Chapter 610 – Waiting for a Tsunami

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Chapter 610 – Waiting for a Tsunami

Hua Chengzan could not help but look at Li Qingshan. Li Qingshan lowered his head and rubbed his nose as he sighed inside, So someone has actually been crushing on me! He could not help himself as his lips curled into a mysterious smile. Of course, he knew Qiu Haitang had reached the end of the rope and had resorted to some desperate means, but he might as well feel good about it first.

“Do you think I’ve been frightened?” E Feng recovered his composure very soon. He could not retreat in defeat from hearing just a name after all. If that happened, then even without Northmoon, E Dan himself would butcher him. Even if Qiu Haitang was telling the truth, Northmoon was nowhere to be seen, so what could he do? As long as he handed her to E Dan, he no longer had to care about what came next.

Qiu Haitang took advantage of this to break free from granny You’s “rat claws”. She took out a jade tablet and held it high into the air. “As long as I crush this jade tablet, he’ll come and save me immediately!”

It was merely an ordinary, white piece of jade, but in that moment, it was like a magnet, drawing over everyone’s gazes firmly.

E Feng shivered inside. The jade tablet flickered with light. It was indeed a transmission tablet, but he had no idea whether Northmoon really was on the other end. He could only closely study Qiu Haitang’s expression.

However, women had always been born with natural talent for acting, while Qiu Haitang was among the best of the best. She had practised the arts of charm for several decades now, so she gave nothing away through her expression or bearing. Even E Feng could not help but become slightly hesitant.

Seeing how she had managed to fend off E Feng with this, Qiu Haitang eased up slightly inside. She had to find a way to get out of here as quickly as possible. She could not remain in the Ruyi commandery anymore, but how was she supposed to get out of here?

E Feng and his fellow juniors were like voracious wolves. Why would they let prey that was already in their hands escape?

Qiu Haitang said to Li Qingshan through her soul sense, “I have one last unreasonable request.”

“Feel free to mention it.”

“I’ll find a way to get away from here later. If the situation is bad, please cover for me. If it doesn’t work out, then I’ll slit my throat on the spot. I refuse to be disgraced. If I manage to escape here alive, you’ll definitely get what you want in the future. Don’t worry, Qiongzhi won’t know.”

Qiu Haitang had become rather dispirited. She felt that while Li Qingshan was not the one she loved, he was far better than E Dan at the very least. She had nothing she could pay him back with except for herself for getting him to risk his life repeatedly for her.

“Since you like someone else, how can I take advantage of you? You just have to last until Northmoon arrives,” Li Qingshan obviously replied resolutely, but he thought inside, Feel free to pick any one of us. I don’t mind.

Qiu Haitang could not help but smile wryly inside. Do you really believe I have some sort of connection with Northmoon? Apart from that momentary meeting through chance a few years ago, I only saw him once from afar after that.

E Feng suddenly shuddered. Disbelief filled his face as he pointed behind Qiu Haitang, towards Li Qingshan. He cried out, “Northmoon!”

Everyone looked in the direction E Feng pointed in, at Li Qingshan. Li Qingshan shuddered all over. How did this guy see through my identity!?

Qiu Haitang was momentarily distracted. With a fierce gust of wind, E Feng directly snatched at the jade tablet in her hand. Qiu Haitang hesitated. If she truly crushed the jade tablet, then her lies would all be revealed. With her hesitation, the jade tablet ended up in E Feng’s hand.

Only then did everyone realise E Feng had purposefully tricked Qiu Haitang. They secretly cursed him as shameless, but their hearts that rested in their throats also settled back down again. Apart from Hua Chengzan, no one knew E Feng’s gesture had just revealed the truth.

E Feng tossed the jade tablet around in his hand and said complacently, “Looks like I was wrong. Though, animals have always been the same as wretched daemons. You thought I actually believed this could summon Northmoon? Do you truly think I didn’t do my research about you beforehand? You better return obediently with us! Even if Northmoon comes, all he can do is flee in defeat against my master!”

Although he seemed like a common thug, he was meticulous and prudent, or he never could have survived until now.

Qiu Haitang sneered. “If you have the balls to, just crush it then!”

“Do you really think I’m afraid to?”

“I think that’s exactly what you are, afraid!”

“Hmph, do you take me for a fool? Cut the nonsense! Get over here!” E Feng suddenly struck, casting a silver net that loomed over Qiu Haitang.

With Qiu Haitang’s cultivation, facing E Dan was basically no different from a Qi Practitioner facing a Foundation Establishment cultivator. There was no room for her to fight back at all. She could only use the arts of charm to captivate E Feng.

E Feng was thrown into a slight trance. He found the woman before him to be utterly pitiful such that he was unable to bring himself to do something like this. However, his willpower was far greater than regular Foundation Establishment cultivators. He bit the tip of his tongue, and his mind immediately cleared up, but a water vortex whistling over met him. Li Qingshan had finally taken action.

E Feng completely disregarded it in disdain. Two cultivators in black leapt out from behind him and struck the water vortex violently. Their cultivations paled in comparison to E Feng’s, but they were still Foundation Establishment cultivators. However, they shuddered the moment they came into contact with the water vortex, discovering an uncontrollably great force that was endless, cascading like waves.

They could not help but stagger backwards, where they would leave behind a deep pit with each step. They retreated to before E Feng in the blink of an eye, both filled with shock. It seemed nothing special when he clashed with the fire devourer, but they never thought he could unleash the violent side to gentle water to such a degree.

Seeing how their companions were unable to stop it, another two cultivators in black took action. They pressed their hands against their backs, cooperating flawlessly to use the strength of four people against the lone Li Qingshan.

Li Qingshan suddenly remembered how Ru Xin had defeated his water vortex. He raised his hands, and the water vortex spun rapidly in the opposite direction, erupting with its greatest might.


The four cultivators in black staggered backwards. Li Qingshan cut right to the chase and threw a punch at E Feng.

He was fighting five people alone, yet he could still maintain the upper hand. This was no longer merely a matter of strength and technique, but also a raging bearing of invincibility.

Everyone could not help but cheer, and the Hawkwolf guards called out the loudest.

“You little animal!

E Feng cursed furiously as he drew his blade to receive Li Qingshan’s attack. Li Qingshan suddenly pulled back his aura, and all of the glow gathered in his right hand, turning into a perfectly transparent bead of water. With a flick of his finger, the bead of water shot out, piercing through E Feng’s protective spiritual qi and striking the jade tablet with great precision. The jade tablet immediately shattered.

Ocean Wielding, the Water Bead Form!

He condensed the power of the boundless ocean into a single bead of water, unleashing startling might. Li Qingshan had studied this move a long time ago, but he had never been able to grasp its main points. With a flash of inspiration today, he used it on the spot. Originally, there was an eighty or ninety percent chance of failure, but he happened to succeed.

Li Qingshan let out a loud laugh. “Since you’re afraid to, I’ll help you out!”

E Feng’s heart leapt in fright as he became furious from embarrassment. His blade spat out a streak of light several meters long as he swung it towards Li Qingshan. Li Qingshan waved his hands madly and random streams of blue light immediately filled the space before him.

As the blade passed by each stream, it would be drawn away. E Feng felt like he was losing control over his blade. In the end, the strike landed on the floor beside Li Qingshan, producing a crack over thirty meters in length. If the Parlour of Clouds and Rain had not been constructed from special materials by mohist craftsmen, he basically would have split the whole place into two.

Ocean Wielding, the Turbulent Flow Form!

The ocean surged turbulently as the billows churned wildly. The more vicious and powerful the enemy’s attack was, the harder it was to control. When they entered the turbulent flows of the ocean, they could not help but lose their original target.

By the time the combined attacks of the four cultivators in black arrived, Li Qingshan had already pulled out. He did not show the slightest hesitation when he advanced and retreated, making the difficult task of destroying the jade tablet in E Feng’s hand seem easy. It led to another wave of cheers.

E Feng raised his hand and stopped his junior brothers. This little animal’s powers were startling, and the identity of Scarlet Wolf commander protected him. They could not kill him here, nor were they able to.

The matter at hand right now was that the jade tablet had been destroyed. Would Northmoon be coming or not?

This also happened to be the question that everyone wondered about!

Li Qingshan smiled at Qiu Haitang, but Qiu Haitang only smiled even more bitterly inside. You might as well have come up with an idea to escape with me! However, she showed none of it on her face. Instead, she sneered. “Just you wait!”

E Feng laughed madly. “Do you really think I’d be afraid of a measly wretched daemon, mentioning him again and again to frighten me?” However, he did seem a little like he was only putting on a tough front.

“If you’re not afraid, then just wait here with me.”

Having reached this point, Qiu Haitang had no other choice but to brave it out. She obviously knew that even if they waited for a few years, Northmoon would not come.

“I have matters to attend to, so why would I have time to waste here?” E Feng made his way towards Qiu Haitang. There was a flash before her, and Li Qingshan’s tall, large figure shielded Qiu Haitang.

E Feng knew that it was impossible to take down Li Qingshan quickly, so he said to granny You, “Sect master You, this is an internal matter of your Sect of Clouds and Rain, so how can you let an outsider butt in?”

“Haitang, stop being so stubborn!” Granny You barked, about to take action.

Li Qingshan stood with his arms crossed and said in an unconcerned manner, “Just wait until Northmoon gets here. If he asks what happened here, I wouldn’t mind telling him about it.”

Granny You’s courage immediately evaporated.

E Feng said, “You’re a mighty Scarlet Hawk commander, yet you’re actually colluding with wretched daemons. If this woman is lying, then so be it, but if she is telling the truth, then you’re protecting a wretched daemon’s ally!”

Li Qingshan sneered. “Why don’t you file a complaint then?”

E Feng ground his teeth in hatred, but there was nothing he could do. Hawkwolf guards had a special status. In the Ruyi commandery, no one had the right to judge him apart from Gu Yanying, but no one knew that this commander Gu’s relationship with this wretched daemon was much deeper than any other cultivator in the Ruyi commandery.

“You really are a foolish animal. You’ve been all wrapped up in a woman’s lies. I’ll wait here then! I’ll wait for that Northmoon!”

E Feng made up his mind and cast aside all of his worries. He was confident Qiu Haitang was only trying to stall. He refused to believe that Northmoon would actually come.

Time passed by slowly. The crescent moon hung quietly in the sky as the rooftop was frighteningly silent. Some people even became covered in sweat, wanting to take their leave early, but they were also afraid of others mocking them.

Let alone the others, even the mighty prefect, Liu Zhangqing, felt uneasy. Even if Northmoon comes, surely he won’t butcher everyone, even those uninvolved, right?

The night breeze drifted by. The prefectural city bustled with human activity and blazed with light everywhere. However, the rooftop was like a dark island floating on the ocean, trembling gently and waiting for an unforeseen tsunami to arrive.

PS: Legend has it that you can summon a certain dragon by assembling seven Alliance Heads~ Woah, he actually appeared! Dragon, oh dragon, please make my wish come true! I want to write ten- no wait, I want ten Alliance Heads!

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