Chapter 485 – The Maze-like Cobweb City

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Chapter 485 – The Maze-like Cobweb City

Cobweb city was empty.

All the night roamers had fled far away, returning to their cities. They were afraid of becoming involved with the greatest social upheaval underground in the past millennium.

As for the large figure who carried the Spider Queen towards her chamber, everyone labelled him as dead inside before gloating over the fate that awaited him. They did so even though that was their newest ruler, even though he was much more benevolent than the Spider Queen.

But they could not help it. This was the nature of night roamers. They would cheer for the misfortune of others, particularly for those stronger than them.

However, Li Qingshan’s steps were extremely firm, and the female daemon in his arms was extremely light. Her black hair that had been tied up draped down, swaying gently with his footsteps.

The hysterical, sharp, and venomous anger had already vanished from her face completely. Her graceful body rested in his arms meekly, and her slender arms wrapped around his neck. Her scarlet lips formed a mesmerising smile, kissing Li Qingshan’s neck gently and leaving behind a soft, moist mark.

In truth, she did not really care about the end result of this game of chess. Bloodshadow and Strongboulder’s mysterious deaths displeased her, just like two chess pieces she found extremely convenient to use had suddenly been snatched from her.

She only had one goal in mind with everything she did—to please herself.

Great power and a lengthy lifespan would always make people reveal their true selves. Human cultivators might have been bound to morals and ethics, but daemons had always done whatever they wanted.

Having reached this stage of the game, something darted out all of a sudden, making it unexpectedly interesting. This was all thanks to him. When she considered she would soon entangle with him before tasting his blood and flesh, all of her dissatisfaction, no matter how great, vanished without a trace.

She would restrain him firmly and nibble away at his limbs bit by bit while he remained conscious. Would he howl out and plead for mercy? Or would he resist in silence?

She was as excited as a little girl in love. Sweet anticipation filled the unknown future. It had already been many years since she last experienced this sensation.

The sound of footsteps echoed through the gloomy hall. Li Qingshan dared not relax his guard.

When her lips kissed his neck, who knew whether she would bite down deeply in the next moment and inject lethal poison into him. When she wrapped her arms around him, who knew whether she would snap his neck in the next moment.

According to past information, the Spider Queen would not usually take such action. She would only kill and eat after she had enjoyed herself.

However, it felt like constantly tampering with a bomb. Even though all your experience told you it would not explode as a result and blow you to pieces, no one could truly relax either.

At the same time, her body gave off a strong, primitive temptation, with her enchanting appearance, graceful figure, voluptuous chest, and slender legs.

Even the seductive Ye Liubo paled in comparison to her.

Li Qingshan slowly became excited. His blood flow increased as his heart beat sped up as well.

Conquering powerful members of the other gender seemed to be an instinct of males, like defeating a powerful opponent. The lethal, omnipresent danger instead became the most enchanting part of her many charms.

Passing through the long corridor, Li Qingshan finally arrived in the very centre of Cobweb city, the chamber of the Spider Queen, or in other words, the spider’s nest.

It was an unbelievably vast hall. Even if a thousand people gathered here, it would not feel cramped at all. The beautiful sculptures and murals eulogised her strength and cruelty.

In the centre of the hall, sixteen pillars surrounded a circular stone platform that seemed to take up half the size of the moon.

If it were not for the draping layers of black veil and the thick, silken bedding, basically no one could imagine it was a bed. It seemed more like an altar.

In the rumors of the night roamers, it basically symbolised exactly that. No one could leave here alive.

Li Qingshan began to chuckle. His laughter echoed through the spacious hall, breaking the ancient silence.


The Spider Queen leaned against her arm, laying on the soft bedding as she gazed at Li Qingshan in abundant interest.

At that moment, she did not seem proactive. She was like a noble queen, waiting for her servant to please her. Her figure protruded from under her scarlet dress.

Li Qingshan did not consider himself as a servant. With a rip, he directly tore off her long dress. Her snowy-white figure was completely presented before him.

Li Qingshan did not hold back, throwing himself on top and directly grabbing the plump, snowy peaks he had been longing for all this time. He actually struggled to gain a proper grasp with a single hand, moulding them to whatever shape he wanted. He did not show any tenderness at all. The strength he used was enough to twist steel.

The Spider Queen only began to giggle. She raised her hands and wrapped them around his neck, burying his head viciously into her chest.

Deep among the drapes, soft laughter, gasps, and moans rose and fell together, echoing through the empty hall.


In the darkness, after who knew how long.

Li Qingshan’s eyes shone in the darkness. The Spider Queen lay atop his body with her disheveled hair draping down. Her face was blushed in an enchanting manner, and their bodies remained closely connected, giving off a smooth, scorching sensation.

The frustration he had pent up across all the years had finally been released. He did not treasure her tenderly at all, completely going about it on her soft, charming body as an invader and conqueror. Combined with his great strength that was enough to split mountains, it was almost brutal.

From how she frowned from time to time, it seemed to cause her quite a lot of pain too. After all, there was not a particularly large difference between them in terms of strength alone.

However, this seemed to suit the Spider Queen’s tastes, finding pleasure within. Although she would constantly fight back with her claws and teeth, leaving behind injuries on him, it was more like a response of ecstasy than revenge.

Li Qingshan’s vigour seemed endless, pouring it all into a similarly bottomless gully.

The Spider Queen propped herself up and touched Li Qingshan’s face. She smiled. “I’m really quite reluctant to kill you, but I still want to eat you more.”

To her, this had also been an unprecedented experience of pleasure. She pursed her lips and licked Li Qingshan’s face gently with her tongue, as if she was debating between her lust and her appetite. However, the end result had obviously been set in stone already.

Prey would only continue to exert itself if you gave it some hope. She had already decided on squeezing out the final bit of use from Li Qingshan.


Li Qingshan knew the time had come. If he continued, he would only be wasting away his physical strength. Using the Spirit Turtle’s Method of Sea Suppression, he suppressed the lust within him, and his mind immediately cleared up.

He directly used the power of the Tremors of the Ox Demon, wanting to knock the Spider Queen away for a battle to the death.


An extremely loud moan interrupted Li Qingshan’s thoughts. There was some pain, but most of it was pleasure.

The Spider Queen laid down on Li Qingshan again as she grumbled, “Why didn’t you use this earlier?”

Li Qingshan had no idea on how to respond. I haven’t practised this innate ability for you to use it like that.

He also felt secretly astounded. He had unleashed the power of the Tremors of the Ox Demon while maintaining direct bodily contact. Even if the Spider Queen was a Daemon Commander with an extraordinarily tough body, it was impossible for her to go unscathed. It only meant she was truly a deviant.

“Continue!” the Spider Queen grabbed Li Qingshan’s throat and ordered sternly. To her, as long as the injuries were not too severe, they would not pose much of a problem. She could recover in the blink of an eye. However, the waves of pain from the bottom of her heart had completely become a part of her pleasure.

Li Qingshan thought that if they began fighting right now, a large difference still existed in their strength. Before he could break through to the fourth layer of the tiger demon under the pressure, she would have instantly slain him already. This was a good opportunity to waste away her daemon qi. Even though it was merely small wounds, it would definitely still play an effect once it accumulated to a certain degree.

As a result, Li Qingshan rested his head on his arms and constantly launched “attacks” at the Spider Queen. He had the Strength of the Earth anyway, so he recovered rather quickly.

When he looked at the Spider Queen’s ecstatic expression, he thought of a saying for some reason, Even if I tremor another thousand times, I won’t even be a millimetre closer to your heart…

“If you’re willing to stay here forever as my servant and pay for your actions, I can consider temporarily sparing you.”

After who knew how long, the Spider Queen caressed Li Qingshan’s face. She seemed much more weary than before, and sweat covered her smooth, white skin. Her voice had become much softer too.

At least it proved that Li Qinshan’s efforts had not been useless. Her heart was a millimetre closer now, considering how it was possible for her to never find such a convenient, humanoid toy again. Her lust began to overwhelm her appetite.

“Don’t even think about it!”

Li Qingshan turned down this request mercilessly. Making him remain here forever as a prisoner was impossible. It was the exact opposite of his original intentions of coming here.

“That’s a pity. Though, that’s not for you to decide.” The Spider Queen opened her mouth and spat out a strand of spider silk, wrapping around Li Qingshan’s neck.

Li Qingshan had already been prepared. He threw a punch.

Of course, he focused all of his power of tremors in that punch this time.

Unexpectedly, the altar-like bed suddenly collapsed. They fell down together.

Just how much strength did the two of them possess? Although they also had great control over their strength, after spending so much time entangled, there would still be moments when they forgot to control their power.

To be able to last until now, the bed already proved how exquisite the craftsmanship of night roamers could be.

Li Qingshan’s sudden attack was the final straw.

Beneath the heavy, stone bed was a huge, cylindrical cave. It had a ceiling that was almost a thousand meters tall, passing through the entire city. Circular staircases were scattered in the surroundings.

This was the path Li Qingshan had taken the first time he had come to Cobweb city.

As they fell, the two of them finally separated. The Spider Queen opened her mouth, but she no longer spat out only a strand of silk.

Li Qingshan dodged the silk, but it expanded beneath him instead, turning into a spider’s web. Catching him off-guard, it wrapped around him, trapping him firmly in the centre like an insect.

The Spider Queen landed on the edge of the web. Her slender arms overlapped as she stood gracefully on a strand of silk. Her face had a hint of lethargy as she rubbed her smooth abdomen.

“Northmoon, I originally wanted to spare your life, but upon further consideration, I might have your child in me already. It can’t go without the nourishment of its father’s flesh and blood, right? For the sake of our child, you can die in peace!”

As her lust dispersed, her instincts to devour her partner gained the upper hand. She was on the verge of killing.

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  1. Bruh theres nothing I despise more in cultivation novels where
    A. Females are thrown away after a while and forgotten about, legit wasting my time reading about them
    B. Children who are birthed and forgotten about until the plot needs them.

    Ffs, I woulda instead preferred him to fight the spider queen at this point


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