Chapter 514 – The Spider Queen’s True Strength

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Chapter 514 – The Spider Queen’s True Strength

Lolth walked over to the cavern, grabbed the edge of the crack in the Spirit Turtle’s Profound Shell, and pulled hard. With a sound that resembled shattering glass, the Spirit Turtle’s Profound Shell crumbled. She arrived in front of Li Qingshan.

She pulled back her right hand and raised it, straightening out the whip and dispersing the wind around it as a black spear. She turned to her side slightly with the spear right in front of her while bending her slender, right leg slightly and staring at Li Qingshan from the side.

Li Qingshan finally realised he was unable to keep Lolth’s whip trapped with the breath alone. The whip could be flexible or rigid. When it was flexible, it could be maneuvered in a thousand different ways, but when it was rigid, it was indestructible. In her hands, it basically felt like it was part of her.

With the majestic Cobweb city as a backdrop, her graceful, pitch-black figure made her seem noble like the queen of the night, possessing an aura of desolation that Li Qingshan had never witnessed before.

A great sense of danger rose up inside, but at the same time, Li Qingshan’s excitement began to surge, dancing like the wind and blazing like fire. It was heavier than love, more intense than desire.

He could not help himself as his lips curled into a vicious smile. He let out a wild laugh and exhaled violently. The breath that was originally only as thick as an arm suddenly swelled and whistled over.

Then he reached forward as if he had grabbed something and pulled violently. The rocks in the surroundings began to pulse like skin, hurling violently towards Lolth.

The breath whistled and twisted as it collided against Lolth, blowing her dark, long hair backwards. Creases appeared on her black tight suit, but the wind failed to penetrate or rip through it.

The rock and soil had basically buried Lolth completely, only leaving a single eye exposed, still staring fixedly at Li Qingshan. Her figure suddenly blurred. She was clearly in the same, standing posture, but she had already taken a great stride forward, pushing out with her right hand suddenly.

She crushed the earth around her, reducing it to dust in a single instant. The spear struck like lightning, piercing all obstacles as it headed towards Li Qingshan’s head.

It was an unstoppable and unparalleled force.

If this were the past, this attack definitely would have been enough to kill Li Qingshan on the spot. He would have absolutely no chance of escaping alive.

But it was different now. Li Qingshan had already been prepared. Everything he did earlier was just for earning some time. He bellowed out and brought his hands together, “Spirit Turtle’s Profound Shell!”

Surging daemon qi condensed around him, conjuring a figure of a spirit turtle. The figure was obviously fake, but the Spirit Turtle’s Profound Shell on the back of the figure was real.

It was no longer a barrier of light composed of countless hexagons. Instead, it was in the shape of an actual shell—ancient, crude, and sturdy.

As it lay there silently, even falling mountains and flowing seas could not make it budge.

In the instant the black spear and the Spirit Turtle’s Profound Shell collided, the underground world of eternal darkness suddenly erupted with blinding light.

In the moment they clashed, Li QIngshan’s eyes suddenly became as calm as water. He lowered and raised his body cleverly, avoiding the head of the spear and forcing it to glance across the hemispherical turtle shell, leading to a miss.

Sure enough, the turtle shell also became dyed with a layer of black. It would be completely impossible for him to continue to hold his ground with this alone.

However, Li Qingshan had never considered that. At that moment, the figure of the spirit turtle dispersed, and the figure of the tiger demon appeared. The black stripes across its forehead were clearly visible.

Li Qingshan bent over, just like how the tiger demon built up strength before it killed its prey.

He stopped giving off even a single hint of viciousness in that moment. Instead, a certain calmness poured out of his scarlet eyes as he gazed at Lolth right in front of him.

His tall, straight body bent together, like a great bow that had been drawn to full length. Every single tendon, every single muscle in his body was a tightened bowstring. His shoulder blades suddenly rose up on his back, and the wings of wind unfurled.

Roar! There was an earthshaking howl of a tiger!

Lolth sensed heinous malice slam right into her.

In that instant, all emotions had vanished from Li Qingshan’s scarlet eyes. All that remained was a red light of bloodthirstiness and battle-hungriness. With two long, tailing streaks of scarlet light, he lunged towards the Spider Queen.

Faced with Lolth’s steady advance, Li Qingshan advanced too instead of retreating. In an unavoidable confrontation, the courageous would emerge victoriously!

The poisonous whip became flexible again and swept over, targeting Li Qingshan’s neck. She wanted to stop his lunge, but she was one step too slow. Under the instantaneous acceleration of the wings of wind, even Lolth seemed to struggle to react in time.

However, she remained as calm as before. Rings of light flickered through her eyes as she used her innate ability. Despite Li Qingshan’s alarming speed, he immediately slowed down in her eyes.

She could clearly make out every strand of floating hair, every change in his expression. The droplets of water from jumping drifted through the air slowly. His body was fully extended in his lunging posture, but it was also filled with a beauty of strength.

The eight long legs unfolded from behind her. Each leg possessed a similar black to the whip and was completely unreflective. They stabbed towards Li Qingshan’s eyes, throat, heart, and other vital points.

However, there was still a sliver of clarity in the depths of Li Qingshan’s frenzied eyes. With a thought, eight pieces of the Spirit Turtle’s Profound Shell scattered, hovering in his surroundings and slowing down his legs slightly.

Li Qingshan used this opportunity to form a fist with his claw, hurling it violently at Lolth.

All of this had happened in a split second. Lolth raised her hand to catch his fist firmly, but with the acceleration of the wings of wind, Li Qingshan pushed his strength to the limit.

Even Lolth was unable to oppose this force. She leaned backwards, revealing an opening for an instant.

Li Qingshan’s left fist landed on her chest.

Tremors of the Ox Demon!


Lolth was sent flying, sailing below the waterfall. Her black tight suit ripped open, revealing her deep cleavage, but it was all a silvery-grey. She had used her defensive innate ability once again.

However, there were still a series of hairline cracks. Li Qingshan had concentrated all the power of tremors into a single point.

She was still in the air, but daemon qi had already surged over and repaired the damage. Her skin became white again too. Threads pulled and wove together over the opening in the tight suit, automatically repairing itself.

He’s become even faster and his destructive power has become even stronger. If it were not for this battle suit, my wounds would be much worse.

Lolth stared at Li Qingshan by the side of the cavern. There was no fury in her eyes from being injured and forced back. Instead, they were extremely calm, estimating Li Qingshan’s current strength.

From the punch, it seemed like Li Qingshan’s full strength could only injure her slightly, nothing for her to be too concerned about. But this time, she would not become careless because of anything.

She still gripped the black whip firmly in her right hand, which she raised gently.

The moment Li Qingshan had completely unleashed the force of his lunge, when he thought he had forced back the enemy, his mind was still tense, but a slight physical opening was unavoidable, and her eyes allowed her to grasp all openings.

Li Qingshan felt his wrist tighten. The whip reached towards him, trying to drag him off the cliff.

Li Qingshan stomped down, and the rock cracked. The Strength of the Earth endowed him with unbelievable physical strength, immediately stabilising his figure.

Suddenly, a numb feeling rapidly spread through his fist. The same feeling also began to spread through his hands and many other parts of his body.

I’m clearly not injured! This venom is vicious! She purposefully allowed me to hit her with that punch just so the whip had an opportunity to get me.

The eight legs had managed to pierce the Spirit Turtle’s Profound Shell, but just how fast was Li Qingshan with his lunge? In the end, they only managed to brush past his body. They had even failed to penetrate the Ox Demon Forges its hide, so they could not be regarded as wounds at all.

But now, the eight marks rapidly expanded and deepened, eating away at his flesh silently. In the blink of an eye, they turned into eight horrific wounds.

As for his fist that had come into contact with Lolth’s tight suit, a layer of skin vanished in the blink of an eye, revealing his bones that possessed a metallic lustre. The toxins actually seeped into his bones wildly.

The Spirit Turtle Suppresses the Seas, suppress the venom!

Daemon qi surged through Li Qingshan’s body, suppressing the spread of the venom for now. He wanted to purge it from the body, but the venom stuck to his body hard and fast. At the same time, the whip below his feet continued to release toxins endlessly.

It was different from being poisoned last time. Currently, he felt absolutely no pain. His foot just shrunk silently, and it continued to shrink.

The difference in the venom was like Lolth right now. She had ceased her wild profanity and sharp curses. Instead, she simply sapped away his life force silently and quietly.

Li Qingshan wielded his hand like a knife, swinging down viciously at the whip.

However, the resilient daemon qi inside made his hand rebound away.

The toughness of the whip itself had already exceeded his imaginations. This was the result of patiently weaving for over half a year. Every single thread she spat out was even stronger than steel.

And, the whip was composed of a hundred thousand threads, woven together in an extremely clever fashion before being further refined into a single object.

Under the control of Lolth’s will, the whip extended like a snake and slithered up his body, wrapping around his thigh, wrapping around his waist, wrapping and wrapping!

Li Qingshan did not even feel like he was being bound, as wherever the whip passed by, his body began to numb. There was no pain, only nothingness.

Lolth did not use this opportunity to rush over. Instead, she maintained her distance from Li Qingshan and watched quietly, seizing every second to recover her daemon qi and physical strength.

When prey fell into their web, spiders would not strike immediately. Instead, they would wait until they used up all their strength struggling and became completely non-threatening before enjoying themselves slowly.

So I still underestimated her!

Li Qingshan originally heard she was relatively strong among Daemon Commanders, so he thought there was nothing particularly impressive about being a Daemon Commander at all. In hindsight, he had been far too conceited.

She had personally shown him the terrors of a carapaced Daemon Commander. Her innate abilities might not have been so dazzling and complicated, but with the simplest coordination, they completely transformed her into a machine of slaughter.

The spirit turtle’s daemon qi let out a shrill warning. Death was pressing closer. Thinking he could escape at any time just because he possessed the wings of wind was merely a hilarious fantasy.

The slightest carelessness would lead to certain death.


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