Chapter 317 – How Do I Start Writing (Three)

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Chapter 317 – How Do I Start Writing (Three)

Li Qingshan swept away the military disciples like an autumn breeze to fallen leaves. Having lost his protective true qi, he was covered in wounds, gasping for air. In particular, his chest had an extremely prominent print of a scorched fist. He was covered in blood, both from others and himself.

Large swathes of military disciples laid on the ground below his feet.

Li Qingshan grinned and chuckled to himself. A battle like this was even more satisfying than downing fifty jars of fine alcohol. Everything troubling him had been cast aside.

The few dozen remaining military disciples looked at him like he was a monster. If it were not for Han Tieyi and the drillmasters watching on from above and the fact that their lives were not in danger, they would have scattered a long time ago.

No matter how great the willpower of the military disciples were, it was still finite.

However, there were still moments when this “monster” would be weakened. “Don’t let him recover! Get him, brothers!”

However, their faint glimmer of hope was soon put out by Li Qingshan.

He grabbed two military disciples by the neck, one in each arm. Tightening his grasp, the two of them directly fainted. After that, he casually tossed them aside.

At this moment, a fist arrived before him. He received it with a headbutt, and with a crack, the arm broke, and Li Qingshan shook his head too.

Although he seemed like he could collapse in the next moment, he remained standing staunchly. Only when the last military disciple had collapsed did he laugh aloud.

Li Qingshan had not achieved this because he had erupted with extraordinary strength. Instead, he had finished off all the seventh layer Qi Practitioners one by one in the chaotic battle, while the strongest opponent, the eighth layer Qi Practitioner, had been finished off at the cost of an injury from forcefully taking on a punch. The otherperson Mu Kui had received a kick from Li Qingshan too, rolling down the steps and falling unconscious.

Even an exhausted tiger was not something that a group of wolf cubs could threaten.

Now, no one else could stand on the several hundred steps anymore apart from him.

Li Qingshan said to Xiao An, “See?”

Unknowingly, the spectators below were not just Xiao An anymore. There were also many other disciples from other schools who had heard the news and rushed over from the other islands. They all stared at him in shock. All of them had just watched him defeat approximately ninety percent of the disciples of the school of the Military alone. Was he still human?

Li Qingshan looked down from above and saw a sea of heads. It was a gathering on par with the one during his battle against Chu Tian. Hua Chengzan, Hao Pingyang, and a few others were among them. Han Qiongzhi seemed to be there too.


“Li Qingshan, that coward? Did he enter seclusion and run away from the battle again?” Han Qiongzhi had just returned from a mission when she heard about the news of the battle between Li Qingshan and Chu Tian.

A few months had already passed by now. The slight heart throb she experienced back then had already vanished. Ever since she learned Li Qingshan had entered the school of Novels, she knew that he had probably lost the right to pursue her forever. She found this to be a slight pity.

Only when she heard how he wanted to fight the genius Chu Tian did she become interested again. She went to watch and simply because of his favourable impression on her, she wagered five hundred spiritual stones on him, but in the end, he did not even show up, which immediately disappointed her. The slight heart throb turned into disdain. All she thought was she had completely misjudged him back then.

Hua Chengzan leaned against the door. “Of course, he came. I said this last time. You misunderstood him. He’s not someone who would run away from a battle.”

Han Qiongzhi continued to tidy her things. “If you were a woman, I’d probably suspect you feel something towards that kid. No, you might even be infatuated with him. What, did Chu Tian beat him until he was half dead, making you lose another one thousand spiritual stones?”

Hua Chengzan said, “The heart of a woman is as difficult to grasp as a needle on the bottom of the ocean, but getting a woman to understand a man is extremely difficult too. This time, I won.”

Han Qiongzhi stopped what she was doing. “What did you say?”

“Of course. I made back everything I lost last time. Chu Tian is still hospitalised in the school of Medicine. And, the kid you’re talking about has already reached the seventh layer. I think catching up to you is just a matter of time for him. Of course, if the two of you fight right now, you probably aren’t his opponent.”

Han Qiongzhi asked, “Then what about him? How’s he doing?”

“Basically unscathed. I heard he has been writing novels recently. Hehe, if old Wang hears this, it’ll drive him crazy again.”

Han Qiongzhi frowned. “Have I misjudged him? Tell me exactly what happened.”

As a result, Hua Chengzan told her the entire story. With how nimble his tongue was, he would probably be the best storyteller there ever was if he decided to tell stories.

Han Qiongzhi was enthralled. She was tempted to rush over in person and celebrate with Li Qingshan. So she had misunderstood him. She put down her things. No, I have to go see him.

However, she stopped herself again. When he joined the school of Novels back then, I didn’t go to see him, so if I go see him now, wouldn’t he just take me as a snob?

But he had entered secluded cultivation just a few days after joining the school of Novels. She had been busy too, which was why she had not visited him. And, as a woman, it would be utterly humiliating for her to have any contact with a person from the school of Novels.

Just as she was stuck in this dilemma, a legalist disciple reported, “Senior brother and sister, there’s another show going on again! Han Tieyi has laid down his military formations for Li Qingshan to challenge!”

“Let’s go take a look!” Hua Chengzan said, so Han Qiongzhi just went with the flow. She hated missing out on the fun the most.

After she arrived, Han Qiongzhi felt rather glad. At least she had not missed this battle.

As she watched Li Qingshan rampage through the military disciples with a composed smile, she suddenly felt her heart thump, while her eyes were firmly glued to him too.

Hua Chengzan smiled. “Who’s the one infatuated now?”

Han Qiongzhi’s face reddened, but she did not back down. “Do you have any issues with that? This is the type I like. It’s countless times better than a pretty face like you!”

Hua Chenzan rubbed his nose. “You really can’t keep a grown girl at home. In the blink of an eye, your childhood friend has become a pretty face.”

They knew one another since they were children. Since young, he had been radiating with charm, such that he would interest basically every single woman that he met. Only she maintained a relationship of purely friends with him. Even without him, Han Qiongzhi would still dislike romantic men, as she came from a clan of soldiers. No matter how charming Hua Chengzan was, it would still be ineffective against her.

Han Qiongzhi sniggered. “This time, li’l bro Tieyi’s in for quite the humiliation. My old man must be quite ashamed too.”

Before she had even finished speaking, a cold snort pierced her ears like an awl. Han Qiongzhi shivered all over as she became sheet-white.

Hua Chengzan asked, “What’s wrong?”

Han Qiongzhi gritted her teeth. “It’s the old coot. To think he would actually be so vicious to his own daughter.”

Hua Chengzan said, “There aren’t any daughters who speak so brazenly either.”

As they spoke, the outcome had been determined on the platform. Han Qiongzhi saw how Li Qingshan was riddled with wounds, tottering about, which pulled at her heartstrings. She called out, “You’ve won, so come down already!”

“Hold on. I need to beat you up now!” Li Qingshan instead turned around and made his way up as he said this to Han Tieyi.

Li Qingshan climbed up step by step, arriving before Han Tieyi.

A military disciple on the ground suddenly climbed up and wrapped his arms around Li Qingshan’s waist.

“Brothers, stop him!”

The incapacitated military disciples all grabbed Li Qingshan’s legs with everything that they had.

Li Qingshan lifted his fist, throwing it towards the military disciple around his waist. The disciple just closed his eyes, but he continued to cling onto him. However, he felt no pain at all. For some reason, Li Qingshan had pulled the fist back again.

Li Qingshan moved his heavy feet with difficulty, forcefully dragging so many people along as he approached Han Tieyi step by step. He tottered about very much as he walked, but he was determined.

With a thump, he finally stepped onto the platform on the top, throwing a punch towards Han Tieyi.

Han Tieyi raised his hand to stop the drillmasters who wanted to interfere. Without dodging at all, he received the punch.

“Young general!” The military disciples were all furious. This was akin to watching helplessly as the enemy general charged through their ranks and killed their commander. Every single military disciple who was still conscious felt disgraced. They gritted their teeth, with some even tearing up like children.

“Release him,” Han Tieyi ordered. “There are still two more punches.”

Li Qingshan exercised his body slightly. “Even I find punches so powerless to be boring, so I’ll keep it on credit for now. I’ll punch you when I recover my strength!”

With that, Li Qingshan fell backwards. There was a flash of golden light, and Xiao An caught Li Qingshan with her vajra avatar.

The sound of snoring rang out as he slept away soundly. As he slept, he grinned in pure satisfaction.

“Give him to me. He needs some treatment.”

A woman arrived beside Xiao An. Her beauty was picturesque as she spoke gently. Dressed in white clothes, she seemed to radiate with white light. An ivory tablet hung from her waist, engraved with the word “One”.

On the steps, disciples of the school of Medicine in similar white clothes got to work, tending to and treating the wounds of the military disciples.

Han Tieyi said to the woman, “Ru Xin, thank you for your troubles.”

The school of the Military could handle regular injuries. As a matter of fact, the disciples themselves could recover without any treatment at all. However, if the injuries were slightly more severe, they would ask the disciples of the school of Medicine to help out, preventing any potential lingering problems.

“Since I’m getting paid, of course I have to do my job and leave you satisfied.” Ru Xin smiled gently in a natural and graceful manner. The school of the Military was the school of Medicine’s greatest customer. Rarely did they ever have so much business.

“Senior sister Ru Xin, he seems to be mostly fine,” a muscly man said in a low, muffled voice.

“We have no idea if he has suffered any internal injuries. It’ll be bad if it becomes something chronic. Don’t you think so, little sister?” Ru Xin crouched down and asked Xiao An.

Xiao An felt that Li Qingshan would be completely fine with how his body was built, but she was still worried, so she nodded in agreement.

A green leaf flew out from Ru Xin’s sleeve. It expanded and lifted up Li Qingshan. A green light rose up and encased Li Qingshan. His smaller wounds immediately began to recover.

Even more green leaves flew out from her sleeve, over a hundred of them. They lifted up all the military disciples who were relatively more injured.

This was not a technique, but a spiritual artifact. It was a spiritual artifact that came in a set. Although it was only high grade, it was probably worth even more than regular supreme grade spiritual artifacts.

Ru Xin glanced at Li Qingshan on the leaf and pursed her lips. His body was so powerful that it basically exceeded all regular understanding. It was very much worth studying.


Han Tieyi turned around and entered the martial arts hall. To the very back sat Han Anjun, who held a bronze, three-legged cup for drinking alcohol. To his sides were ten seats, nine of which were occupied. Only the seat to Han Anjun’s right was empty.

All of them were eighth or ninth layer Qi Practitioners, while the vicious-looking, bulky, bald man to Han Anjun’s left was impressively at the tenth layer Qi Practitioner.

The bald man said, “General, why won’t you give us permission to fight? Why must we let that kid run amok in such an arrogant manner?”

The eight other people were furious too. They had watched helplessly as Li Qingshan defeated all of their fellow officers alone before a public audience. If it were not for Han Anjun’s power and influence, they would have run out of patience a long time ago and interfered.

Among the academy, apart from the primary disciple, there were a total of ten disciples who held the greatest status. They were known as core disciples. The nine of them were truly valiant soldiers and generals. They possessed the strongest battle prowess in the entire school. If any one of them had joined in on the battle earlier, it would have been possible to change the outcome.

Han Anjun said sternly, “Just outnumbering him is not enough, is it? You even want to bully the weak too?”

The bald man refused to relent. “They were all empty-handed, so how could they properly unleash the power of the encirclement? If they fought in actual battle with real weapons, he would have died long ago.”

Han Anjun placed down his bronze cup heavily. “I think the one arrogant is not him, but you lot! In a real slaughter with anything and everything allowed, he can kill his way in here in under half an hour. You all seem so skilled and capable during training, but when it comes to actual battle, you show your true colours and descend into a complete mess. This is embarrassing, utterly embarrassing! All of you piss off and spend three days reflecting on yourself.”

The quiet Han Anjun suddenly spoke up, scolding them violently. All of them fell silent from fear and left under Han Anjun’s orders. Only Han Tieyi remained.

Han Anjun’s expression gradually eased up. He let out an extremely rare smile. “Tieyi, well done. This is the bit of motivation that they need. They can’t keep thinking they’re stronger than the disciples of the other schools just because they have it a little tougher every day.”

As the leader of the school of the Military, his senses for certain things were far sharper than Liu Zhangqing’s. Under the facade of peace, something seemed to be growing tense again. War was near.

His exact objective was to borrow Li Qingshan to fiercely temper the military disciples so that they could prepare for any potential turmoil. Embarrassment was better than losing their lives. He was not afraid of embarrassing the school of the Military. Dead people felt no embarrassment.

“I didn’t think he could make it all the way up like this.” Han Tieyi frowned. He did not doubt Li Qingshan’s ability to charge all the way up, but making his way up step by step after sweeping aside everyone had taken him by surprise.

“His body tempering techniques are something else. It’s just a pity that he’s not a disciple of my school of the Military. Otherwise, our chances of winning the martial arts competition of the nine prefectures would increase by thirty percent at the very least.” Han Anjun let out a sigh just like the slovenly daoist priest.

Out of the prodigies who had appeared during the entrance examination, Li Qingshan would be the greatest if he were evaluating them. Both Chu Tian and Yu Zijian paled in comparison to him. Although Xiao An’s talent was monstrously high, she was not necessarily suited for the path of the military. However, Li Qingshan was basically born to be a soldier. He liked fighting and killing, yet he also possessed courage and sharp wit.

Han Tieyi said, “He’s not a disciple of the school of the Military, but you still can give him some guidance, general.”

Han Anjun said, “That’s what I have in mind too. I’ll leave this to you for now!”

Only when the big fish was violent enough could the group of small fish be prompted into action, erupting with unprecedented potential and becoming even more united. And, even without this reason, they were reluctant to see someone with such great potential like him being wasted away in a place like the school of Novels.

“Yes, sir!”


Li Qingshan woke up from his dream. White blankets covered him with white walls, tables, and chairs around him. The curtains swayed in the breeze as sunlight poured in from the windows.

A pure-white lily was placed by his bed, giving off a faint fragrance. The weather had cleared up before he knew it, allowing the warm sunlight to pour in.

Li Qingshan stretched a little; he felt that various parts of his body still ached slightly. However, he felt extremely happy too. Sure enough, compared to writing novels, this lifestyle suited him better. It was best if he just gave up on that unrealistic idea!

He closed his eyes and sensed the various parts of his body. They were all fine. His depleted dantian began to build up true qi again too.

True qi originally followed a process of circulation. Having overexerted it, his recovery rate was extremely gradual, but his true qi’s quality did increase.

He had benefited quite a lot from this battle. Although he did not receive a single word of advice from Han Anjun, he had comprehended plenty of things.

He was a genius for actual combat. He radiated with charm in battle and battle would also unlock his potential. Although none of the military disciples seemed like his opponent, the moves they unleashed, the tricks in how they used their force, and even the feeling when he was struck by them brought him great benefit.

Ru Xin walked in from outside. “You’re awake.”

Li Qingshan’s eyes lit up. Another beauty, and a beauty at the tenth layer. Sure enough, there were plenty of fish in the sea. He really struggled to understand what Hua Chengzan was thinking.

Though, if he actually had to compare them, the person standing before him was slightly worse than Gu Yanying. He had no idea why he felt like that. Perhaps it was the truth, or perhaps it was his deep impression speaking, which he had gained from suddenly seeing a supreme beauty after spending over a decade trapped in the countryside.

Wasn’t there a story just like this? A scholar had eaten a bowl of lotus starch in a farmer’s home whilst in abjection, and he found it to be utterly delicious. Afterwards, he became a high-ranking official and tried the lotus starch made by all the renowned chefs in the region, but none of it tasted like before. In the end, he found the same famer’s home as before and ate it again, but it no longer tasted like before anymore.

He was very interested in finding an opportunity and testing whether this story was true or not for himself.

“I’m Li Qingshan. May I ask for your esteemed name?”

“How could I, Ru Xin, not know about the infamous fellow Li’s name?”

Were there surnames like Ru? Li Qingshan was perplexed. He looked around. “Where’s Xiao An?”

“She has been called back by the One Thought master. It’s not like you’re riddled with illness either, so there’s no need for her to remain by your bedside constantly.” As Ru Xin said that, she sat down by the bed and pressed her hands against Li Qingshan’s bare chest. His bluish-green robes had been ripped to pieces during the battle.

Her hands that were as soft and smooth as jade slid from his chest to his belly. “Your wounds healed very quickly. The vitality your body contains is simply shocking.”

“I ate some unknown fruit when I was young, and I just became so robust afterwards.” Li Qingshan casually made up a lie. Is she interested in me? Heh, she must have witnessed my valiance in the school of Military. She has been drawn to me by my bearing.

Whatever, I can’t just let her do all the work. Li Qingshan had always been a person who did whatever he wanted. He grabbed Ru Xin’s hand. “I still have to thank you for treating my injuries with so much care.”

Ru Xin’s face stiffened. She tried to pull her hand back, but it was stuck. Her face reddened slightly, and it was not out of embarrassment, but anger. She had plenty of suitors in the academy, but there really were few as shameless as him.

Li Qingshan thought his charm had already reached Hua Chengzan’s level.

Ru Xin said sternly, “Sir, if you don’t let go, I’ll have to call out.”

Only then did Li Qingshan let go of her. He was surprised. “Didn’t you touch me first?”

“I’m the doctor, and you’re the patient. That’s something that comes first. What? Do you like it like that, being massaged by someone? Though, I need to say it is an option. That is one of the services our school of Medicine provides, but it costs money.” Ru Xin lowered her head with a faint smile. She seemed extremely moving.

Li Qingshan was both excited and disappointed. “Alright. How many spiritual stones is it?”

“Lie down. I’ll go make some preparations.” Ru Xin smiled enchantingly and left.

A while later, a man covered in muscles barged in. He asked with a thunderous bellow, “You want a massage!”

Li Qingshan was stunned. “Isn’t it… Isn’t it supposed to be…”

“How can senior sister Ru Xin do manual labour like this? Come here!” The muscly man cut right to the chase and began slamming Li Qingshan’s back with his iron palms that could split boulders.

“Not bad.”

A while later, Li Qingshan stood up and praised from the bottom of his heart. The muscly man was truly a disciple of the school of Medicine. He seemed rough, but his hands were extremely nimble and careful, whether it be while kneading, pinching, slapping, or pressing. He completely relaxed Li Qingshan’s body and also channeled his body with Yi Wood true qi brimming with vigour.

Li Qingshan felt relaxed. All of the bruises on his body had vanished too. It was worth the sum of spiritual stones.

The muscly man bellowed, “Thank you for your patronage!”

Li Qingshan stood up and fished out a set of clothes from his hundred treasures pouch, putting them on and making his way out.

Ru Xin smiled. “How do you feel? How’re my junior brother’s massaging skills?”

“Pretty good.” Li Qingshan smiled. The violent slaps from the muscly man had indeed severed those thoughts of Li Qingshan. She was not interested, so he could not be bothered either. It was not like he would die if he went without a woman. There were countless other things he could pursue in life.

Ru Xin was slightly surprised. Originally, she thought Li Qingshan would be embarrassed and displeased, or even furious. She had already prepared some excuses.

However, she never expected him to be so unperturbed, and his gaze towards her had turned back to normal. She instead began to doubt her own charm.

“This must be your first time visiting Benevolence island, right? I’ll show you around!”

Since a primary disciple had come, he obviously had to be received by another primary disciple. Although he came from the declining school of Novels, Li Qingshan had already proved to everyone that he deserved such treatment.

They strolled around idly. With a beauty beside him, it was quite interesting.

With nothing better to do, Li Qingshan began to ask about the school of Medicine. “Doctors focus on curing illnesses and saving lives. Saving lives make sense, but do cultivators fall ill too?”

Ru Xin said, “There’s nothing we can help them with! We can give them whatever illness we want.”

The school of Medicine was not some kind and gentle motherly figure. Instead, they were skilled in poisons and pestilence. Poison naturally referred to various kinds of potent toxins, while pestilence referred to diseases. They collected various kinds of diseases and could kill people without anyone knowing. Among the gods that the school of Medicine worshipped, there were gods of plagues.

“Not funny,” said Li Qingshan.

“Really? How strange. No one ever laughs whenever I say that. Whatever. You’ll always run into a few freaks. The illnesses of cultivators normally aren’t prominent. Instead, they lurk within the body, either damaging the meridians or destroying the balance between the five elements. It might not be life-threatening, but over time, it will affect their cultivation.”

“And, aside from illness of the body, there are illnesses of the mind too. I specialise in mental illnesses. Physical illnesses are easy to deal with, but once you become mentally ill, you’ll struggle to make any progress at all on the path of cultivation, like commander Hua from the school of Legalism. Don’t tell him I said this, but he’s afflicted with a mental illness. Saving a cultivator’s path of cultivation is basically saving their lives!”

Li Qingshan grinned. “Then why don’t you save him?”

Ru Xin said, “His illness has already progressed too far. Doctors can’t cure the helpless, just like how buddha can only bring salvation to those who are destined!” Suddenly, she stifled her voice. “Look at the two over there. Their illnesses have progressed too far too. They’re beyond help, utterly beyond help!”

Li Qingshan looked over and saw Qian Rongzhi supporting Chu Tian as they strolled around in the garden, smiling from ear to ear. If it were not for the fact that he knew Qian Rongzhi’s behaviour and Chu Tian’s personality very well, he really would have believed they were a match made in heaven.

“What illnesses do they have?”

“One suffers from madness, while the other suffers from arrogance.”

“That sure matches them.” Li Qingshan smiled before changing directions and avoiding them.

Chu Tian was currently in a state of pure peace and bliss, so he sensed nothing. However, Qian Rongzhi immediately sensed them. She glanced over and saw Ru Xin’s back. She frowned slightly. This woman was very troublesome.

Li Qingshan mentioned how he had once been interested in coming to the school of Medicine to learn alchemy.

Ru Xin said, “You’ve made the right choice in choosing the school of Medicine. The school of Daoism only refines pills. We refine medicine too.”

“Is there any difference?”

“Refining pills is only for cultivation, but refining medicine can cure illnesses.”

Ru Xin brought Li Qingshan to the main dispensary in the school of Medicine to show him around. Sure enough, apart from the dazzling array of spiritual pills, there were also various coloured liquids and powders.

Li Qingshan saw a small box labeled as “Jade Skin Powder”. He asked, “What illness does this cure?”

Ru Xin said, “It specially cures the illness of darkness.”

“The illness of darkness1?”

Ru Xin studied Li Qingshan. “Yep, just like what you suffer from. If you use this medicine, you can become a true pretty face within three to seven days.”

Li Qingshan shook his head. He had already become slightly accustomed to Ru Xin and the words she spouted that conflicted with her appearance and bearing. However, the medicines refined by the school of Medicine were quite interesting. At the very least, the alchemy from the school of Daoism could not create something like the Fluid of Invisibility. He had never even thought of some of the items being sold here.

“And what illness does this cure?” Li Qingshan pointed at the glazed bottle filled with blue liquid at the top.

“You mean the Water of Recollection? It’s just as its name implies. It clearly cures amnesia. If you accidentally forget your surname, you can drink it, and I guarantee you that it’ll be effective. Though, the side-effect is that you might lose your sense of direction.”

Ru Xin said casually, but she saw Li Qingshan’s expression change suddenly.

Li Qingshan said, “You mean it can recall anything? Even your past life?”

Ru Xin said, “Unfortunately, my abilities still pale in comparison to granny Meng’s soup2.”

Just as Li Qingshan felt rather disappointed, he heard Ru Xin say, “Though, as long as it’s something in your head, you’ll definitely be able to recall it once you drink my medicine. Even if you want to know what you ate for lunch ten years ago today, it won’t be an issue.”

“Can I try it?”

“Do I know you? Your surname is Li.”

“Honestly, a hundred spiritual stones for a bottle. There’s no need to look at me like that. You’re flattering me,” added Ru Xin.

Under various forms of speechlessness, Li Qingshan ingested a spoonful of Water of Recollection. The dust-laden matters of the past suddenly shook off their dust and lunged at him, clearly replaying in his mind. There was a page in a book covered in thickly-dotted words.

The first sentence was, “Zhang Wuji3 turned around…”

Li Qingshan yelled inside, There’s hope for my illness!

PS: I finally made it at the last moment. I heard people say how nine thousand words isn’t a mass release, so does thirteen thousand words count? Though, there probably aren’t going to be any tomorrow morning. Ah, I’ve fully burnt.

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1. If you haven’t realised already, the Chinese sense of beauty involves extremely fair skin. To my dark-skinned readers out there, please take no offence. After all, Li Qingshan prefers his skin dark too.

2. Granny Meng, or Meng Po, is the goddess of forgetfulness in Chinese mythology. It’s said that once you die and enter the afterlife, you drink granny Meng’s Soup of Forgetfulness and permanently forget about your past life so that you can reincarnate. Here, Ru Xin is clearly implying her Water of Recollection is unable to undo the effects of granny Meng’s Soup of Forgetfulness, so it can’t make people remember their past lives. If you want to read more about her, here:

3. Zhang Wuji is the main character of The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber, a wuxia novel written in 1961 by Jin Yong, which you can read about here:

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