Chapter 494 – A Phoenix’s Feather

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Chapter 494 – A Phoenix’s Feather

“Help you out with what?”

Li Qingshan had basically determined that the infant had no hostility towards him. As for this “small help”, it was probably the original reason why he had suddenly appeared.

“Do you know the Chan Monastery of Deva-Nāga?”

“Who doesn’t know about that in the Green province?”

“The Chan Monastery of Deva-Nāga has a cultivation method called the Chant of Deva-Nāga.”

“Yeah. That’s the special cultivation method of their sect. And then?”

“There’s no and then. You just have to fetch me the Chant of Deva-Nāga.”

“And you call that something small? You want me, a Daemon General, to enter the Chan Monastery of Deva-Nāga and steal their special cultivation method?”

Li Qingshan laughed. If I had that ability, why’d I still be mouthing off with you? I’d go for another hundred times with Spider Queen Lolth right now!

“This is much easier than venturing beyond the Nine Heavens. Don’t turn me down so quickly. Why don’t you hear me out about what I can help you with?”


“A phoenix’s feather.”

Li Qingshan was taken aback. He had obtained the Phoenix’s Scripture of Nirvāṇa a long time ago, but cultivation had never been smooth with it. If he could obtain a phoenix’s feather, perhaps that was an opportunity. He might even be able to increase the Phoenix Transformation’s power.

“How do I know if you’re telling the truth or not?”

“You can verify with me after you obtain the Chant of Deva-Nāga!” The voice receded like the tide, growing distant.

“You want to exchange a bird’s feather for the secret cultivation method of the Chan Monastery of Deva-Nāga. That is far too stingy of you. Since you want it so much, why don’t you retrieve it yourself?”

“I have my struggles.” The voice drifted off.

“Why don’t you give me the phoenix’s feather first so that I can increase my cultivation? I’ll have a better chance too.”

“I await your assistance, fellow traveller of the same path!” The voice echoed, gradually wearing away.

Lolth happened to be in the middle of a conversation with Li Qingshan when she suddenly saw him become dazed. She pulled away from Li Qingshan in a flash and waved her hand. All of the silk and web gathered towards her, layering and weaving together to form a tight suit that wrapped around her body.

Of course, this was not because of embarrassment or anything along those lines. Clothes woven from the tough silk served as the best armour.

“But I still don’t know who you are.”

A while later, Li Qingshan returned to his senses and opened his eyes. He still felt rather frustrated.

When he saw Lolth’s attire, he could not help but smile. “What’s this supposed to be? Fishnet lingerie? Do you want me to help you take it off again?”

The spider silk had always been slightly transparent, but as she layered it together, she seemed like she wore a thick veil, her skin vaguely visible. She wore the large web as her outer layer. Her attire made her seem even more mesmerising than when she was bare.

“You can try it.” Lolth smiled. She had already recovered ten percent of her daemon qi, but this measly ten percent could not be underestimated. Even if Li Qingshan struck with his full strength right now, going as far as to expend all of his power of belief, it would be impossible for him to capture her again.

“I’ll have plenty of opportunities, mother of my child. I’ll be taking my leave first.” Li Qingshan smiled confidently and flapped his wings of wind, taking off.

Lolth clenched her fist, but she felt her heart ease up slightly. Li Qingshan no longer asked about the identity of the “infant”, and she was more than willing to avoid answering him. Little did she know they had already had a conversation.

If she found out the “infant” had referred to Li Qingshan as a “fellow traveller of the same path” at the very end, she would definitely be so shocked that her mouth would be hanging agape. Afterwards, she would reconsider how she treated Li Qingshan.


“Ye Laixiang, you’re bold enough to launch an attack, yet I’m supposed to be afraid of fighting back? Once master returns, he’ll definitely kill you all to avenge me.”

In Cobweb city, Ye Liubo remained calm and fearless under the glares of the night roamers, loudly mocking the matriarch of the Bat Shadow clan.

“Do you really believe he’ll be able to return? Hehe!” Ye Laixiang let out a nervous laugh.

The six clans had never gotten along, and the hatred between the Bat Shadow clan and Spider Shadow clan ran extremely deep. And, ever since Li Qingshan ascended to the top, the Spider Shadow clan had been the ones who benefited the most, while the status of the Bat Shadow clan constantly plummeted. They repressed their hatred to the bottom of their hearts, where it constantly brewed and fermented.

Ye Liubo said, “Hmph, even if the entire Bat Shadow clan dies, he won’t die!”

Ye Laixiang played around with a snake-shaped dagger in her hand and sneered. “Alright, then don’t hide. I’d like to see whether he’ll actually avenge you or not.”

“Does the Bat Shadow clan want to declare war?” Ye Liusu stepped forward from the crowd.

“So what if we want to declare war? You’re just a junior, yet you’re still bold enough to tell me what I can and can’t do? Do you really think I don’t know what you’re thinking? You just want to unite the night roamers and become the matriarch yourself. Why don’t you check yourself first? Without Northmoon’s support, you’re nothing!” Ye Laixiang barked.

Over the past few years, Ye Liusu had been constantly recruiting the night roamers who refused to take part in the internal strife among the clans, constantly shaking at the foundations of the clans. She had offended a few clans even more than Ye Liubo.

With Ye Laixiang stepping forward, the gazes of the other matriarchs became unfathomable too.

Ye Liusu frowned slightly. She could clearly feel ice-cold killing intent locking onto her from somewhere. The atmosphere fell apart all of a sudden, as if she had returned to the past when night roamers struggled against one another.

Ye Mingzhu stood forward and said, “I’d advise you all to calm down for now! Liusu has been working diligently for our entire race. You’ve all witnessed the fruits of her efforts from the past few years! By working together and letting go of conflict, all of us will benefit.”

“Benefit? Ye Mingzhu, you just want your daughter to rule over us! You better think about it carefully then! Ye Liusu and Ye Liubo are betraying ma’am Spider Queen and siding with the traitor Northmoon! Their crimes cannot be forgiven! If we work together right now and exterminate them, that’ll net us great merit! If you want to protect them, then your Spider Shadow clan will be exterminated too!”

As she said that, Ye Laixiang constantly exchanged glances with the other matriarchs. Through their secret conversations, they finally reached a temporary agreement, obviously not to demonstrate loyalty towards the Spider Queen, but for the large quantities of resources that Ye Liusu controlled.

Silently, several orders were passed down. The powerful night roamers of the five clans all surrounded Ye Liusu, Ye Liubo, and the others.

Ye Mingzhu considered it before also waving her hand. The elders and masters of the Spider Shadow clan became part of this encirclement, but they were the furthest away, only forming the outskirts.

The personal guards under Ye Liusu’s leadership formed a ring with their backs pointing to the centre. They gazed at the surroundings vigilantly, but they seemed rather hesitant, as they had originally come from these clans too.

“Apart from Ye Liusu and Ye Liubo, the others have just been misled. It’s not too late for you to return to your clans, or you’ll suffer the same fate as these two traitors!”

Ye Laixiang became more and more complacent. She believed that she only needed a single word and her daughters would return to her side again. The other matriarchs all issued summons too, calling back their princesses who had been sent over to serve as spies.

They all thought, Once she loses this force, the organisation that Ye Liusu worked so hard to manage will immediately crumble. It’s hilarious that she really thinks she’s still in charge.

But to everyone’s surprise, while quite a few people did waver, none of them immediately stepped forward and returned to their clans.

Before they knew it, Ye Liusu had managed to influence everyone around her with her ideal and true feelings.

The corner of Ye Liusu’s lips curled slightly as if she was rather relieved. She glanced back and said sincerely, “Thank you!”

“The situation is dangerous right now and master’s fate is unknown, but I believe he will definitely return. However, I don’t want to force anyone into risking their lives with me. No matter who wants to return to their clan, I won’t be stopping you. If you can protect your lives because of this, the time we spent as sisters would have been well worth it.”

A tall night roamer went up and placed her hand on Ye Liusu’s shoulder. She smiled. “To be honest, I’ve called Northmoon master, but he’s never satisfied me in bed, nor do I trust him. However, I do trust you, Ye Liusu!”

Another night roamer said, “If master doesn’t return, then we can found a clan together. You can be the matriarch, Liusu!”

“We followed Northmoon because of ma’am Spider Queen’s order. Whether he betrays anyone has nothing to do with us. I refuse to believe ma’am Spider Queen can’t tell the difference between right and wrong.”

“You all…” Ye Liusu’s heart warmed up. She was strangely touched and left speechless.

Ye Laixiang said furiously, “Ye Liusu, even with your silken tongue, you won’t be able to escape death today!”

‘If you want to take her life, you better kill me first!”

An icy voice rang out. The cool Ye Liuxing stood forward, leaving the encirclement. She gazed at Ye Liusu deeply, her eyes filled with indescribable emotions. Her voice became slightly gentler. “I will be leaving the Spider Shadow clan and serving under you.”

Ye Liubo witnessed all of this and felt happy for Ye Liusu from the bottom of her heart. She thought, Sister, this is where your charm lies. Master is right. You are special!

Not only did the inducement fail to collapse Ye Liusu’s organisation, but it instead assisted her in growing her influence. The matriarchs were all stunned. Were these really right roamers? Where had their cold, suspicious dispositions gone?

Following their surprise, they felt even more threatened. They secretly made up their minds. No, Ye Liusu must be eliminated, or she might actually unite the clans!

“Liuxing, I don’t think you need to leave the Spider Shadow clan, as from now onwards, Ye Liusu is the new matriarch of the Spider Shadow clan!”

Ye Mingzhu smiled, but she felt rather reluctant inside. This was an opportunity to strengthen the Spider Shadow clan. Once the two organizations merged together, the Spider Shadow clan would surpass the five other clans and even have an actual chance at uniting them.

They had gone from one against six to two against five. A difference still seemed to exist, but over the past few years, both Ye Liusu and the Spider Shadow clan had already built up a very substantial supply of resources through Li Qingshan’s trust and favour. They possessed countless talismans and puppets. If they actually began fighting, they would not necessarily lose.

Ye Liusu beamed with joy. “Yes, mother!”

“Liusu, this is all I can do to assist you!” Ye Mingzhu nodded slightly, but she smiled bitterly inside. She had no idea whether this daughter who was different from the rest was a blessing or a curse.

However, from a different perspective, if Ye Liusu had been just as heartless as the other night roamers, Ye Mingzhu would have never passed the position of matriarch to her so easily, even if she was her daughter by blood.

Now, the Spider Shadow clan was outside, while Ye Liusu and the others were inside. They had surrounded their enemies instead.

The two sides confronted one another. A great battle was about to erupt.

“Ye Mingzhu, have you made up your mind about betraying ma’am Spider Queen and supporting the remnants of the traitor Northmoon?” Ye Laixiang said coldly.

“Traitor Northmoon? Are you speaking about me?”

Everyone looked back. They saw a figure with drifting, scarlet hair standing in front of the city gates. His scarlet pupils shone like fire as he gazed down coldly.

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