? Let’s just forget about it!”

Li Qingshan looked at Hua Chengzan with some surprise as well. He was slightly touched too. This was basically kindness that Li Qingshan did not see often. If he were in Hua Chengzan’s position, he would be all the more willing to help this great beauty Qiu Haitang, not some Li Qingshan he had only met once.

Qiu Haitang said frigidly, “Don’t you even think about that!” Her voice softened, and she said with some hidden bitterness and powerlessness, “Chengzan, two of our sect’s grannies have gone missing. Even vice sect master Wei’s son has died mysteriously. All of this is connected to Li Qingshan. As the sect master, how can I just spare him so easily?”

From how she seemed, everyone felt sympathy towards her, but they were stunned by what her words.

Han Qiongzhi said, “Sister Qiu, don’t kid around. The grannies are all ninth layer Qi Practitioners. I can tell he has only reached the sixth layer recently, so how can he be connected to the deaths of two ninth layer Qi Practitioners?”

Qiu Haitang said, “Qian Rongzhi, get over here and speak. Just how did vice sect master Wei’s son die?”

Qian Rongzhi had originally been standing behind everyone silently. When she heard that, she knew it was unavoidable now. She smiled at Wu Gen beside her before walking out without the slightest worry. “The son of vice sect master Wei, Wei Yingjie, wanted revenge on Li Qingshan, and he went missing.”

She said the exact same thing as she had said before, but Qiu Haitang’s heart skipped a beat. She felt like she had made a wrong move.

Li Qingshan said loudly and clearly, “Listen up, everyone. I was just carrying out formal matters, but this bastard actually wanted revenge on the Hawkwolf Guard. Let’s not say that I did it, but even if I did, is there anything wrong in that?”

Out of the disciples of legalism present, some had already joined the Hawkwolf Guard, while the others would probably end up joining the Hawkwolf Guard eventually. The education they received was that sects were targets to repress and restrict, yet they were actually bold enough to come for revenge against the Hawkwolf Guard? Not to mention that Wei Yingjie had never been on good terms with them with his obscene acts. They all felt that he was better off dead.

Li Qingshan saw Qiu Haitang’s expression waver. She probably would not lay her hands on him in front of so many people, but he had already prepared the Glazed Mirror of Invisibility, ready to receive any sneak attacks on his way back.

He was obviously bold enough to come to the Parlour of Clouds and Rain not just because he believed in Qian Rongzhi’s judgement. He was confident in his own strength too. Qiu Haitang might have been a Foundation Establishment cultivator, but she was skilled in the arts of charm, which were not particularly effective against him. Her battle prowess was probably below the elders of the three mountains.

And, the number of supreme grade talismans on him numbered almost ten now. At the very least, it would not be a one-sided slaughter. If Qiu Haitang actually tried to touch him, she would definitely fail, and she would become pressured from all sides after that.

Hua Chengzan said, “Forget it. Haitang, this was all just a misunderstanding.”

Qiu Haitang said, “I don’t mind taking a step back, but this was originally a matter between Li Qingshan and the Sect of Clouds and Rain. Li Qingshan, you’re a man too, so are you just going to hide behind others like this?”

Li Qingshan asked, “What do you want?”

Qiu Haitang said, “Are you bold enough to gamble against me?”

Li Qingshan said, “You really do know how to joke around, sect master Qiu. You’re a mighty Foundation Establishment cultivator, so how am I capable enough to gamble against you?” If he could transform, he had some confidence in himself, but in human form, it was impossible for him to defeat a Foundation Establishment cultivator.

Qiu Haitang said, “The person who will face you in the gamble obviously won’t be me. His cultivation will only be lower than yours. Are you bold enough to gamble with me?”

Li Qingshan said, “If we’re gambling on who’s better at embroidery, needle-threading, or birthing children, it’d be a certain loss for me.”

Han Qiongzhi broke into laughter. She never knew that he was a bit of a flippant rascal too.

Hua Chengzan smiled too, but he could see that Li Qingshan really was interested in gambling, so he did not stop him. While he had promised Gu Yanying to take care of him, he was not a babysitter. Men obviously had to make their own decisions.

Li Qingshan was indeed interested. He completely refused to believe that a few words from Hua Chengzan could stop the Sect of Clouds and Rain from seeking revenge against him and make them give up on Xiao An. At most, their disputes would be temporarily repressed, which would erupt again in the future. He could only depend on himself.

Even if the Sect of Clouds and Rain were willing to drop this matter, it would depend on whether he was willing to as well. If he did not grab these sexual predators and whores by the neck and beat them to a pulp, he refused to be called Li. Once he went through his heavenly tribulation and became a Daemon General, he would go through all four debts with the three mountains and the Sect of Clouds and Rain one by one.

Qiu Haitang said, “We’ll obviously gamble on what men are best at.”

Li Qingshan asked, “What is it?”

“Drinking, strength, and fighting.” Qiu Haitang named three areas.

Li Qingshan almost burst out laughing. He just happened to be adept in these three areas. He looked at Qiu Haitang and thought, You’re just begging for defeat now. However, he remained composed on the surface and asked, “What’s the wager?”

Qiu Haitang extended a slender finger at Li Qingshan. “You.” Then the finger slid over to Xiao An. “And her!”

Li Qingshan said, “If I lose, you’re more than welcomed to take my head.” He rubbed Xiao An’s head. “But I’ll never wager her, unless sect master Qiu is willing to wager yourself.” But he shook his head soon afterwards. “No, even that still wouldn’t be worth it.”

Qiu Haitang’s expression changed drastically. It had already been an insult for Li Qingshan to label her as a wager, but with a quick twist of his words, he basically told her to her face that even if she was willing to wager herself, in no way was she equal to Xiao An.

This was a stark-naked insult directly to her face. Despite her identity as the sect master of the Sect of Clouds and Rain and her cultivation at Foundation Establishment, she was not even as great as a little girl?

The disciples of legalism were thrown into an uproar. They were familiar with Qiu Haitang, so their gazes towards Li Qingshan became even more hostile.

Wu Gen said, “This kid’s in big trouble.”

Han Qiongzhi praised inside, Nice one, kid. Does this whore really think the world spins around her? You know embarrassment now, don’t you?

Hua Chengzan sighed gently. This grievance was just too difficult to resolve, not just because of what Li Qingshan had just said. He could already tell that the Sect of Clouds and Rain was determined to obtain this child, while the child happened to be a soft spot to Li Qingshan that could not be infringed on. If it was infringed on, it would definitely enrage Li Qingshan.

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  1. Lovely chapter filled with epic-level burns, haha. Old hag playing pretend as a 16 year old slut sure got put in her place.

    Loving his new attitude towards things, it’s no fun when people are way stronger than him all the time, now he’s finally starting to level the field a bit, at leasts for now.

    Too bad I don’t have that many chapters left to read right now… Next time I can read more will probably be quite a few months into the future as I’ll be starting higher university studies and will surely not have too much free time anymore to keep up with my favorite novels. Holidays might be the best time to catch up at, of course weekends would be good as well, but it’s not as if I do nothing but read novels and go to university so I wonder how much time I can really devote to it… We’ll see.

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