Chapter 544 – The Flames of the Phoenix

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Chapter 544 – The Flames of the Phoenix

If the dead wanted to come back alive, it would be extremely difficult.

That was the situation in the space the Hungry Ghost realm devoured.

Li Qingshan smiled and broke free from Hua Chengzan’s grasp, leaping into the dark world of death. Looking back, dark mist enshrouded his vision. He could not see Hua Chengzan anymore. He could not even sense the aura of the outside world anymore.

As his air drifted through the air, it turned scarlet. Northmoon appeared and gazed around with his scarlet eyes.

He and Xiao An both possessed spiritual artifacts for communication, which was why they could sense each other’s locations. However, under the influence of the Hungry Ghost realm, they were unable to sense anything.

Why didn’t Xiao An retreat?

As he pondered that, the black mist before him suddenly surged, and the ground began to tremble slightly.

A Corpse General riding a corpse horse rushed over with almost ten thousand Corpse Soldiers behind him. He was cloaked in corpse qi, making it almost impossible to see him. Only a pair of green eyes shone brilliantly as he raised the war hammer in his hand high into the air with bone-deep hatred for the living.

Corpse qi condensed into a black, colossal war hammer, slamming down heavily.

Earth was thrown into the air and a pit appeared on the ground, but Li Qingshan had already vanished.

The Corpse General was stunned. Suddenly, he raised his head and saw a huge figure descend from above, throwing a punch.

The surging corpse qi condensed into a huge, black shield before him.

Li Qingshan sneered. His fist landed on the shield, and the corpse qi shook and dispersed violently. His punch continued along the way, reducing the Corpse General and his horse to a pulp.

Hmm? Someone else has entered? It’s that half-daemon! If this person becomes a zombie, he’ll definitely be extremely powerful, but there seems to be some kind of power on him that repels the aura of death.

Zi’er stood in the centre of the land of death and studied the surrounding region of several hundred kilometers. She thought of that before deciding to kill the second heavenly tribulation cultivators first, especially that woman who controlled ghosts.

The Dark Queen’s face was sunken. There were no less than five Corpse Commanders in the surroundings who converged around her. If it were just five Corpse Commanders, there was no need for her to be afraid, but behind them was the support of a million Corpse Soldiers. Not only were their attacks extremely powerful, but their corpse qi was endless too.

Meowster! Meowster!”

Within the mist, a familiar call seemed to ring out.

“Why did she come in?”

The Dark Queen’s expression changed, becoming slightly distracted.

Immediately, the corpse qi around her surged into the air and swept over like a tsunami.

Six Corpse Commanders of varying appearances and races struck together with clouds of corpse qi, sealing off all room she could maneuver about in to take her life.

The Dark Queen raised her hand, and the huge ghost appeared.


A dark green, petite figure called out loudly as she advanced through the thick mist.

“Where did meowster go? She’s not going to be in any danger, right?”

Xuanyue furrowed her brows. Suddenly, her cat ears trembled, and her hair pricked up. She turned around and bared her teeth.

Rumble! Within the thunderous shaking, the pebbles on the ground leapt up and down. A hundred thousand Corpse Soldiers under the lead of seven Corpse Generals swarmed over like an avalanche.

Corpse qi condensed above the army into a lunging, black monster.

Let alone her, a Daemon General, even a Daemon Commander would struggle to withstand the full brunt of that.

With a flash, she vanished from the location, having used Shadow Displacement, but she was only displaced three hundred meters away, unable to escape from the corpse army. In this region, innate abilities were no longer so effective.

She clenched her fist and staggered backwards before immediately turning around and fleeing. She arrived at the edge of the region very soon, raising her foot but unable to step out.

A huge chasm invisible to the naked eye separated the region from the outside world, serving as a boundary between life and death.

Dying was easy, but coming back alive was not!

She turned around, her large eyes filled with anxiety. She murmured to herself.

“No, no, I have to find a way, but what can I do here? Meowster, Xuanyue is going to die for you. Although I’ve always tried to escape, I haven’t exactly let you down. Damned Big Blacko, your master I am also about to die because of you. You’ve let me down tremendously!”

The army rushed towards her like the tide. It was suffocating.

Xuanyue closed her eyes as her last thought flashed through her head, I wonder if I can be revived if I die in a strange place like this.

The pain she imagined did not arrive. She opened her eyes and saw a conspicuous smear of scarlet. It seemed so dazzlingly beautiful in the gloomy, grey world.

A figure stood before him, his body tall and straight and his scarlet hair drifting through the air. He did not seem particularly burly, but he gave off a lofty, unshakeable bearing like a mountain.

He knelt on one knee and struck the ground with both hands lithely and forcefully.

Xuanyue called out, “You idiot, it’s already too late to kneel for forgiveness!”

Li Qingshan’s expression stiffened and shot an exasperated glance at her.

“How dare you glare at me at a time like this… I…”

Xuanyue shut up. Cracks emanated from his fist.

The steady ground abruptly turned into a raging beast, shaking violently. The thickly-dotted Corpse Soldiers were like lice on the beast’s back, thrown into the air viciously.

Several tens of thousand Corpse Soldiers blotted out the sky, directly shaken to death. The military formation collapsed.

The seven leading Corpse Generals reeled right and left as their minds shuddered.

The phoenix wings took off, and Li Qingshan turned into a streak of scarlet light. He struck seven times and killed off all the Corpse Generals, looping around and flying towards Xuanyue.

“Who are you? What are you trying to do?”

Xuanyue felt her body lighten, having been picked up, and they took off. His cool, scarlet hair brushed past her cheeks, which were rather ticklish. Her eyes lit up, and she extended her hand to touch the pair of curved horns on Li Qingshan’s head.

Li Qingshan smiled as he allowed her to touch them.

As she gently stroked them, the two words, “north” and “moon”, became very distinct.

Xuanyue was gradually filled with disbelief. “You’re… Big Blacko!?”

Li Qingshan gazed at the energetic young girl who was no different from before as she stared at him in surprise. He could not help but laugh aloud.

“I haven’t let you down at all! Let me repeat myself, you’re not my master!”

Xuanyue put up a struggle. “How can Big Blacko be so beautiful and so strong? You must have disguised yourself!”

Li Qingshan said, “If you keep moving about, I’m going to leave you behind!”

Xuanyue glanced down and saw the boundless sea of corpses. She immediately stopped moving about. She blinked her eyes and said in a daze, “You really are Big Blacko.”

“And why’s that?”

“Because you’re bad through and through!”

Li Qingshan held back the urge to drop her. Wind whistled beside him as a white figure flew with them. She waved her hand leisurely and greeted them. “Long time no see, the two of you!”

“Could you keep your distance from us?” Li Qingshan glanced behind. There were three Corpse Commanders tailing in pursuit at the very least, and they were all swift flying corpse beasts. Once they caught up, they would be extremely difficult to shake off.

“Don’t be so alienating!” Gu Yanying smiled.

“Who has been alienating you?”

“You are one of my admirers after all! Help me out!”

Gu Yanying even extended a hand over and patted Li Qingshan on the shoulder. Without even waiting for his reply, she suddenly veered away.

Li Qingshan sighed and turned around, flying back in the opposite direction with an arc. He casually tossed Xuanyue in his arms high into the air, approaching the three Corpse Commanders as a pincer attack with Gu Yanying.

A scream from Xuanyue rang out, “Big Blacko, you traitor!”

Gu Yanying brought her right hand backwards, and the delicate, jade folding fan opened with a flap. Sharp atmospheric winds coiled around it, and she swung out with it in front, sending the winds off with a whistle.

Li Qingshan came up with an idea. The phoenix wings on his back ignited fiercely. The wind strengthened the fire, allowing them to spread several dozen meters across while leaving behind a trace of firelight throughout the sky.

“That’s!?” Zi’er raised her head.

The three Corpse Commanders had already experienced the power of Gu Yanying’s atmospheric winds, so they refused to take them on forcefully. They each dodged, and the atmospheric winds brushed past their bodies. Even with thick layers of corpse qi as protection, the atmospheric winds still sliced through them easily like a hot knife through butter.

Looking back, their faces were all dyed red. The flaming wings smacked against them while blotting out the surroundings.

The three Corpse Commanders ignored it. In this space, there were no abilities or techniques that could threaten their lives apart from attacks like atmospheric winds. Coupled with the million-strong army as support and their protective corpse qi, it made them even more fearless.

With a hiss, the thick corpse qi began to melt like butter.

The phoenix wings slammed against the Corpse Commanders heavily, sending sparks flying.

The indestructible bodies they had cultivated over millennia began to burn, melting away like the corpse qi.

“How is this possible!?” “What is this fire!?” Cries rang out.

The attack was so effective that it left even Li Qingshan rather surprised. Originally, he planned on wearing away their protective corpse qi before engaging them in close combat and creating an opportunity for Gu Yanying to kill them in a single stroke with her atmospheric winds. However, he never thought he could directly set them on fire and burn them until they began howling out.

Neither Li Qingshan nor Gu Yanying let this fantastic opportunity slip by. They turned around and brushed past one another.

In that moment, their noses almost touched as their eyes met. Gu Yanying smiled faintly as if she was thinking of something, while Li Qingshan’s heart skipped a beat, like he had returned to that moment when they first met.

Two fierce gusts of wind surged and rubbed against one another, whistling past each other.

With a wave of her fan, the head of a Corpse Commander flew into the air. The flames on his body had not completely extinguished yet.

Li Qingshan directly flew away with a Corpse Commander. His wings of fire closed around him as he left behind a long tail of fire like a meteor. The Corpse Commander let out miserable wails as it was incinerated in the flames.

All of this had been completed during high-speed flight. The two of them turned around at the same time, targeting the remaining Corpse Commander that was shaped like a strange bird.

The strange bird had reacted the fastest. When the phoenix wings slammed against them earlier, only some of the flames had reached it because it was in the centre, which it put out very quickly. By the time it returned to its senses, its companions had already been killed off, becoming the only one left alive.

With a sharp cry, it dove down, fleeing towards the sea of corpses.

Seeing how she could not reach it in time, Gu Yanying stopped while Li Qingshan continued, one at the front and one at the back.

She swung her fan, and the fierce wind pushed Li Qingshan along. He flapped the wings of wind on his back violently as the flames blazed even more intensely.

Suddenly, he accelerated and caught up with the strange bird Corpse Commander immediately. His wings closed around it and burned it to death!

Pulling up, he sailed over the sea of corpses. The firelight illuminated “Zi’er’s” face.

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