Chapter 376 – Who Dares to Kill Me?

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Chapter 376 – Who Dares to Kill Me?

Even an idiot can tell that you’re up to no good. If you’re thinking of seduction, you’d better learn from the one on the bed!

If Ye Liusu was slightly chilly, then Ye Liuxing was basically ice-cold. Regular men would all lose interest from just a single glance of her.


Li Qingshan had to admit that he was very curious about how she would seduce him. Her icy-cold attitude roused the desire to conquer within men more easily. Was this all a part of her plan?

Ye Liuxing took a few steps forward and sat down on Li Qingshan’s lap stiffly before wrapping her arms around his neck. Clear disgust filled her face.

“Master, don’t!” Ye Liubo objected loudly, but she received a sharp glance from Ye Liuxing. With her lingering fear of her, Ye Liubo immediately shut her mouth.

Li Qingshan gave Ye Liubo a glance, telling her not to worry. He smiled as he wanted to see what else Ye Liuxing wanted to do. If he could get an erotic show for free, it would be worth it.

Her cold lips pressed against his own, while her tongue entered his mouth like a slippery snake.

“Be careful! There’s poison!” Ye Liubo warned loudly despite the consequences, but it was already too late.

Ye Liuxing pulled back the tip of her tongue, and a poisonous pill shot into Li Qingshan’s throat. A sickly sweetness immediately filled his mouth as his stomach began to burn.

“Hmph, you foolish man. Even if you’re a Daemon General, it makes no difference at all!” Ye Liuxing sneered inside. She had refined this poisonous pill from the venom of Underground Mottled spiders. Just a single, tiny pill could easily poison a hundred people to death.

Just when Ye Liuxing wanted to break out of Li Qingshan’s embrace, draw her dagger, and give Li Qingshan a fatal strike, his steel-like arms tightened around her. All the air was immediately squeezed out of Ye Liuxing as her body crackled.

Right now, the two of them were still stuck in an intense kiss. Li Qingshan raised an eyebrow and sprayed out all the digested poison.

Hmph, why don’t you investigate what kind of daemon you’re targeting before you use this move? Can’t you see the huge pair of ox horns on my head? This isn’t a supernatural ability, but a mere habit. Cows regurgitate and chew cud.

“Hmmph!” Ye Liuxin wanted to turn away, but a huge hand pressed against her from behind, forcing them to continue kissing. Although the mirror image only possessed thirty percent of his strength, this was still enough to overwhelm night roamers who did not pride themselves in physical strength.

In the blink of an eye, the poison entered Ye Liuxing’s body, and only then did Li Qingshan stop. The residual poison did have some effect on him, but with how tough his body was, he would only experience a stomach ache at most even if he digested the entire poisonous pill.

Without any hesitation, Ye Liuxing used Night Roaming and broke away from him. She drew her dagger and stabbed it at Li Qingshan’s heart. She moved with lightning speed, completing all of that in a single stroke.

“Master!” Ye Liubo cried out.

Li Qingshan sniggered. Sunlight destroyed her Night Roaming, and the tremors injured her body.

Clang! The dagger slid out of her hand, falling onto the ground, and her hand that wielded it drooped powerlessly. She could not even raise a finger now.

Honestly, Li Qingshan stood no chance at all against Ye Liuxing with thirty percent of his strength, but she tried scheming against him instead, engaging him in close combat. She really had been asking for this.

No longer suppressed by spiritual qi, the poison spread to her face immediately. The colour of her skin changed, and her entire body fell into numbness and pain. The shade of death immediately enveloped her. Her fate was completely within his hands now. She felt rather regretful for not listening to Ye Liusu.

Li Qingshan stood up, opened the door, and casually tossed her out into the corridor.

Returning to the room, he straightened his chair and said to the dumbfounded Ye Liubo, “Continue!”

If it were not for some other considerations, he would have killed Ye Liuxing then and there. Though, she was poisoned now and half her bones had been crushed by Li Qingshan, so she was unable to cause him any trouble in the near future.

“I refuse! Master refuses to satisfy his servant, so why must his servant satisfy him?” Ye Liubo pouted and put on her armour again, but the obscene atmosphere in the room did not disperse so quickly.

“Then show me around instead!” Li Qingshan smiled. It was rare for him to venture underground, so how could he go without properly sightseeing?

When he opened the door again, Ye Lixuing had already vanished.

Just when he reached the end of the corridor, the caretaker in black arrived and reported, “Sir Northmoon, the matriarch has returned. She’s invited you to dine with her.”

“How quick!” Li Qingshan saw Ye Liubo shiver, so he grabbed her hand. It was rather slippery from sweat.

Li Qingshan followed the caretaker and arrived in a hall within the depths of the castle. The seats were already arranged and filled.

A total of fourteen people sat there. The seat at the very centre was occupied by a woman in a wonderful, long dress. She wore a spider-shaped ornament in her hair, a spider-shaped necklace around her neck, and a spider-shaped ring on her finger.

She was the night roamer with the most accessories Li Qingshan had seen so far. She actually seemed rather similar to Ye Liusu. If it were not for the mature sense of charm she gave off, he almost would have mistaken her to be Ye Liusu’s elder sister.

Her aura was completely hidden away, but Li Qingshan could estimate from his instincts that she was probably no weaker than the slovenly daoist priest from the academy. She was close to the second heavenly tribulation and could not be underestimated.

To the left of the matriarch sat Ye Liuxing. Her gaze towards Li Qingshan was bone-chillingly cold, but her complexion was quite bad. It must have taken her everything to prop herself up like that. The second person was a woman Li Qingshan had never seen before; her appearance was so ordinary that it was almost unbefitting of a night roamer. The third was Ye Liusu, who stared straight ahead, without even glancing at Li Qingshan.

The fourth seat was empty. Ye Liubo let go of Li Qingshan’s hand and made her way over, sitting down with extreme caution. The next three all possessed cultivations that paled slightly in comparison to Ye Liubo’s, but they were all very young.

Li Qingshan understood now. These were all the so-called princesses and high princesses, the daughters of the matriarch.

The people who sat on the other side were much older. They consisted of both middle-aged women and old women; there were even two men among them. They had a total of six people, all at Foundation Establishment and all giving off a heavy, powerful aura. Ye Liubo had mentioned them to Li Qingshan before. They were the elders of the Spider Shadow clan.

In other words, a total of ten powerful night roamers who had all undergone the first heavenly tribulation sat there. Every single one of them were terrifying assassins who could defeat those much more powerful than themselves. Calling this place the belly of the beast would be no exaggeration at all.

If Li Qingshan were just a little less bold, he probably would have turned around and fled in fright already. However, he only smiled as he walked over.

“What a warm welcome.”

This was how powerful a single clan of night roamers were. If all the clans banded together, it would be a dominating force. It was no wonder that the Spider Queen wanted to impinge upon their development.

The door closed loudly behind Li Qingshan, trapping him together with ten powerful night roamer assassins. The place felt like a jar of gu for them to fight each other to death.

“I’ve heard about your great name, sir Northmoon. I’m Ye Mingzhu. Please be seated.”

Sitting in the main seat, the matriarch of the Spider Shadow clan, Ye Mingzhu, said with a smile, as if she had no idea Li Qingshan had taken her clan’s territory at all. When she received the news, she had immediately rushed back with the force of the entire clan to “resolve” this issue.

She extended her arm elegantly to the side of the elders, pointing towards the empty seat at the end. She gave off an aura of dominance. When she spoke, she was polite, but it left no room for objection either.

Everyone sat there silently, watching Li Qingshan intently. They used their silence to strengthen Ye Mingzhu’s authority. They were assassins. They lived in silence. In this silent moment of death, they would not erupt with curses or make a ruckus. All they would do was use the deadly points of their daggers to speak.

“I can’t see my seat?” The atmosphere in the room immediately became much more tense with that. All the elders placed their hands on the weapons on their waist. In this underground world, this was an insult to the matriarch. There were very few people and daemons who were bold enough to do something like that, and the consequences were often bloodshed and death.

“So you’ve all brought weapons!” Li Qingshan swung his hand, and the ice blade appeared. The girls seated at the very end had almost drawn their daggers.

Ye Mingzhu remained in the same posture. Even her smile remained the same, which made her face seem like a strange yet beautiful mask. The surrounding darkness seemed to grow heavier.

“Oh, here it is!” Li Qingshan finally made his way towards the seat at the end of the table.

Ye Mingzhu pulled her hand back and smiled scornfully. That was all he was. A series of sneers rang out in the surroundings.

Ye Liubo’s tense heart eased up slightly, but when she heard the sneers, it tensed up again. She was filled with various emotions. She was reluctant for him to fall out with the matriarch, but she was reluctant for him to yield to her too.

Suddenly, the sneering stopped, like someone had grabbed them by their throats. Li Qingshan lifted up the heavy, obsidian table and placed it in the centre of the hall. It just happened to line up with Ye Mingzhu’s seat. He checked the orientation of the table once more before finally crossing his legs and sitting down.

“It’s better here. I’ve travelled quite the distance to be your guest. I hope the matriarch doesn’t mind.” He did not care whether she minded or not. He just urged loudly, “Bring the dishes. I just happen to be hungry!”

Ye Mingzhu glanced at the caretaker, and he immediately rang the bell in his hand.

Dishes were served up one by one. There were dishes with meats and without meats, both hot and cold; they were all perfect in scent, colour, and taste. It was no worse than the food above ground.

However, none of them had the appetite. None of them were in the mood to pay attention to these delicious dishes, as their most important territory had just been taken away from them.

That was apart from a daemon, the daemon who had taken their territory. He began feasting by himself, wolfing down the food.

Tasting all of the delicacies and drinking all of the finest alcohol the world had to offer was a part of his original oath, so why would he miss such a great opportunity? Regardless of what they wanted, whether it be battle or peace, they could discuss it after the meal. The food of the night roamers had quite the taste. In the blink of an eye, he had polished off the entire table of food. He licked his lips and said, “Not bad. You got any more?”

All the caretaker could do was ring the bell again.

As a result, a group of people simply watched as Li Qingshan feasted alone. The atmosphere became even stranger.

Ye Liubo smiled. Now that’s my master.

“Why aren’t you eating?” Li Qingshan polished off the entire table once more before raising his head.

“If you’re not going to eat, then I’ll take it instead!” With a wave of his hand, over a dozen ripples of water dispersed, moving right towards the food in front of them.

Swish! Swish! Swish! A series of weapons flashed as they were drawn, cutting through the ripples of water. For a moment, everyone brandished their weapons, radiating with murderousness.

“Keep eating. At least you can be a ghost with a full stomach on the road to the afterlife.” An old woman stood up with her hunched back and delivered her food to Li Qingshan while speaking sinisterly.

Li Qingshan laughed out loud, causing the entire room to shake. The plates and cups trembled constantly.

He stopped laughing, leaned forward, and scanned them with his eyes.

“Who dares to kill me!”

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