Chapter 399 – Sailing Through the Wind to Destroy Green Vine (Five)

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Chapter 399 – Sailing Through the Wind to Destroy Green Vine (Five)

The flash of light and power made all the disciples of the Green Vine mountain close their eyes subconsciously. They groaned painfully inside. Just how many more times until he was satisfied? The first two times, he came alone, but this time, he directly brought a battleship with him.

This can’t continue. I can’t continue as a disciple of the Green Vine mountain anymore, but do I still have a chance?

Li Qingshan was extremely satisfied with the Soaring Dragon ship’s power. He gave Qiu Haitang a thumbs up. “Good girl!”

Qiu Haitang turned away without making eye contact with him. She fiddled around with the ship’s wheel a little more, and even more beams of light shot out.

At this moment, a screen of light, half black and half white, rose up from the Green Vine. It was hazy like mist. The two colours constantly merged together and fluctuated, producing countless profound diagrams.

As the beams of light struck the barrier, they distorted and disintegrated into particles as fine as dust, drifting around the Green Vine mountain like a blizzard, yet also like the dazzling starry night.

The Duality Formation of Disintegration had been specially brought over by Fu Qingjin from the Sword Collection palace. Anyone who tried to force their way through the powerful formation around the Green Vine mountain would be reduced to dust. It was cast down specially for Li Qingshan.

“Do you see? Wretched daemon, you can’t get in here!” The Green Vine Elder spread his arms and laughed at the sky. His facial hair danced around, which made him seem a little crazy.

Yu Shukuang closed his eyes, in no mood to appreciate the beautiful, rare scenery before him. The other disciples of the Green Vine mountain were no different. They all fled to the bottom of the mountain again—wait, why again?

The peak of the mountain and the prow of the ship were both distant and close to one another. Li Qingshan’s scarlet eyes clashed with the Green Vine Elder’s green eyes.

“Keep blasting! I’d like to see how long he can last for!” Li Qingshan rested the large flag on his right shoulder as he pointed out with his left hand.

Without waiting for his orders, the Soaring Dragon ship blasted away at full power. Light flashed constantly in a dazzling array.

The moon shone through the hole in the clouds, projecting a huge beam of moonlight that added a hint of silver to the Soaring Dragon ship. In the darkness of night, it seemed like an unbelievably large stagelight. The Soaring Dragon ship was the main show of the night, roaring to its heart’s content on the stage.

At the centre of the ship, the central furnace hummed and flashed, delivering whatever spiritual qi it had to the cannons. It was like a huge heart thumping rapidly and delivering blood throughout its body. All of it turned into roaring dragons of light, flying through the night sky.

The Duality Formation of Disintegration was completely unaffected, allowing the blasts that were enough to wipe the Green Vine mountain off the surface of the earth to rain down on it constantly. It all disintegrated in the haze, like fireworks.

“It’s useless. All your attacks will only become a part of the Duality Formation of Disintegration’s power! It’s impossible for you to get through it!” The Green Vine Elder silently contacted Fu Qingjin as he mocked Li Qingshan loudly.

“Not necessarily!” Li Qingshan had also noticed that. Even until now, the Duality Formation of Disintegration had shown no signs of weakness. The hazy mist only grew denser. He knew the Green Vine Elder was right.

However, the rate at which the formation disintegrated the beams of light had slowed down as well. In the beginning, the beams of light would be reduced to mist the moment it landed on the formation, but now, it dispersed as specks in a fireworks-like fashion. He believed no matter what formation it was, it still had a limit!

One was a powerful defensive formation from a supreme sect of the Green province, the Sword Collection palace, while the other was a crystallisation of mohist wisdom and efforts, an ultimate machine of war. When a “spear” that could pierce and destroy everything met a “shield” that could block all attacks, no one knew who the final victor would be.

The two people involved, Li Qingshan and the Green Vine Elder, could only wait and watch with eager and hope as onlookers, admiring the grand fireworks.

“Bring me alcohol!” Li Qingshan crossed his legs and sat down, yelling out loudly.


In the estate of the Hua family, Li Qingshan’s second match became extremely dreary and uninteresting, unsurprisingly.

None of the spectators said anything. They just exchanged glances silently. They could not even tell who had the upper hand right now.

Man Rou’s expression became more and more warped. No matter how limitless her Rose Clouds true qi was, there was still a limit. Before her, Li Qingshan seemed like a bottomless pit. No matter how much true qi she channeled into him, she was unable to fill him.

And, as long as her true qi weakened, Li Qingshan’s Gui Water true qi would flood over immediately, so she was unable to stop either. The dangers of a clash of true qi gradually presented themselves, baring its fangs at her.

She refused to forfeit. Both the quality and quantity of Li Qingshan’s true qi was clearly beneath hers. He had just used some kind of method to control the foreign true qi that entered his body. She believed that as long as she lasted a little longer, Li Qingshan would give in.

Only when she was completely depleted did she finally feel regret, but she was already unable to speak and forfeit now. Once she lost the tension, Li Qingshan’s true qi would invade her body and destroy her.

In the blink of an eye, ebbs of Gui Water true qi gushed into her body through her palm as a cold wave, reaching the dantian in her lower abdomen. As long as Li Qingshan wanted to, he could easily rip apart her frail meridians even if Gui Water true qi was not particularly renowned for its destructive power.

The master of the Vermillion Clothes sect could tell that something was amiss. He wanted to interfere, but he was stopped by Hua Chengzan, who said sternly, “Before you can even expel the true qi from her body, the true qi that has lost control will explode in her body.” He communicated to Li Qingshan, “Qingshan, that’s enough.”

That pulled Li Qingshan’s mind all the way back here. He opened his eyes and noticed that Man Rou was completely pale, without a shred of blood in her lips. She even seemed to be pleading him from the depths of her eyes, making her seem especially pitiful.

Li Qingshan smiled and slowly withdrew his true qi.

“I’ve lost.” Man Rou’s body loosened, and she took a step back, biting her lips as she softly conceded. She was seeing stars, and she no longer gave off any sense of power anymore. Her voice was very feeble too. As she gazed at Li Qingshan, her eyes were filled with fury and resentment, as well as a shred of sadness.

Cheers erupted loudly from behind Li Qingshan. The disciples of the academy all looked at him enviously and with admiration. He extended his hand, and with a gesture, he drank an entire jar of alcohol. At the same time, Qiu Haitang brought him a few jars of alcohol on the Soaring Dragon ship.

The feeling of alcohol reaching his two different stomachs was extremely strange and particularly satisfying. He was pleased with himself. Nothing was better than drinking fine alcohol and fighting powerful opponents. Multiplying this feeling by two only made it even more satisfying.

“Who else?”

Upstairs, the school leaders all conversed and smiled happily, while the sect masters were all stern. They too had been spectating the matches downstairs. The power of stronger Qi Practitioners could demonstrate the prospects and future of a school or sect. A competition like this was definitely not a mere game.

Wang Pushi drank heartily. Although the kid’s mouth was particularly good at pissing people off, he still knew how to win over glory when he handled matters.

Fu Qingjin drank alone, away from everyone else. His face was gloomy, as if nothing could faze him. The atmosphere around him clearly did not suit him at all.

He frowned, and a jade ornament fell into his hand. The Green Vine Elder’s flustered voice rang out.

“Sir, the wretched daemon has come! He’s attacking the Green Vine mountain right now!”

“What are you panicking for? It’s not like he can get through the Duality Formation of Disintegration,” Fu Qingjin said slowly. He had probably sent his clone again to probe the formation. There was no need for him to interfere.

“H- he’s brought a Soaring Dragon ship!”

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