Chapter 401 – The Legend is About to Begin

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Chapter 401 – The Legend is About to Begin

Qiu Haitang was pale-white, still shaken from the recent events. She truly seemed pitiful. Everyone around her probably became deeply convinced by her story immediately.

However, both Fu Qingjin and Hua Chengzan were among the sharpest people out there. Both of their eyes flashed with a hint of doubt, but they did not ask any further questions.

Qiu Haitang and Hua Chengzan bade farewell and left first. The remaining disciples of the Green Vine mountain were all Qi Practitioners towards the lower end of the spectrum, and the Foundation Establishment cultivators were in no mood to pay any attention to them either. The disciples were afraid of bothering them, so they all left by themselves.

Diao Fei and Yu Shukuang exchanged glances. Alright, let’s just go to Clear River city together!

After that, there was no such thing as the Green Vine mountain anymore, or so-called disciples of the Green Vine mountain. As the first senior brother, Diao Fei was slightly saddened, but Yu Shukuang was very positive. Now, the sky was open for him to fly freely. Perhaps this was good news. He had stepped onto the path of cultivation after so much difficulty, yet he did not even feel as liberated as when he was the lord of the Proud Sword manor.

Without any eyesores around, the Foundation Establishment cultivators all voiced their fury. “The wretched daemon has been so conceited. Fellow Fu, we can’t just let this matter be.” “Yeah, the Daemon Suppression alliance is of the same breath and branch. We should be working together against our common enemy.”

“But even the Duality Formation of Disintegration couldn’t stop him. If he comes knocking…”

Within the noisy discussion, someone murmured that, and all of them shut up. They could not help but look into the deep crater beside them. It was a shocking sight.

“I will report this to the Sword Collection palace. Don’t worry, everyone. Fellow Green Vine’s debt of blood definitely won’t just end here. There will be a day when I personally cut down this daemon with my sword.”

Fu Qingjin waved his hand, and all the sect masters bid farewell, only leaving him alone, standing with his arms behind his back and gazing at the crater. The moonlight was like liquid silver, while his long hair was like ink. His fringe covered his face, and his expression was gloomy, but the corner of his lips gradually curled up.

“No glory can avoid the fate of being reduced to ruins. Northmoon. I’ve remembered this name.”


Above the Parlour of Clouds and Rain, Qiu Haitang and Hua Chengzan passed through the rain, landing softly. They were like a pair of immortals.

“Rest up well. I still need to go back. There’s a lot I need to do tonight.” Before Hua Chengzan had even finished talking, fragrance filled his nose. Qiu Haitang had embraced him firmly. He hesitated for a moment before gently patting her back. His smile was rather powerless.

After who knew how long, Qiu Haitang let go of him and stared into his eyes.

Hua Chengzan’s heart skipped a beat. Through the rain, her face became slightly blurred, startlingly beautiful. However, it soon returned to normal.

“Just as I thought. No reaction.” Qiu Haitang smiled. Hua Chengzan opened his mouth, but he faltered. Qiu Haitang suddenly grew stern. “Tell me seriously. Are you using Gu Yanying to hide the truth that you like men?”

“Of course not. Who did you hear that from?” Hua Chengzan had no idea on how to respond.

“A person that’s not a person. It makes sense. How’s that even possible?” Qiu Haitang smiled. When that guy told her about it, he was so serious that he actually convinced her slightly.

“You mean?” Hua Chengzan immediately responded.

“We’re still good friends, right?”

“Of course.”

“That’s good then. Go handle what you need to handle!” With that, Qiu Haitang turned around without the slightest hesitance.

“Haitang…” Hua Chengzan extended his hand. Wasn’t this what he had been wishing for the entire time? So, why did he feel melancholic now?

Finally, Hua Chengzan vanished into the rainy night, while Qiu Haitang remained there. She took in a deep breath and raised her head. Tears had already strewn across her face, mixing with the rain and flowing down her cheeks.

She thought about back then, how her master had once said, “Throughout the ages, most of those who possess the Aspect of Peach Blossom Beauty were women who suffered from love-sickness, but they’re also fated to never have their love reciprocated, dying in melancholy.” Back then, she was still a young girl, so she did not believe it at all. Afterwards, she became convinced, but she refused to accept her fate. She had persevered with her struggle until now, but it was all for nothing.

She wiped away her tears and revealed a smile. She could not decide how others felt, but did that mean she was unable to control how she felt herself? Dying in melancholy? I’ll live happily and show you.

Chengzan, I hope one day you also meet a person or daemon who can make you let go.

Removing her makeup and changing into a night dress, she sat in front of the window, listening to the rain quietly.

She lost track of time. A familiar, scarlet figure descended from the sky.

Qiu Haitang beamed inside. She was just about to tell him about what she had done, wanting to hear his opinion.

“Tell me what the hell goes on in the minds of women!” Li Qingshan was gloomy and spoke first.

Qiu Haitang was speechless.


Hua Chengzan returned to the Hua estate. The sect masters and elders skilled with flight had already returned before him.

The disciples of the Daemon Suppression alliance were all uneasy as they exchanged glances, while the disciples of the academy were perplexed, having absolutely no idea about what had happened to the Green Vine mountain.

“Chengzan, was the daemon caught or not? And, what about the Green Vine Elder?”

As soon as Hua Chengzan returned, he was surrounded. Wang Pushi asked him a barrage of questions too.

“Here’s not a place to speak. Please come with me, school leaders.” Hua Chengzan clasped his hands. Then, he noticed the concerned Juechenzi and everyone else, so he added, “And the primary disciples!”

In a quiet room, Hua Chengzan told them everything he had seen, as well as heard from Qiu Haitang. The atmosphere was heavy. Even though the Daemon Suppression alliance was their opponent, they were still human cultivators after all. The Green Vine Elder’s fate had unsettled everyone.

In particular, the primary disciples were all entranced. The daemon had flattened the Green Vine mountain along with the Green Vine Elder. Just how terrifying was that? Let alone them, mere Qi Practitioners, even if they reached Foundation Establishment successfully, all they could do was flee for their lives if they ran into the daemon.

Li Qingshan was “heavy-hearted” too, quietly observing their expressions. He was completely fascinated by it all. Only when he saw Han Qiongzhi’s sorrow did he frown. She had only lost a friend of the past. Did she have to be like this?

“In other words, both Jiang Shancheng and the Green Vine Elder died at his hands.” Wang Pushi disturbed the silence.

“Yes. The Sword Collection palace and the Daemon Suppression alliance definitely won’t remain silent any longer. They’ll ask the daemons to hand over the culprit.”

“Will the daemons hand him over?” asked the leader of the school of Music in worry.

“Definitely not,” Han Anjun said firmly.

“The Daemon Suppression alliance will definitely be out for revenge. Negotiations and diplomacy are useless now. We need to prepare ourselves.”

Li Qingshan shivered inside, no longer in the state to care about Han Qiongzhi’s feelings. Hua Chengzan was right. Once the Daemon Suppression alliance decided to pursue revenge, Milliped’s territory would definitely bear the brunt of it all. He had to return underground and make preparations. He could run amok above ground like no one was around, but if Fu Qingjin ventured underground with just his sword, who could stop him?

This was the principle of the world of cultivation. The strong played decisive roles. As long as they were slightly stronger, it would be a one-sided massacre. This principle would completely manifest in war. The strong would shine with the glory that belonged to them in the first place.

If night never descended, how could the stars shine?

Tonight, the brightest star was called “Northmoon”.

The legend was about to begin.

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2 thoughts on “Chapter 401 – The Legend is About to Begin

  1. This boy never thinks about the consequences, but if he did, I guess he wouldn’t be the MC. Consequences be damned! He does what he wants and will reach the nine heavens! If the author forgets that and makes him get all emotional about the war between humans and daemons that he helped facilitate, then it’s gonna be another lame break of character, which I’m not sure if this novel can handle since he already keeps breaking character.

    Also awesome. It’s looking like I might have been right in my prediction. Han Qiongzhi is gonna HATE “that daemon general” and it’s gonna thankfully cause a rift in their relationship.


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