Chapter 619 – There’s Alcohol Tonight

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Chapter 619 – There’s Alcohol Tonight

Li Qingshan took action valiantly the moment the power of the explosion reached the limit. He used the blinding light to kill the first senior brother and third senior brother in a single stroke. The two of them had died without even knowing how they died. Their last thought was, “How can he possess a violet talisman!”

Even the several hundred paintings they had painted could not match a measly talisman. One was the handiwork of Foundation Establishment cultivators, while the other was the handiwork of a Soul Nascence cultivator. The two were basically worlds apart.

Li Qingshan turned around to search for the second senior sister, only to see a green streak of light rush off into the horizon, flying northward.

The second senior sister used a Fifty-kilometer Escape talisman and shot off into the distance quickly. Her ears continued to ring, and her mind had yet to settle down from the shock. No wonder he was so confident. The might of a violet talisman is far too terrifying.

If it were not for the fact that she was the furthest away from the mountain and had not been Li Qingshan’s first target, she probably would have been slain on the spot before she could even use the Escape talisman.

“You think you can leave?” Waves surged beneath Li Qingshan’s feet. With a gentle step, he shot off like an arrow, chasing right after her.

The second senior sister reached over fifty kilometers away immediately and violently coughed up a mouthful of blood. Although only the residual shockwave had reached her, the violet talisman still left her rather injured. Her entire body screamed in pain.

I can’t stop. I have to go. I have to change my location and hide, or death will still be awaiting me when he follows my tracks and catches up to me!

She erased her aura and did her best to prop herself up, choosing a random direction. She was just about to take off. She glanced backwards, and her eyes narrowed, paling in fright. “How’s that possible!?”

Li Qingshan’s figure suddenly leapt out from the horizon, charging over aggressively.

“How can he be so fast? Oh right, he even has a violet talisman, so how can he not possess Escape talismans? Dammit!”

But this time, the second senior sister was wrong. Li Qingshan did not go out of his way to collect Escape talismans. He only flapped his wings of wind and fire a few times once he left Chu Tian’s field of vision.

She gritted her teeth and took out another talisman, taking off as a streak of light.

“This bitch sure has a lot of Escape talismans. Hmm? Why’d she stop?” All Li Qingshan saw was before the streak of light had even vanished into the horizon, it had stopped.

As it turned out, Fifty-kilometer Escape talismans were quite rare after all. The second senior sister had only used a Five-kilometer Escape talisman, so it no longer bore any great significance in a battle at this level. The second senior sister remained where she was, without trying to escape as if she had accepted her fate.

Li Qingshan strode over on his waves and arrived before the second senior sister. “Why aren’t you escaping?”

“Li Qingshan, what do you want me to do to spare me?”

It was not that the second senior sister did not want to escape. She had used Escape talismans consecutively while injured, so her injuries acted up, and her spiritual qi was in a mess. She was basically on the verge of qi deviation.

“If you drop to your knees and give me a hundred bows, followed by a hundred slaps across your face, I can consider it.”

Although he had said he wanted to maintain a broad-mind, following the example of the boundless ocean, Li Qingshan could not help but admit his current nature was still very bad. He was very vengeful.


The second senior sister gazed at Li Qingshan. His face was not twisted at all. A battle like this where he trounced the weak was unable to rouse his enthusiasm and fighting spirit. As a matter of fact, he even found it rather boring.

“You what?”

Li Qingshan extended his hand and opened his hands, reaching towards her left chest. However, his desires obviously had not been roused, as in the next moment, his five fingers pierced her rather lacking chest and dug out a bloody heart.

The Tiger Demon Digs Out the Heart. This move had always been his favourite!

The second senior sister only saw his lips curl slightly. His eyes seemed to flash with red light as an aura of malice directly filled her heart. Then she remembered the scene of when her first senior brother and third junior brother had been killed. He really will kill me without batting an eye, like butchering a chicken!

Fear drowned out everything. Her legs softened, and she actually knelt down, bringing her head to the ground. She felt a deep sense of humiliation as she called out, “Don’t kill me!”

Li Qingshan’s hand hovered in the air. He was very surprised. Just a moment earlier, you still acted like you were welcoming death, so why have dissolved like a pile of mud in the blink of an eye? Can you show a little bit of a Foundation Establishment cultivator’s backbone? With how shrewd she seems, doesn’t she know I’m just enjoying myself?

When people faced death, there were not a lot who could actually welcome it. She clearly did not possess that kind of courage. Even if she knew Li Qingshan was just enjoying himself with what he said earlier, those who were about to drown would still desperately clutch at a straw. Even merely living a moment longer would be fine.

Li Qingshan smiled. “Since you’ve already expressed yourself through this gesture, I’ll consider it!”

The second senior sister gritted her teeth. Her mouth was filled with the sweet, metallic taste of blood as she slowly raised her head before bringing it to the ground. She thought, Li Qingshan, if I survive today, I’ll definitely cut you to pieces in the future!

With that, Li Qingshan instead became rather embarrassed. He had killed countless people in this life, and he had plenty of brutal methods to do so, but this was the first time his enemy had actually dropped to their knees and lowered their heads. If a man had been so sickening, he would have kicked them across the face immediately. However, if it had been such a beautiful female cultivator with a special bearing, he could put up with it a little.

This is basically an eye for an eye for me. But don’t tell me she really thinks I’ll spare her just from bowing a few times and slapping herself across the face a few times!

The second senior sister bowed her head a few times. In the end, even her last bit of backbone vanished. She said constantly, “Commander Li, I had been thoughtless, so please, spare my life! I won’t ever do it again!”

“We’ll talk once you’re done with what you have to do!” Li Qingshan grinned as his demon heart began to show signs of rousing.

The second senior sister finished with kowtowing and began slapping herself left and right.

Then, Li Qingshan ordered, “Raise your head!”

The second senior sister raised her head. Her hair was a mess, and her eyes were misty. She was begging for mercy, and her cheeks had become bright-red from the slapping.

“Who told you to stop? Continue!”

“Y- yes!”

The demonic nature in Li Qingshan’s heart blazed brightly, and his gaze also began to burn invasively, basically wanting to peer through her clothes. Under these circumstances, the second senior sister instead raised her chest, perhaps intentionally.

Li Qingshan licked his lips and thought, If I make these thoughts in my mind into reality, it’ll be interesting.

Just like how the things that laws forbid us from doing would often be very interesting, if absolute authority led to absolute corruption, then absolute strength was absolute cruelty. If the Great Xia empire and the Hawkwolf Guard did not exist, this would definitely be a world where demonic cultivators ran amok!

When the second senior sister completed her hundred slaps across the face, Li Qingshan crouched down and placed his left hand on her shoulder. He smiled. “I’ve considered it seriously… You better just die!”

He held a bloody heart in his right hand. The second senior sister lowered her head and discovered a bloody hole in her chest. Her expression twisted madly as she extended her hands and grabbed Li Qingshan’s shoulders. She said hoarsely, “Li Qingshan, I curse you! I curse you to a horrible death!”

“Perhaps there really might be a day when I die a horrible death, but at the very least, I won’t lower my head to someone else or slap myself across the face when I die! Thank you for offering up such a great performance before your death.”

Li Qingshan casually took her hundred treasures pouch. The reason why he had not acted on his demonic nature was definitely not because he had suddenly found his conscience. Instead, Chu Danqing had appeared on the horizon, currently hurrying over quickly.

With how soft-hearted kiddo Chu is, he probably won’t be able to bring himself to do something like this when he sees how pitiful and dishevelled she is. By the time she bows her head and slaps herself across the face a few more times, he might even try to speak for her. If I kill her then, I’ll come off as too cruel instead, so I might as well just finish her off. Though, I do miss Lolth a little all of a sudden. If I have the time, I need to pay a visit.

Chu Danqing arrived nearby, and sure enough, he let out a long sigh. He saw his second senior sister kneeling on the ground with her cheeks bright red and could not help but say, “Qingshan, you could have killed her in a single strike. Why must you…”

“I’m not that boring. She was the one who strongly insisted on this, wanting me to spare her. Stop being so fussy. I’ve dealt with your trouble, so let’s go back and drink in celebration!”

Li Qingshan took absolutely no offence from that, patting Chu Danqing on the shoulder with a smile. Everyone had their own nature. If Chu Danqing had not been the type of person to treat enemies with sympathy, he would not have been so honest with him earlier. Li Qingshan had resolved another grievance, so he was in a very good mood.

Chu Danqing silently collected his second senior sister’s corpse. “Sigh, killing my own seniors has never been what I wanted, but they were up to no good, so it served them right. Qingshan, if it weren’t for you, I probably would not have been able to escape from their murderous scheme.”

“Does anyone else know about the secret of the Painting Tomb?” Li Qingshan asked.

“This… is a matter of great significance, so they shouldn’t have told anyone else, right? Speaking of which, even if others know, as long as they don’t come after me, why would I silence them with death over a single secret?”

Chu Danqing saw that Li Qingshan radiated with murderousness, so he was afraid his murderous nature had been roused and wanted to carry out a massacre, refusing to even spare his three senior’s family and disciples.

“What are you thinking? I’m a mighty Scarlet Hawk commander after all. How can I do something like that? I’m just asking so that we can make preparations beforehand!”

Li Qingshan had indeed considered eliminating all possible future troubles earlier, but it was merely a thought. At the end of the day, this was still Chu Danqing’s matter. Since Chu Danqing had already said something like that, why did he have to go out of his way to do something unnecessary?

The two of them returned to the academy. Li Qingshan’s breakthrough to late Foundation Establishment spread like wildfire and shocked the Academy of the Hundred Schools once again. His cultivation speed was basically astounding. As it turned out, he was not boasting when he said he wanted to break through to Golden Core before the age of thirty!

Li Qingshan dealt with everyone who had come to congratulate him. Afterwards, he called Hua Chengzan, Han Tieyi, and so on and simply sat down on the ground in the bamboo forest on Cloudwisp island, drinking away with them.

Li Qingshan raised a toast. “There were far too many unnecessary people last time, and E Feng and his groups of pups had come to make trouble. We couldn’t drink to our satisfaction. Today, we’ll drink until we’re drunk!

After three rounds of drinking, Li Qingshan had already polished off several jars of alcohol. Seeing Hua Chengzan falter again and again, he pulled him aside to the lakeshore. “You’re worried about her, right?”

“Yeah. Is she well?”

“Don’t worry. I’ve already arranged a safe place for her to settle down in. If you want to know, I can tell you. Don’t worry, I still haven’t gotten around to doing anything yet. By the time I really do something, it’ll really be too late.” Li Qingshan sniggered.

“That won’t be necessary. I’m burdened with far too many responsibilities, and I’m far too weak. Please pass on a message for me. Tell her…. That I’ve let her down. In the next world, I’m willing to work like a horse to pay back her love,” Hua Chengzan said in guilt.

“Forget it, forget it! There’s alcohol tonight, so we get drunk tonight! There are flowers that can be plucked, so just pluck them! Yet you talk about something as boring as your next life. You better punish yourself with three cups- no, three jars!”

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