Chapter 390 – Entanglement

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Chapter 390 – Entanglement

The lotuses bloomed in the pool outside the window. Under the night breeze, the smell of flowers permeated the place.

Li Qingshan was rather surprised. With how determined she was, Han Qiongzhi seemed a little like Han Anjun. She opened her lips and repeated, “Qingshan, let’s get married!”

“You’ve made up your mind?” Li Qingshan pulled her into his arms.

“Yep!” Han Qiongzhi nodded and leaned against his chest, listening to his powerful heartbeat. This was the sound she wanted to listen to for the rest of her life.

“Why don’t we just wait a little more? As long as we persevere and your younger brother puts in a few good words, your father will definitely agree to it.” Li Qingshan was tempted to take off with her right now, but eloping like this would probably make her fall out with her family completely. This was not what he wished to see.

“No, you don’t understand my father. Once he has decided on something, nothing can change his mind. Nothing. With what I said to him earlier, he must be furious. He has probably disowned me already, let alone approving of our marriage.”

“It’s all my fault.” Li Qingshan rubbed her head as he sighed slightly. He never thought something as reasonable as a marriage between a man and a woman would lead to so much trouble.

“From today onwards, all I can depend on is you. You mustn’t let me down.” Han Qiongzhi hugged Li Qingshan firmly. She seemed very delicate. Having left the Han family and defied her father, she had lost everything she once possessed in a single night. A loss like this was unimaginable to a regular person, but she did not regret it. From today onwards, the man in her arms would be her everything.

“What, young miss Han? Without the support of the Han family, you’ve become a soft little kitty? I really need to give you a proper teasing then.” Li Qingshan buried his face in her neck and took in a deep breath of her fragrance.

“Don’t you even think about it. Your cultivation is lower than mine right now.”

“Cultivation is nothing. You gotta look at strength. If you just look at cultivation, I don’t even have the right to pursue you right now. How would I have been able to coax young miss Han into eloping with me?”

“Hmph, just you wait until I reach Foundation Establishment. How the hell do you cultivate?”

Their whisperings became drowned out by heavy rain. Dark clouds shrouded the moon and stars, throwing the courtyard into darkness.

Their voices vanished, and a few red candles lit up, dyeing her bashful face red. “I’m going to go wash up.” She broke free from his embrace and turned around lithely. Her hips swayed from side to side as she made her way behind the curtain.

“I’ll come with you.” Li Qingshan could not help himself but follow her, but Han Qiongzhi raised her hand and stopped him. “No, not today. I beg you.”

All Li Qingshan could do was wait outside. Looking at the shimmering candles and listening to the rain falling into the pool, his heart became like the pool water, rippling with waves and unable to settle down.

After a wait that felt especially long, a hand lifted up the bead curtain, revealing a bright face. Her skin seemed so moisturised, like it had been filled with water. She had changed into a large, red dress. Her long, black hair had not been combed, draping down her shoulders moistly.

“You made me wait.” Li Qingshan lifted her up.



“There seems to be a lot of steps to marriage.”

“I only remember one.”

“Which one?”

“To the bridal chamber!” Li Qingshan sang loudly, directly taking her to her room.

TL: If you’ve read other Chinese novels with traditional marriages, there are usually three other steps that come before this—bowing to the heavens and earth, bowing to the parents, exchanging bows between bride and groom, and then finally to the bridal chamber.

“You sex fiend!” Han Qiongzhi grumbled in a flirtish manner.

The sound of rain gradually grew heavier. Through the heavy curtains, soft gasps rang out. Her beautiful body lay on the bed, allowing him to touch her as he wished. She offered up her lips enthusiastically.

“Qiongzhi.” Li Qingshan suddenly stopped and said gently. His eyes shone.

Han Qiongzhi propped herself up and wrapped her arms around his neck, burying her face into his shoulder. She said gently, “Make love to me!”

Li Qingshan grabbed her hips and lowered himself. All he heard was a soft moan, like a long sigh, filled with joy and pain.

There was silence. Only the sound of rain could be heard in the room, growing louder and louder. A few claps of thunder could be vaguely heard in the distance.

The lotus flowers swayed in the wind and rain. Translucent droplets of water filled their centres. Enchanting moans vaguely passed through the rain.

After a stormy night, the droplets of rain rolled around on the lotus pads. They were almost crystalline under the rising sun in the east, shining with seven colours as they fell into the pool.

Li Qingshan opened the window, stretched, and yawned. Looking back, he saw Han Qiongzhi sleeping heavily. She seemed to sense the sunlight, so she turned onto her side, revealing her beautiful back. There were a few traces of bruises on her snowy buttocks. When Li Qingshan thought of the wildness last night, he smiled. “What great weather!”

Li Qingshan closed the window and returned to bed.

Han Qiongzhi opened her eyes slightly, and the first thing she saw was Li Qingshan’s face. Her heart was filled with indescribable tenderness and sweetness. She placed her face on his chest lazily. “What time is it?”

“It’s already been a while since the sun has risen.” Li Qingshan kissed her forehead gently.

“Oh no, I still have business to handle in the Hawkwolf Guard today.” Han Qiongzhi propped herself up, but she felt powerless all over.

“Just leave it to someone else. You’re in no shape to go out right now.”

“It’s all your fault.” Han Qiongzhi felt like her face had been set ablaze. She punched his chest. She was too embarrassed to think of last night. Never did she think there would be a moment when she would be so wild.

“Alright, alright. It’s all my fault. Please wait, my wife. I’ll go prepare some food. You should rest up some more!”

This rest lasted for three days. The two of them stuck to each other like glue, refusing to spend even a moment apart. All they could see was each other. They completely forgot about everything else.

In the Academy of the Hundred Thoughts, the professor had yet to arrive, so there was quite a hubbub in the classroom. A group of young disciples of both genders gathered together, discussing among themselves.

“Really? I think that’s very impressive of him. What about now?”

“As for now, who knows? It’s already been a few days since anyone has seen the two of them. I heard they eloped.”

“Woah!” There were gasps. In particular, the female disciples’ eyes lit up.

“Look, Zijian. It’s that Li Qingshan again. Hmm? You don’t look so good.” Hua Chenglu elbowed Yu Zijian.

Over two years had passed now. Hua Chenglu’s body had developed, going from a blooming girl to an adolescent maiden in the prime of her beauty. Her eyebrows were curved like the crescent moon, her lips were naturally red, and her skin was snow-white. Her youthful beauty was unmatched.

Her face that was quite similar to Hua Chengzan’s seemed to demonstrate just how beautiful it would be if Hua Chengzan’s face belonged to a woman. In the academy, she had already gained the title of the greatest beauty. She had countless pursuers. Just by sitting together with Yu Zijian, she attracted everyone’s attention.

Hua Chenglu was not unfamiliar with Li Qingshan’s name, but after two years of no contact, any special impression of him, even if she had one, had already faded with her colourful life. All she could vaguely remember was that he still owed her something, but perhaps he had already forgotten about it!

“Oh, nothing. The professor is here.” Yu Zijian snapped back to her senses and pointed at the podium.

The classroom immediately quietened down. Hua Chenglu turned around too, paying attention to class.

Yu Zijian frowned slightly. He shouldn’t be Niu Juxia, right?

After returning from the Green Vine mountain, Yu Shukuang had stated repeatedly that Li Qingshan had absolutely nothing to do with Niu Juxia, but only now was she willing to believe that. She let out a sigh of relief.

If Li Qingshan was not Niu Juxia, then this had nothing to do with her. She even felt rather sorry for him. They were clearly in love with one another, yet he could not gain the approval of her family. He sure was pitiful.

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4 thoughts on “Chapter 390 – Entanglement

  1. Oh god, these recent chapters are fucking horrible. Made me want to drop the novel many times over. How does one actually write such repulsively bad romance? It’s incredible in a way. This novel would be better without mindless drivel like this, how about focusing on important girls instead of a worthless chick he just passed by after around 300 chapters that has nothing special to note? How he kinda jumped over all of the previous love interests makes me feel sick, in a way it feels like A weird version of NTR. Sure, he’ll no doubt build a big harem in the end with his style of doing things(if not, I will really drop this, can’t handle this guy being a guy loyal to one girl and the other girls are way better than her in every way, at least I wouldn’t mind reading about the romance between him and them), but this is just a waste of chapters and evokes nothing but feelings of disgust in me. There’s a rule of thumb to follow, if you have no idea of what you’re doing and it’s not absolutely necessary, don’t do it, this is even more true when writing stuff like this. Too easy to screw up everything else because of you having no talent at that part. If it’s just a temporary, short-stay thing, it’s fine to test new things, but romance is better left alone if you suck at it.


    1. Dude, you’ve been saying you want to drop this novel like 200 chapters ago. So why didn’t u do that and spared your time instead to read other novels? Since you didn’t dropped this, it means you are enjoying it despite the many comments you make.

      Or do you enjoy the comments against you from other readers? Just saying.


  2. I don’t care for this romance either since it totally betrays the character’s commitment, BUT he’s also just a dumb virgin in an isekai who clearly can’t let go of his old world’s traditions, so whatever, just skimmed these few chapters. Hopefully the father’s intuition will be right and within the next year or two she’ll realize she doesn’t know anything about him, or it’ll turn out she super hates daemons to such an extent that he could never be himself with her. I think their breakup drama will be far more satisfying than the actual romance.


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