Chapter 575 – The Chains of Demon Suppression

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Chapter 575 – The Chains of Demon Suppression

Temporarily disregarding everything else, Li Qingshan directed his attention to the second Demon Suppression statue.

The demon male knelt on one knee with his back hunched over. His face became vicious, already clearly demonstrating the special characteristics of demonification.

His muscles swelled, filled with explosive power as they shone with a violent-blue sheen. In particular, his arms were layered with bright-red, armour-like keratin, which made them seem extremely large. His mouth opened like he was roaring, the inside jagged with sharp teeth. He seemed extremely vicious.

Li Qingshan shut his eyes and faced the Demon Suppression statue. He used his soul sense to comprehend the idea within before striking a pose the same as the statue. However, many differences still existed.

The demon male clearly put up extreme resistance against demonifying, battling with his demonic nature inside. However, not only did Li Qingshan put up no resistance at all, but he was basically demonifying intentionally.

After achieving the first form of the Demon Suppression Statuary, achieving the second form was something that came about naturally.

Suddenly, the Demon Suppression statue lit up with golden light, and its eyes released two beams of light, landing in Li Qingshan’s eyes and entering the depths of his sea of consciousness. The original image of demon suppression changed accordingly.

The second form of the Demon Suppression Statuary—the Immovable Demonic Nature!

The demon heart that resembled a dark ruby released rings of hazy light.

Li Qingshan’s body immediately began to expand. Originally, he only seemed sturdy, but not particularly strong, as his skeletal frame was abnormally large and thick, propping up his flesh. As such, it gave off the false impression of him being thin.

However, he seemed to become a strongman in the blink of an eye. His body pulled upwards by a foot, while his arms had become even stronger and thicker than a regular person’s thigh. His skin became slightly red, and a piece of armour-like, dark-red keratin appeared and covered his arms and shoulders.

“So this is demonification!”

Li Qingshan clenched his fist before loosening it. He threw a straight punch all of a sudden, and with a bang, the air exploded. Although it was nowhere close to his daemon form, the might it possessed could be considered as startling among Foundation Establishment cultivators.

The Unraging monk was secretly amazed. Originally, this form was extremely dangerous. When attempting demonification for the first time, it was very easy to lose control over the demonic nature inside. However, there was not even a hint of confusion or losing control in Li Qingshan’s eyes. They remained as clear as ever. Had his control over his conscience and himself truly reached such a level?

Li Qingshan had the spirit turtle as a safeguard, so the agitation from his demonic nature was unable to influence his mind at all. It was merely demonifying. It was absolutely nothing compared to his state when he was in daemon form.

After achieving the second form of the Demon Suppression Statuary, the suppression over the ox demon and tiger demon strengthened slightly yet again, which made him loosen up quite a bit. The spirit turtle was gradually released from the tremendous pressure.

“Let’s continue!” Li Qingshan riled up with vigour and said to Xiao An. His ears twitched, vaguely hearing the roars of a vicious beast from deep within the maze.

Xiao An grabbed his hand and Li Qingshan tightened his grip over hers as they made their way to the third floor of the Demon Suppression hall.

Killing their way over together, they were virtually unstoppable. Li Qingshan committed another two Demon Suppression statues to heart.

However, when they arrived on the fifth floor of the Demon Suppression hall, the rate at which they encountered enemies and the number of enemies they encountered increased abruptly. They finally began to feel that the pressure was increasing.

Basically every demonfolk they came across was a Demon General, and unlike the Demon Generals they had met in the beginning, these Demon Generals were all extremely powerful. They were equivalent to mid and late Foundation Establishment cultivators among humans, and they could frequently use some powerful and strange techniques.

There were even techniques like formations and combined attacks, and the illusions and mesmerising techniques were completely impossible to guard against. If they were regular Foundation Establishment cultivators, they probably would have been in constant danger already, struggling to advance any further.

The Wheel of the Wisdom King’s Glare emitted a resplendent beam of golden light, shooting straight down the corridor and striking a female Demon General.

The female Demon General seemed like a woman in her thirties, except her chest was completely uncovered, and her clothing was highly exposing. A promiscuous smile stretched across her face. There were even a few male Demon Generals behind her who all seemed like followers.

The female Demon General waved her hand, and the air before her twisted and turned. The golden light entered the space, constantly turning and shifting, before vanishing into nothingness in the end.

This was the first time that Xiao An’s ever-successful Wheel of the Wisdom King’s Glare had been nullified so easily, and it was before the opponent had even demonified. However, Xiao An was not surprised either. There were already a few Demon Generals who could block this attack on the fourth floor.

The female Demon General cast her gaze past Xiao An, landing on the huge, dark figure behind her.

Li Qingshan had completely demonified already. He stood over three meters tall and seemed extremely burly. His entire body seemed to be covered in dark-red armour while his head was wrapped in helmet-like keratin, only exposing a pair of dark-red eyes. Just by standing there, he gave off a fierce and brutal aura.

He carried the Heavy Water sword on his back like before, but the colossal sword of the past was no different from a regular sword to him now.

“What’s your name? Why are you with a person of buddhism? Don’t tell me you’ve been bewitched by this woman?”

The female Demon General shot an envious glance at Xiao An. “What’s so interesting about human women? She just has a good outer appearance, that’s all. Come with big sister. Big sister will let you taste true paradise.”

Following that was a charming giggle as she covered her mouth, but she was not smiling inside at all. She thought, Demonficiation is the strongest state of demons, but if you lose control, it’s extremely easy for you to be devoured by the demonic heart and completely demonify into a demonic beast. You can’t use it rashly unless it actually matters, so why can he maintain his demonified state perpetually, without any signs of losing control?

“Sure!” Li Qingshan agreed extremely happily before changing the topic. “But my tastes are a little special. Normal women probably can’t stand it.”

“Big sister loves special tastes!”

“That’s good to know!”

Li Qingshan’s eyes suddenly lit up, and he extended his hands.

With a jangle, black chains emerged from thin air, criss-crossing together and binding the female Demon General firmly.

“So little brother has a taste for this!” The female Demon General smiled as she shuddered violently. Her expression changed, and her smile vanished. The black chains did not merely lock up her body, but the demon qi in her body too.

“I’m still not done yet!”

Li Qingshan smiled as he strode over.

He had comprehended the “Chains of Demon Suppression” together with the third form of the Demon Suppression Statuary. It was basically perfect for suppressing and capturing these demonfolk.

“Kill him!” The female Demon General ordered angrily. A few vicious figures immediately lunged over from behind her. The male Demon Generals had all demonified.

With a golden flash, Xiao An blocked the Demon Generals. She used the Guardian King’s Scripture of Demon Subdual for the first time and conjured up a golden avatar. The golden Wheel of the Wisdom King’s Glare remained in her hand as if it had completely fused with the golden avatar.

The golden wheel spun, spitting out a meter-long streak of light upwards. The stand served as the hilt, the wheel served as the guard, and the golden light served as the edge, conjuring hundreds of streaks of light as it pushed forward.

All of the light vanished with a flash, and Xiao An dispersed the avatar, turning back to normal. The Wheel of the Wisdom King’s Glare was hidden in her sleeve. The Demon Generals fell backwards and disintegrated, their bodies collapsing from the sword qi.

The Unraging monk said, “Looks like there’s no need for senior brother to worry. If she does not possess a buddha nature and the root of wisdom, how can she unleash this buddhist cultivation method and buddhist arcane artifact to such a degree?”

The Dauntless monk said, “Several thousand years ago, did Golden Cicada, that wretched daemon, lack a buddha nature or the root of wisdom?”

“That’s different. One Will is a human after all. If Golden Cicada were a human, he would have become the abbot of the monastery already.”

The Dauntless monk fell silent. He felt like the Unraging monk’s words made some sense. He might have been worrying too much. That wretched daemon in the past had almost stolen the position of abbott, but if he truly had been a human, he probably would have become a revered, eminent monk already, venerated by future disciples of the monastery.

The female Demon General was overcome with both surprise and fear. With a strange shriek, her body swelled rapidly, going from a beautiful woman to a swollen, ugly monster in the blink of an eye.

Li Qingshan did not care. The more they demonified, the heavier their demonic nature became, and the stronger the suppression from the Chains of Demon Suppression was. The Chains of Demon Suppression dug deeply into her swollen skin as Li Qingshan grabbed her face with a single hand.

“I’ll give you a fast one!”


The female Demon General let out one final scream, and the demon qi in her body surged violently, torn apart furiously by the Chains of Demon Suppression. In the end, she exploded to pieces with a thump.

The two of them stepped over the remains and continued on their way, killing everything.

Finally, they arrived at the very centre of the fifth floor, right in front of the gilded doors. The structure of every floor in the Demon Suppression hall varied drastically. Only the gilded doors remained the same.

In the golden square, the Demon Generals split into two sides, eyeing the other side with hostility, wanting to force them back. At this exact moment, the gilded doors opened slowly, and the Demon Generals looked over, only to see two figures appear.

One was a huge, sturdy man, radiating with demon qi, while the other was a glistening woman of absolute beauty. They each held a strange sword in their hand, and they harboured no good intentions.

“Those who don’t want to die can piss off!”

When Li Qingshan had just said half of that, a beam of golden light shot out from beside him, piercing a Demon General. Xiao An lifted up her golden sword and pointed the Wheel of the Wisdom King’s Glare at the Demon Generals.

Li Qingshan shot a glance at Xiao An, and she stuck out her tongue at him.

“It’s a buddhist avatar! Kill them!” The Demon Generals roared furiously and lunged towards them.

“Forget it. I didn’t mean it anyway.”

Li Qingshan opened his left hand and black chains extended out from thin air, wrapping around the Demon Generals. He gripped the Heavy Water sword firmly in his right hand and swung backwards, charging towards the Demon Generals together.

Growls, shrieks, roars, and the sound of clashing weapons layered together into a chaotic and vigorous song. Severed limbs and fresh blood constantly flew out of the open doors.

A Demon General’s head flew out of the gilded doors, hit a wall, and rolled to the ground. Long strands of hair then sprouted from beneath his severed neck. It crawled quickly through the door and over the strange “legs”. As soon as it found its body, a huge leg stomped down, crushing the head to pieces.

Li Qingshan ground his foot forcefully. The Heavy Water sword grew to over thirty meters long, unleashing a colossal sweep. With a bloody storm, he severed several Demon Generals lunging over. He said to Xiao An behind him, “This place is quite interesting!”

At the very least, cutting down these Demon Generals was much more satisfying than cutting down those Corpse Commanders. Ripping apart and crushing these grotesque figures truly was much more satisfying than killing people who were dead in the first place.

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