Chapter 386 – Paying Respects to the Father-in-law (One)

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Chapter 386 – Paying Respects to the Father-in-law (One)

Li Qingshan directly arrived before the window and wrapped his hand around her waist, lifting her into the room.

“What are you- Hmmph!”

Before Han Qiongzhi had even finished speaking, her mouth was sealed up by his lips. She no longer held herself back either, embracing his wide back and returning the gesture passionately. They collapsed on the ground together and rolled around a few times.

“I missed you so much. Why did it take you so long to emerge? It’s just the tenth layer. You’re so slow!” Li Qingshan leaned on her body and smiled from ear to ear. He kissed her again after that.

“How dare you say that to me? If it weren’t for you, why would I have taken so long in the first place? What’re you stripping for?” Han Qiongzhi rolled over on top of him and pinched his waist viciously.

“It’s all my fault. I’m offering a humble apology by punishing myself right now!” As he said that, Li Qingshan had already taken off his upper garment, revealing his sturdy body. Then he began to undo her waist band.

“Then what’re you stripping me for?” Han Qiongzhi grabbed his hand and shot a glance at him.

“You’ve made me guard an empty nest for so long, so shouldn’t you offer a humble apology too?” Li Qingshan rolled over, now on top of her. He grabbed her hands and pressed them down beside her.

“Don’t you even think you can get away with this! Tell me exactly, what were you doing during this period? And what’s going on between you and Ru Xin? If you don’t tell me, don’t even think about touching a hair on me!” Han Qiongzhi put up a struggle, but she was actually unable to break free. What strength! He was still as rude and unreasonable as ever!

“Do you believe me or not?” Li Qingshan bent over and stared into her eyes. He had gone through many tests and resisted many urges, but as long as he could embrace her with a clear conscience, it was all worth it.

Han Qiongzhi also gazed into his bright, passionate eyes. She already believed him, but she still shook her head gently with a smile. “I don’t.”

“Alright you, Han Qiongzhi. How dare you doubt your husband? I need to punish you properly!” Li Qingshan feigned anger, tickling her while peeking at her sensitive regions. His eyes and hands worked together.

“Alright, alright. I believe you.” Han Qiongzhi put up a struggle, but she was no match for his strength. She giggled as she breathed heavily.

“As long as you believe me. I’ve maintained my purity for your sake. If you don’t believe me, you’re welcome to see for yourself.” Li Qingshan raised his hand, and all the windows shut themselves. Then he waved his hand, and a barrier of faint, blue light enveloped the room.

“How would you like me to see for myself? Hey, stop!” Han Qiongzhi struggled powerlessly. Clothes flew off her body as she blushed more and more, but all she felt was joy, as well as a hint of eagerness.

Before long, the ground was covered in clothes. A beautiful person lay on the ground. Two scorching hot bodies entangled together, rousing each others’ passion. They touched and embraced each other tenderly, as if they wanted to become one.

After a while of intimate contact, the two of them laid together in a close embrace and told each other their feelings.

Han Qiongzhi laid on Li Qingshan’s chest and blinked. “What did you call yourself earlier?”

“What?” All Li Qingshan focused on was caressing her slender, beautiful legs that were no different from a piece of art, so he immediately received a punch to the gut. He shifted his gaze back to her. “What’re you doing?”

“Doesn’t it hurt?” Han Qiongzhi was surprised. In order to get him out of the state of just thinking with his crotch, she had used true qi, but it was completely ineffective.

“Of course it hurts! Ahh, it hurts so much!” Li Qingshan said without the slightest sincerity before lowering his head and kissing her elegant neck.

“Don’t brush me off!” Han Qiongzhi pretended to be furious. She straightened herself out and threw another punch. This time, she was a little more vicious and used half her strength.

However, all she saw was Li Qingshan’s eyes landing on her breasts that jiggled with her action. She was vexed. “If you keep this up, I’m going to put my clothes back on.” She looked at her fist, basically doubting whether she had actually reached the tenth layer or not.

“Alright, alright. I’ll listen! And, it’s not like you can blame me.” He had a naked beauty in his arms, yet he could not do anything to her. There was not a single man who could remain focused in such a predicament!

“You mentioned “husband” earlier. Have I married you?” Han Qiongzhi said furiously, but she was very shy too.

Li Qingshan’s eyes lit up. He gently moved Han Qiongzhi to the side before putting on his clothes.

“Where are you going?” Han Qiongzhi was surprised.

“To see your father. Just wait here. I’ll be back in fifteen minutes. You don’t have to put your clothes back on!” Li Qingshan smiled confidently.

He had once sworn he would propose marriage once she emerged. Then, he would be able to do whatever he wanted.

“Stop right there! Are you marrying me just for that?” Han Qiongzhi found this both infuriating and funny.

“I’m just kidding. Though, I am quite eager, not just for that.” Li Qingshan grabbed her hands and smiled. She was not the most beautiful woman he had seen, nor was she the gentlest or strongest, but she was the woman who treated him the best.

If he simply wanted to fulfill his desires, it would be far too easy. Both the Parlour of Clouds and Rain on the surface or the night roamers below could allow him to do whatever he wanted.

However, there was not a single woman who could replace her position in his heart, not even Gu Yanying. He was not someone insatiable. He was willing to spend his entire life with a single person. Right now, he wanted her as his wife, so he did not hesitate at all.

Han Qiongzhi was enchanted by him. She embraced him gently. “Tonight, my father will be in the estate, celebrating for me.”

“Just who’s the one in a hurry now?” Li Qingshan smiled and received another punch from her. This time, Li Qingshan refused to back down, so he landed a slap on her plump, snow-white buttock with a smack, immediately leaving behind a red mark. He wanted to show her what’s what.

Han Qiongzhi yelped in pain and wanted revenge, but Li Qingshan pulled her in, and they became entangled together again.


Thirty-five kilometers away from Clear River city was a mountain called Tiger Hill.

Tiger Hill mountain was not particularly tall, only standing at an altitude of a few hundred meters, but it covered a great expanse, several thousand square kilometers at that. The gentle slope was like a tiger’s back, holding up countless buildings. This was where the Han estate stood.

Walls that stood thirty meters tall split the place into the inner estate and outer estate. Turrets stood plentifully with strict security, which made it seem more like a fortress. Even within the dark of night, it was lit with lanterns.

A towering arch stood on top of the several hundred steps. A plaque hung high above, detailing two words—General’s Estate. There were no stone lions at the entrance; instead, they had a pair of tigers sculpted from white jade. They laid on the stone platform vividly like living creatures, glaring at the strangers nearby.

The tiger was a representation of the school of the Military. Many tablets for controlling armies were created in the form of a tiger, so they were called tiger tablets. And, the white tiger represented the metal element, which made it even more so a god of war, a god of slaughter.

TL: A reference to the four symbols of Chinese mythology, the Azure Dragon, the Vermillion Bird, the White Tiger, and the Black Tortoise. The Azure Dragon represents wood, the Vermillion Bird represents fire, the White Tiger represents metal, and the Black Tortoise represents water.

“This is your home?” Li Qingshan raised his head and sighed over the size and prosperity of the Han family.

“What about it? You’ve made quite the gain by following me.”

“Just gaining you is enough. I don’t care about the others.”

“Hmph, what a boast. Those who are ignorant would even think you’ve established a foundation already.” Han Qiongzhi glanced at him, but she liked his confidence and arrogance the most. Compared to those suitors who wanted to climb on board with the Han family, she much preferred a valiant man like him.

“I suddenly feel a little nervous.” Li Qingshan took out his gift from his hundred treasures pouch and breathed out.

Han Qiongzhi had prepared the gift. It suited old father-in-law Han’s tastes. It was neither too little or too much, just perfect. It led to some more teasing from Li Qingshan about how eager she was, but he was truly grateful for this.

“You’re a person who gets nervous?” Han Qiongzhi became rather curious.

“It’s all your fault. Qiongzhi, what if your father refuses?” This was not a random thought of his. Instead, Li Qingshan had a premonition. The complicated information in the turtle shell had indicated some kind of omen that this would not go as smoothly as he imagined.

“He won’t refuse you.” Han Qiongzhi was filled with confidence. There was no reason for Han Anjun to be dissatisfied with him. Over all these years, she had never seen her father be so satisfied with anyone. Even if he was considering for the Han family, he would still agree to it!

“What if he actually refuses?” Li Qingshan teased.

“If he actually refuses, we’ll elope.” Han Qiongzhi looked at Li Qingshan with a burning gaze. This passion scorched like fire. It was unstoppable.

“You better be careful about being used and then abandoned.” Li Qingshan’s heart had melted. Just who could abandon a girl like her?

“Then make sure you perish with me!” Han Qiongzhi shot a glare at him.

Clang! Clang! Clang! Clank! Clank! Clank! Clank! Thump! Thump! Thump! Thump! Thump!

At this moment, the alarm bell went off and gongs filled the air. The entire Han family was alarmed and mobilised.

Li Qingshan was surprised. “What’s going on?”

“There’s an invading enemy!” Han Qiongzhi was not surprised at all, just vexed and powerless.

In the Han family, these drills happened often. The members of the Han family would be on the defence, while the army of the Han family under Han Anjun would attack. She was familiar with this, except she never expected it to happen tonight.

“Don’t tell me I’m the enemy!” Li Qingshan pointed at himself. He already knew that his future father-in-law, Han Anjun, was a standard battle freak. Was he testing his future son-in-law with this?


Within the inner estate of the Han family, Han Anjun was clad in armour as he held his sword, seated in the main hall; it was like he was about to confront an enemy.

Today was different from the standard drill. Valiant guards stood sternly to the two sides. All of their faces were hidden within their helmets as they stared straight ahead. They were not regular members of the Han family. Instead, they were known as the real army of the Han family. They had once suppressed daemons and otherfolk and subdued heretic cultivation sects under Han Anjun’s lead. Every single one of them was battle-worn. Just by standing there, a feeling of bleakness rushed into the air.

This time, Han Anjun had actually mobilised both the members of the Han family and the army of the Han family for Li Qingshan.

Han Tieyi wielded a spear as he stood in shining, silver armour, which accentuated his handsomeness and soldierly bearing.

“Under my orders, even if you have to die, stop him.” Han Anjun said sternly, as if the thing about to rush in was not his son-in-law, but an actual army.

“Yes, sir!” Han Tieyi accepted the orders and led the soldiers away.

The clacking of boots against the ground and the jingling of armour rang out together. In a uniform formation, they turned into a river of steel and surged out.


“No, it’s us.” Han Qiongzhi held his hand.

Li Qingshan realised it too and held her hand firmly. From today onwards, there would be someone else who would be fighting beside him.

The doors swung open loudly. Li Qingshan and Han Qiongzhi exchanged glances before advancing forward together.

In the turrets, groups of archers drew their bows to the maximum.

Inside the doors, a group of soldiers wielded spears and dagger-axes, standing in formation.

A total of four specks of light lit up in the eyes of the two white, jade tigers. They moved their bodies and stood up from stone platforms. Standing at six meters tall, they were extremely imposing. They let out a roar at the sky and lunged over.

“Can I throw the gift away?” Li Qingshan gazed at the lunging tigers and turned his head slightly, asking Han Qiongzhi softly. A damned father-in-law like him was not worthy of a gift from him.


“Fine then!”

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