Chapter 427 – Defeating Tieyi with Cloud Parting, Chu Tian’s Killing Intent Rises

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Chapter 427 – Defeating Tieyi with Cloud Parting, Chu Tian’s Killing Intent Rises

“We’re already married, so how can I bring myself to hit you?” Li Qingshan dodged with a smile.

“What do other people have to do with matters between us?” Han Tieyi took a step and chased after him, wielding his finger as a blade and swinging down viciously.

“If that’s the case, I’m not holding back! Cloud Parting Form!” Li Qingshan brought his palms together and pushed them forward in an ordinary manner. Han Tieyi’s face changed as he felt like a huge tsunami was slamming towards him. It completely drowned out the sky, making it impossible to dodge.

Swish! A wheel of blue light whistled past, making the bamboo sway and surge in waves.

Hua Chengzan’s clothes were ruffled. He secretly thought in admiration, Qingshan has only gone through the heavenly tribulation recently, yet his control over spiritual qi is already so meticulous, and it possesses tremendous power too. Taking him head on probably isn’t a good plan. Sure enough, Han Tieyi was like a floating boat within the surging waves, drifting back several dozen meters and landing gently, but he was completely unscathed. He pushed off his feet again and lunged towards Li Qingshan.

“Cloud Parting Form.” Li Qingshan pushed out his hands calmly again. With the support of the tremendous spiritual qi cultivated by the Arts of the Boundless Ocean and the spirit turtle’s daemon core assisting him in mobilising the spiritual qi of the world, it basically cost him nothing to use the Cloud Parting Form.

All Han Tieyi could do was retreat again. He had personally handed the Arts of the Boundless Ocean to Li Qingshan, so he understood exactly what it was about. The greatest highlight of the cultivation method was its boundlessness and vastness. For some reason, this advantage seemed especially prominent when Li Qingshan used it. When he had first returned after establishing a foundation, no one had thought such a tremendous aura would belong to a cultivator who had broken through to Foundation Establishment recently.

In short, he could not afford to take him head-on. All he could do was search for an opportunity and finish him off in a single strike.

However, Li Qingshan seemed to fall in love with this move. Regardless of what Han Tieyi unleashed, he remained standing exactly where he was. In the blink of an eye, he had already pushed out over a dozen Cloud Parting Forms.

Han Tieyi’s battle skills were wide-reaching and flexible, but he happened to be helpless against Li Qingshan.

Originally, he had wanted to wait for Li Qingshan to deplete all his spiritual qi and become exhausted, but he never expected his attacks to grow smoother and more vigorous over time. Han Tieyi had been forced back over a dozen times. He had not even managed to touch Li Qingshan’s clothes.

Hua Chengzan burst out laughing. “Qingshan, you shouldn’t bully an honest person.”

Li Qingshan even had the effort to spare to converse with Hua Chengzan. “This is called dominating with a single move. You obviously use whatever move that’s effective on the battlefield. How can you call this bullying?”

Even with Han Tieyi’s mental fortitude, he cursed inside out of anger. His face became even colder. He took a step and the tiling below shattered. At the same time, he drew his weapon. The tassel on the spear danced like fire as he merged with the spear, striking out like a dragon in an attempt to forcefully destroy Li Qingshan’s Cloud Parting Form.

“Oh my, the brother-in-law’s angry,” Li Qingshan said before pushing out with his hands again. Han Tieyi raised an eyebrow, but he was not met with a cloud-parting tsunami. His spear thrust struck nothing. When he looked at Li Qingshan’s face again, he saw a strange smile rise up. Oh no, I’ve fallen for this bastard’s ploy! He wanted to alter his attack, but it was already too late. Li Qingshan extended his right hand and grabbed him, unleashing the Vortex Form and went from pushing to pulling. Han Tieyi’s figure shifted to the side slightly, and Li Qingshan’s left fist whistled over.

A clash between the powerful only depended on a single moment.

The spear in Han Tieyi’s hands suddenly became as flexible as a snake. With a twist and turn, it stabbed directly towards Li Qingshan’s heart.

Li Qingshan pulled his fist back and retreated, taking the Illusory Water Sword of Invisibility with him. He drifted away with Xiao An as his laughter rang out from the cloud in the distance. “Since we’re one family, I’ll forget about this punch. Li’l bro Tieyi, if you run into any trouble in the future, feel free to come find your brother-in-law! Haha!”

“This guy… Tieyi, are you fine? That’s a draw.” Hua Chengzan saw Han Tieyi standing silently with his spear and asked in concern.

“It’s not a draw. It was close, but I lost.” Han Tieyi gazed at the sky and rubbed his face that had almost been struck. Who knew what he was thinking about.

“Victory and defeat is commonplace in the school of the Military. Moreover, when it comes to a real life-or-death struggle, you would have never allowed the enemy to get in your head so easily. I know that towards Ru Xin, you feel…”

“Stop talking. I’m not you,” Han Tieyi interrupted him coldly. It was human nature for people to fall in love, but not everyone had to become blinded, lost and grief-stricken over the word of love.

“Alright, alright. You’re both real men with hearts of steel. Only I am a sentimental little girl.” Hua Chengzan lamented as he rubbed his face.

Even Han Tieyi could not help but curl his lips at this sight as his eyes hid a smile. His small emotional knot vanished.

“Sir, Fu Qingjin of the Daemon Suppression alliance is outside. He wishes to see you. He wants to ask about a few things.” A legalist disciple reported.

Hua Chengzan had already stopped joking around. He exchanged glances with Han Tieyi. They both wondered about the same question, “What’s brought him here?”

Just around when Li Qingshan left the academy, he ran into an extremely familiar figure. Fu Qingjin stood with his arms crossed and his head tilted back, looking at the sky. He lowered his head back down and glanced past Li Qingshan indifferently.

Li Qingshan frowned, brushing past him on his cloud, but he heard Fu Qingjin say, “Please hold on, fellow cultivator.” In the blink of an eye, he arrived before him.

“What’s the matter?”

“I just wanted to ask where you were yesterday,” Fu Qingjin said slowly.

“Why’re you asking that?” Li Qingshan immediately became alert. Just as he had expected, the appearance of the Soaring Dragon sword had left behind traces, which was why the spirit turtle’s daemon core had warned him.

“Nothing really. I’m just asking?” Fu Qingjin smiled warmly in an extremely patient manner, even nodding towards Xiao An. However, his courtesy was more like the courtesy that a modest and good-natured king would show to his subordinates. He had good intentions, but it was unsettling.

Even if they felt displeased, regular cultivators would still be forced to show some respect and answer him. However, the two of them did not get along too well. Xiao An completely ignored him, while Li Qingshan said, “I’ll be wherever I want to be. What’s it got to do with you?” He directly sailed off on his cloud.

Fu Qingjin did not stop him, nor did he chase after him. He just watched him leave as he pondered to himself. At this moment, Hua Chengzan received the news and came to receive him. Fu Qingjin asked, “May I ask who the person that just left is? How come I’ve never seen him before?”

Hua Chengzan was slightly surprised, confused by what his intentions were. He gave him a short introduction to Li Qingshan.

In the right hand behind Fu Qingjin—hidden in his sleeve—was a curved, slender horn. He thought to himself, The truth.

Another person appeared on his large, mental list of suspects, Li Qingshan.

Fu Qingjin did not chase after him, which made Li Qingshan even more alert. This person is much more shrewd than the three elders.

Flying for a little longer, a bright streak of five-coloured light rushed over from below. Chu Tian bellowed out, “Li Qingshan, so what if you’ve reached Foundation Establishment? Are you bold enough to face me and test yourself against my Palm of the Five Elements?”

Li Qingshan sighed. Only if my enemies could be as “adorable” as the one before me. He smiled as a result. “Alright. If I won’t even smack a face offered up to me, why did I establish a foundation at all?”

Ever since the meeting last time, Chu Tian had become pent up with fury. Coupled with hearing how Li Qingshan had actually gone to find Ru Xin, even wanting to set up his dwelling in the Chain mountains, he basically flew into a rage. This was basically no different from becoming a couple.

He had waited a very long time for this. The land below was uninhabited and sparse with trees. If he used that here, no one would know what had happened. His killing intent suddenly swelled.

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  1. Dude stop jerking this Fu idiot off, he’s a mere Foundation cultivator! so what if he has that arcane sword? Qingshan has arcane shit too


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