Chapter 306 – Secluded Cultivation Below the Island

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Chapter 306 – Secluded Cultivation Below the Island

Li Qingshan took out another piece of Cursive Sword Calligraphy. With the foundation from refining the mid grade Cursive Sword Calligraphy, he was confident he already possessed the ability to refine this fragment.

However, he still ended up stowing it away again after hesitating for quite a while.

The infiltration of sword qi was easy to deal with, but when the sword intent invaded his mind, it would be far too dangerous.

The head, also known as the spirit platform within the world of cultivation, even surpassed the dantian and the sea of qi in terms of importance for cultivation.

And, it was extremely fragile too. If his meridians were torn to shreds and his dantian was destroyed, there was still hope for him to repair them, but once his mind was injured, he would become psychotic at best.

He was not in any life-threatening danger right now, so there was no need for him to take this risk.

At this moment, the bug pouch on his waist writhed. Li Qingshan opened it and let out Milliped.

Milliped had grown much longer. He moved his body about and scurried through the bamboo forest rapidly as soon as he emerged. “I’m getting smothered to death.”

Spring and summer had always been the times when insects were the most lively. It was obviously very uncomfortable for him to be trapped in the bug pouch.

Li Qingshan felt slightly ashamed. Ever since he had entered the academy, he had been occupied, and he had even been more busy than usual lately. He had been focusing on the path of the sword, so he ended up neglecting his friend, Milliped.

After letting out Milliped for some exercise, he opened the bug pouch. “Just bear with it a little longer. I’ll bring you some good food later.”

He returned to the courtyard of the school of Novels, and Liu Chuanfeng demanded, “You’re back. Give me two thousand spiritual stones.”

Li Qingshan asked, “Two thousand spiritual stones for what?”

Liu Chuanfeng smiled. “For the battle with Chu Tian, obviously. Liu Zhangqing has already agreed to it. You really need to thank me properly this time around.”

Li Qingshan counted out two thousand spiritual stones and handed it to him. He asked in confusion, “Why do I have to thank you?”

As it turned out, Liu Zhangqing had originally disagreed with the battle between Chu Tian and Li Qingshan when he heard about it in the school of Confucianism. As the lord prefect of the region, he did have some honour about him. This matter would affect Chu Tian and Xiao An too, the two geniuses of the academy. He was reluctant to create any internal trouble.

As a result, Liu Chuanfeng completely unleashed his talent for mockery. He declared how victory was certain for Li Qingshan and defeat was certain for Chu Tian everywhere. How could Liu Zhangqing allow a scoundrel like him get away with this? Out of sheer anger, he agreed to it and set a date. The wager obviously had to be handed up to the academy beforehand.

And, this matter involved more than a single school in the academy.

Li Qingshan had no idea on how to react. If they could not fight, then they could not fight. It was not like he had any particularly deep grievances with Chu Tian. Liu Chuanfeng sure was impressive in this aspect.

During this time, Hao Pingyang and Zhang Lanqing had come to visit too. They came twice. They wanted to ask him why he was not attending class, but when they saw how he was working hard on his swordsmanship, they left without disturbing him.

They also knew about the gamble going on between Li Qingshan and Zhu Tian. Right now, increasing his personal strength was obviously the priority, so he could only set forging artifacts aside for now.

Li Qingshan asked, “Fubai still hasn’t returned?”

Liu Chuanfeng said, “Senior brother has sent back a message. He has basically set up the structure already, and the Cloudwisp association is almost ready for opening. He has invited both of us over to celebrate later!”

Li Qingshan admired Sun Fubai’s ability very much. In such a large world, he was able to mobilise so many resources and achieve this step in just twenty odd days. It really was impressive.

If he were responsible for this, he probably could not finish it even if he had half a year. It had nothing to do with his intelligence. Instead, he lacked experience and contacts. It sure lived up to the saying that old people were like living treasure.

“Very good. Though, I might not be able to attend the opening ceremony. I’m preparing to cultivate in seclusion for a while.”

“Seclusion!” Liu Chuanfeng immediately understood that this was for the battle with Chu Tian.

Li Qingshan, on the other hand, thought of several other things. Milliped was his friend, not his mount or pet. He could not keep his friend trapped in the bug pouch all day long.

Though, the battle with Chu Tian definitely was one of the reasons. His original plan was to ingest pills slowly while learning how to forge artifacts and refine pills so that he could accumulate even more knowledge and resources, guaranteeing that he would not run out of pills. However, he changed his mind now. Even a lion would use its full strength to catch a rabbit.

Li Qingshan asked, “I think you told me that there are special dwellings of secluded cultivation on the main island?” There were many facilities on the island, and the primary disciple could use all of them for free. The cultivation dwellings were included among them.

Liu Zhuanfeng said, “Can’t you just cultivate here? The spiritual qi there isn’t even as abundant as here.”

“I have my plans.”

Li Qingshan arrived on Contention island with Xiao An and found the instructor responsible for managing the cultivation dwellings.

The instructor saw how it was two primary disciples who wanted to choose a cultivation dwelling. If it were just Li Qingshan, then so be it, but Xiao An had shaken up the entire academy before, so the instructor showed them all the respect that he had.

“Are you planning to enter seclusion separately or together?”


“Please come with me then.” The instructor did not ramble. He brought the two of them into a hall. The tiles trembled before rapidly sinking down.

There was actually a huge hole dug out in Contention island. It was divided into over a dozen floors. Each floor had many cultivation dwellings for the disciples of various schools to use, and every single dwelling was firmly sealed, covered in numerous formations, preventing them from sensing any aura of others.

Li Qingshan sensed that the closer he got to the bottom, the denser the spiritual qi became. The surging spiritual qi blew upwards like wind.

Only when they reached the very bottom of the hole did they stop.

The instructor passed a round disc to Li Qingshan. “This is the disc. This is the lowest floor. There’s only a single cultivation dwelling here. It has the best spiritual qi formations, and it’s extremely spacious too. You won’t be able to affect one another if you cultivate in there together. If regular disciples wanted to use it, it’d cost them over a dozen spiritual stones for just a single day.”

Li Qingshan asked, “Is it possible for people to spy on what’s going on inside from the outside?”

The instructor said, “It’s impossible. Not only are there several formations serving as obstructions, but there’s an interference of spiritual energy too. Even school leader Liu’s Watermoon disc can’t penetrate there. Not only is it shut off from the outside world, but it’s also impossible to enter the place too. Once the dwelling is shut, it can only be opened from the inside.”

“It can’t be opened from the outside?”

“Well, you can’t say that exactly. There are obviously ways to open it from the outside, but that’s only for extraordinary circumstances, such as when the academy is under attack, or when you haven’t paid your school fees.”

Li Qingshan smiled and clasped his hands. “Thank you for your explanations, instructor.”

“Both of you are figures with tremendous future prospects. To be able to assist you is my honour. Please make sure you have prepared food and water yourselves. If there’s nothing else, I’ll get out of here and stop wasting your time for cultivation.”

Li Qingshan and Xiao An entered the dwelling and used the key again. The stone door slammed shut and several formations began operating.

The spiritual qi here was unable to rival the formation on Cloudwisp island, but it was close. At the same time, it was safer and more secretive.

Li Qingshan let out Milliped before taking out all the food he had purchased from the Hundred Flavours restaurant, basically making it up to him. His eyes met with Xiao An’s, and he pinched her nose. “Watch as I defeat you with sword qi once I emerge.”

“I don’t think so!”

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