Chapter 516 – The Bones Stand and the Tiger Lives

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Chapter 516 – The Bones Stand and the Tiger Lives

From that moment onwards, Li Qingshan could freely use the spiritual energy from Moon Court lake and the countless rivers and lakes from here.

He felt like his mind was being extended indefinitely, finally connecting with the territory he had tended to for a very long time.

His thought processes became vast and boundless with it. He was still trapped in the web, but his gaze towards Lolth seemed like he was looking down on her from above.

The river that Li Qingshan had blocked and oppressed the entire time seemed like it could not help itself any longer. It roared and surged with desire as it burst forth.

Li Qingshan’s vision emptied out and lit up, entering a mental state of intricacy. He pushed the Water God Seal and poured all of its power into a single point, which was the spirit turtle’s daemon core!

The daemon core suddenly accelerated, twisting and turning sharply. Powered by the surging water, it was like a whistling cannonball being fired from a cannon.

Lolth managed to grasp these changes with the innate ability of her eyes. She was not particularly surprised, as if she had been expecting everything.

However, as she watched the spirit turtle’s daemon core shoot over, she actually felt like she was unable to respond in time. All she could do was grip her whip and retreat rapidly. Even at a time like this, she did not forget to take Li Qingshan with her. As long as he left the region of water, he would be completely at her whim.

She raised her other hand to block the trajectory of the spirit turtle’s daemon core. She only needed to block it slightly, and it would provide her with the force to pull even further away.

By then, no matter what Li Qingshan was capable of as a water god, it would all be useless. She had countless different ways to kill an utterly-vulnerable opponent.

Lolth had truly responded to these changes quickly. Just the thought process alone demonstrated she had completely recovered her powerful instincts as a hunter.

However, none of this was destined to develop like what she had been expecting.

First of all, she had underestimated the power behind the daemon core.

Like how dripping water could wear through rock, the spirit turtle’s daemon core was like a droplet of water, but behind it was the water from boundless rivers and lakes. All of their power had been concentrated on this droplet of water.

The moment it struck her hand, it paused slightly before passing right through, striking her in the chest.

Disbelief filled Lolth’s eyes. The black tight suit over her chest ripped apart as her silvery-grey skin caved in deeply. Blood spattered.


Lolth was thrown far away like a kicked ball.

Cling! Clang! Clung! Clang!

The spider threads that criss-crossed through the cavern snapped like zither strings as she smashed through them.

Despite the threads slowing her down, she still rammed heavily into Cobweb city. She smashed a building to pieces first, but that was not enough to stop her. Only after taking down over a dozen walls and a thick pillar did she land heavily. As soon as the pain appeared, she began to cough up blood violently.

Li Qingshan found it to be quite the pity. If he had managed to directly strike her body, he definitely would have caused quite the damage, or even pierce her all the way through. However, piercing through her hand was equivalent to piercing two layers of the poison suit. Another layer still remained when it struck her chest in the end. The attack had been worn down layer by layer, minimising her injuries.

The daemon core bounced back, and Li Qingshan swallowed it conveniently, but he discovered the daemon core had also been contaminated with a layer of black venom. However, with a flash, the toxins had been purged. Her venom could eat away the Spirit Turtle’s Profound Shell, but it was not particularly effective against the spirit turtle’s daemon core.

Li Qingshan had still been pulled along by the poisonous whip, so he was obviously dragged into Cobweb city against his will. Looking around, he discovered he was in her chambers. The large, obsidian bed draped with curtains was nearby.

Li Qingshan sniggered. “Mother of my child, you can say we’re revisiting this old place.”

Lolth straightened herself out. The tight suit over her chest constantly twisted and tangled in an attempt to repair itself, but clearly, it would not be so simple. After quite a long time, it had only pulled together barely. It struggled to hide her voluptuous chest.

All human emotions ceased to exist in her eyes. Her pupils had constricted to points that resembled the tips of needles as she stared at Li Qingshan closely. Then she asked in a hoarse voice that sounded like dragging nails across a chalkboard.

“How are you still alive?” The venom she had injected him with was enough to slaughter a hundred cities, yet he was still able to laugh.

“Haha, I still want to witness the birth of our child!”

Under the layers and layers of webbing, Li Qingshan had already gripped the Blade of the Drinking Poisonfeather. He had plunged the hilt shaped like a Poisonfeather bird’s beak into the whip, sucking away the poison.

However, after absorbing the venom, even the blade itself turned back. The spiritual qi and inscriptions it had been imbued with was rapidly eaten away, following the footsteps of the Dragon Seizing bident, but it did temporarily deal with the urgent issue Li Qingshan was facing.

Lolth sensed that something was wrong and drew back the whip. She discovered a part of the whip had already recovered the translucent white of normal spider silk, which made her frown. Who knew how much effort and time went into refining every drop of venom. She originally thought that casually unleashing it on him would make him suffer, but she never expected him to be so difficult to deal with.

“Listen. This place is almost going to be flooded with water. If you have any killing moves, you better use them quickly, or I’m going to come for you.”

At this moment, the sound of surging waves rolled over from all directions. The river rampaged and poured into the huge cavern where Cobweb city resided. Hissing white steam rose up the moment it made contact with the magma.

Lolth suddenly straightened out her whip with a flick and made a move that Li Qingshan was extremely familiar with, targeting his head.

“I’ll send you off to see the king of hell right now!”

She took a step forward, and the spear suddenly thrusted out, shooting towards the immobilised Li Qingshan as a straight, black streak.

“Keep dreaming!”

Fierce gales surged, and the wings of wind unfurled freely. They were not real wings, but condensed from daemon qi. He was unable to break out of the silk with physical strength, but it was unable to prevent him from using daemon qi to unleash abilities.

Li Qingshan resembled a huge egg that had grown a pair of wings. With a swish, he took off into the air, avoiding the thrust of the spear and flying backwards.

But why would Lolth let him slip through her fingers? He had only flown to the entrance when he felt his speed suddenly reduce. Before he knew it, a thread of silk had caught him.

Li Qingshan flapped his wings as he tried to fly away desperately. He sounded very arrogant, but having been caught by the whip again, the potent venom caused him quite the trouble. Having used his daemon qi for the wings of wind just now, the venom immediately showed signs of spreading again.

Lolth sneered and tugged hard while he was mid-air, so he had nothing he could push off of or hold onto. Despite his extraordinary physical strength, he was unable to use it, so he was dragged back again.

Li Qingshan looked over and discovered Lolth had let go of the whip, unfurling her arms and extending her eight legs with her lips slightly parted, like she wanted to give him a great big hug followed by a deep kiss.

Oh no! Spirit Turtle’s Profound Shell!

Under Lolth’s passionate hug, the Spirit Turtle’s Profound Shell produced a painful groan and became riddled with cracks. However, the most terrifying part was still the toxins from her poisonous suit that tried to eat through and penetrate anything it touched.

The Spirit Turtle’s Profound Shell only lasted for a few seconds before shattering loudly. In that moment, Li Qingshan’s expression became rather strange, while Lolth’s face was twisted with hatred. She hugged her firmly before kissing him deeply on the lips. She kissed him so seriously and in such a cherisable manner.

Li Qingshan felt his lips sting before losing all sensation. He knew what had happened without even checking. His lips were probably gone already, but this was just the beginning…

Which part of her was most venomous? It was not the whip, nor her clothes, but her venomous fangs. She had injected the most primitive and purest Bone-eating Venom into his body.

The venom was so potent that it could not be compared to catching a splash on the skin. Even Daemon Commanders would probably be poisoned to death by that bite.

The venom flowed into his lungs through his throat. Wherever it flowed to, he lost sensation.

In the blink of an eye, all of his organs had vanished. He had been eaten away inside out, only leaving behind his thin bones.

Li Qingshan could only feel a bloody fluid sloshing around in his belly before all flowing away. The sensation was absolutely horrible.

But even then, he did not waver. He did not even plan on calling Xiao An to save him.

The water level rapidly rose up around Cobweb city.

This place had already become his region of water!

Suddenly, the Water God Seal in Li Qingshan’s body erupted with light. Endless spiritual qi surged into Li Qingshan’s body. His daemon qi recovered rapidly like the rising tide; it seemed gradual, but in the blink of an eye, it would claim the lengthy coastline—it was unstoppable. It fended off the venom in his body desperately.

However, the venom continued to maliciously rob Li Qingshan of his flesh and blood. The water and venom constantly clashed in a stalemate, wasting away the venom.

Within Li Qingshan’s body, his flesh and blood would suddenly vanish from the invading venom, before regrowing under the nourishment of the water spiritual energy.

It was an extremely strange sight and the sensation could not exactly be described with words either.

“Go die!” Lolth plunged her hands into Li Qingshan’s eyes madly.

In that instant, his vision blackened. Li Qingshan had been blinded!

Even more viciously, she plunged them into his brain and stirred it into a mess.

If he had been a regular Daemon General, death would be certain once his organs and brain were destroyed, no matter how tenacious his life force was.

However, Li Qingshan did not stop resisting because of this. He had been through many trials too. After breaking through to the fourth layer of the tiger demon, his body no longer possessed these evident vital points.

Even if he had been stripped of his flesh and blood, he could still remain standing proudly as long as his tiger bones remained. The daemon core continued to shine. He would not be knocked down. The slight pain from that basically seemed like a game compared to the strange sensation he was experiencing with his body.

“Why won’t you die!?”

Lolth grabbed Li Qingshan’s skull viciously with her ten fingers, producing an ear-piercing screech and making sparks fly, but she only managed to leave behind ten shallow marks. She poured the skull with venom, leading to swathes of white smoke and charring it black, but that was it.

It was Bone-eating Venom, but it was unable to eat away his tiger bones. As long as the bones stood, the tiger lived.

She was about to lose her mind from anger. She was clearly much more powerful than him, she could clearly overwhelm him with ease, yet he was able to put up a struggle again and again!

Li Qingshan opened his jaws on his face that had virtually been reduced to a skull and wind whistled through his hollow throat, producing a strange, sinister laughter.

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