Chapter 356 – Engagement

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Chapter 356 – Engagement

“You’re going to break through to the tenth layer?” Li Qingshan suddenly understood. She had remained at the ninth layer for a very long time now. Opening the twelve standard meridians was even more complicated than opening the eight extraordinary meridians. It required absolute focus. Qi Practitioners would usually choose to break through in secluded cultivation.

“Yep! So much for catching up to me.” Han Qiongzhi pouted with a smile.

“How long will you take?”

“It’ll be a few months at the very least!” Han Qiongzhi answered after some thought. That also meant they would not be able to see each other for a few months.

“I’ll let you take advantage of me today.” Han Qiongzhi propped up her back with both arms. Her delicate collar bone made her seem rather thin, but the pair of jade bunnies before her seemed even more plump, as if they wanted to burst out of her undergarment.

Li Qingshan stopped worrying. He smiled. “If you insist.” His hands reached behind her and undid the knot, and her fiery-red undergarment slid down, revealing a pair of snow-white breasts that stood proudly like they had been carved from jade. There were even a pair of bright red beans that had once taken Li Qingshan away in his fantasies.

Han Qiongzhi did not cover herself up in embarrassment like other women. She remained in the same posture, just turning her head away and leaving the shy, delicate side of her face to Li Qingshan. Her beautiful cheeks were slightly red, which made her seem extraordinarily elegant.

This instead dispersed Li Qingshan’s lust. He admired the top half of her body; she was like a goddess sculpted from marble. Every single curve was utter perfection, such that he became afraid to desecrate it.

Han Qiongzhi bit her lower lip. Compared to his warm, reckless hand, his gaze seemed to embarrass her more. She grumbled, “Have you stared enough?”

“I’ll never stare enough, even if I spend my whole life staring.” As he said that, Li Qingshan wrapped his hand around her and kissed her rosy lips gently. He licked and kissed her soft neck before gradually moving down. He kissed her delicate collar bone, leaving behind a faint mark. Then he proceeded to bury his face in the gully before finally reaching one of the beans, sucking on it gently.

Han Qiongzhi let out a heavy exhale and twisted his ear. As she heaved, she said, “Are you… a child?”

Li Qingshan raised his head and smiled. “I’m not, but I can give you one.” He fondled around with her breasts, moulding it as he wished. The tender breasts seemed to ooze between his fingers, but it would be able to recover its perfect shape the moment he let go.

“Never. I hate children,” Han Qiongzhi said stubbornly. However, if he really did want children, he would have to wait until she reached Foundation Establishment at the very least.

She suddenly felt rather amazed. A year ago, no, just half a year ago, she had never even considered bearing a child for a man, yet now, she was seriously considering the idea. She basically felt like she had been possessed. She patted Li Qingshan’s face. “You evil guy. You must have drugged me or used some kind of arts of charm against me, haven’t you?”

Li Qingshan said, “I’m the one having doubts, alright. To think that I, Li Qingshan, a great man with a steel heart who could get any woman I want, would just be enchanted by a girl like you, even holding myself back for you to maintain your chastity. How illogical.”

Han Qiongzhi found that both infuriating and funny. She had never seen someone so shameless before, who would take advantage of her while grumbling about being restricted to just her.

But after closer thought, she became rather touched by this. Men of the current age, even just regular people, would have multiple wives and consorts if they had a bit of money, while cultivators were even worse. They did whatever they wanted. There were plenty of male cultivators in the academy who had visited the Parlour of Clouds and Rain before, and it was commonplace for them to support multiple women outside.

This was something extremely worth boasting over among men. She disliked Qiu Haitang, but when the legalist disciples gathered, they would still end up going to the Parlour of Clouds and Rain. All of them had slept with multiple women, and no one found any fault in that either. Even she was no different.

Only when she began taking a liking to him did she understand the jealousy of a woman. She was tempted to tie him to her and forbid any other women from looking at him, and he actually agreed to her request. As they met throughout the past few months, no matter how passionate they became, he would never try to insist on going any further as long as she refused. She just felt that he treated her very differently compared to how other men treated her.

In reality, Li Qingshan was just under the influence of the social norms from his previous life. No matter how tempted he was to take multiple women as his partners, he was still very accepting and tolerant when he met a woman he actually liked. Moreover, the Spirit Turtle’s Method of Sea Suppression could control lust, or he would have run out of patience a long time ago. In his past life, he had been labelled as beyond help with his masculinity, but now, he had instead become a good man. Sure enough, the environment determined how people thought.

“Forget it. I’ll just throw the rest of my life into the hands of a single woman like you.” Li Qingshan lowered his head to kiss her, but Han Qiongzhi blocked his lips.


Han Qiongzhi said, “Why must I be the only one to strip?”

“That’s not a problem at all.” Li Qingshan smiled. In a neat and quick fashion, he stripped himself naked. His robust body rippling with muscles radiated with pressure.

“I didn’t tell you to strip everything!” Han Qiongzhi called out, but she could not help but admire his body. She touched his chest in complete satisfaction. Glancing down, the chief culprit that had once pressed against her stared right back at her furiously. She casually prodded it and grumbled, “How ugly!”

Li Qingshan felt like all of his lust had been roused all of a sudden. He laid down on top of her and whispered in her ear, “You won’t be able to say that very soon. I’ve already stripped now, so it seems to be rather unfair.” He extended his hand to take off her skirt.

“Not right now.” Han Qiongzhi knew what he was trying to do, so she grabbed his hand in a hurry. “After I emerge from seclusion, you can go ask for my hand in marriage with my father! By then, I’ll give you everything.” Towards the end, she could not help but lower her head in embarrassment, all the way to her chest.

Li Qingshan beamed in surprise and joy. He propped her head back up by her cheeks. “Qiongzhi!”

Han Qiongzhi said, “Don’t celebrate too soon! My father still hasn’t agreed yet!”

Li Qingshan said, “Your father can only celebrate for having such a great son-in-law like me, so why would he turn me down? Even if he turns me down, can you turn me down too?”

“Who knows, I might not necessarily… Get back here!” As Han Qiongzhi said that, she suddenly felt Li Qingshan trying to take off her skirt again.

Li Qingshan said, “Just let me admire it in advance. Don’t tell me you’ll even deny your future husband of a request like this! Don’t worry, I’ll definitely wait until the night of marriage before I turn you into a woman.”

How could Han Qiongzhi deny the man who was about to become her husband? She poked his nose gently and said rather softly, “Now that’s what you said. Don’t go back on your word.”

Li Qingshan smiled and scooped her up. He grabbed the edge of her skirt and pulled off the entire thing, revealing her pale thighs. Han Qiongzhi did not even get the chance to maintain her final line of defence. She seemed to become a lamb to his slaughter in the blink of an eye.

Both of them felt their hearts tremble. Although they had already embraced one another countless times before, this time was utterly different. The colour of bronze and snow pressed together firmly, completely different from one another. One was tough like rock, while the other was as soft as cotton. They seemed like they were trying to merge together.

Han Qiongzhi hugged him tightly and firmly pressed her chest against his, listening to his powerful heartbeat. She could feel the stiffness pressing firmly against her buttock. His large, coarse hand gently slid along her back that was as soft and smooth as silk. Scorching passion suddenly rose up in her. If he really tried to take her in this moment, she would not be able to turn him down. She was at his whim.

Li Qingshan breathed in deeply and slowly let go of her. The entire process was so difficult that he felt like he was carving out a piece of flesh from his body. He placed her on the embroidered quilt and said, “Let me take a good look at you.”

Han Qiongzhi felt lost, almost rather reluctant to leave his embrace. She wanted him to continue holding her like that, doing whatever he wanted to her.

Li Qingshan almost gasped in admiration as he appreciated her body. She was perfectly proportioned. In particular, she was extremely plump where she should be plump. She was utterly charming.

No matter how liberal Han Qiongzhi was, she still struggled to hold back her embarrassment in this moment. She curled up her slender legs, no longer giving off the slightest sense of manliness at all. She was basically waiting for a man to take her.

That night, their date lasted for a very long time. As soon as they remembered they would be parting very soon, such that they would not be able to see each other again for several months, neither of them wanted to pay any attention to the time.

Only when the next morning arrived did they put on their clothes again reluctantly.

Li Qingshan personally accompanied her to the dwelling for secluded cultivation and watched the door close. He was almost tempted to enter secluded cultivation with her, but with a shake of his head, he dismissed that thought. If they entered secluded cultivation together, they would probably end up with a child, so how could they still cultivate in peace?

Last night, they remained entangled until she found him utterly pitiful from how hard he was holding himself back. In the end, she even dismissed her own embarrassment and boldly lended him a helping hand before sternly warning him to not go around her back while she was in secluded cultivation, or the thing in her hand would end up being hers.

Only then did Li Qingshan understand her scheme. He smiled. “Just this technique won’t be enough if you want to stop me from going around your back.” He stared at her delicate, red lips.

Han Qiongzhi immediately understood what he was saying. Why would she ever agree to that? She directly stated that only prostitutes in brothels would do something like that and cursed him as an ingrate for taking advantage of her kindness by going too far. In the end, Li Qingshan agreed to an alternative and went at it on her tender breasts, even sullying her face at the very end, which led to quite a lot of grumbling from her.

Li Qingshan could tell that after confirming their relationship, she was actually extremely bold in this aspect. She might have even known more than him from her frequent visits to the Parlour of Clouds and Rain in the past. By then, he had to properly coax her into experimenting around and this second life of his would have been entirely worth it. He had already begun to look forward to his married life.

As for Han Qiongzhi’s warning, he did not pay any attention to it at all. Right now, his heart could no longer contain any other person. Even Gu Yanying would have to stand aside.

Returning to Cloudwisp island, Li Qingshan notified Xiao An before heading straight to Ru Xin’s alchemy room on Benevolence island. Now that Han Qiongzhi was no longer here, he could focus on alchemy. She would probably need True Spirit pills too if she wanted to break through to Foundation Establishment!

At that moment, he had failed to consider why she would ever require his pills as the first young miss of the Han family. All he wanted was the best for her.

Ru Xin smiled as soon as she saw Li Qingshan. “The stirrings of love are still plastered over your face. Looks like you’ve had quite the night last night. Don’t tell me you’ve already destroyed young miss Han’s body?”

“Of course not. It’s just that I’ll probably get married in a few month’s time.” Li Qingshan smiled from ear to ear. He had tried very hard, but he could not help himself in the end. He revealed it to Ru Xin, who kept another large secret of his.

Ru Xin’s heart stirred. She said sadly, “Then I really do have to congratulate you! It’s just a pity that I had to spend my entire night in front of an alchemy cauldron alone, thinking about alchemy. I don’t even have someone close who cares for me.”

Li Qingshan smiled. “Senior sister, if you want a man, you could form a line so long that it reaches Clear River city.”

Ru Xin stepped over and placed her hands onto Li Qingshan’s shoulder gently. The light in her eyes rippled. “It’s just a pity that the person I want already has someone else.”

PS: Originally, I wanted to shorten and simplify this aspect, but by the time I returned to my senses, I had already written so much, so I stopped myself in a hurry, ending it carelessly in an anticlimax. You can say that a process like this, the developments of emotions between the two of them, is critical, right? If you like it, then treat it as getting lucky. If you don’t, then just skip over it.

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  1. Fucking disgusting. Continue like this and I will truly drop this, it’s hard to read this when the protagonist is acting like a retarded lovestruck teenager. I just hope he’ll get separated from her forever soon.

    Too bad this author is yet another one that is pretty good in other aspects but absolutely and utterly hopeless when it comes to romance. Making it cringeworthy instead of romantic and sweet isn’t admirable.

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  2. Haha this man truly is skilled when it comes to chapters like these, not going over the top but not being childish either, and thank god Qingshan forgot about that Gu chick already, never liked her.


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