Chapter 369 – The True Form of the Ox Demon Tramples

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Chapter 369 – The True Form of the Ox Demon Tramples

“It’s fine, captain. Daemons can regrow it.”

“What would you know? If you end up leaving behind any side effects and it can’t stiffen anymore, it won’t be pretty.”

Ye Liusu was utterly disgusted. She could not be bothered about dealing with them anymore.

She swam around in the darkness like a fish. The world had become completely different in her eyes. Li Qingshan’s existence stood out like a white speck on a black curtain. She approached him silently and swung her dagger.

Xiao An grew nervous. She possessed her own perspective, which allowed her to “see” the existence of living beings. Even within the darkness, Ye Liusu struggled to hide her powerful aura of life. Xiao An could see every movement she made.

The swift flash of the dagger rapidly approached the back of Li Qingshan’s neck.

He smiled, turned around, and swung out who knew how many times in a single instant. The ice blade was like a flower in full bloom. Blade aura filled every inch of space behind him. As long as Ye Liusu was there, she would definitely become trapped in the interwoven net of swings.

The temperature in the cavern seemed to fall by a few degrees all of a sudden. The incoming chilly wind forced the night roamer guards to stagger back. Ye Liubo shivered, and the cockiness vanished from her face. Now solemn, she grabbed her bow once more. Only then did she feel slightly safer. She could not even block a single stroke of his.

“What a terrifying blade technique. He definitely isn’t a regular Daemon General, but it’s impossible for the great king to lose. It’s impossible if he wants to defeat the king like this!”

The curved blade came and went as a flash, no different from a comet. It was impossible to grasp its movements.

The thousands of blurs overlapped once more into an ice blade and fell down, reflecting a lock of scarlet red hair. The scarlet pupils moved. “Looks like it’s not just invisibility, but actually merging into the darkness!”

He could even cut through water with his blade, but he was unable to cut through shadows.

“Admit defeat. You can’t see me, nor can you harm me.” Ye Liusu’s voice rang out from all directions, from every inch of darkness. Combined with the echoing effect, it seemed like hundreds of voices speaking at the same time.

“You can see me, but you can’t harm me either!” Li Qingshan placed the ice blade on his shoulder and said lazily. The tiny nicks on his body had all healed instantly.

“I’m just reluctant to use my killing move. Don’t bite off more than you can chew. It’s pointless even if you keep dragging it out like this.”

“That’s not necessarily true.” Li Qingshan suddenly raised his blade high into the air, which gave off a blue light. Since he could not cut her with his blade, he would cut her with light. However, he failed to discover Ye Liusu’s traces.

“You really think that any old light will work?” Ye Liusu mocked him. “Do you really think you can just light a fire and you’ll be able to get through my Night Roaming?”

“I see. Since you’re night roamers, then you need sunlight for it to work.” Li Qingshan withdrew his daemon qi and rubbed his chin in thought.

“You’re welcome to try it!” Ye Liusu said.

Ye Liubo smiled. “We’re underground. No matter how capable you are, you won’t get any sunlight here.”

“Not necessarily!” Li Qingshan shook his head. He raised his hand, and suddenly, a golden speck of light appeared above him. The speck of light swelled, turning into a golden ball of fire.

“What is that!? It’s blinding!” Ye Liubo shielded her eyes instinctively.

The dazzling light purged the darkness, revealing a black figure in front of the wall to Li Qingshan’s left.

The golden light did not possess any terrifying power to kill, but the dense darkness did end up receding bit by bit, revealing Ye Liusu’s figure. She stared at the golden ball of fire in a daze. “Is that… the sun?”

“That’s right, it’s the sun!” Li Qingshan held the miniature sun he had conjured from his Divine Talisman of Great Creation in his right hand, bringing it before him. He gently touched its golden rays that seemed more like hair; it was scorching but not too hot. As a result, he poured some more power of belief into it so that it could shine even brighter. It was as easy as controlling a large lightbulb.

Of course, even if Li Qingshan poured in all of his power of belief, he would not be able to conjure even a billionth of the real sun. However, it was not fake. It gave off real sunlight.

The tiny, golden ball of fluff had become the bane of the Night Roaming folk’s other ability. They might have been kings of the night, but he had turned this place into daytime.

Ye Liubo tried her best to open her eyes, but Li Qingshan’s figure had been completely swallowed by the light from the sun, blurring him. The weaker guards even began to tear up, turning around and closing their eyes.

Actually, sunlight posed no harm to the Night Roaming folk at all. It was like darkness to regular people, which could only affect their senses. In particular, night roamers who had cultivated before should not have been affected by sunlight, let alone this miniature sun that Li Qingshan had conjured.

However, they had lived underground for far, far too long. Every single night roamer basically spent their entire life completely submerged in darkness from birth to death, which strengthened their other ability but weakened their resistance to sunlight to an unprecedented level.

Ye Liusu did her best to cloak herself in darkness again. Darkness constantly surged around her, but just the slightest interference would prevent her from merging with the darkness perfectly, preventing her from using the ability of Night Roaming.

This was the first time she had experienced this interference in her life. Who would have thought that someone would actually be able to bring the sun underground? Li Qingshan appeared even more unfathomable in her eyes. If this were a part of his abilities, then he would be the bane of all night roamers.

“I just thought of a pretty good move, so let me try it!”

Li Qingshan tossed aside the ice blade and arrived before Ye Liusu with a flash, throwing a punch.

“Sunlight might be able to affect the ability of us night roamers, but you’re dreaming if you think you can hit me with such a direct attack.”

The fist rushed over like a fierce gale, producing booms in the air. Ye Liusu’s shadow hovered about, unable to withstand it. She might not have been as powerful as him, but she was no slower. Giving up on the attack, she dodged as hard as she could. She was like a dark fairy dancing in the wind.

At this moment, Li Qingshan’s fist suddenly unfurled, turning into a palm. It was only an inch away from Ye Liusu now.

Ye Liusu did not take it seriously at all, mocking Li Qingshan for his futile efforts. In that instant, an invisible, terrifying power struck her abdomen viciously before spreading through her body.

All Ye Liubo saw was Li Qingshan launching a palm strike before Ye Liusu was sent flying. She went over the sea of flowers and collided into a wall heavily. The residual power of the attack dispersed through Ye Liusu’s body, immediately covering the wall with web-like cracks. Then, the wall shattered and crumbled.

The noise from the strike was completely drowned out by a sound as loud as thunder. It completely deafened the guards. The sound originated from Li Qingshan’s palm strike.

Waves of air spread out in all directions, lifting up the drapes and pushing down the sea of flowers.

The disturbance his palm strike had caused stunned everyone. They were thrown into a daze before finally responding, “Great king!”

Ye Liubo rubbed her eyes. Just what did he do?

Li Qingshan looked at his hand in surprise and joy. The effects of this attack were even better than he had expected. That’s right, it was his innate ability, the Ox Demon Tramples.

In the past, he had always found the Ox Demon Tramples to be at a completely different level compared to the defensive ability of the Spirit Turtle’s Profound Shell. It was useless, especially towards the end. Just how many cultivators would remain on the ground obediently as they fought against him?

After becoming a Daemon General, he managed to put it to some use by burrowing through the ground, basically salvaging the ability. Only now did he discover that the so-called Ox Demon Tramples was just his misunderstanding about the innate ability. Its true ability was to produce “tremors”.

In the past, because his daemon qi was too weak and his cultivation was too low, he could only stamp his feet to strengthen the power of the shockwaves. Otherwise, the tiny shockwave would not possess sufficient destructive power at all, which misled him.

In battles following that, he had never thought about using shockwaves elsewhere either, as there was no need for him to.

If he came across any enemies, all he had to do was tear through their protective true qi at a close range, and they would basically be dead already, so there was no need for him to use any tremors at all. Either that, or he came across enemies he had no chance of defeating like the three elders, so it would be useless even if he did use it.

After becoming a Daemon General, his innate abilities had strengthened drastically, finally exhibiting the powers that they should have possessed.

Earlier, Li Qingshan had used air to transmit a shockwave. Although the effect was nowhere close to using it through earth, it still demonstrated startling power.

Ye Liusu was overcome by both surprise and anger, as well as a hint of fear. The opponent was unimaginably terrifying, and the powers he used were strong and mysterious. The armour she wore basically offered no protection at all before this power. Just how many more trump cards was he still hiding?

However, she could not give up. She had obtained this piece of territory from the Spider Queen after countless hardships. It was the only passageway for the Night Roaming folk to return to the surface. She could not let anyone take it from her.

Returning to her senses, she discovered that she had let out a hysteric roar, and her curved dagger ebbed with light, turning into a huge crescent that illuminated the entire cavern.

She had changed the flexible battle skill, merging with the dagger and charging over to kill with a bearing that could cut through all obstacles!

Li Qingshan was slightly taken aback. He was surprised that such a beautiful female assassin could actually give off such a bearing. His blood began to flow vigorously for the first time in this battle.

“Come!” Li Qingshan threw a punch, and cracks permeated the air.

Ye Liusu shivered inside, but she no longer hesitated. Her dark, blue eyes twinkled like starlight as she stabbed out with the dagger, completely forgetting about death. She struck like the swoop of an eagle.

Ye Liubo seemed to forget to breathe. She looked at Ye Liusu in admiration. Now this was the king they trusted. Her strength definitely could cut through all obstacles, including this wretched Daemon General.

A thunderous boom rang through the cavern, but all Ye Liusu met was a gust of wind, buffeting her long, dark blue hair. She eased up slightly. Looks like the power is limited by distance. I’ll show you what’s what with this strike!

Li Qingshan looked at his fist helplessly. The shockwave reached a few inches away before weakening and dispersing. With that pause, the flash of the dagger arrived like a bolt of lightning. His forehead pricked slightly.

Ye Liusu had poured all of her strength into this strike. Even the Ox Demon Forges its Hide could not block it.

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