Chapter 552 – Shatter

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Chapter 552 – Shatter

That was what Gu Yanying thought inside before seeing Li Qingshan punching the space in front of him viciously without any hesitation as soon as he realised what she said. Striking the enemy was extremely difficult, but how easy would it be to miss?

Even if he struck the Corpse King, it could not cause any lethal damage, so he might as well as see just what fantastic plan this bird woman had in mind!

I think I shattered something?

Li Qingshan could vaguely make out a shattering sound.

The sound was extremely gentle, like the hum of a mosquito. However, if he settled down and listened closely, it was like the sky had collapsed, enough to shake his soul.

The invisible space was like a transparent, glass container. Black cracks criss-crossed and littered the space like lightning. They were as fleeting as lightning, closing up and vanishing.

The Corpse King’s huge withered hand, enveloped in rolling corpse qi, swept through the air like a black cloud before looming over it. It was completely unaffected by the shockwave.

It seems useless!

As Li Qingshan thought of that, a piece was suddenly cut away from the “black cloud” above his head. The cut was so smooth and straight that it seemed like someone had carried it out with a ruler.

Silently, three pillar-like fingers were cut off, falling out of the sky.

Li Qingshan moved out of the way, avoiding the fingers, only to see the cuts were smooth and neat, surpassing anything that any weapon could achieve. It also left him stumped. What is going on?

When he gazed at the sky closely, he discovered that while the cracks the shockwave created had vanished, a long, slender trajectory remained.

Due to being overly thin, he was unable to notice it if he were not paying attention. It was probably even thinner than a hair on the Corpse King, if he had hair.

The black thread was not a regular pitch-black or inky-black. Instead, it could not be described with words. It seemed to suck away all light. Simply by looking at it, it felt like his field of vision had been carved up.

It was like a rip in a canvas. Everything painted on the canvas would split apart with the rip, no matter what it depicted, whether it was powerful or weak, as the very object that contained their existence had split open.

Don’t tell me… this is the shattering of space!? His punch can actually shatter space!

The Corpse King who always had a card up his sleeve, who always had the situation within the palm of his hand despite all the unexpected accidents, finally showed a sliver of fear.

Everything in the universe was contained in space that corresponded to them, whether it were the World of the Nine Provinces or the six realms of saṃsāra.

All the creatures of the six realms, corpses, ghosts, daemons, and humans, had to live in a certain region of space.

It was like how a painting could only exist when there was a canvas. It was already extremely difficult for figures in a painting to leave the canvas, let alone ripping the canvas. That was virtually impossible.

The Corpse King was already extremely powerful, but even he did not have that ability.

It was the Hungry Ghost realm that constantly devoured other worlds. He only took advantage of it and made the most out of the opportunity to create some advantages for himself and obtain some benefits. Moreover, he had only achieved this with the use of the eye of a strange beast like the “space-devouring beast”.

Only the gods and buddha of legends could traverse the void and the many worlds, unaffected by the various worlds.

Never could he have ever imagined that a puny daemon could cause something like this.

That was unless he possessed extremely great strength in the first place. Once figures in a painting reached a certain level of strength, they could leave the painting and ascend to higher worlds, called “ascension”.

But that was impossible!

Either that, or the power he grasped was at a very high level, having completely surpassed this world.

Li Qingshan checked his hand and thought with some disbelief. I never thought the Tremors of the Ox Demon would be so powerful after reaching the fifth layer with the Ox Demon Transformation.

Suddenly, a soul sense rang out in his sea of consciousness, “Stop staring around. This region is hovering through the void, being tugged at by the World of the Nine Provinces and the Hungry Ghost realm at the same time. It’s already become extremely fragile, and the Gate of Hungry Ghosts happens to be its most fragile location. It’s like its Achilles’ heel. That’s why you can destroy it like this. If this were a complete world like the nine provinces, you’ll never achieve something like this!”

That was what Gu Yanying said, but she dared not underestimate it. The quality of power he possessed was well beyond her initial imagination! Coupled with those various abilities and transformations, probably no one across the entire nine provinces could match his fortuitous encounter! Not even herself!

After all, he was merely a Daemon General right now. He had cultivated for a very short period of time, and his control over his power was not extensive. If he continued to advance like this, he would reach Daemon Commander or even Daemon King.

Even the older, reputed Daemon Kings would have to yield to a Daemon King with boundless strength who could shatter space with a punch. No, the entire Great Xia empire would tremble because of him.

I see!

Li Qingshan understood now, but he was not disappointed. His confidence swelled.

He reached out with both hands as the power of tremors constantly accumulated and coiled around his fingers, building up without erupting on his hands like two black cocoons. He built up terrifying power until he was unable to compress it anymore before finally pushing them forward.

The Corpse King let out a furious roar. The three severed fingers suddenly rose up, twisting and whistling towards Li Qingshan.

Li Qingshan felt extreme danger. Shockwaves surged from his hands, sending him flying.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The three fingers exploded before him at the same time. The bones turned into flying shrapnel as the flesh and blood barraged him like a thunderstone. Every fragment and droplet possessed extremely great destructive power, no weaker than the explosion of three golden cores.

Li Qingshan brought in his phoenix wings and surrounded himself with fire. He was blasted away viciously, reaching over fifty kilometers away. He flipped through the air several dozen times before stabilising himself.

Even though he avoided the centre of the explosion, he was still heavily injured. His internal organs had been shaken to bits, while his brain was a slush. He had gone blind in both eyes and deaf in both ears. Jagged bones protruded from his body, riddled with cracks.

The Corpse King opened his mouth and exhaled. A black flow gushed towards Li Qingshan as the foul smell overwhelmed his nose. It was like a black, poisonous dragon, possessing a potently-poisonous aura of death.

Once it struck him, even the flames of the phoenix would be extinguished, and his tiger bones would be reduced to a puddle of fluid.

These were abilities that the Corpse King would only use when he fought opponents of the same level in the Hungry Ghost realm, when it directly corresponded with his breakthrough to Corpse Emperor.

It was extremely difficult to build up the corpse fluid. He had never even considered using it at a time like this, but he could not give Li Qingshan the opportunity to approach him again.

“Go, Northmoon! The outcome of this battle depends entirely on this!”

At this critical moment, Gu Yanying instead urged Li Qingshan to attack. Her fingers loosened slightly and a half-transparent feather flew over gently. It did not move particularly quickly, drifting and flickering about.

In the blink of an eye, it landed before the Corpse King and exploded silently. It turned into a spherical barrier that rapidly swelled and enveloped the Gate of Hungry Ghosts.

As if he were standing on the ground where waves of heat rose up underneath the scorching sun, the surrounding landscape twisted and changed. The Corpse King was surprised and doubtful, but he did not sense any form of threat or restraint. He only interpreted it as an attempt at deception.

“Little bro Qingshan, it’s up to you.”

Her voice entered Li Qingshan’s sea of consciousness along with a wispy laughter. Even when she was in a situation of life and death, she was able to remain so relaxed and composed. Even when she faced imminent death, she was able to remain as graceful as the wind.

“It’s up to me!”

Li Qingshan gritted his teeth and grinned hideously. On his back, the wind whistled, and the flames surged.

Boom! Like a flaming meteor, he went up to receive the poisonous-dragon-like corpse fluid with a long trail of fire, rushing towards the Corpse King.

From afar, the corpse fluid seemed like a trickle, but when he arrived up close, it was like a raging river as it tossed and surged while pouring out.

Around him, the sounds of howls, strange laughter, and weeping rose up from everywhere. Countless undead danced about outside the region, and one could even make out their appearances with the naked eye. Some of them were even larger than the Corpse King. Tremendous auras tried to penetrate the region, truly an alarming sight.

This was the moment when the Hungry Ghost realm was about to descend!

Whether he could hide or not, only death awaited him!

The flames of the phoenix burned even more intensely, illuminating the sky. He ignored the figures around him and the corpse fluid before him as he shot right towards the Corpse King.

At this critical moment, a white figure leapt onto Li Qingshan’s shoulder. Xiao An waved the Blood Sea Banner and a river of blood poured out with an even greater disturbance, rushing into the corpse fluid like a blood dragon.

The two dragons entangled in the air. The poisonous dragon constantly lunged about, trying to reach Li Qingshan, but the blood dragon kept it firmly trapped.

Corpse fluid and blood constantly spattered about, producing swathes of dark red smoke.

Li Qingshan constantly strode ahead. He did not even glance at the intense battle above him that directly affected his life. He focused on advancing—advancing, advancing, and more advancing!

He kicked up yellow sand behind him, but before it could even fall back to the ground, he was already several kilometers away.

The Corpse King felt threatened. He spat out as much corpse fluid as possible, no longer caring about how much he used. The poisonous dragon whistled and tore apart the blood dragon before coiling downwards.

Li Qingshan was still five kilometers away from the Gate of Hungry Ghosts when he paused for a moment. His knees bent slightly as he raised his iron fist into the air. He unleashed a ring of shockwaves beneath his iron hooves.

He let out a furious roar!

The poisonous dragon struck nothing. Li Qingshan had taken off like a cannonball, landing a punch on the distorted space.


The space shot violently. Black cracks rapidly spread out from his fist, filling the space above the Gate of Hungry Ghosts.

Like the cracked ground, the distorted space fractured into pieces. Unlike the tiny cracks earlier, they were like black abysses now.

Li Qingshan could not help but think about the four words, “the shattering of space”. Otherwise, he would not have been able to describe what he was currently seeing.


The Corpse King howled furiously, actually pulling his legs out of the Gate of Hungry Ghosts and lunging towards Li Qingshan. He fell like a mountain. He was unstoppable.

Li Qingshan had already used up his final shred of daemon qi and strength. He turned back to the size of a regular human as he raised his head and watched the Corpse King lunge over.

His shoulders suddenly tightened. Looking back, Gu Yanying had grabbed him by the shoulders like a hawk catching a rabbit, lifting him into the air.

The huge, withered hand extended over, reaching towards them as it pierced through the air. It rapidly closed the distance between them, actually moving even faster than Gu Yanying!

Li Qingshan’s heart was in his throat, but he heard Gu Yanying say, “Relax!” She slowed down. Looking back, the tips of the sharp fingers were about to touch her face when they suddenly stopped.

She smiled. “Looks like we’ve won this round!”

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