Chapter 375 – Seduction and Trap

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Chapter 375 – Seduction and Trap

“I didn’t think you’d be a princess.” Li Qingshan smiled at Ye Liubo beside him.

“I’m no longer one. I’m your servant now, master.” Ye Liubo tightened her embrace around Li Qingshan’s arm with rippling eyes, causing it to sink into her extraordinarily full chest as she attempted to hide her fear.

“Is the matriarch really so scary?”

“She’s very scary!” Ye Liubo seemed to recall something and shuddered.

“Don’t be scared!” Li Qingshan wrapped his hand around her shoulder.

“Okay.” Ye Liubo gradually settled down, leaning against his chest. Even Ye Liusu would only give her assistance when she was in danger. Never did she completely depend on a person like this.

Along the way, Ye Liusu had constantly paid attention to Li Qingshan’s expressions, but she discovered he was like a sightseeing tourist, studying the structures in the surroundings in great interest.

As for Ye Liubo, she played the role of a tour guide, introducing the history of Blacklusture city to him. Under the influence of his easygoing attitude, she relaxed too, even teasing him from time to time. She did not seem like a defeated enemy who had just lost an important piece of territory at all.

Ye Liusu glanced back and let out an undiscoverable sigh. She was rather envious of her. This piece of territory held extremely great significance to the Spider Shadow clan, or even the entire race of Night Roaming folk.

Without him, it would be a territory where she could see the bright stars and the moon. She could still remember the shock she had experienced when she saw the night sky for the first time. She had personally destroyed the hope of the night roamers returning to the surface.

She clenched her fists such that her nails stabbed into her palms. She was unable to resent Li Qingshan, but she was unable to bring herself to serve a daemon either.

“Ye Liubo, why have you returned? You’ve even brought an outsider to Blacklustre city!”

A sharp, cold voice rang out. Li Qingshan followed the voice and saw a female night roamer standing on a spire of the castle, staring coldly at him.

The thin, upright bridge of her nose demonstrated her coldness and determination. Compared to such a prominent nose, her other features seemed a little obscure, like a sketch. However, once assembled, it completely matched her cold expression. She possessed her own kind of charm, enough for Li Qingshan’s eyes to light up despite having seen the various beauties the night roamers could offer already.

Her dark, blue hair was tied up in a thick, short braid. It was extremely efficient. She wore black leather clothes and pants, with black boots that reached her knees, which outlined her enchanting figure. She carried a dagger on her waist. She was actually no less beautiful than Ye Liusu, and her cultivation was actually greater.

“Big sister Liuxing. We have matters that we want to report to the matriarch. This Daemon General Northmoon is… is an esteemed guest of our clan, so please open the doors.” Ye Liusu bowed politely. She was reluctant to announce the loss of the territory in public.

Ye Liuxing studied Li Qingshan with a dagger-like gaze. Even his handsome appearance failed to faze her cold expression. He could clearly feel her indifference to others.

“Your sisters sure come in different shapes and sizes,” Li Qingshan smiled back at her as he whispered to Ye Liubo.

“It’s not like we’re sisters by blood.” Ye Liubo pouted.

As it turned out, they did not come from the same family. Instead, they became the daughters of the matriarch through their exceptional talent, crowned as regular princesses and high princesses and thus referring to each other as sisters. There was no connection by blood. As for who was older or younger, it was not based on age, but cultivation.

“Welcome back, your highness Liusu. Welcome back, your highness Liubo.”

The door opened loudly and guards stood to both sides, raising their spears and chanting together.

“Sir, please give your weapon to me.” A skinny caretaker in black robes arrived before Li Qingshan.

“Have I brought a weapon?” Li Qingshan waved his hand with a smile, and the ice blade vanished.

The caretaker was taken aback, and Li Qingshan had already walked in with his arm around Ye Liubo. The caretaker was too afraid to stop him. Daemon Generals held extraordinary status in the underground world. Daemons outclassing night roamers was an unspoken rule.

Entering the black hall, there was a water foundation in the centre, depicting a naked woman. The floor was covered in thick, patterned carpet, and the walls were draped with tapestry too, depicting the image of a brightly-coloured spider.

Two flights of stairs merged on the second floor like outspread arms. Ye Liuxing stood there, gazing over coldly.

“Liusu, come with me. Liubo, receive the esteemed guest.”


“What’s happened?”

Cold wind whistled around the pointy spire. Looking out the window, Blacklustre city seemed to stand below their feet. Ye Liuxing’s icy voice was even colder than the wind.

Ye Liusu told her everything that had happened.

Smack! There was a resonant slap, and Ye Liusu gained a handprint on her face. Blood oozed from the corner of her lips, but she remained exactly where she was.

“Do you know just what this piece of territory means to us? Do you know the price, the number of lives, the clan has given up for it?”

“I do.”

“He must die! And before the matriarch returns.” Ye Liuxing raised her hand again, but she never ended up swinging down. She swung it away viciously.

“I disagree!” Ye Liusu raised her head. Determination flooded her eyes.

“Do you want to undergo the punishment of the snake cavern?”

“I’ll try to convince her otherwise when the matriarch returns.”

“Have you taken a liking to that guy? You want to protect him?” Ye Liuxing grabbed Ye Liusu’s neck. Her cold voice was like a knife placed against Ye Liusu’s throat.

“He’s too powerful, and he has the ability to suppress night roamers. Once you fight him, it’ll be a heavy loss for us regardless of the outcome.” Ye Liusu was unfazed. She remained determined.

“We’re assassins. We’re supposed to defeat the strong as the weak.” Ye Liuxing pushed her against the wall viciously before embracing her again. However, under her clear, cold and indifferent gaze, she let go and went downstairs.


“Where’s this?”

Li Qingshan stood in a wonderful room with a fragrance permeating the air. The oval mirror reflected Ye Liubo’s magnificent figure.

“It’s my room, of course.” Ye Liubo used the mirror to comb out a few messy strands of hair before throwing herself into Li Qingshan’s arms. She raised her head and said, “How did you do it just then?”

“I used a hundred treasures pouch obviously,” Li Qingshan said, acting like it was common sense. Before he had set off, he had filled the hundred treasures pouch he had brought with him with a few items that might be useful. That included over a dozen supreme grade talismans he had obtained as the spoils of his battles. If they actually began fighting, he could guarantee that he still possessed the power to kill.

After going through the heavenly tribulation, the nature of his daemon qi had changed. Not only could it refine spiritual artifacts, but it could activate talismans too. However, it was still unable to open the Soaring Dragon Elder’s sumeru ring, leaving him still at a loss about what the black ox had left him.

“A hundred treasures pouch!” Ye Liubo was rather surprised.

“Are hundred treasures pouches very rare?” Only then did Li Qingshan notice that Liubo was not carrying any essential items like the cultivators above ground.

“Of course. You can only obtain one from the clan once you’ve undergone the heavenly tribulation.”

Night roamers could forge artifacts, but they could not forge hundred treasures pouch. All the hundred treasures pouches underground had come from exploring cultivators who had gotten themselves killed. As a result, there were very few of them.

“I even guarded a few caves for a very long time, but there were no cultivators who came down to explore. How strange.” Ye Liubo pouted, while Li Qingshan knew he had completely annihilated the cultivators last time, so why would any of them still venture underground to come die?

“I’ll give you one once we return to my territory.” What Li Qingshan lacked the least right now were hundred treasures pouches. He had piles of them and no way to dispose of them.

“Really? Thank you, master.” Ye Liusu kissed Li Qingshan in surprise and joy before gently pushing him onto the bed at the centre of the room. Afterwards, she writhed around, taking off her black armour, only leaving her silken undergarments that covered her bare vitals on and throwing herself onto Li Qingshan.

“What are you trying to do?” Li Qingshan held Ye Liubo by the shoulder, but he saw a “ripple” on her chest that really did live up to her name.

TL: If you haven’t realised, the three sisters introduced so far differ only by a single character in their names: Ye Liusu, Ye Liubo and Ye Liuxing. In this case, bo means ripple.

“It’ll be a while before the matriarch returns, so allow me to properly service master.” Ye Liubo undid Li Qingshan’s waistband eagerly.

This lustfulness immediately reminded Li Qingshan of himself. The enchanting, almost naked body constantly rubbed against him. Li Qingshan also felt lust rise up in his crotch. He let out a sigh before pushing Ye Liubo away.

“What’s wrong?” Ye Liubo was stunned.

“I’ve made a promise with someone that I belong to her.” Li Qingshan laid out his hand helplessly.

“A woman?” Ye Liubo gasped.

“Of course,” Li Qingshan said in exasperation.

“Then I don’t have to worry. It’s not like she’s here anyway.” Ye Liubo smiled again, bending over and kissing Li Qingshan.

“Now’s that the exact reason why a promise was made.” Li Qingshan grabbed her forcefully by the shoulder, but the pair before her jiggled slightly. It was quite the eye candy.

“My great master, I beg you. Liubo wants it.” Ye Liubo’s eyes rippled as she bit her knuckle and moved her slender legs around, with a hand pressing down in between.

“If you want it, just go find another man.” Li Qingshan’s breathing sped up. If it were not for the Spirit Turtle’s Method of Sea Suppression, he really had no idea what he would end up doing.

“How can I lust for another man once I’ve seen you? You can just treat it as doing something good by accompanying me, alright? I’ll definitely be completely devoted to master in the future,” Ye Liubo “grumbled”.

“A master has no duty to fulfill his servant.” Li Qingshan patted her face with a smile and stood up.

“If you won’t do it with me, I’ll deal with it myself.”

“You’re more than welcome to.” Li Qingshan saw a bookshelf in a corner of the room. He went over and pulled out a book. The characters inside were exactly the same as what humans used, except the writing was very beautiful. He heard a clear moan from behind, which made him grin.

Seeing Li Qingshan look over, Ye Liubo became even more complacent and let out even louder sounds. Li Qingshan just moved a chair over and sat down before the bed, admiring what was going on. Watching it was not letting down Qiongzhi, right? Even though it was in person.

No matter how Ye Liubo tried, Li Qingshan had no intentions of climbing into bed, which left her defeated.

Thump! Thump! Thump! Ye Liuxing walked in after knocking the door and saw Ye Liubo on the bed. She actually let out a smile, like the ice had cracked open, allowing water to spill out.

“Sir Northmoon, would you like us to accompany you together?”

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4 thoughts on “Chapter 375 – Seduction and Trap

  1. And this is why monogamy is trash. Look at what he has to turn down! Yes the older ‘sibling’ is most undoubtedly would try to use a lascivious development to have him lower his guard and kill him, but even still he missed out on frolicking with his newly acquired servant.

    Truly, I weep for the Li of the past who made that oath so long ago to enjoy all the world has to offer. Gotta wonder if the novelupdates Harem tag was a lie at this point as Qingshan isn’t one to go back on his promises… except apparently those he makes to himself. :/


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