Chapter 491 – I Said I Would and I Will

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Chapter 491 – I Said I Would and I Will

The Spider Queen no longer smiled. There was shock, rage, as well as a hint of irrepressible fear.

This feeling had been with her from the day she gained intelligence until the day she broke through to Daemon Commander. After all these years, no one, nothing, had managed to make her feel fear again.

Have I been defeated? No, how can I be defeated?!

The Spider Queen began to struggle desperately. She grabbed his arms and lifted her leg, kicking him in the back.

Li Qingshan smiled viciously. He weighed heavily on the Spider Queen’s snow-white body like a mountain. No matter how she struggled, she did not budge at all.

His arms became riddled with bloody marks, and his back ached from the kick. However, her attacks had ceased to be as sharp as they were in the beginning. They seemed rather powerless.

Having battled until now, the Spider Queen’s daemon qi was on the verge of running out, and exhaustion filled her entire body. Her strength was no longer as great as when she first started off.

As for Li Qingshan’s body, it had become stronger after breaking through to the fourth layer of the tiger demon. He had also used the power of belief to constantly replenish his daemon qi. Due to the Strength of the Earth, he felt no exhaustion at all. In particular, his strength grew further after digesting Strongboulder’s daemon core.

As she grew weaker and he grew stronger, she was no longer able to maintain an upper hand in close combat.

The Spider Queen used her remaining daemon qi to tighten the web, trapping Li Qingshan and choking him by the neck. Her eight legs shot towards him rapidly.

Without even batting an eye, Li Qingshan threw a punch at her belly. It possessed his original strength from the ox demon, the power of tremors, as well as some strengthening from the power of belief.

In that instant, the Spider Queen became dyed with a layer of silvery-grey. The power of tremors was released wave after wave and cracks began to appear on her silvery-grey skin. Before she could even recover, a second punch fell.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Li Qingshan completely ignored the tightening web and incoming legs. He simply hurled his fist at her again and again, venting his emotions viciously.

The web gradually slackened and the legs became powerless. Towards the end, they could not even pierce his Ox Demon Forges its Hide.

Ripples appeared on the Spider Queen’s metallic skin, recovering some of the texture of skin. The silvery-grey colour gradually receded, turning back into snow-white.

Li Qingshan’s punches had depleted the last shred of daemon qi in her. There was no longer enough to maintain the innate abilities.

Li Qingshan casually ripped off the web around him. Without the control of daemon qi, without the tugging of physical strength, the spider web was only an inanimate object no matter how tough it was.

Afterwards, he patted the Spider Queen’s face. “How is it, ma’am Spider Queen? Haven’t I served you well? You love this kind of service!”

“I’m going to kill you!” The Spider Queen’s face twisted, sinking into hysterical anger. She opened her vermillion lips, wanting to spit out a strand of silk to pierce Li Qingshan’s head.


A crisp slap landed on the Spider Queen’s face, throwing her face to one side. She suddenly turned back, only to be met with another slap.

Whenever she turned her head and tried to spit out silk, she would earn a slap. After over a dozen slaps, she finally gave up on this action that only invited humiliation. She kept her head turned to one side, staring at Li Qingshan with one eye. This scene was exactly the same as before, except hatred filled her eyes.


Another fist landed on her abdomen. Li Qingshan had not done it in response to this resentful gaze, but rather, it was because he sensed signs of daemon qi beginning to gather in her body. Daemon Commanders gathered daemon qi far too quickly.

If she ends up escaping due to a moment of carelessness and flees blindly, catching her again will be difficult. I still have a lot of things I haven’t done yet!

Li Qingshan thought of something. With a wave of his hand, pieces of the Spirit Turtle’s Profound Shell scattered, forming a faint blue sphere that enveloped them perfectly. It immediately blocked out the spiritual qi of the world.

He was replicating Fu Qingjin’s Green Ruins Illusion. Recovering daemon qi required absorbing the spiritual qi of the world. However, this move did not really have any value in battle, as he also would not be able to absorb the spiritual qi of the world once encased. Under normal circumstances, the Spider Queen could smash through this cage in a single move.

But now, this was perfect.

Li Qingshan eased up and let go of the Spider Queen’s throat, caressing her face gently. He slid down to her clavicle and then to her plump, white chest.

Now, it was time for him to enjoy the spoils of battle.

To Li Qingshan’s surprise, the Spider Queen did not put up any desperate resistance. Instead, she slowly turned her head back as if she was afraid of aggravating him. A hint of weakness that he had never seen appeared on her mesmerising face.

“You’ve won!”

“Really?” Li Qingshan was delighted, but also slightly disappointed. As he watched the extremely proud Spider Queen yield beneath him, he felt great excitement and joy, but he had yet to unleash his ruthless imaginations!

“In the past millennium, you are the first to defeat me, as well as the first to satisfy me to such a degree. I’m willing to become your woman, to birth a powerful child for you.”

The Spider Queen slowly propped herself up and embraced Li Qingshan. Her soft breasts pressed against his firm chest like they had melted as she gently kissed Li Qingshan’s shoulder with her scarlet lips, making her way up until she reached his neck.

During the intercourse earlier, she had kissed him countless times, but never had she been so gentle and docile.

Li Qingshan’s ruthless thoughts seemed to settle down too. He plunged his head into her hair, caressing it gently. He smiled faintly as if he enjoyed it very much.

The Spider Queen’s kisses became more and more intense, but her expression suddenly changed. She bit down viciously. Hidden behind her cherry lips were extremely sharp fangs, which contained the most potent venom.

As long as she injected it all into him in one go, it would spread to his head very quickly, and she would be able to turn the tables. At the very least, she could escape from this cage and recover some daemon qi for another battle.

“I knew your old habits would die hard. And, if you want to be my woman, you don’t even have that right!”

Li Qingshan only felt his neck prick slightly, but his smile remained. He grabbed the Spider Queen by her hair and tugged viciously.

The spirit turtle’s daemon core had given him a clear warning long before she had launched the attack. Li Qinshan had completely taken apart her scheme before she could even inject the venom. All she managed to leave behind were two faint, red specks.

“Northmoon, I will definitely kill you! I will skin you alive and feast on your flesh!”

“Hahahaha, I can understand your deviant thoughts a little. Hearing an opponent who’s in no shape to fight back speak such wishful words sure is fucking satisfying! We better change to a better position!”

Li Qingshan stood up and pressed the Spider Queen’s head against the ground, forcefully flipping her over. The sight made his eyes light up slightly.

Unlike her hideous original form, her human form was extremely beautiful. However, even after the countless times of intercourse they had gone through, he had never gotten the opportunity to admire her from this angle, probably due to the principle of never showing your back to the opponent!

Her round buttocks were extremely plump, perking up as she struggled. It waggled gloriously, but her figure would suddenly narrow at her waist, perfectly slender for grasping such that it even seemed slightly exaggerated. The curve along her back was extremely beautiful too.

Her breasts seemed extremely plump as well. There was basically no better description for her apart from a bewitching figure.

Li Qingshan let out a toothy grin. Now that’s a prize I like!

“If you dare… I’ll blow up my daemon core!” The Spider Queen turned her head desperately and threatened angrily.

“Forget it. You won’t blow up your daemon core unless your life is threatened. Don’t be like a human when you speak. Even if you actually plan on blowing it up, I never take back something I’ve said.” Li Qingshan laughed wildly before suddenly bending over, whispering gently into her ear, “My dear, I’m here.”


Cobweb city was dead silent. The night roamers returned carefully like they were treading on thin ice. Only after confirming there were no auras or disturbances did they relax slightly, but they still refused to enter the city.

On the empty land below Cobweb city where the magma and water merged, the six clans assembled together, whispering and discussing among themselves.

“Did sir Northmoon really enter ma’am Spider Queen’s chambers?”

“He didn’t just enter. He seems… like he’s done for.”

“Looks like we’re going to return to ma’am Spider Queen’s direct command again. Northmoon? Heh, I think he’s gotten ahead of himself with his arrogance. Does he really think he can escape with his life intact from a Daemon Commander as a mere Daemon General? He’s probably become ma’am Spider Queen’s food already.”

“Hmph, master will never die. Do you really think that a group of foolish women like you are worthy of guessing master’s strength?”

The night roamers all discussed with whispers as if they were afraid of breaking the silence of the city. However, this voice was loud and emotional, filled with unparalleled confidence like lightning that tore through the dark clouds.

Ye Liubo leapt forward, glancing past each night roamer sharply.

All the night roamers shut their mouths, gathering their eyes on Ye Liubo. Their gazes were filled with hostility.

“Ye Liubo you traitor! You just strut around with borrowed feathers, helping Northmoon in abusing us. We haven’t even gotten to you yet, yet you’re actually leaping out yourself. Be prepared to pay with death!”

A matriarch said sinisterly. The faces of the night roamers all sunk quietly. For a moment, who knew how many daggers and swords were drawn.

Black shadows faded in and out, ready to merge into the darkness at any time and carry out a fatal assassination.

Apart from being strong enough himself, the main reason why the night roamers were willing to obey Li Qingshan was because of the Spider Queen’s orders.

The nature of these night roamers prevented them from truly yielding to anyone. Betrayal and slaughter was something as easy as breathing to them. Even Ye Liusu had her own pursuits and plans. Only Ye Liubo was absolutely loyal to him.

During the three years of secluded cultivation, the person behind why the night roamers had offered up so many spiritual herbs was not actually Ye Liusu, but Ye Liubo. She had frequently used Li Qingshan’s name to force the six clans into collecting spiritual herbs. She received special attention from Li Qingshan too, which also incurred a lot of trouble stemming from envy and hatred.

Death was now certain for Li Qingshan—even if he managed to scrape by, all he could do was flee. He would never dare return underground again, making it even more impossible for him to continue ruling over them. As a result, the many conflicts erupted all of a sudden.

Ye Liubo became a target for all. Who knew how many powerful night roamers that had undergone a heavenly tribulation present only required a single breath to take Ye Liubo’s life.

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