Chapter 370 – The Journey to Even Greater Depths

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Chapter 370 – The Journey to Even Greater Depths

Li Qingshan raised his foot in an attempt to dodge, but the darkness below his feet surged like it had come alive. Black hands reached out, grabbing his feet and legs before constantly extending upwards. It was like a thick, intangible pitch.

Before he knew it, Ye Liusu’s high-spirited bellow had turned into soft chanting.

The streak-like blade aura stared right at his face. The tip of the dagger was only three inches away from his forehead now.

Li Qingshan caught the blade aura between his hands. Ye Liusu’s dark blue pupils crossed over the long blade aura, staring murderously at Li Qingshan. She used all the strength that she had, but she was unable to push her blade another inch forward.


Li Qingshan smiled. Immediately, cracks covered the blade aura like lightning, spreading to Ye Liusu’s body.

The blade aura shattered, and Ye Liusu felt like every single bone in her body had been violently shaken up, which came with numbing pain. She immediately felt like her body was no longer hers. She saw Li Qingshan pull away rapidly until her back struck the wall behind her heavily.

“Great king!” Ye Liubo cried out.

Li Qingshan grabbed Ye Liusu’s slender neck and pressed down slightly. Ye Liusu raised her head with her brows furrowed. She was filled with regret and despair.

“I’ve already been holding back, but you still couldn’t threaten me!” Li Qingshan was rather disappointed. Originally, he wanted to use this battle to break through to the third layer of the tiger demon, but it just turned out to be lacking slightly. Maybe a battle of life or death would have been slightly better!

At this moment, a series of sharp whistles rang out from behind. Seven poisonous arrows shot towards Li Qingshan’s back in a V-shape, but they were blocked by a flash of many faint blue hexagons.

Li Qingshan was not even interested in looking back. Instead, he let go of her. “If you want to keep fighting, then feel free to. However, I won’t hold back anymore. I’ll defeat you in a single strike.”

Ye Liusu was astounded. If he had used this defensive technique right from the beginning, all of her attacks would have been useless. Failure was not necessarily unacceptable, but failure where she could not even make her opponent take her seriously was quite despairing.

In the past two years, she had waged war everywhere, not only taking back the territory that she should have possessed, but even expanding it slightly too. Apart from the few who stood beside the Spider Queen, she no longer took Daemon Generals seriously anymore. Only now did she understand that with how vast the world was, there were plenty of powerful beings out there that could not be underestimated.

“Alright, I’ll agree to your demands.”

“Great king!” Ye Liubo’s expression changed. It had taken them quite the effort to obtain this territory.

“Shut up!” Ye Liusu said coldly. Learning to respect the strong was the only way to survive underground.

“I can still let your sisters have some fun,” Li Qingshan smiled. However, all he received were glares of hatred. He shrugged it off.

“However, that’s not something I can decide!” Ye Liusu’s eyes swiveled. Who knew what she was thinking.

“Then who can decide?” Li Qingshan wrapped his arm around Ye Liusu’s. You just said you would give me the territory if you lost, and now you’re saying it’s not up for you to decide. Are you doubting how decisive I can be?

“Ma’am Spider Queen Lolth.” Ye Liusu coldened. Afraid of infuriating him, she added in a hurry, “Ma’am Lolth never interferes when Daemon Generals under her command fight over territory, but if a Daemon General appears out of nowhere and wants a piece of the territory, you’ll have to get her opinion on the matter.”

“That does sound rather reasonable. Then what are you suggesting?”

“I can take you to see ma’am Lolth and pass the territory to you in front of her.”

Li Qingshan was unfazed. “You mean to say that you want to take me deeper underground to the main base of the Night Roaming folk. There, we will see the Daemon Commander who you’re very familiar with but I’m not familiar with at all so that she can decide who the territory belongs to?”

Ye Liusu felt hot breaths of air near her ear and neck, but it did not make her heart throb at all. Instead, she felt like she was trapped within the mouth of a monster that could fly into a rage at any time. She gritted her teeth and said with great difficulty, “Yes.”

Li Qingshan laughed aloud. “Then what are we waiting for? Let’s go!”

Ye Liusu was stunned. She found this handsome and powerful Daemon General to be even more difficult to read. Was he really so confident in his strength that he was bold enough to enter this land of danger under the lead of the enemy? He was rash and arrogant, yet also filled with reckless charm. Compared to those gloomy, constantly uneasy male night roamers, he was basically on the other end of the spectrum.

“But before this, I need to find a suitable place for my friend to settle down. I think this place will do.” Li Qingshan looked around at the cavern .He found the wall sculptings to be quite beautiful. The decoration was highly suitable for a home.

Ye Liusu agreed through gritted teeth.

Li Qingshan stood on the stone platform and gave a speech to the daemons, earning their absolute submission.

Milliped scurried over, returning to his familiar “bed” before curling up comfortably. Xiao An sat on his back.

After going through numerous tests and trials, they had finally returned to their origin, taking back what belonged to them.

Why? Because Li Qingshan had said to Ye Liusu, “You can go first. I’ll follow you along later.” All Ye Liusu could do was take her guards and set off first.

No one said anything along the way. The atmosphere was very oppressive. They gradually left the cavern, arriving at the edge of Milliped’s territory, but they did not even see a single trace of Li Qingshan.

Ye Liubo ventured over. “Great king, is that guy really going to come? Don’t tell me he’s tricking us?”

Ye Liusu contemplated that quietly. All she could do was go home and seek reinforcements, but would that really be enough against him? Maybe there would only be a possibility if Lolth and the ones who stood beside her took action, but how was she supposed to sweet talk her way into getting daemons to kill one another, slaughtering a powerful genius of their own race? Daemons had always held prejudice and been fearful of the Night Roaming folk.

“It’s wrong to doubt someone’s promise.” Li Qingshan appeared alone in the darkness. The group stopped with his appearance. He strode over to the front. “Let’s go. I’ve wanted to take a look underground a long time ago!”

Ye Liusu discovered that his face actually gave off a childish naivety. He was teeming with interest like he was off to watch a show.

Even though Ye Liubo hated him, she still could not help but become interested when she saw his handsome face that was in high spirits.

Li Qingshan stared straight ahead, as if he could see through the layers of earth. His dream of travelling through all corners of the world was slowly coming true.

What would a city of Night Roaming folk be like? Just how would this ma’am Spider Queen Lolth treat him?

Speaking of which, this was rather similar to the human world. If he wanted a territory in the world of daemons, he would have to pay a visit to the top brass first. However, according to the few words that Milliped had exchanged with him, she did not seem to be particularly easy to deal with.

But that was fine. The worst situation would just be falling out and fighting before being finished off by them.

Right now, Li Qingshan and Xiao An sat together on the bed of spiritual stone at the centre of the sea of Blue Butterfly flowers. Li Qingshan took out the hundred treasures pouches from the Golden Pheasant Elder and the Lone Grave Elder, looking through the spoils of his battle relaxedly.

An adventure would definitely be extremely interesting, but if he could go adventuring from the safety of his own home, it would be even more interesting. And, it would not get in the way of his cultivation either.

As he channeled true qi into the Golden Pheasant Elder’s hundred treasures pouch, a vast space opened up.

Li Qingshan became stunned before laughing aloud and scooping up Xiao An. “We’ve struck gold this time!”

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