Chapter 490 – I’m Very Vengeful

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Chapter 490 – I’m Very Vengeful

Li Qingshan’s daemon qi had indeed run out, but there was a power in his body that could be converted into daemon qi. It was much more effective than consuming any type of pill.

It was the power of belief in the Divine Talisman of Great Creation.

The reason why Li Qingshan had not used the Divine Talisman of Great Creation the entire time was not because he was saving it, having anticipated he would break through to the fourth layer of the tiger demon at this moment. Instead, given the situation earlier, even if he converted all of his power of belief into daemon qi, it would only help him last a little longer at most.

Compared to that, he was better off saving it and coming up with a way to transform this all-capable Divine Talisman of Great Creation into a final safeguard. Finally, it came into extraordinary use.

The Spider Queen sensed that something was amiss. She swung her hand towards Li Qingshan’s neck, even turning silvery-grey in the process, wanting to directly behead him.

Li Qingshan twisted his head and caught her wrist in his mouth. A shining, scarlet pupil on his turned head stared at the Spider Queen.

The Spider Queen felt her wrist ache, slightly shaken up. She felt something had already changed.

This time, not only could Li Qingshan keep up with her speed, but his sharp teeth could even pierce her silvery-grey skin. The taste of blood flooded his mouth. It was particularly sweet.


The Spider Queen was furious. Her left hand grabbed his head and her fingers dug in. Li Qingshan’s head was about to suffer the same fate as his mirror clone.

However, she failed to pierce anything this time.

The Tiger Demon Forges its Bones. When Li Qingshan broke through to the fourth layer of the tiger demon, his skeleton underwent another process of forging, becoming even tougher and harder than before. His bones were naturally strengthened too.

However, he was still immobilised. Even though he unleashed the power of tremors to shake off everything around him the instant his daemon qi recovered, he still could not shake apart several thousand threads in a short while.

She had failed to achieve anything with two consecutive strikes, and the opponent was immobilised the entire time. This left the Spider Queen alarmed and furious. She pulled back, and after a slight pause, thousands of silk strands sprayed out from her mouth, shooting towards Li Qingshan’s head.

He was unable to move his arms, so he could not disperse the threads with his fists like earlier. If he forcefully tried to block with the Spirit Turtle’s Profound Shell, it would fall and collapse in only a few seconds.

Li Qingshan seemed to be done for, unable to escape this time around. However, he grinned wildly as he performed the same action as the Spider Queen, opening his mouth and sucking in hard.

It sounded like a sharp whistle.

However, what he spat out was not silk, but a stream of air that went on to receive the silk.

The strands scattered everywhere as soon as they came into contact with this stream of air.

The fourth layer was an extremely important layer. Among the three cultivation methods that Li Qingshan possessed, the spirit turtle and ox demon had both undergone startling changes with the fourth layer.

Of course, this might have been a false impression of his. Perhaps his powers would undergo a natural evolution once they had accumulated to a certain degree. Regardless, with the breakthrough to the fourth layer of the tiger demon, the two innate abilities corresponding to the tiger demon both evolved.

The stream of air was none other than one of the first innate abilities he had comprehended, the Tiger Demon’s Killing Roar.

With the Ox Demon Tramples successfully shedding its status of a “useless ability”, it had never been able to change, and its power was barely satisfactory too, so it became the ability that Li Qingshan used the least.

But at this moment, there were not any wild, whistling winds anymore. All the power had been condensed, turning into a stream of air as thick as an arm. It no longer seemed as powerful as before.

However, the sharpness it contained even outmatched Fu Qingjin’s sword qi, which was why it could scatter and rip the Spider Queen’s silk.

Calling it the Tiger Demon’s Killing Roar was no longer appropriate. Just like how the Ox Demon Tramples had become the Tremors of the Ox Demon, he could call this move the Tiger Demon’s Breath from now on!

He’s able to conceal his aura. He definitely must have hidden a portion of his daemon qi earlier, fooling me and preventing me from noticing. Northmoon, I refuse to believe your daemon qi is endless.

That was how the Spider Queen thought. She went with the same tactic as before and spat out spider silk endlessly, but she made up her mind to give him absolutely no more opportunities. She would not stop until he was completely dead.

The breath and the silk constantly collided, one wearing away the other and producing an ear-splitting noise, like a thousand zithers plucked at the same time, resulting in a chaotic symphony.

The drifting silk was tossed around, slicing past the walls and digging in deeply. The ceiling was sliced apart and boulders fell in thunderously. As they landed on the breath one by one, they were silently cut into two.

Compared to the Tremors of the Ox Demon, the Tiger Demon’s Breath was without a doubt much more effective at obliterating the spider silk, but it also depleted daemon qi. Most of the daemon qi that Li Qingshan had completely replenished moments earlier had been depleted before long.

However, unbeknownst to the Spider Queen, Li Qingshan’s trump card, the Divine Talisman of Great Creation, could endlessly replenish his daemon qi. He was not afraid of using it up at all.

Gradually, the Spider Queen began to grow frantic. Less than thirty percent of her daemon qi remained.

Right from the beginning of the battle, her daemon qi had not been at a hundred percent. In pursuit of extreme pleasure in bed, she had allowed Li Qingshan to use the Tremors of the Ox Demon to directly wreak havoc in her body.

Perhaps a single tremor was nothing to her, but after countless times, the accumulated damage was no longer a small deal. It depleted twenty percent of her daemon qi for recovery.

She thought that ten or twenty percent of daemon qi should have made no difference at all. She would not even have to use ten percent of her daemon qi to deal with Li Qingshan. However, during the battle that came after, Li Qingshan was an unexpectedly difficult opponent. Yet now, his daemon qi seemed endless.

Just what is going on? Is he really just a Daemon General?

Finally, all the spider silk in Li Qingshan’s body snapped. He shuddered once more, and all of it flew out like needles as he broke free from the restraint.

The Strength of the Earth immediately came into effect. The wounds that riddled his bright-red heart gradually closed up, and it began to beat once more. Thousands of needles piercing him was brutal, but it was relatively easy to recover from.

Pulses of water spiritual qi surged out from his sea of qi, filling his body. The cool, comforting sensation immediately stopped the pain. Although he was afraid of using spiritual qi carelessly in front of the Spider Queen, it was fine if he only used it inside his body.

Depleting all of his spiritual qi, a high-spirited, unscathed Li Qingshan stood before the Spider Queen once more. He stopped the Tiger Demon’s Breath and laughed wildly. “I’ll fuck you right now!”

The Spider Queen felt like she was trapped in a ridiculous dream. No matter how many times she knocked him down, he would always be able to stand up again and challenge her.

In Li Qingshan’s eyes, the incoming silk seemed to have slowed down all of a sudden. He bent over slightly, and the spider silk flew past his face.

The Spider Queen’s eyes shone. The spider silk suddenly changed in direction, sweeping over like snakes.

Li Qingshan swung his hand conveniently and cut through the silk with his sharp tiger claws. Just when he wanted to lunge towards the Spider Queen, he suddenly came to a halt and leapt up gently. Countless strands of silk shot past beneath him.

It seemed like a white snake had abruptly raised its head and looped back around, lunging towards him with its huge mouth.

Li Qingshan came to a halt. His claws danced wildly in a flurry and ripped the silk apart. Then, he spat out another stream of air. The air swam around him like a snake, shaking off any incoming strands of silk that wanted to use the opportunity to launch a sneak attack.

Li Qingshan was like a vicious tiger running and turning within a thick forest knit from spider silk. None of the vegetation could touch him.

The Spider Queen was stunned. The speed and agility Li Qingshan currently displayed seemed to be completely on par with hers.

He was a Daemon General with… the strength of a Daemon Commander, the speed of a Daemon Commander, and the reactions of a Daemon Commander?

A while later, the Spider Queen’s daemon qi dropped to twenty percent. She finally stopped spitting silk.

Li Qingshan used this opportunity to lunge at the Spider Queen, but he saw a sinister smile appear on her face.

Reel it in!

With a thought, a huge web spun from countless strands of silk emerged from the rock and soil, closing around Li Qingshan from all directions.

A while earlier, when her threads clashed with Li Qingshan’s breath, countless strands of silk had been knocked away, deeply embedded into the surrounding walls.

She did not abandon these threads. Instead, she controlled the threads, weaving them together. She was like a spider patiently weaving a web and waiting for prey to fall into it.

Li Qingshan responded immediately. A stream of air struck the web, but it only caused a ripple. He punched out again and again, but the power of tremors struggled to tear through the web too.

Every single thread that went into the web was as thick as a finger, composed of immeasurable strands of silk. It was much tougher than any web she could casually spit out. Once caught, even if he possessed endless power, even with his Tremors of the Ox Demon, it would be impossible for him to break free.

“Spirit Turtle’s Profound Shell!”

Li Qingshan bellowed out and countless hexagonal pieces formed a sphere, holding back the web.

“I’d like to see how long you can last!” The Spider Queen sneered. She drew in her hand, and the web tightened. Cracks immediately appeared on the Spirit Turtle’s Profound Shell as the threads dug in. It was as if the shell could shatter in the next moment.

“Are you prepared?” Li Qingshan laughed wildly.

“What?” The Spider Queen furrowed her brows.

“What do you think?” Li Qingshan studied her snow-white body, and his eyes shone with an abusive light. He was about to return all the oppression and humiliation he had gone through.

“You’re dreaming!” the Spider Queen barked. The web tightened, and with a crack, the Spirit Turtle’s Profound Shell became riddled with fractures.

“In truth, I discovered your scheme a long time ago. How could you fool me with everything that goes on in the earth?” Li Qingshan laughed.

“If you discovered it, why didn’t you flee?” The Spider Queen was unconvinced, but she could not help but become doubtful inside.

“I was afraid you might flee.” Li Qingshan laughed. “Actually, there’s a flaw with this web.”


The Spirit Turtle’s Profound Shell shattered loudly.

Li Qingshan raised a finger. “It’s you!”

The Spider Queen only vaguely saw two violent blasts of air from Li Qingshan’s back. He vanished in that instant.

She was alarmed, but by the time she had responded, it was already too late. Li Qingshan crashed into her with the web.

“You’ll need daemon qi and physical strength to maintain the web! Now, both your daemon qi and your physical strength should be mostly consumed, right?” Li Qingshan lay on top of her and gripped her slender neck with a claw. He smiled viciously. “I’m very vengeful, mother of my child!”

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