Chapter 366 – Great King Ye Liusu

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Chapter 366 – Great King Ye Liusu

The boulder viper looked at Li Qingshan fearfully. Even though it had already become the strongest among the daemons, quite a large difference still existed between it and Daemon General. Li Qingshan’s action from earlier had completely dismissed any of its thoughts to resist. As such, it obediently answered his question.

“I’m responsible for looking over the dwelling for great king Ye Liusu, to prevent anyone from disturbing the king’s rest, or I’ll be punished.” The boulder python curled up its colossal body powerlessly. It missed the time when Milliped reigned on top. Back then, he was not restrained by anything. He did not have to listen to anyone’s command either.

“Great king Ye Liusu? This daemon has got quite a good naming sense,” Li Qingshan muttered to himself, “Then do you know what kind of daemon it is? And what abilities it knows?”

Knowing yourself and the enemy would result in triumph in battle. Li Qingshan never underestimated his opponents.

“This… I don’t know. And, king Ye Liusu isn’t a daemon.”

“Not a daemon?” Li Qingshan’s voice rose higher. “Humans are allowed to get a piece of territory underground too?”

“No, no, not a human either.”

“Neither a human nor a daemon. Then what?”

The boulder viper gave a description. Unfortunately, the powerful daemons that lived in the dark underground were rather limited in their descriptive vocabulary, which confused Li Qingshan even more. All he knew was that this king Ye Liusu was not a Daemon General from the surroundings, originating from much deeper underground instead.

If he had no idea, then he would personally go and take a look. Li Qingshan was cautious, but he was not afraid of trouble. He made the boulder viper move aside, and he swaggered towards the cavern.

“Leader, king Ye Liusu comes and goes without a trace in an utterly incredible fashion.” The boulder viper warned from behind. It did not feel particularly optimistic for Li Qingshan. Li Qingshan had clearly become a Daemon General recently. He probably was not king Ye Liusu’s opponent.

He dove into the ground in a hurry. If king Ye Liusu found out it had let them in, then it would be in trouble.

A speck of light suddenly appeared in the darkness ahead. A Blue Butterfly flower gave off dim, blue light within the darkness, and its butterfly wings moved slightly. However, it clearly had not reached maturity yet, unable to break free from the bounds of the stalk and fly through the air.

Milliped scurried over, but Li Qingshan grabbed him by a leg and made him hide somewhere first, just in case this king Ye Liusu sensed him.

Li Qingshan made Xiao An wait at the entrance too and he ventured over alone. Finally, he saw the sea of Blue Butterfly flowers once more. The Blue Butterfly flowers glowed silently, but only a measly one or two of them fluttered about. There would be a long wait before each Blue Butterfly flower would bloom. Li Qingshan had taken away everything accumulated over countless years last time.

But apart from the sea of flowers, Li Qingshan actually found nothing to be familiar anymore.

The coarse, rock walls had been carefully sculpted. Inscriptions and patterns covered them all. The ceiling sparkled with light, having been embedded with countless luminous pearls of various sizes such that it seemed like the night sky. It was majestic, like a black palace filled with illusionary colours and a foreign charm.

At the centre of the palace, Milliped’s original bed of spiritual stone had been replaced with a delicate, charming bed of sculpted wood. The drapes around it prevented him from seeing anything inside.

From the decor alone, Li Qingshan could confirm that this king Ye Liusu was indeed not a daemon. Since when would daemons waste time on something like this? Moreover, the aura from within the drapes seemed to confirm this too.

It was not daemon qi, but it was not like spiritual qi either. It seemed to be something between daemon qi and spiritual qi, with similarities and differences. He could already vaguely guess what it was.

However, when he walked over and lifted the heavy drapes, he still could not help but become surprised.

The pair of pointed ears clearly stated the fact that it was not human, and the smooth skin seemed to be dyed by the night sky. It was the colour of the night sky in the middle of summer, a mixture of black and blue, which proved this fact once more.

Not a human, nor a daemon, but otherfolk.

Li Qingshan even managed to recognise the race immediately—the Night Roaming folk.

This was all thanks to the countless dates he had gone on with Han Qiongzhi. As they spoke about everything—even though Li Qingshan was the one listening most of the time—Han Qiongzhi had once told him about the existence of this race.

Their dark blue skin was their most prominent feature. They were completely different from the diurnal humans, being nocturnal instead. They could see through the deepest darkness, but they were blind during daytime.

After the rise of humanity, they had been expelled to remote wildernesses just like the other races of the otherfolk, becoming a mere legend. Li Qingshan never expected to run into them underground.

If this was not enough to surprise Li Qingshan, then the fact that the king Ye Liusu seated within the heavy drapes was a woman would have been enough.

Dark, blue hair draped down from a perfectly oval face strand by strand. Her eyes were firmly shut; she had long eyelashes and a high nose bridge. Her facial features were delicate.

She wore a simple set of black armour that only covered her most important parts. Beautiful patterns like flower branches extended along the large parts of her uncovered skin; the style was similar to the sculptings on the surrounding walls. It seemed to be more natural than a tattoo. It was also the only thing that adorned her body.

If he could ignore her skin tone, she would definitely be a great beauty. Or perhaps, it was exactly her skin tone like the night sky that gave her a mysterious, foreign charm.

Li Qingshan could see her frown. Clearly, she had sensed his existence, but she still did not move. She had probably reached a critical point in her cultivation.

Li Qingshan was rather disappointed, so he just climbed onto the stone bed and sat down in front of her. As he studied her alluring body, he waited for her to awaken.

It was not because he did not want to take advantage of her situation, nor was it because he had lost the will to fight after seeing that she was a woman. It was the exact opposite, as a matter of fact. A certain part of his body stiffed silently. He began to reminisce about the wonderful times he spent with Han Qiongzhi, and he wondered whether she had emerged from seclusion yet. By then, all he had to do was propose, and he would be able to…

The purpose of this trip had never been to kill. Daemons would never slaughter one another; this could be regarded as the first law of the world of daemons. This Ye Liusu might have been otherfolk, but since she could reign over this piece of territory, she must have received the recognition of the Daemon Commander. She could be regarded as a member of the Daemon race.

Killing her was easy, but if he did, there would be no point in him remaining underground anymore. He wanted to use a daemon’s method of defeating her in an open confrontation so that he could take back the territory that originally belonged to Milliped.

A droplet of sweat gathered on the tip of Ye Liusu’s nose. She was as nervous as she could be. She had just reached a critical point in the Night Demon scripture, which was why she had passed the command to seal off all paths leading to here. Since he could bypass the obstacles and arrive here, it only proved his extraordinary strength.

Yet, she could not move at all right now. If she did, not only would all her efforts go to waste, but she would even suffer a backlash and become heavily injured.

At this moment, she suddenly felt his hand extend towards her. Her body immediately stiffened, but the hand only waved around in front of her face.

Li Qingshan grew bored from the waiting. He yawned and laid down on his side. Suddenly, he saw a sheathed dagger on her waist, curved like the crescent moon. He reached over to grab it.

Ye Liusu suddenly snapped her eyes open. They were as glorious as the stars in the night sky.

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