Chapter 577 – Mine

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Chapter 577 – Mine

Ranging from low-level Fireball talismans to powerful Scarlet Sun talismans, with Rushing Lightning talismans and Explosion talismans in between, a hundred Corpse Soldiers were covered in over a thousand talismans—of course, the relatively-more-precious violet talismans that could incur trouble easily obviously could not be used here.

Li Qingshan and Xiao An killed their way to the outskirts of the sixth floor before beginning their preparations. Li Qingshan had obviously come up with this move that terrorists used all too frequently. Originally, he only wanted to catch them off-guard so that he could launch a sudden attack.

But from the moment he stuck on the first talisman, Li Qingshan became like a child who wanted to test out the maximum power of some firecrackers. He took out all of the destructive talismans of fire and lightning and stuck them on. Afterwards, with an order from Xiao An, the suicidal Corpse Soldiers all rushed in together.

The Demon Generals had not responded slowly, unleashing their various defensive techniques. However, the circular square only had nine doors in total, and not all the Corpse Soldiers Xiao An had arranged charged in. Nine remained behind, specially for closing the doors!

The nine gilded doors opened and closed. Everything happened in a single instant.


All of the Corpse Soldiers were torn apart by the lightning and fire first. The flames surged and the electricity crackled, swallowing the Demon Generals and slamming them against the walls heavily, but the fire and lightning and firmly stopped. It rebounded and was compressed before becoming even more violent. Who knew how many times that process occurred in a single moment, completely unleashing the full force of the explosion.

The entire Demon Suppression hall shook violently. Only after a very long time did the shaking completely stop.

Li Qingshan crouched outside the door, plugging his ears with his index fingers as he shook his head violently. He stood up and whistled in disbelief. He had never thought the combined explosion of these talismans would be so great that even he would become slightly dizzy.

Li Qingshan extended his thumb at Xiao An.

“Probably all of them inside have been blown up to death!”

Li Qingshan estimated that even if he were blocked up in a place and blown up like that, he definitely could not emerge unscathed either. No matter how powerful the Demon Generals were inside, they probably would not have been able to escape death.

However, Xiao An shook her head. She could clearly sense a powerful aura of life remaining behind the door.

“Then I need to see just whose life is so tough. Surely it’s not a Demon Commander!”

Li Qingshan secretly raised his guard and pushed open the gilded door. The moment he touched the door, he was slightly surprised, as the door was just as cold as before. There was not even the slightest warmth, let alone being warped by the explosion. He had no idea what the Demon Suppression hall was made of for it to be so tough.

Xiao An stopped Li Qingshan. A few Corpse Generals leapt out from behind her and entered through the door first.

There was a sharp flash, and the Corpse Generals at the front suddenly fell backwards, but the lower half of their bodies maintained the charging posture. They were like wheat that had been cut down by a sickle, splitting in half along the waist.

“Hmm?” Li Qingshan stared ahead, only to see a demon male currently standing in front of the Demon Suppression statue. He wielded a strange, long sword in his hand. A glisten of light flowed through the sword, and the hollow eyeball on the hilt stared fixedly at Li Qingshan.

His clothes were tattered and parts of him were charred, but his aura had not weakened at all. His eyes were filled with fury and killing intent. Probably everyone would feel the same if they were caught by surprise with something like that. And, if it were not for the sword in his hand, he definitely would have received even more severe damage.

The ground beneath him was littered with charred remains. Some of them still writhed, with a shred of life remaining that could be extinguished at any time.

Lietu said sternly, “Do you really think you can kill me with something like that!? You can pay with your blood!”

“What’s your name? Bastard, you sure are hardy.”

Li Qingshan drew the Heavy Water sword and the tip struck the ground with a clank. He grabbed the sword with both hands as he cried out inside, How close!

To be able to react immediately under these circumstances, this guy definitely isn’t some regular Demon General. The strike was not enough to pose life-threatening danger to me, which was why the spirit turtle gave no warning. However, if I had stepped into it, I’d have to use strength beyond Foundation Establishment to dodge it, which will lead to suspicion. Though, that sword sure is interesting!

The moment Li Qingshan spotted the strange sword, his eyes became glued to it. It was not only because of the great, strange power it gave off, but also because the design of the sword suited his tastes very much!

He’s no regular Demon General. The demon qi he gives off is extraordinarily pure. Even among Demon Commanders, there aren’t many who can reach that level!

Lietu studied Li Qingshan too, or more accurately, it was through the “Evil Eye’ in his hand. The Evil Eye’s gaze directly passed through Li Qingshan’s body, spotting the location of his dark-red demon heart.

Demon hearts were not like the cardiovascular organ. They could condense anywhere inside a demonfolk’s body, making them extremely difficult to be targeted as a vital point. Lietu had used this exact ability of the Evil Eye to dig out the demon heart from the fierce Demon General earlier.

He sensed the pulses of the “Evil Eye”, desiring the opponent’s demon heart. Situations like this rarely ever occurred. In the past, he had killed many Demon Commanders in order to strengthen the Evil Eye demonic sword, but not every demon heart could satisfy the “Evil Eye”.

If he could obtain this Demon General’s demon heart, then he would be able to unleash the Evil Eye’s power, and he could return to the seventh floor immediately.

“Your sword is mine!”

“Your demon heart is mine!”

The two of them blurted out at the same time. Even their intonations were no different, but unfortunately, this was not a mutual understanding among friends, but the desire to kill as enemies.

There was another flash of sharp light as Lietu rushed over, swinging his sword along the way.

Li Qingshan refused to be careless. He had personally witnessed what had happened when Xiao An’s Corpse Generals were killed. He knew what terrifying power a sharp sword could display in the hands of a master.

With a great bellow, he lifted the Heavy Water sword over his head, unleashing the Siege Breaking strike and swinging down violently.


With a gentle thrum, the broken tip of the sword spiraled through the air, striking the ceiling before falling to the ground, sending sparks flying.

The Heavy Water sword returned to its original size. A third of the sword had been cut off.

Lietu sneered. I’ll cut you in half with my next slash!

Li Qingshan was unfazed. He changed to a single-handed grip and grasped the sword firmly, swinging out diagonally. He extended his free hand towards Lietu.

Chains of Demon Suppression!

With a metallic jangle, black chains criss-crossed through the air, wrapping around Lietu.


Lietu was dumbfounded. He felt his demon qi surge uncontrollably right when he was about to swing out with his certain-kill strike. Under the firm entanglement of the Chains of Demon Suppression, he was immobilised on the spot. Even his demon qi seemed to freeze up. The broken sword had already arrived by his face.

Who knew how many Demon Generals with all sorts of techniques Li Qingshan had managed to kill with this move. It was basically ever successful. However, he did not feel the satisfying feedback of a strike running all the way through from the broken sword. Instead, it seemed to be stuck.

Lietu’s mouth protruded out like a canine’s, biting down firmly on the blade. He closed his mouth forcefully, and his sharp teeth pierced into the sword. Cracks spread rapidly, and with a crack, the Heavy Water sword had actually been forcefully shattered with a bite. Lietu stared at Li Qingshan with a sneering smile.

Li Qingshan was taken aback. He glanced at the empty hilt before plunging it viciously into Lietu’s head. “Do you really think you won’t have to compensate me, idiot?” He extended his hand to steal the strange sword from him.

The eyeball in the centre of the hilt suddenly pulsed. The thumb-thick things that resembled blood vessels wrapped around the hilt suddenly sprang alive and swarmed over, plunging into Lietu’s hand and completely merging with him. The sheen that flowed through the sword slid up into the hilt before being delivering into Lietu’s hand through the “vessels”.

This had been completed in a split second. By the time he had become “one with the sword”, Lietu’s body produced a hundred stands of sword qi, pulverising the Chains of Demon Suppression. There were even several dozen strands that shot towards Li Qingshan.

It had happened right beside him, so it was too late for Li Qingshan to dodge. He had lost his weapon too, so he was unable to parry or block. If he truly were a regular mid Foundation Establishment cultivator, then he probably would have been diced on the spot.

A streak of golden light inserted itself between them. The golden sword in Xiao An’s hand was like a huge, golden brush. It splashed around and danced liberally, unleashing a flurry of strokes. With a wild scribble, she wrote a huge, Chinese character of the word “sword”.

Blood spattered from Lietu’s body. He staggered back by a few steps and said in surprise, “A golden avatar of buddhism!”

Currently, Xiao An resembled a gilded statue that had just been completed in a temple. However, while the craftsman possessed almost-divine skill, he had misunderstood the monks’ request, creating a heavenly maiden of absolute beauty instead of a glaring guardian king. She wore a golden crown with a golden ribbon draped over her. There was a red mole on her forehead as she stood on the ground bare-footed, coming off as gentle and graceful, beautiful and solemn, but the sense of stateliness had not been reduced at all.

Lietu felt greatly threatened, but he still had an option. He could retreat to the seventh floor from here. If they were bold enough to chase after him, then they would be doomed.

“I’ll leave this guy to you!”

Li Qingshan said suddenly before making his way around Lietu, arriving before the Demon Suppression statue and studying it closely. Just like that, he had sealed off Lietu’s path of escape.

Rarely do we come across such a suitable opponent, so let’s just leave him for Xiao An to demonstrate her skills. We killed our way over here. Those two damn, peeping monks should be satisfied now!

The Dauntless monk and Unraging monk were not just satisfied. They basically felt rather overjoyed. In the world of cultivation, studying under a renowned master or joining a large sect was not easy, but finding a genius disciple was very difficult too.

Not only did the two of them have quite the destiny with buddhism, but they were skilled in fighting and killing too. They would definitely strengthen the Chan Monastery of Deva-Nāga’s renown in this age of chaos.

This came off as rather conflicting. After all, in the eyes of the secular world, monks were supposed to cleanse themselves of all desires and embrace benevolence. However, if that were all to the monks of the Chan Monastery of Deva-Nāga, then the current Chan Monastery of Deva-Nāga would not exist anymore, nor would they have to use a brutal place of slaughter like the Demon Suppression hall to train their disciples.

Even the buddha had to unleash a lion’s roar to subdue the demons of heresy, to have his statue gilded in gold and revered by the living creatures, let alone these disciples and grand disciples under him.

However, while the Dauntless monk was satisfied with Xiao An, the one who caught the Unraging monk’s eye was instead Li Qingshan. Gazing at Li Qingshan who stood before the sixth Demon Suppression statue, the Unraging monk thought to himself.

The Demon Suppression Statuary, oh the Demon Suppression Statuary. I originally thought it was a great fortune left behind by that senior for me, but I never thought I’d still be able to meet you. We’re basically master and disciple designated by the heavens. Kid, even if you don’t want to accept me as your master this time, it won’t be up to you to decide.

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