Chapter 411 – Conquering the Discontent

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Chapter 411 – Conquering the Discontent

A great hole appeared in Li Qingshan’s chest, and he fell out of the sky. After that moment of glory, the Blade of the Drinking Poisonfeather returned to normal and became completely dull in colour.

“Master!” Ye Liubo cried out and tried to go up, but Ye Mingzhu stopped her. “The battle hasn’t ended yet!”

Li Qingshan rapidly fell down. As he watched Bloodshadow’s figure grow further and further away, his lips gradually curled into a smile.

Bloodshadow lowered his head and stared at his pale-white hand in disbelief. It was covered in bloody marks. Normally, he could eliminate such wounds instantly. Even if he were ripped to pieces, it would just be a very ordinary wound.

But right now, the marks rapidly expanded. Purply-green poison inhibited his body’s recovery, and it rapidly spread, turning his pale face into the same colour.

At that moment, who knew how many times Li Qingshan had swung the blade. He had not achieved it through his strength alone. Instead, he had relied on the power of the Blade of the Drinking Poisonfeather. Like most spiritual artifacts, the Blade of the Drinking Poisonfeather also came with a killing move, which was known as “Poisonfeather Dance”. It was like the bloom of flowers, the dance of the Poisonfeather bird, completely unleashing all the poison stored within the Blade of the Drinking Poisonfeather. It was a fatal strike of either winning or dying.

With Bloodshadow’s speed and reaction, landing the attack was difficult, so he could only wait until the last moment when neither of them could retreat. Finally, the blade played a critical role and injected all the poison into Bloodshadow’s body perfectly.

In the air, Bloodshadow shattered and fell down like toy bricks. A blood-red daemon core flickered within, barely holding all of the pieces of flesh together.

Xiao An, who hid in the darkness silently, stared at the daemon core. The firelight in her eyes flickered!

Li Qingshan flipped and landed on one knee, pressing a hand against his chest. The moment he landed on the ground, the Strength of the Earth flowed out endlessly, nourishing his body.

Nearby, Bloodshadow turned into an assembling pile of flesh, constantly wriggling and spraying with poison, doing his best to recover.

The battle was so brutal that everyone became dumbfounded. Wounds like that would be absolutely fatal if a night roamer received them, yet they managed to hold on and recover with their terrifying life force.

But even at a time like this, the Spider Queen did not plan to make them stop. Her eyes flashed as a smile stretched over her face. She seemed glamorous as she radiated with joy.

“Ma’am Spider Queen, they’re both powerful generals under your command. War is near, so it won’t be good if we suffer any losses. Please end this as a draw!” Dragonsnail said slowly. Northmoon’s strength had completely exceeded his expectations. If he were allowed to triumph over two Daemon Generals consecutively, his status would probably even surpass Dragonsnail’s.

“A draw? Don’t even think about it!” Before Dragonsnail could even finish speaking, Li Qingshan interrupted him with his hoarse voice. He had put up with so much, so how could an outcome like this satisfy him?

“What, you want to keep fighting?” Dragonsnail raised his head and asked. Basically all of Li Qingshan’s organs had been destroyed, and his spine had vanished too. The upper and lower half of his body could rip apart at any time. He was clearly in no state to keep fighting.

“I can obviously keep fighting!” The corner of Li Qingshan’s lips curled up, and suddenly, he tossed the Blade of the Drinking Poisonfeather high into the air. A scarlet figure leapt out from the darkness, catching the Blade of the Drinking Poisonfeather and landing in front of Bloodshadow. His red hair danced around in the air. He was Li Qingshan’s mirror clone.

His mirror clone probably could not even withstand a single strike from Strongboulder or Bloodshadow before dispersing, and he would have to split his focus to control it. As a result, Li Qingshan had kept it lurking in the darkness for a surprise attack. Sure enough, it was extremely effective now.

“Ma’am Spider Queen, t- this isn’t fair!” Bloodshadow assembled his head with difficulty and was so frightened that it almost split apart again. He objected weakly.

“This is one of my innate abilities. It’s always been a part of my powers, so how is it unfair?”

The Spider Queen remained silent, agreeing to Li Qingshan’s words.

Li Qingshan raised the Blade of the Drinking Poisonfeather with a vicious smile.

“I admit defeat!” Bloodshadow cried out. If he let even more poison invade his body, it would lead to permanent, severe damage to his cultivation. Yet, he had no idea that the Blade of the Drinking Poisonfeather had run out of poison a long time ago, having been reduced to an ordinary blade.

Those three words silenced the entire gorge. No one thought Li Qingshan would actually win, and he would win so beautifully. He had defeated both Daemon Generals in the area they were strongest in.

“Master, you’ve won!” Ye Liubo cheered and rushed over, embracing Li Qingshan firmly.

Li Qingshan grinned painfully. He pushed Ye Liubo aside and propped up himself, climbing back onto his feet. He clasped his hands at Spider Queen Lolth from afar.

“Alright, from today onwards, you are the commander of all the night roamers. I await your next performance!” Spider Queen Lolth announced loudly and smiled charmingly at Li Qingshan. Lifting up and dragging her red dress, she vanished into the darkness. Dragonsnail followed close behind.

“Once you recover, I’ll challenge you again, Northmoon!” Strongboulder leapt up and flew to the top of the gorge with a rumble. He was actually startling fast, nowhere near as sluggish as Li Qingshan imagined him to be. His wild laughter rang out from afar when he had already vanished.

Bloodshadow finally purged all the poison from his body. He transformed into a red blood bat and glanced at Li Qingshan in pure resentment before flapping his wings and flying to the other end of the gorge.

The night roamers all looked at one another. There was surprise, worry, fear, and hostility, but regardless of what they were feeling, they all knew that this daemon called Northmoon had become a figure of great importance in this region, and he possessed power over the fates of countless night roamers. The situation underground had completely changed.

“The Spider Shadow clan is willing to offer its full support for sir Northmoon to become the commander of night roamers. Sir Northmoon, please return to Blacklustre city with me to rest.” Ye Mingzhu approached him before anyone else, becoming the first matriarch to swear loyalty to Li Qingshan.

Apart from the Spider Shadow clan, the other night roamers all remained silent, vanishing into the darkness. They returned to their cities to discuss what they would do next. Not only had Ye Mingzhu’s behaviour failed to set a model for them all, but it even made the other clans more suspicious instead.

These crafty, doubtful, and unruly night roamers would never yield to a daemon so easily. Making them give up on the open and hidden conflict that had occured over all these years was even more difficult.

The Spider Queen had only granted him the status. If Li Qingshan wanted to convert this status into actual benefits, he would have to keep working hard by himself. However, he had already grown accustomed to this a long time ago. He would obviously personally fetch what he wanted.

In Blacklustre city, Li Qingshan laid comfortably on the soft, leather chair. Ye Liubo massaged his shoulders, letting his head rest on her plump chest, while Ye Liusu stood to the side, personally feeding the hazelnuts specially produced underground into his mouth. However, she was clearly very unaccustomed to such a job.

“Sir, the other clans still haven’t made any responses. They seem to be contacting one another secretly,” Ye Mingzhi reported.

“Mingzhu, prepare to conquer the discontent for me!”

Li Qingshan pulled out a ship’s wheel from his hundred treasures pouch. The Soaring Dragon ship was already gone, but the wheel was still the control for all the puppets.

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  1. If I’m the MC I would ask QR to teach me the absorb Yin something technique and use it while on daemon form. Since he swear to bed beautiful women then fck those enemies till they dry.


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