Chapter 602 – The Outcome Decided, the General’s Call

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Chapter 602 – The Outcome Decided, the General’s Call

Li Qingshan raised an eyebrow and was about to say, “If you want to die, then I’ll give you what you want!” However, when it reached his mouth, it became, “You want me to kill you? Then I’ll do the exact opposite! I refuse to kill you!” He muttered to himself, “Handsome, handsome!”

Zhu Lie howled about and charged right over. This time, Li Qingshan did not dodge. Right as the trident was about to reach his waist, he raised his right hand, and a stream of extremely pliable and tough water wrapped around the trident. It followed the pole and wrapped around Zhu Lie, trapping him in the water.

“Hurry up and forfeit, and I’ll spare you dog life!”

Zhu Lie cursed loudly. His voice passed through the water, becoming unclear.

Li Qingshan shrugged helplessly. A crude and powerful hand immediately plunged into the water, grabbing Zhu Lie firmly by the throat.

Li Qingshan pulled Zhu Lie closer in a brutal manner and said with a heavy voice, “My patience is limited. Let me ask you one last time. Do you want to live, or do you want to die?”

All of Zhu Lie’s hairs stood on end. He stared into Li Qingshan’s eyes in surprise and confusion, catching something that seemed like a flash of dark red light. A ruthless malice forced its way into his heart. Originally, he would not show fear even if he died in battle, but he could not help but become slightly afraid from that moment onwards.

This was the fear a weak creature would naturally experience when it faced its natural predator. This person definitely isn’t as simple as he seems on the surface!

Li Qingshan completely tossed “to be good-natured like water”, “to be flexible and gentle”, and whatever that was to the back of his brain. As long as Zhu Lie was bold enough to say he wanted to die, he would rip his head off immediately and kick it around like a soccer ball. When the tiger doesn’t demonstrate its might, do you really take me for someone you can simply walk all over?

Finally, his instincts for survival gained the upper hand. Zhu Lie said softly, “I want to live.”

Li Qingshan said, “And?”

“I admit defeat,” Zhu Lie said reluctantly.

“That’s more like it!” Li Qingshan forced out the gentlest smile he could and released Zhu Lie. He thought, I want to fix my temperament for once, yet you still dare to irritate me. How can I let you die so easily?

However, Zhu Lie found his smile much more chilling compared to his vicious expression earlier. He was like an extremely fierce wild beast who forced himself to behave gently. It was extremely eerie.

Li Qingshan stepped out of the Dragon Arena and said to Gu Yanying, “I haven’t let you down, fortunately.”

“As long as you’ve won.”

“Nicely done. I almost thought you were dead for sure. You do have the right to sit behind me.” Si Bao patted Li Qingshan’s shoulder and expressed her recognition of him. Li Qingshan glanced around. All the Hawkwolf guards nodded towards him, giving their regards, admitting he possessed the right. Afterwards, his gaze landed on Han Qiongzhi. Joy and pride filled her face.

Clap! Clap! Clap!

Si Qing began clapping first. He smiled. “Yanying, your subordinate truly has hidden himself well. I candidly admit my defeat.”

E Dan and Jia Zhen’s faces were completely sunken. This meant that they had lost their first battle in the Ruyi commandery. The great benefits that regular cultivators could never even imagine had all been reduced to nothing with the outcome of this duel.

Gu Yanying smiled. “It’s no problem. As the saying goes, even great external forces cannot triumph over local powers, so there’s no need to take it to heart. Si Qing, when do you plan on holding the ascension ceremony? Please let me know so that I can carry out my responsibilities as the host and handle it for you.”

Si Qing stowed the Dragon Arena away and put on a tolerant act. “The outcome of the battle is a mere trifle. What matters is that I’ve witnessed the talents of the Ruyi commandery, and I saw a few fascinating duels. However, I still feel a little unsatisfied.”

“Oh? Why’s that?”

“The Ruyi commandery spans thousands of kilometers. Who knows how many talents there are. I probably haven’t even witnessed a hundredth of them through this duel. I’ve heard that the Ruyi commandery has always had a tradition of the Exhibition Matches of the Nine Prefectures, but because daemons attacked the Clear River prefecture, you were forced to put that on hold. Since I have succeeded the post of Marquis of Ruyi, I should restart the Exhibition Matches of the Nine Prefectures, summon the talents of the nine prefectures, and demonstrate the Ruyi commandery’s strength to deter the Daemon race!”

Si Qing said as he exchanged glances with E Dan and Jia Zhen. The three of them all smiled. Clearly, they had been planning this excuse for a long time already.

This was the authority of the Marquis of Ruyi, and Gu Yanying had no reason to stop him. However, she did know that the Exhibition Matches of the Nine Prefectures probably would not be as simple this time. She sighed inside.

Si Qing has a cruel personality. He’s bloodthirsty and murderous. It probably isn’t the Ruyi commandery’s good fortune to have him as the Marquis of Ruyi.

When the banquet dispersed, Li Qingshan made his way towards Han Qiongzhi after bidding farewell to Si Qing when E Dan suddenly barked, “You little bastard, you better be careful when you go out at night!”

Li Qingshan frowned. Right when he was about to call him “mongrel” a few times, Han Qiongzhi stopped him and shook her head gently at him. Worry filled her face. As a Foundation Establishment cultivator, who knew when life-threatening disasters would descend upon him with how a vicious Golden Core cultivator like E Dan had remembered him.

Sigh, I really have to be good to others as a person. Good-natured like water! What am I bickering with a dead person for?

Li Qingshan thought and stopped paying attention to E Dan, leaving with Han Qiongzhi.

E Dan thought he was afraid, so he let out a wild burst of laughter. His vicious gaze then paused on Han Qiongzhi. Hmph, I’ll deal with the Han family sooner or later too.

After all the guests had dispersed, Si Qing’s face sank before inviting E Dan and Jia Zhen into a secret room for discussion.

Si Qing said, “I never thought we’d actually get off on the wrong foot. Gu Yanying is just as difficult to deal with as always!”

“I really want to crush her head!” E Dan clenched his hands, and they grinded and creaked. However, he also knew that even if he neglected her identity and the fact that no one was bold enough to touch her, probably nobody could confidently say they could kill her unless they had undergone the third heavenly tribulation.

Jia Zhen shook his head. “From what I observed, Gu Yanying is not necessarily our enemy. She completely focuses on cultivation, with no interest in fame, wealth, power, or influence. Everything she does is to increase her cultivation. As long as we don’t go overboard with her, she probably won’t actively make problems for us.”

Si Qing nodded. “She’s always been like that. If it were not for the fact that I was confident we could win this duel, I would have never arranged this banquet. What do you think about her subordinate, Li Qingshan?”

E Dan said, “He’s merely an overconfident genius, a minor figure who has no idea about how things work. I’ll make him die a graveless death sooner or later!”

Jia Zhen said, “Don’t worry. He won’t be able to survive past the Exhibition Matches of the Nine Prefectures. There’s no need for you to take action in a hurry either, just in case you leave behind traces that’ll give yourself away. Our priority right now is still to handle that wretched daemon Northmoon.”

Si Qing said, “How can we let someone snore away right beside where we sleep?”


Li Qingshan arrived at the estate of the Han family in the commandery city with Han Qiongzhi, which was also the great general’s estate in the past. Gazing over, the scale of the structures were so grand that they only paled in comparison to the marquis’ estate. The Han family had occupied it throughout the generations.

Passing through the pavilions, terraces, and halls, Li Qingshan arrived at the depths of the estate and greeted his soon-to-be father-in-law, Han Anjun.

The crystal lights shone brilliantly. Han Anjun’s face was as cold as before, standing there seriously like a metal sculpture. After hearing about what had happened during the banquet from Han Qiongzhi, he said, “You have a great future ahead of you, so you shouldn’t have openly confronted E Dan. Only true men can put up with humiliation and disgrace, or it’s all just foolhardiness.”

Li Qingshan said, “Don’t worry, general. I’m under commander Gu’s care, so he can’t do anything to me.

Han Anjun fell silent for a while before responding, “Perhaps he’ll be the great general of the Ruyi commandery before long.”

“What?” Li Qingshan was mildly surprised, but it made perfect sense upon thinking about it. The position of great general was not hereditary. Han Anguo had died in battle, so they obviously needed a replacement. Since Si Qing could obtain the position of Marquis of Ruyi, he could also obtain a great general. In terms of strength alone, E Dan completely possessed the right.

He said apologetically, “I didn’t think I’d get the Han family into trouble.” He was a Scarlet Hawk commander, so E Dan could not touch him, but the Han family would be exposed to his forceful control.

“You have to stop yourself from acting so rashly in the future. The Han family isn’t as weak as you think. And, even without you, E Dan would never give up on the position of great general. However, for him to obtain this tiger tablet won’t be so easy either.”

As Han An spoke, he took out a tiger tablet. The tiger tablet was shaped like a black tiger. It was not too big, and the sculpting was not detailed, making it seem very much like a mass-produced product. However, it seemed to leap out of the tablet with its fierce posture.

Like the Marquis of Ruyi’s Seal of Mountains and Rivers, the tiger tablet was the representation of the great general, as well as something that had been passed down through the Han family.

The position of great general was not hereditary, but the Han family had an extensive family tree and knew how to raise their descendants. As such, a suitable successor would often appear in the clan before the previous great general had even passed away. Just like this, all the disciples of the school of the Military of the entire Ruyi commandery were connected to the Han family.

As the current patriarch, if Han Anjun lost the tiger talisman, then he would have let down his ancestors. As a result, whether Li Qingshan offended E Dan or not no longer mattered. E Dan had always viewed the Han family as a thorn in his side.

Li Qingshan frowned. “Why can’t Foundation Establishment cultivators succeed to the position of great general?”

Han Anjun said, “After you left, I also went on a journey. I went to South Hub city and met with the Great General King. Out of consideration of our past, the Great General King did not agree to E Dan succeeding to the position of great general, allowing the position to remain with my Han family before temporarily dismissing the matter. There’s obviously nothing that E Dan can do to our Han family right now.”

Li Qingshan smiled. “Obviously.”

The “Great General King” was the greatest figure from the school of the Military in the Green province. He was someone impressive who stood on equal footing with the lord of the Green province, leading all soldiers and generals of the Green province. As long as he put out a word, E Dan would never act rashly no matter how vicious he was.

Han Anjun shook his head slightly. “The position of great general cannot be dismissed forever. I plan to enter the Asura Field and cultivate arduously. As long as I can break through to the second heavenly tribulation, the tiger tablet will remain with my Han family.”

He recalled what the Great General King had said, Anguo is a dear general of mine, and the Han family has been a clan of generals for many generations. Although you’ve encountered difficulties, there’s no reason for you to give up hope. I can see you possess your elder brother’s bearing, so are you bold enough to enter my Asura Field for training?

“The Asura Field!” Han Qiongzhi exclaimed. Clearly, this Asura Field was not a safe place. She wanted to say something, but she decided to straighten out her body and say proudly, “May success come your way, father. May you undergo the heavenly tribulation soon and revitalise the renown of our Han family!”

Han Anjun said in delight, “Qiongzhi, you’ve grown up.”

“I also wish for success to come your way, general. Be sure to not miss the day of our wedding. This pill can be the engagement present.”

“This is… an Origin Spirit pill! Where did you get this from?”

Even with Han Anjun’s composure, he could not help but be taken aback when he saw the Origin Spirit pill in Li Qingshan’s hand. After all, the pill was far too precious, especially to him right now.

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