Chapter 475 – Sooner or Later, There Will be Revenge

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Chapter 475 – Sooner or Later, There Will be Revenge

“We attacked many spiritual stone mines and killed a few Qi Practitioners, but most of it is just some unrefined ore. Fortunately, we didn’t suffer particularly heavy losses,” Ye Liusu reported.

“Ore? How much?” Li Qingshan’s interest was piqued. There was not a single cultivator who could find fault in possessing too many spiritual stones. Although it was just ore, it would still be a sizeable sum once he found someone appropriate to refine it.

“Our Spider Shadow clan is willing to offer all the ore to sir Northmoon.”

Ye Mingzhu was observative. Through Li Qingshan’s actions and responses, she could tell that Li Qingshan was interested in these ores, so she immediately stepped forward and offered up a hundred treasures pouch.

Li Qingshan accepted the hundred treasures pouch and took a look. The ore inside twinkled like stars. Based on a rough estimation, the amount should be enough to refine several tens of thousand regular inferior spiritual stones, so he accepted it happily.

“The Spider Shadow clan should be praised for their loyalty. Though, I have said that I won’t be taking any spoils from this battle, so I’ll give you a few spiritual artifacts as a reward instead!”

“Thank you for your reward, sir Northmoon.” Ye Mingzhu smiled and accepted his reward without holding back.

The other matriarchs immediately became tempted too. These spiritual stones truly did not hold much value to them. A few spiritual artifacts would be much more practical, and they could express their loyalty too. It was a deal that came at no cost to them.

Before long, Li Qingshan obtained a few extra hundred treasures pouches. If the ore was all refined into spiritual stones, there would be three or four hundred thousand at the very least. In exchange, he had only offered up a few useless mid and high grade spiritual artifacts.

While he could find Ru Xin for refining pills, he had no suitable choice for forging artifacts. Then Li Qingshan began thinking about the Bronze Cauldron of the Four Cardinal Directions in his possession. Once he returned to the academy, he had to properly understand exactly what was required to refine spiritual stones.

They waited until all the night roamers had scattered, with just Ye Liubo remaining in Li Qingshan’s arms.

Li Qingshan’s feelings for her were originally the same feelings as a master had for their pet, but it was somewhat different today. The deep gully right in front of her drew in his gaze. She curled up on him seductively, basically demanding him to take her. Lust suddenly rose up in him, and a certain part of his body began to respond uncontrollably.

“I have no idea whether I’m injured or not, so please inspect me closely, master.” Ye Liubo sensed this response and smiled complacently, clinging on to him even more firmly. Her full chest pressed against his abdomen, leaving completely no space between them.

“Then let me take a close look.” Li Qingshan smiled. Whenever he controlled his mirror clone, he would always be especially casual. The drunkenness of his original body was reflected on his clone too.

Gradually, his hands were not restricted to her exposed skin anymore. Whenever they ran into the obstructing armour, he would directly take them off, caressing every inch of her skin. Ye Liubo’s eyes were filled with delight as she leaned against him, heaving and moaning gently without control. Her gaze gradually misted up.

Before long, only a pair of slender shoes remained on her body. The blue patterns on her seductive body shone magnificently, allowing Li Qingshan to admire her however he liked. This was not the first time he had seen Ye Liubo naked, but she seemed particularly tempting right now. It made him gulp as he remembered it had already been three years since he had last tasted flesh.

Li Qingshan suddenly stopped and whispered into Ye Liubo’s ear, “The only thing that a master can do to his pet is to spoil her.”

“Then please spoil me good, master!” Ye Liubo suddenly straightened herself up, and her chest jiggled. Her provoking gaze was furious, dissatisfied with a hint of pleading. She pouted. “Ever since I met master, it has been so many years since I last had a man. You have no idea how tantalising it is being alone.”

“Don’t you have many ‘concubines’?” Li Qingshan was rather puzzled by this. He knew night roamers did not really have a concept of maintaining their chaste, nor would he bind her to the conventions of humans. Of course, this was because he did not treat her as his lover.

“I’ve gotten rid of them a long time ago. I only want to give birth to your children, master,” Ye Liubo said so seriously that she seemed like Ye Liusu when she mentioned her dream of the night roamers returning to the surface.

Because night roamers were matriarchal, female night roamers often had many “concubines”. They only knew who their mother was, not their father. Rearing descendants and becoming a mother was still regarded as a rather sacred matter among the race. After all, those with the greatest authority in a clan were known as “matriarchs”.

Yes, she was no longer interested in just a night of joy. Instead, she wanted to use this body to continue each other’s bloodlines.

“To think you could actually put up with something like that!” Li Qingshan had no idea about how to respond. Then just what would we produce? A third human, a third daemon, and a third night roamer?

“Everything I have belongs to master—my heart, my body, and in the future, my children.” Ye Liusu grabbed Li Qingshan’s hand and placed it on her perky chest, allowing him to feel her beating heart before sliding it to her abdomen.

Li Qingshan was extremely moved by this. Alright fine, he admitted that his heart was not the only place that had been moved.

With how everything had unfolded, what else could he say?

Sorry, Qiongzhi. A certain person will be breaking the shackles of conventions and the boundaries of society to experience a friendship beyond a normal friendship with his pet.

Li Qingshan made up his mind. He was just about to do something that would make him stoop to a level even lower than a beast.

The stone door opened loudly, and Ye Liusu walked in. As if she had seen nothing at all, she said, “Ma’am Spider Queen orders you to visit Cobweb city immediately.”

Li Qingshan was thick-skinned, but even with that, he was unable to maintain this posture with a naked woman under the gaze of another lady. Moreover, the Spider Queen was not someone he could brush aside either.

He gently placed Ye Liubo on the side and made his way off the stone bed. He tidied his ruffled clothes and shook off his lust with that.

“Master!” Ye Liubo said with hidden bitterness. She could not help but shoot a glance towards Ye Liusu. She had endured for all these years for this opportunity. Just when success was in sight, all her efforts were reduced to nothing. How could she simply accept this?

“This is something I’ve promised to you.” Li Qingshan glanced back and winked before breaking out in laughter helplessly. He found it all extremely interesting.

Making a child? I still haven’t tried that before. Should I try it with Qiongzhi? I wonder whether she’ll be willing or not. Though, while the various sensations are the same with a mirror clone, is that still possible?

He did not feel like Ye Liusu had interrupted anything. What’s mine will always be mine. Am I supposed to be afraid there won’t be an opportunity in the future?

Li Qingshan flapped his wings and left behind a fierce gale and a great laugh, ruffling the heavy curtains.

“Liusu, did you hear that? Did you hear that? Master is promising me this!” Ye Liubo was left dazed for a while before ravishing with joy.

“Hear what? Promise what? You better dress yourself first!”

“Making a child!”

“Congratulations on no longer having to deal with it with your hand.” Ye Liusu was surprised before commenting with a smile.

“Hmph, it’s all your fault, or I would have succeeded already!”

Only with Ye Liusu’s comment did Ye Liubo remember she was in the heat from the encounter earlier. There was already a moist patch between her legs.

“Do you want me to leave so you can do something about that first?” Ye Liusu smiled.

“There’s no need. Patience, patience. There is no enjoyment without patience.” Ye Liubo sucked in a deep breath. Since master had already promised her, this would definitely happen.

It was like how normal people handled going to a buffet. They would starve themselves for a few meals first, planning to crawl in and crawl out on their knees.

TL: I’ve adapted this analogy slightly by changing the cultural cues, but it still might not make sense. By crawling in and crawling out of the buffet, the analogy is basically implying that you’ve starved yourself so much before the meal that you have to crawl in on your knees, and during the meal, you’ve stuffed yourself with so much food that you can’t walk properly, so you need to crawl out on your knees.

Ye Liusu said, “Creating an offspring between a daemon and a night roamer probably won’t be that easy.”

“Then we’ll go at it a few extra times until we succeed. What, do you also want to partake, sister?” Ye Liubo snickered like her scheme had just succeeded. It would be for the best if she took part, but if she did not, it did not matter either.

“I have no interest.” Ye Liusu gazed at Ye Liubo as she waited happily, and her feelings became rather mixed. She was already closing in on her goal. What about herself?

“Northmoon, do you know that Bloodshadow is dead?”

Li Qingshan arrived in Cobweb city, and sure enough, Spider Queen Lolth was waiting for him on the high terrace. However, only Dragonsnail out of the three powerful Daemon Generals by her side remained.

“I’ve just heard about it. How did he die?” Li Qingshan was slightly surprised as he asked casually. He did not feign any sadness.

“He was ambushed by humans.” The Spider Queen’s face was rather ugly. If Dragonsnail was her brains, then Bloodshadow and Strongboulder would be her left and right hands. Now that they had both been severed, even she felt extremely unhappy despite her vicious nature.

“Losses are unavoidable in war, so please don’t take it to heart, ma’am Spider Queen. Even without them, the Daemon race won’t be defeated.” Li Qingshan played along as he felt extremely satisfied inside.

“You sure have had it comfortable! And, those night roamers never openly clashed with the humans. It’s all because of what you taught them! You’re actively avoiding the battle!” The Spider Queen’s voice coldened as she stared at Li Qingshan with her venomous gaze.

“I’ve been in secluded cultivation, preparing for my battle with Fu Qingjin. You had agreed to that, ma’am Spider Queen. I was also the one who ordered the night roamers to attack the spiritual stone mines, but that is to sever the humans’ supply of spiritual stones. At the very least, these spiritual stone mines are much more important than cities of regular people, and their defences are tight too. We have directly clashed with human cultivators, so how can you say that we’ve been actively avoiding the battle?”

Li Qingshan reasoned with her perfectly, which made the Spider Queen even more displeased. She suddenly swung her hand towards Li Qingshan.

Li Qingshan felt a blur before him and unleashed the Spirit Turtle’s Profound Shell instinctively, blocking the Spider Queen’s slender, fair hand. In a single instant, it caved in and became covered in cracks.


Li Qingshan was sent flying, slamming heavily against the wall. The entire cave shook.

“I’m teaching you a lesson, so how dare you talk back? How dare you resist!?” The Spider Queen’s icy-cold voice reached Li Qingshan’s ears, which made his understanding of a certain fact even clearer. If the powerful wanted to be unreasonable, it would be futile even if the weak had a silken tongue.

The Spider Queen was like a vicious, capricious little girl. She cherished the toys that brought her joy to a certain degree, but if they could not bring her joy, she would toss them aside or even rip them apart forcefully and amuse herself through that.

“This is my punishment. Don’t get any other ideas. I have always favoured you too much and given you too much freedom. You are only permitted to win in your battle against Fu Qingjin. You are forbidden from losing. Do you understand?” In consideration of the fact that Li Qingshan was still of some use, the Spider Queen did not continue, only warning him coldly.

“I understand.” Li Qingshan remained calm, even smiling. He was no longer the child from the country, still wet behind his ears. There was no need for him to grind his teeth or become wrapped up in anger and resentment.

He would take note of grievances that he was supposed to take note of. Sooner or later, he would have them settled.

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