Chapter 380 – A Deal No Different from Daylight Robbery

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Chapter 380 – A Deal No Different from Daylight Robbery

He’s actually able to remain at such ease under sir Bloodshadow’s attacks. This Northmoon really isn’t a regular Daemon General. His existence will change the situation underground.

Ye Mingzhu backed over to one side and watched from afar. Surprise filled her eyes; then she sank into her thoughts.

Within the darkness, countless pairs of eyes saw this startling sight too. They all thought of different things.

When Li Qingshan was still a daemon, even the combined efforts of the three elders could not get through his Spirit Turtle’s Profound Shell, let alone the fact that he was a Daemon General now. Feel free to try to get through my Spirit Turtle’s Profound Shell at thirty percent strength.

“Bloodshadow, haven’t you eaten today? Why else would you be so powerless? Do you want me to try instead?” Strongboulder’s laughter drowned out the wind. He was raring to go. He wanted to see who was stronger and tougher.

Li Qingshan was at no ease. His daemon qi was being rapidly depleted. Once he had depleted it to a certain degree, he would not even be able to maintain his clone, let alone fight. And, he could tell that Bloodshadow had concentrated his attacks to a very small range. He had not unleashed his full strength, as this was inside Cobweb city.

“Oh right. There’s something I forgot to mention, but I’m afraid that if I do mention it, even ma’am Spider Queen won’t want to keep me around underground!”

“Oh? Bloodshadow, return.” Spider Queen Lolth finally spoke. “I’d like to hear just what will deter me from doing whatever I want.”

Bloodshadow immediately returned to his original position, as if nothing had happened at all. However, his face became even more sunken.

“It’s nothing. I just paid a convenient visit to Green Vine mountain after my heavenly tribulation and settled a small grievance.”

Li Qingshan’s deeds on Green Vine mountain definitely would not simply die down like this. It would probably reach the ears of the daemons very soon. Since he could not keep it a secret, then he might as well use it as a bargaining chip! He refused to believe that Spider Queen Lolth had not even experienced a hint of fury after losing Milliped, a Daemon General, and he did not believe the daemons would just offer him up to take the blame.

“You killed the Green Vine Elder!?” Spider Queen Lolth became stunned.

“I didn’t. He managed to escape.”

“Are you toying with us?” Bloodshadow said coldly, and the Spider Queen’s face coldened.

“I never thought that the Green Vine old man could still escape after being cut in half. Fortunately, the three of them happened to be gathered together, so I killed the other two.”

“The Lone Grave Elder and the Golden Pheasant Elder?” Dragonsnail said slowly, but there was surprise in his eyes.


“What evidence do you have?” Bloodshadow asked.

“Evidence? The humans are going to come for me very soon. I better get going, just in case I get you into trouble too.” Li Qingshan turned around to leave.


Li Qingshan stopped with that, but he saw Spider Queen Lolth’s pupils constrict. “If you dare to trick me…”

“Punish me as you wish, ma’am Spider Queen!”

“You’ve done very well.” Lolth stared at him for quite a long time before curling her lips into a bloody smile.

“Ma’am, this has to do with the Treaty of Kings. He’s a bringer of disaster. We can’t keep him around!” Bloodshadow tried to persuade her.

“Bloodshadow. Are you afraid?” The Spider Queen turned around. Her cool voice made Bloodshadow shudder. He knew he could not attempt to interfere with this matter anymore.

“Coward!” Strongboulder mocked loudly. The Spider Queen had always wanted to wage war. Northmoon’s actions suited her tastes perfectly, and it suited his tastes too. Bloodshadow was just asking to be rebuffed. Though, this kid had killed human Foundation Establishment cultivators, while he never had the opportunity to, so he probably would be looked down upon by the Spider Queen.

“It’s the humans who invaded the underground world first, killing daemons. The disciple of the Sword Collection palace, Fu Qingjin, even infiltrated below ground and used an incense to lure out Milliped. That was why this happened in the first place. The humans were the first ones to break the treaty.” Li Qingshan brought this matter up. With this as a basis, his chances of being sold out should become even smaller.

“From today onwards, that territory belongs to you.” The Spider Queen did not quibble. Since the humans were looking for trouble, that would be for the best. Even the dragon king could say nothing about this.

“Thank you for your great kindness, ma’am Spider Queen.”

“There’s just one thing that dissatisfies me.”

“What is it?”

“Why is the Green Vine Elder still alive?”

“I will definitely leave you satisfied, ma’am Spider Queen.”

Spider Queen Lolth began to laugh. She found Li Qingshan to be very pleasing to the eye. If she had such a capable subordinate, she would be more confident when she faced against the other Daemon Commanders.

“How did you do it?”

Just when Li Qingshan wanted to take his leave, Dragonsnail asked a question slowly. None of the three elders were people who could be trifled with. With Li Qingshan’s earlier performance, he might have been able to protect himself, but it would basically be impossible for him to achieve something like that.

“Did you just say you killed them together?” Strongboulder frowned.

“Yeah. I have my ways.” Li Qingshan smiled, turning around and leaving.

Dragonsnail sank into his thoughts. Was this all of his true strength? He already possessed such strength after emerging from the heavenly tribulation recently. If he had the time to develop, just what level could he reach? Dragonsnail could vaguely see the rise of a new star among the daemons.

The Spider Queen’s eyes flickered, as if she saw something. Her smile became even brighter and more venomous.

After settling the matter of the territory, Li Qingshan relaxed. On the way back, Ye Mingzhu even treated him with much more respect, and she silently dismissed her vicious thoughts.

Clearly, he had already earned the Spider Queen’s favour. Anyone who killed him would definitely suffer the Spider Queen’s wrath. There was not a single night roamer who could bear the consequences of that. As a result, the only choice left for her was to work with him.

Returning to Blacklustre city, Ye Mingzhu immediately went off to prepare the spiritual herbs for a first transaction to exchange for the spiritual talismans currently in Li Qingshan’s possession.

Ye Liubo played a critical role at this moment. Li Qingshan had no idea about the exact value of these spiritual herbs and talismans underground, but Ye Liubo did.

That was not all. She completely understood the importance of these resources to the clan and what the clan could afford to pay. With no mercy, she would go for the Spider Shadow clan’s top price every single time or even demand a little more than that.

The negotiating elders all glared at her furiously. They were almost tempted to draw their daggers and stab this traitor to death.

Ye Liubo was calm and fearless because Li Qingshan sat close behind her. She was filled with confidence as she demonstrated her worth as a servant desperately. Moreover, she treated this as a chance for revenge.

She would even whip out her lethal weapon of “If you don’t like it, I’ll go work with the other clans instead”, which made all the elders turn purple. The huge sum of talismans and spiritual artifacts had already surpassed their original value. They now possessed tactical value as well.

If Ye Mingzhu had not told them that Li Qingshan had already gained the Spider Queen’s favour after returning from Cobweb city, they definitely would have considered turning against him.

In the end, even Li Qingshan was unable to watch this any longer. They were just about to exchange a high grade talisman for a millennium-old Snake Gallbladder flower. Even daylight robbery was not so vicious. He coughed gently. “Liubo, respect, respect.”

He did not care too much about whether it was a high grade talisman or two. He had other uses for the Spider Shadow clan in the future, so going too far with them was not necessarily good.

Ye Liubo glanced at Li Qingshan in an unhappy manner before finally loosening up on the price. Only then did the elders let out a sigh of relief. In the end, they reached an agreement. They would purchase everything with their top price.

Li Qingshan obtained a total of eleven spiritual herbs, and none of them were below five hundred years in age. Above ground, even a hundred talismans would not have been enough to exchange for any one of them!

Now this was profit!

After becoming a Daemon General, even his demand for the quality and quantity of pills had increased. He was still overflowing with pills like Qi Gathering pills and Qi Condensing pills, but they were not even as efficient as directly absorbing spiritual qi of the world to the current him.

To go from Daemon General to Daemon Commander, the amount of time it would usually take him would be a millennium. Just relying on the pills he had robbed from others would be utterly inadequate. Now, he had finally found a new path, so he was filled with indescribable joy.

I can live for a millennium?

Li Qingshan suddenly realised this. Before he knew it, he already possessed the lifespan of a thousand years; this was a very strange feeling.

The song went “Borrowing another five centuries from heaven”, but he had already reached double that number, surpassing even the wildest wishes of regular people. What did he want to do with this millennium? As soon as he began to contemplate this question, he became rather lost, but his mind cleared up very soon. He would obviously do whatever he wanted.

TL: The song is referring to:

He had read many books in his past life about how painful a long life was. He only had a single sentence in response to this, You’re making a fuss about something that doesn’t even exist. With the things I want to do, even a millennium won’t be enough!


“My dear daughter, there’s no need to feel unhappy. This is just a temporary arrangement. You know I’ve always doted on you the most. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have handed the territory to you in the first place. Do your best to please him. If he falls in love with you, it would be all the better. I can tell he’s someone who likes women.”

“This will bring great benefits to our entire Shadow Spider clan. Within this region, he’ll definitely become a powerful figure on par with the three sirs.” Taking advantage of the negotiations, Ye Mingzhu called Ye Liusu over and said a few words to her from the bottom of her heart.

“I’ve never been good at pleasing anyone. Is relying on daemons all that we can do? Can’t we achieve anything with our own cultivations?”

“As long as we still live in this region, the status of otherfolk will never surpass daemons. You need to understand this. The only reason why the Bat Shadow clan is bold enough to act so arrogantly is because they managed to get sir Bloodshadow on their side. As long as you do this well, I’ll give you the position of matriarch in the future.”

“What right does a servant have to inherit the position of matriarch? None of my hard work in the past was to become the matriarch either. Instead, it was so that all the night roamers could see the moon and stars again.” Ye Liusu’s gaze was determined, filled with an unwaverable will. It had not been affected just because she became a servant.

“You want to go above ground? You might get the chance very soon. The war between the humans and daemons is near, but don’t you think of it as a good thing. When war truly arrives, we’ll definitely be fighting on the front line.”

“We can join the humans…” “Shut up!”

Before Ye Liusu had even finished talking, Ye Mingzhu had grabbed her by the throat.

“Why do you think we were forced underground in the first place? It’s all because of the humans. In the eyes of daemons, we’re just a special race that requires restraining and limiting, but in the eyes of humans, we’re something completely different, an existence that they must either kill down to the very last member or enslave, do you understand? If you mention that again, I’ll kill you personally!”

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