Chapter 280 – Five Elements Constitution

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Chapter 280 – Five Elements Constitution

At the same time, among the five elements for Yu Zijian, a fine-textured, treasured sword directly condensed for the position of metal. It had also made the rankings of jia, but no one took note of it.

Everyone’s eyes lit up. The slovenly daoist priest immediately began to regret his actions.

Sure enough, Liu Zhangqing clapped his hands. “Now that’s a disciple of my school of Confucianism!”

The slovenly daoist priest shook his head. “Now that’s nonsense! If the Pure Yang constitution isn’t used to practise daoism, it’s literally throwing it to waste. The righteous spirit is just a lesser path of cultivation!”

Amitābha. Sirs, please do not argue. This child has a destiny with the buddha. She’ll definitely be able to attain the fruition of wisdom and condense a śarīra!” Before Liu Zhangqing could refute him, the One Thought monk had already begun spouting buddhist terms.

The slovenly daoist priest smiled. “Why don’t you ask the girly whether she wants to shave her head and become a damned ass with you?”

The One Thought monk was taken aback. Although hair was known as the strands of kleshas, or afflictions, were there any young women willing to cast it aside unless they were completely devastated inside? The school of Buddhism was a major school, but they had nowhere near as many disciples as the slovenly daoist priest, and it was exactly because of these rules and precepts. As a result, the One Thought monk stopped arguing. He only lowered his head and chanted to himself, having already made up his mind to try to win her over later.

The slovenly daoist priest thought, This bald ass won’t pose any problems, but as for Liu Zhangqing, he’ll be an issue. Though, I can just tell the girly about prefect Liu’s romantic affair when the time comes. He snickered.

Liu Zhangqing shivered inside when he heard the snicker. He knew the slovenly daoist priest was up to no good, but he only smiled elegantly, expressing his determination to win her over.

Since the three of them had already spoken, the other leaders decided to keep their mouths shut, and it was not just because the Pure Yang constitution was indeed suited for their three schools the most. Among the academy, the schools of Confucianism, Buddhism, and Daoism possessed the greatest influence and power too, so how were they supposed to contend in terms of resources?

All the schools just served as a platform for cultivation. Even the line between the statuses of master and disciple was not as clear as it was in sects. Disciples were responsible for earning their own cultivation resources, rather similar to the schools from Li Qingshan’s previous life.

However, once they came across an actual genius, they would do everything that they could, regardless of the cost, to win them over. The hundred schools of thought would contend against one another, forming their own factions. An additional genius disciple would be additional power in the future.

Originally, no one paid much attention to this young girl beside Hua Chenglu, but the radiance she displayed now stunned everyone.

Hua Chengzan glanced over from afar and saw Yu Zijian scamper out of the formation in a hurry. He smiled. So it was the Pure Yang constitution. That was what it was. They should be able to tell, right?

Among these people, no, the entire Academy of the Hundred Schools, probably no one had a brighter future than her; this was just a glimpse of her glory.

A while later, Mu Kui entered the formation too. He directly condensed a towering tree for the wood element and was evaluated as high jia for wood, displaying the Giant Lumberfolk’s extraordinary talent and affinity for the wood element.

The sun rose higher and higher as the cultivators were tested one by one. A genius would appear from time to time, leading to admiration and praise from everyone. Qian Rongzhi happened to be one of them. She also had an affinity for yin, which was evaluated as low jia. She was only slightly worse than Hua Chenglu.

Finally, it was Li Qingshan’s turn. He made his way into the formation slowly, and a vast wave of water suddenly expanded into the surroundings.

Yu Zijian sighed in admiration. “So powerful!” Hua Chenglu remarked too, “No wonder he can control the water elemented flying sword so easily.”

At the same time, he condensed a weapon and a boulder for metal and earth. Although they seemed much coarser compared to Yu Zijian’s treasured sword, they were still quite rare. A ball of white light appeared over his head, along with a small shadow.

“Quite interesting.” The male instructor smiled and took record of it. “High jia for water, low yi for metal and earth, mid bing for wood, low ding for fire, high yi for yang, and low bing for yin.”

If he knew the results of Li Qingshan’s previous test, he would not just find it as quite interesting anymore. Last time, the wave of water was only half this size, while the metal and wood elements were nowhere as prominent either.

Although it was not exactly impossible to change the talent and elemental affinity of a person, it was extremely difficult. It either required extremely precious pills and herbs, or decades or centuries of bitter cultivation.

However, the supernatural abilities from the black ox had directly turned Li Qingshan into something else, and gradually, he began to possess the talent and power only available to daemons.

A few more leaders took note of Li Qingshan in front of the Watermirror disc.

Everyone in the crowd looked at him with gazes of admiration and jealousy too.

“Brother Tian! Isn’t he the person that we saw in the Parlour of Clouds and Rain? His talent for the water element is so impressive!”

The young man in white said disdainfully, “It’s so-so. I’ll show you what impressive actually means later.”

A while later, the instructor called out, “Chu Tian!”

The young man in white smiled at the two girls beside him before stepping into the formation gracefully. His eyes were filled with absolute confidence.

Now, the testing period was almost over. The sun had almost risen to its highest point. Everyone felt slightly sick of this now, no longer focused on it, conversing among themselves instead. A few instructors discussed among themselves, ready to clear away everything as well and take everyone to go eat. They would then continue with other tests in the afternoon.

Suddenly, five colours, gold, green, blue, red, and yellow, rose up into the sky. Above the five corners of the formation hovered a fine, sheathed sword, a towering tree, ebbing waves of water, a scorching ball of fire, and a lofty, miniature mountain.

All five elements demonstrated their extremes.

The square immediately fell silent.

“They’re all high jia. No, even the formation can’t test it. Is there something wrong with the formation?” The instructor that took notes cried out, breaking the silence. Cries and sighs of admiration rose up in the surroundings. Everyone could not help but stare at the centre of the formation, at the young man in white called Chu Tian.

A genius. A true genius.

Even the various leaders almost ended up missing the Pure Yang constitution that Yu Zijian had demonstrated because it was just too rare, let alone these Qi Practitioners.

Yu Zijian had only stood in the formation for a moment before leaving in a hurry. Even if some people noticed the absence of darkness in the light, they would just dismiss it as having not looked carefully enough.

In the end, the only evaluation she received was high jia for yang, so the treatment she received was similar to what Mu Kui and Li Qingshan went through. It was nowhere near as shocking as Chu Tian right now.

“You’re so outstanding, brother Tian!” The eyes of the two girls by Chu Tian’s side lit up. Chu Tian smiled at them, as if he was saying, How’s that?

“The Five Elements constitution!”

The various leaders were all stunned. The intake this year sure was special. There was the Pure Yang constitution, and then the Five Elements constitution appeared. They were both extraordinary talents that rarely appeared even across the span of several decades. It would lead to quite a competition between the schools.

Li Qingshan watched on silently too. He lamented over how there sure were a lot of geniuses in the world! Suddenly, he felt the young man called Chu Tian shoot a provoking glance his way, which perplexed him slightly.

Chu Tian stood there for quite a while before slowly making his way out. He unfurled his fan and seemed extraordinarily elegant. If he was slightly more handsome, he would be perfect. However, no one noticed this small flaw of his right now. The talent he had displayed was enough to make up for everything. Strength served as the best appearance for a man.

Not only did the various leaders stop caring about the remaining tests, but even the Qi Practitioners present stopped paying attention. There was a racket on the square. The people who had demonstrated extraordinary talent in the testing earlier were now surrounded by quite a lot of people. Some clever Qi Practitioners had already chosen their targets to befriend. Everyone belonged to the same cohort, so they should have gotten along with one another anyway.

In particular, several dozen people filled Chu Tian’s surroundings. No one doubted the fact that this young man would rise up very soon.

Li Qingshan rubbed the jade ring on his thumb. He wondered how Xiao An was doing.

The ship that Xiao An was on instead sent them to a smaller island on the outskirts. The children were all taught the Innate Method of Practising Qi and bestowed with a single Qi Gathering pills. After that, they were taken to a hall where they began meditating in search of the mysterious feeling of qi.

Nearby, the female instructor stood with a pointer and a sunken expression. She would glance at Xiao An from time to time, appearing even more bitter now.

Although an instructor had already told her the entire story due to Wang Pushi’s orders, she became even more furious. This girl was clearly making a fool out of her!

And, the messaging instructor had told her that some of the leaders of the schools had become displeased with her, so she became both fearful and furious. She was tempted to give Xiao An a beating immediately, but the instructor also warned her that this child was not a regular child, but one that a few leaders might end up favouring. As a result, she was no longer able to lash out in anger, but that did not mean she was willing to just accept this.

She had already made up her mind. She would not let Xiao An have it easy. She refused to believe that she was unable to teach a single kid a lesson in the next few months with everything in her reach.

Xiao An ignored this hostility. Instead, she focused on practising qi. She did not find the Innate Method of Practicing Qi unfamiliar. When Li Qingshan practised this cultivation method, he had frequently come to her for guidance.

Finding the feeling of qi was enough for these children to turn red from holding their breaths, but it was no difficulty for her. In a single instant, a strand of true qi appeared, beginning to flow through her body.

After flowing for a while, it had strengthened by several fold. The Qi Gathering pill had already been absorbed completely, but the true qi continued to grow at an unbelievable rate.

The path of practising qi, in simpler terms, was refining vitality into qi. Primarily, it was about extracting vitality from the body and refining it into true qi. Who knew how many people she had refined in order to create the tiny body of hers, so the vitality she possessed was countless times more abundant than regular children.

She was neither limited by understanding and comprehension nor resources, so before long, she had completed the first three layers of the Innate Method of Practising Qi.

Afterwards, the true qi began to push through her Yang Heel meridian, but in the end, it flowed smoothly through the Shenmai acupoint before passing through the other acupoints too. It connected the acupoints to form the Yang Heel meridian.

The various obstacles in the eyes of regular people was a piece of cake to her. If the meridian was a river, then her river had no dams at all.

Right from the very beginning, her body condensed from the Path of White Bone and Great Beauty had been perfect.

A while later, Xiao An stood up.

The bitter-looking female instructor immediately scolded her, “Who told you to stand up?”

Xiao An replied emotionlessly, “I’m done.”

“What do you mean you’re-” To her surprise, the female instructor suddenly noticed that the aura Xiao An gave off had already reached the third layer.

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