Chapter 481 – The Spider Queen’s Wrath

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Chapter 481 – The Spider Queen’s Wrath

The underground dwelling, among the sea of Blue Butterfly flowers.

“All of you may leave!”

Under the revering gazes of the night roamers, Li Qingshan waved his hand without even looking back as he strode towards the stone bed.

Milliped raised his head as if he sensed something. His pink carapace clacked around. He had already become very large, taking up the entire stone bed even when he was curled up. However, he was still much weaker compared to before.

The stone door closed loudly. Li Qingshan patted Milliped’s head and took out a daemon core, placing it before him. It was the daemon core from the lizard Daemon General.

Milliped had no concept of courtesy. He swallowed it in one gulp and curled up like a snake.

A while later, resplendent light seeped out from his carapace, becoming brighter and brighter and blurring Milliped’s figure. The light swelled at a visible rate, exceeding the size of the entire stone platform before slowly shrinking again. Milliped’s body shrunk with it.

The light dispersed, and the dazed Milliped in a pink cloak appeared before Li Qingshan again. He rubbed his bald head and stared around with his slightly bulging eyes, still rather uncertain about what exactly had happened.

Li Qingshan laughed aloud freely. He was filled with delight. Seeing Li Qingshan chuckle, Milliped also began to grin and laugh.

Their resonant laughter echoed through the cavern, continuing for quite a while.

Li Qingshan opened his hundred treasures pouch afterwards and took out jars of fine alcohol. He removed the clay seals, and the fragrance of alcohol filled the surroundings.

There were many cultivation sects that would plant a few crops with spiritual qi aside from spiritual herbs, which were for feeding their disciples and for making spiritual alcohol.

Among the many hundred treasures pouches Li Qingshan had obtained, many of them contained spiritual alcohol. After accumulating them over time, he actually ended up with several hundred jars. They all varied in class and age.

However, while he did have fine alcohol, he struggled to find a drinking buddy, nor was he in the mood to drink. Now that he had both a drinking buddy and a drinking mood, these jars of alcohol finally saw the light of day again.

Milliped sniffed the fine alcohol. His eyes widened as he began to thirst for it.

“Come drink!” Li Qingshan passed a jar to Milliped while holding one for himself. He touched the jars gently.

Milliped picked up the jar and glugged it all down. He wiped his mouth. “Tasty! Food!”

“This glutton!” Li Qingshan cursed in a joking manner before lowering his head again and flipping through his hundred treasures pouch. He failed to find any snacks to go with the dishes, but he did find many fruits and vegetables with spiritual qi. Thinking about it, they had all been given to him by his friend from the same hometown, Li Long, but they happened to suit Milliped’s tastes.

The two of them simply sat down and ate as they drank. Aside from lifting their jars and touching them, there was not a lot of talking.

However, Li Qingshan felt extremely delighted. Pouring the spiritual alcohol into his mouth, it washed away the gloom in his heart. He had also resolved something on his mind, and he was able to drink till they were drunk with Milliped. Nothing was more delightful than this!

Milliped hugged a jar of spiritual alcohol. Half-way through it, he suddenly shut his eyes and collapsed on the stone bed. His snores rose up thunderously as he simply fell asleep like that.

The jar tipped over, alcohol flowed freely, and the fragrance of alcohol permeated the surroundings.

Li Qingshan stood up with a jar in hand, tottering about slightly. He had already become completely drunk. He raised his head and drank the last drop in the jar before tossing it far away. He heard a clatter, and it had been smashed to pieces.

Spider Queen, I’m coming!

Li Qingshan bellowed out at the top of his lungs and strode away.

“Master, it’ll be dangerous!”

Ye Liusu and Ye Liubo stood outside the door, blocking Li Qingshan’s path. They were both worried.

“How will it be dangerous?”

Li Qingshan pulled them in by their necks and asked with a drunken smile with the two beautiful faces right in front of him.

“You disobeyed ma’am Spider Queen’s orders in public. She’ll definitely punish you!” Ye Liubo was frantic, but as she gazed at his tipsy face, she could not help but be taken away by it.

“Daemons are forbidden from killing one another, but with how vicious and cruel and the Spider Queen is, she’ll never let the matter drop.”

Ye Liusu had never been in such an intimate situation with a man before. She did everything she could to keep herself calm, but she was just as concerned as Ye Liubo. Of course, she was also concerned about the future of the entire Night Roaming folk. Without him, the night roamers would probably descend into chaos again.

But if he continued to grow in strength, there might even be a day when he could directly order the clans to disband. He was her hope.

Li Qingshan nodded. Right when he was about to speak, Ye Liubo immediately offered up her lips, sucking the saliva from his mouth. His arms wrapped around her waist firmly.

Li Qingshan plunged his hands into her clothes, fiddling recklessly with her full figure. Ye Liubo let out a stifled moan from her throat as her kissing became even more intense.

Ye Liusu’s heartbeat sped up slightly. She moved backwards, wanting to break free from this. Li Qingshan pulled her in forcefully, embracing her firmly with one hand. The two delicate figures pressed against his body firmly and intimately.

Ye Liusu watched their intimate interaction rather helplessly from such a close range. Her face heated up slightly as she felt a hint of jealousy that even she failed to notice.

A long while later, their lips parted.

“Master, I’m scared!” Ye Liubo embraced him even more firmly.

Li Qingshan smiled. “Don’t be scared. I still haven’t even gotten you to make a child for me!”

Ye Liubo agreed gently and leaned against Li Qingshan’s chest meekly.

Li Qingshan drew out his hand rather reluctantly. He looked over and lifted up Ye Liusu’s pointy chin.

Ye Liusu’s eyes widened unexpectedly as Li Qingshan lowered his head and kissed her on the lips. He did not do anything more than that, but he did whisper into her ear.

“Once I come back, I’ll give you a gift. You best think about what gift you’ll give to me!”

Gazing at her pointy ears that differed from humans, he could not help but lick them gently. She shuddered all over.

His invasive gaze started on her delicate face, moving past her proud-standing chest, her thin, straight waist, and arriving on her slender, perfect legs. She was not as seductive as Ye Liubo, but she was enchanting in a different way. Her noble and proud bearing could incite a man’s urge to conquer.

Ye Liusu lowered her head, her face crimson. For a moment, she actually did not know how to answer. She did not know what his gift was, but she knew exactly what he wanted. All she told herself was she could not turn him down, as this was a sacrifice she was making towards her dream. She refused to admit she had also become somewhat tempted.

Most female night roamers were indulgent. They did not suppress or hide their desires at all. They had no concept of so-called chaste or promiscuity. As a princess of the Spider Shadow clan, the matriarch’s child, Ye Liusu possessed a noble bloodline that the other princesses struggled to match. However, her body also possessed the same scorching desires.

It was not like she had never felt any envy towards the promiscuous lifestyle of other night roamers. The reason why she avoided men was not only because she wanted to focus on cultivation for her dream. Rather, she was proud and found those grovelling, ignorant, and lowly male night roamers beneath contempt.

He was the first man who had ever interested her. Although he was a daemon, he possessed such great strength and intelligence, and he actually understood and supported her thoughts, which was the reason why she could stand here today.

If it were possible, she was willing to continue like this with him. Perhaps, they could even have a bit of fun. There was nothing she could do, right? This was her master’s request.

Li Qingshan pushed them away gently and made his way into the depths while laughing aloud. Danger filled the path ahead of him, but it also brimmed with endless glory.

Living in the world, he was obviously supposed to take on challenges as he wished and enjoy himself to his heart’s content. Only then would this great life of his not go to waste.

“Sister, you won’t be able to escape this time. The kiss earlier was your…”

Only when Li Qingshan vanished in the darkness did Ye Liubo look away and smile at Ye Liusu.

“He’s our master. I’m his servant. I’ve seen this happen plenty of times, so it’s nothing,” Ye Liusu interrupted in a composed manner. She could not help but purse her lips.

“Will master really be fine?” Ye Liubo began to worry again.

“The Spider Queen shouldn’t defy the rule of the daemons and kill a clansman unless…” Ye Liusu’s eyes that resembled the night sky flickered, and she became slightly worried.

“Unless what?”



“Northmoon, how dare you betray me!”

In Cobweb city, Spider Queen’s Lolth’s shrill voice echoed through the cavern like it was ripping through the heavy darkness.

The water and magma interweaved as billows of white smoke rose up and turned into clouds, making it even darker.

The city was deathly silent. The quiet whispers that usually echoed through the streets and the quiet, lonesome figures outside had all vanished. They were like insects that had all stopped chirping before the dignity of a predator.

Li Qingshan folded up his wings and landed on the extended terrace. He stared straight into the Spider Queen’s eyes. Her beautiful face had become twisted from anger. Her eyes seemed to be dripping with venom. It was chilling.

However, all he did was answer indifferently, “You have no idea what ties of comradeship are, so how can you even mention betrayal?”

“Shut up!” The Spider Queen raised her hand and lashed out at Li Qingshan’s face viciously. If a regular Daemon General received this attack, their heads would probably explode as they died on the spot.


Li Qingshan raised his arm and blocked the Spider Queen’s hand. The two forces collided viciously, and Cobweb city shook. A fierce gale ravaged through the surroundings.

Li Qingshan shook slightly and felt a wave of pain from his arm. The power behind Spider Queen Lolth’s slap was extremely insidious. It could actually penetrate the tough Ox Demon Forges its Hide.

With a crack, a tiny fracture appeared in the bones of his arm.

Li Qingshan rejoiced instead of becoming surprised. He had managed to receive the open attack of a Daemon Commander. That demonstrated the fourth layer of the ox demon was already on par with Daemon Commanders in terms of strength.

A vast chasm existed between each layer, and as his cultivation increased, this chasm would grow wider and deeper. It had ceased to be something that could be made up with quantity alone.

Hypothetically, how many regular Daemon Generals would be needed to kill the Spider Queen?

The answer: no amount was enough. Any number that came would end up dead. That would be the case unless they managed to trap her and basically pile their lives on her and wear her down like that. They also had to ensure they wore her down faster than she could recover daemon qi, and only then would it be possible for them to kill her. However, the chances of that were so small that it was virtually impossible.

Yet, Li Qingshan used the unmatched ability passed down to him by the black ox, the Nine Transformations of the Demonic and Divine, to forcefully cross this chasm. Although he had only crossed a small portion of it, it was still enough for him to stand proud.

The Spider Queen’s eyes narrowed. Li Qingshan’s strength surprised her, making her feel deeply threatened. Afterwards, she sank into hysterical fury. She would never allow any subordinates to challenge her dignity.

“You will regret this!”


A black shadow stabbed horizontally into Li Qingshan’s ribs. It moved so fast that Li Qingshan failed to even make out what it was. The spirit turtle’s daemon core flashed as it warned him about the arrival of life-threatening danger.

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  1. Sh*t writing where mc spares enemy for no good reason…does not even loot the pouch…also risks his life by not killing the enemy…also wtf with his character…be the harem guy from the start if you are going to act like sh*t later on much for that loyalty BS…Romance really drags the novel down coz author does not understand how to progress it forward or write lewd stuff properly…his lewd writing is really subpar


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