Chapter 425 – Ru Xin’s True Form

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Chapter 425 – Ru Xin’s True Form

The flash flood raged towards the small city. It was impossible for the daemon qi it contained to fool Li Qingshan and Ru Xin’s senses. This was not a natural disaster, but a daemonic disaster. They probably only had a moment before the flood swallowed the city, reducing it to a land of water. The entire city of living people would probably be decimated.

Li Qingshan said, “Let’s stop the flood first!”

Ru Xin extended her hand and waved it. Verdant leaves expanded to the size of doors and scattered, forming a dam in the flood’s path.

“Do you really think you can stop me with your puny tricks?” A sneer rang out from afar. A strange catfish swam in the muddy flow. Its wide, pitch-black back seemed like an isle. Surprisingly, it was a Daemon General. Shadows flickered about in the water, hiding many daemon soldiers, driving the flood together.

The pouring rain all gathered towards the flood, making the flood even more powerful. It smashed through the dam of green leaves violently.

The residents of the city heard the disturbance, and all of them emerged from their homes to investigate, only to be met with this shocking sight. A dragon’s roar rose up, going from soft to resonant. At the same time, a crystalline water dragon several dozen meters long condensed from the sky full of rain. It rushed down, slamming towards the strange catfish that was behind the flood.

This was Li Qingshan’s first time using a technique as a Foundation Establishment cultivator. It was so effective that even he himself was taken aback.

The catfish’s colossal, pitch-black body suddenly leapt out of the water, slapping apart the water dragon with its tail. It used the water to make the flood even more violent. Containing colossal boulders, it flowed downwards like thousands of horses freed from their reins.

The strange catfish made use of its geographical and environmental advantage, not in hopes of killing the two of them, but in hopes of killing off the entire city. This was no longer something Foundation Establishment cultivators could stop.

Li Qingshan wanted to fly down and use his spirit turtle’s daemon core to suppress the flood. He hoped that Ru Xin would be careless, and she would fail to notice this strange ability of his. However, Ru Xin ended up saying, “I’ll go stop the flood. You go kill the daemon!”

“What? How are you supposed to stop it?”

Before Li Qingshan could even finish his question, Ru Xin had already flown down. As she watched the roaring flood grow closer in the valley, her eyes suddenly became completely blue, like a peaceful lake. At the same time, her drifting hair became a light blue, while her skin seemed to become translucent like water. She leapt into the flood.

“Shut up and get going!” Ru Xin rose up in the water, surrounded in clear water over a dozen meters tall in the shape of the top half of her body. She unfurled her arms and caught the flood. The water seemed to turn into black threads, scattering in the drizzle.

Despite his astonishment, Li Qingshan took a step forward, and turbulent waves rose up below his feet. When he took another step, he had already reached several hundred meters away. The rain in the air pulsed with the waves of air he gave off as he directly plunged into the flood.

Ocean Wielding—The Rising Tide Form.

Immediately, the spiritual qi in his sea of qi swelled up like the tides of the ocean, continuously with an unstoppable aura. Originally, Li Qingshan could not use this move when he had not practised the Arts of the Boundless Ocean, so now that he used it, it actually filled him with indescribable delight. Without further thought, he struck out with a palm strike.

Bang! The turbid waves parted, and the catfish Daemon General slipped away, but the other aquatic daemons that supported its attack were not so fortunate. They were sent flying despite not receiving the brunt of the attack, dying then and there.

Li Qingshan dove into the flood headfirst and was immediately met with the catfish’s huge, toothy mouth, and it swallowed him in a single gulp. The strange catfish was stunned. It originally wanted to chew Li Qingshan to pieces, but Li Qingshan had thrown himself into his belly, so it smiled viciously instead. Its stomach fluids could dissolve even metal.

Suddenly, a sharp pain appeared in its belly. The strange catfish tossed and turned violently in the flood. Not only had it failed to digest Li Qingshan, but Li Qingshan had made a mess inside it. Suddenly, a figure burst out, and it was no other than Li Qingshan. He clutched a daemon core that shone with faint, blue light. It trembled constantly, but it was unable to break free.

The catfish knew that it was unfortunate enough to have run into a powerful opponent. It yelled out, “I’ll take you down with me!” With that, it tried to blow up its daemon core, but a huge, pitch-black hand suddenly pressed down on its head, gripping it firmly. The hand then tightened and crushed it to pulp before tossing everything into a hundred treasures pouch, guts and all.

Li Qingshan’s eyes grew scarlet. He scanned around and silenced all the remaining daemons by finishing them off. He obtained seven or eight daemon cores and over a dozen corpses, all of which he stowed away in his hundred treasures pouch.

Downstream, Ru Xin immediately felt the pressure on her lessen, but even without the control of daemon qi, the flood had already developed properly. Combined with the pouring rain, the flood grew to a wall of water over a dozen meters tall. Just the sight of it was enough to strike fear into people’s hearts.

Even when Ru Xin used her other ability, it was extremely difficult. She was gradually giving way, while the “water Ru Xin” she had conjured also showed signs of collapse.

In the mountain city, there were no longer any people who still paid attention to this. Every single one of them had grown ashen from panic, kneeling on the ground, praying with sincerity, and calling out for help. To Ru Xin, these cries and calls seemed to be right by her ear, which made her smile bitterly inside. It’s useless even if you beg me. I’m not an actual supernatural being after all. I’m just a mere cultivator who’s just set off on the path of cultivation.

She had never thought she would still be so powerless even when she exposed herself before him.

The Spirit Turtle Suppresses the Seas!

Li Qingshan descended from above, landing towards the front of the flood. The raging waters immediately settled down, but the danger still lingered. The wall of water continued to rise. If this continued, it would directly flatten the entire city like a tsunami.

But in that moment, Li Qingshan seemed to have forgotten about all of this. He stared straight at Ru Xin. Only now could he see her true form clearly. Not only had her eyes changed in colour, but a pair of blue fins had sprouted behind her ears. There were a pair of even larger fins on her back, transparent like silk and moving around as freely as wings. Below her waist, her beautiful legs had turned into an azure fishtail, swaying elegantly in the water.

“Have you stared enough? If you have, help me out!” Ru Xin said in irritation.

“Alright then! Get out of the way!” Li Qingshan smiled, like a child who had just learnt the secret of an adult, which Ru Xin found to be extremely irritating. Without saying anything else, she moved to one side.

The wall of water immediately collapsed. When the people of the city saw this, cries rose up from everywhere. They fell back on their bottom as their legs became jelly. However, all they saw was the gushing water swirling upwards towards the sky.

Li Qingshan’s arms constantly whirled around, unleashing the Vortex Form as the spirit turtle’s daemon core in his body glowed brilliantly. He flew high into the air.

Now that the strange catfish had been slain, the dark clouds had dispersed, allowing the sun to emerge. Sunlight scattered on the swirling river that filled the sky, leaving everyone dumbfounded.

With a powerful swing, he scattered the water like a splash of ink on paper. In that instant, the river in the sky drained away and shattered in the air, actually raining cats and dogs. It left all the people in the city drenched.

The water spray surged, leaving behind a rainbow across the city. Cheers rang out everywhere.

Li Qingshan returned to the valley between the two mountains, and Ru Xin had already transformed back. She was so relaxed that she behaved like nothing had happened at all.

Li Qingshan was unable to hold back his curiosity. He immediately asked, “You’re merfolk?”

Ru Xin answered with a question, “Even if regular people primarily cultivate the water element, how can they possess so much control over water?”

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