Chapter 364 – Fighting the Three Mountains (Two)

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Chapter 364 – Fighting the Three Mountains (Two)

“It’s the Golden Pheasant Elder!”

“What is going on in the main hall?”

The golden light illuminated every single stunned and terrified face of the disciples.

Yu Shukuang felt all of his sleepiness evaporate. He could not help but stagger backwards. An enemy that could send the Golden Pheasant Elder flying was not someone a mere Qi Practitioner like him could deal with.

Looking around, the other disciples were no different from him. The Green Vine mountain surely was not more important than their own lives.

A moment earlier.

Moonlight seeped in from every gap within the holey main hall. The silvery-blue light criss-crossed, turning the dignified hall into a bizarre world. However, all of it was soon purged by golden light.

A golden pheasant descended from above like a golden sun, blinding and glorious.

Compared to it, Li Qingshan’s upright figure seemed so insignificant. Under the scorching light, he seemed like a mere silhouette, so let alone the hand he swung out. It was like a thin twig, about to burst into flames at any time.

In that instant, the punch collided with the sun!

The two forces collided. Streaks of light and waves of air flickered and surged.

Not a single complete pillar remained within the grand hall, which tottered about within the intense blades of wind. But at this moment, it had been forcefully propped up by the pressure, quickly swelling outwards.

Li Qingshan’s feet were planted deeply into the ground, but an endless power surged out from the lofty Green Vine mountain; it came from the vast earth, entering his body and then his fist before it was directed towards the golden pheasant.

The Golden Pheasant Elder’s confident smile vanished!

In the next moment, the punch sent the sun flying!

Li Qingshan drew back his fist and smiled. “It’s best if you don’t try to contest against my strength when I’m standing on the ground!”

Strength of the Earth!

This was the brand new innate ability that originated from the ox demon. As long as he stood on the ground, he would receive the support of endless strength. Li Qingshan originally thought it was rather useless, but looking at it now, it was quite effective.

His scarlet eyes swiveled, and his gaze landed on the Lone Grave Elder. His pale-white, corpse-like face revealed a clear expression of shock, but it was not because Li Qingshan had sent the Golden Pheasant Elder flying in an open confrontation.

When the Golden Pheasant Elder called for his assistance, he summoned the Ancient Bronze Corpse General to launch a pincer attack from below. However, no matter how he urged the bronze bangle on his hand, the Ancient Bronze Corpse General did not move at all. Suddenly, his connection with it had broken, and only then did he become frightened to death. Without regard for anything else, he rushed towards the Ancient Bronze Corpse General.

The Ancient Bronze Corpse General that stood there silently suddenly raised its head. In that instant, the Lone Grave Elder gained the impression that they were not eyes, but two balls of flames. When he realised this was not just an impression at all, the Ancient Bronze Corpse General had already lunged towards its former master, exposing the small skeleton behind that held a white bone sword.

Since Li Qingshan said he would use his full strength, he really did use it all. Xiao An was the most important component of his strength. She was countless times more powerful than any innate ability he possessed.

The Lone Grave Elder was alarmed. He immediately chose to flee. If he kept fighting, he would end up losing his life here.

Black corpse qi gathered below his feet, lifting him up into the sky like a rocket. He moved alarmingly fast, shaking off the rebelling Ancient Bronze Corpse General in a split second. Just when he was about to burst through the ceiling, four skulls the size of carriage wheels blocked his path, spitting out rolling Blood Flames of Corpse Incineration.

The darkness and moonlight that had just flooded the hall was purged once more by the firelight. The entire hall creaked and trembled, like an old man with a foot in the grave. Unable to bear its own weight anymore, it began to collapse.

At this moment, time seemed to slow down. Every single floating speck of dust seemed incredibly clear in Li Qingshan’s eyes. He did not go to assist Xiao An.

After undergoing the heavenly tribulation, her strength had evolved by no less than his. A supernatural ability like the Path of White Bone and Great Beauty made it such that she would become even more powerful than other cultivators with every step forward she took.

He directed his gaze towards the sky again. The Golden Pheasant Elder had been scared out of his wits by Li Qingshan’s punch. He was not even bold enough to circle around. He unfurled his wings and flew off into the clouds.

Li Qingshan casually let go of the hilt and shook his hand. He exhaled gently. He leaned backwards by dropping a shoulder as he extended his hand as hard as he could, like a lead ball being thrown into the air. However, his feet showed no intentions of leaving the ground. Instead, they became even more deeply rooted.

Compared to his movements, everything that unfolded in the surroundings seemed like a static frame.

Turbulent daemon qi surged into his arm. Something was released, and his slender hand suddenly turned into the colour of black iron, swelling and extending rapidly.

Three meters, fifteen meters, thirty meters. With his five fingers that were as thick as the hall’s pillars spread out, he reached towards the fleeing golden pheasant in the air.

“Where do you think you’re going?”

The Golden Pheasant Elder was fear-stricken. He felt a terrifying force crush down on him, almost suffocating him. He fell back towards the hall again. In that instant, the comparison between the two of them seemed to turn back to normal. An arrogant rooster was trapped in the hands of a human, delivered to the kitchen. All that remained was fright.

All the disciples of the Green Vine mountain widened their eyes. All of this was something that would only appear in a nightmare. No one could imagine just what kind of monster was hiding within the hall as they stared at the huge, demonic claws.

The hall was extremely spacious, but it was probably extremely restrictive to the monster!

The golden pheasant was forcefully ripped apart by the huge hand. Li Qingshan’s hand had shrunken back to its normal size, gripping the Golden Pheasant Elder’s throat. The elder struck the ground heavily, and golden feathers floated around in the surroundings.

Boom! The shockwave expanded in all directions, speeding up the collapse of the hall. The debris and beams fell with a rumble.

The Golden Pheasant Elder called out, “You can’t kill me! That’ll defy the Treaty of Kings! It’ll lead to war! You’ll suffer a horrid death too! Release me! We have no particularly great grievances!”

Li Qingshan bent over and whispered into his ear with a smile, “I have another name, Niu Juxia!”

The Golden Pheasant Elder’s eyes narrowed. He opened his mouth in an attempt to say something, but he lost that ability forever. Li Qingshan snapped off his neck. Not only had his spine been crushed, but he had been beheaded too. Blood spurted everywhere.

At the same time, Xiao An’s bone sword had already penetrated the Lone Grave Elder through the forehead. His deathy-white face was filled with fear, making him seem no different from the many corpses he had seen in the past.

Having lost the Ancient Bronze Corpse General, the Lone Grave Elder became the weakest among the three. He could not even block a single strike from Xiao An. Flames surged out, and he was incinerated instantly.

Rumble! The hall collapsed completely.

The disciples of the Green Vine mountain looked over. A man wielding a blade stood within the ruins atop the mountain. His scarlet hair surged wildly in the wind as the full moon hovered behind him, blurring his appearance and casting a black silhouette, which made him seem even loftier than the Green Vine mountain below his feet.

The only thing they could clearly make out were a scarlet pair of scorching yet cold eyes.

He raised the ice blade high into the air and moonlight poured over the blade. Murderousness filled the air, as if it wanted to dye the moon bright red too.

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  1. This fight scene felt a bit meh, the elders turned into retards, and why wouldn’t you run instead of fighting to your deaths? Meh


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