Chapter 620 – An Omen of Warning

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Chapter 620 – An Omen of Warning

“What’re the two of you lurking around there and talking about?”

Chu Danqing walked out of the bamboo forest with a flushed face. His drinking capacity had improved by a lot. He also found tonight extremely satisfying. Having killed his three seniors, he did feel some sympathy and pity, but his excitement and joy still gained an upper hand over him.

Chu Shidao’s retirement in the mountainous forests out of dejection was closely related to these three wretched disciples. He had basically cleaned them up for his master.

“We’re obviously talking about the women that you love the most! C’mon, let’s keep drinking!”

Li Qingshan let out a great laugh and put his hands around their shoulders, returning to the clearing in the forest.

The bamboo forest was dim as moonlight shimmered about.

Han Tieyi rested his hand on a jar of alcohol as he sat before a grey rock. His expression was frosty and serious, silently drinking cup after cup.

The zither music was quiet and beautiful. Qin Xin sat at a table, playing the zither. Her ten fingers plucked and played the strings gently and slowly, producing music endlessly. It was like a clear stream, enough for people to forget about their worries. After a period of arduous cultivation, she had finally reached Foundation Establishment, becoming the leader of the school of Music.

Mind Enlightenment held prayer beads in his hand as he listened closely, but what he drank was water. Everyone present was a Foundation Establishment cultivator of the younger generation, while the seniors like Liu Zhangqing and so on conscientiously avoided joining in. When they saw the three of them return, they all greeted them.

In particular, they paid special attention to Li Qingshan. Although everyone present was talented, who knew how far off they were from Golden Core. They could not even be certain whether they could face the second heavenly tribulation or not. He was the only one who had truly touched the boundary of Golden Core, and he was still so young.

Originally, he was the youngest among them, but everyone seemed to follow him as their leader. Although they were all reserved, not exactly currying favour or trying to get on his good side, they did intentionally befriend him.

“The three of you were gone for a while, so you missed most of the song. Do you want me to play it again?” Qin Xin smiled as she stroked the zither. She said “the three of you”, but her eyes were fixed on Li Qingshan.

Wei Yangsheng said, “That’s unfair, Qin Xin. Why do we have to listen to it again?”

Qin Xin said, “You’re welcome to seal off your sense of hearing for now. I’ll call you when I’m done!”

“Definitely not. Then I’ll be losing out even more.”

Li Qingshan smiled. “Qin Xin, if you hadn’t mentioned it, I really wouldn’t have been able to tell whether I heard a part or missed a part. You’re welcome to continue playing like this.”

As for Hua Chengzan who had always been so refined, he actually made his way over to the alcohol jars and drank to the three of them, leading to a great cheer.

Chu Danqing said loudly, “With such beautiful scenery on a fine day and such outstanding people, it’s perfect for painting!” As he said that, he took out his paints and brushes and began painting. Right when he was about to bring his brush to the paper, he stopped again and shook his head. “Something’s still missing!”

“What’s missing?”

“There’s only zither music. There’s no sword qi.”

“There’s also poems!” Wei Yangsheng drew his sword and stood up, reciting poems as he wielded his sword. He kept his sword qi and might withdrawn, moving about gracefully.

Li Qingshan nodded. The swordsmanship of the school of Confucianism truly was extraordinary. He walked over to Han Tieyi’s side and sat down. “Tieyi, I heard you’ve been experiencing some good fortunes with respect to love! You better not use up too much of your vitality, or you’ll embarrass the Han family when it comes to the Exhibition Matches of the Nine Prefectures!”

Han Tieyi glanced at him in disdain. “If you’re envious of me, you can be like this too.”

Li Qingshan replied, “But no one is forcing me to have a lot of children. The Exhibition Matches of the Nine Prefectures probably won’t be simple this time round. You gotta be prepared.”

“You have to be the same too. With the Great General King’s orders, E Dan won’t be able to do anything to the Han family for now, but if the opportunity ever arises, he’ll definitely try and find a way to kill you. He’s most terrifying exactly when he bides his time and does nothing. I wouldn’t want my elder sister to become a widow before she has even moved in with her husband.”

“Don’t worry, I’m a son-in-law of the Han family after all!”

At this moment, Chu Danqing completed the last stroke and finished the Night Banquet in the Bamboo Forest painting. Everyone gathered around to take a look, only to see that the painting had vividly captured everyone’s voice and countenance. The most wonderful part of it all was they could even hear the zither music and see the sword qi fly about.

Qin Xin could not help but ask, “Danqing, you’re in such a great mood tonight, so why don’t you tell us what you went off to do with Qingshan?”

Chu Danqing’s mind cleared up; he could not help but glance at Li Qingshan. Li Qingshan nodded in response. The deaths of three Foundation Establishment cultivators was anything but small. If they purposefully tried to hide it, they would come off as guilty instead.

Chu Danqing roughly told them what had happened, but he hid the secret of the Painting Tomb, as well as the matter of the violet talisman. He finished the story in a single breath, and the bamboo forest fell silent completely. Only the rustling bamboo in the wind could be heard.

Everyone’s gazes gathered on Li Qingshan once again. Apart from respect, there were also hints of fear. He had faced off against three Foundation Establishment cultivators together and killed them all before coming back and holding a jolly banquet like nothing had happened at all.

“It’s not because I was bloodthirsty, just that I was left with no other choice. If I did not kill, then I would be killed.” Li Qingshan took out the recording stone and played what the three people had said again helplessly.

“I didn’t think they’d be so bold! They’ve gotten off easy by just dying!” Wei Yangsheng fumed and everyone else chimed in too. However, no one present was an idiot. They all thought inside, You even prepared a recording stone, so you were probably left with more than one choice!

Under his straightforward appearance was plenty of strategy and scheming. As it seemed, he also had something to rely on to be bold enough to oppose E Dan openly. However, if they could have a powerful friend like him, that would be for the best!

“Danqing, why didn’t you call us too? We could have helped you out.” “With Qingshan taking action, does he even need us?” “Haha, fair enough!”

Compared to poem recitals, zither performances, and paintings, the most primitive slaughter was still better at winning over people at the end of the day. This was the exact reason why duels prevailed in the Dragon province.

They did not disperse until deep into the night.

Li Qingshan was already mostly drunk, with only a bit of clarity left, while his clone continued refining bodies of water. He left the Academy of the Hundred Schools and was about to return to the Qing Xiao dwelling.

But he thought of something else and flew into an underground cave, transforming and concealing his aura, turning back into Northmoon. He smiled. “Ma’am Spider Queen, I’m coming!”

He flapped his wings of wind and sped through the twisting caves, finding Lolth’s aura very soon. He smiled and directly dove through the rock and soil, arriving in a huge, open space. Spider silk entwined together into a huge web.

A frosty, beautiful woman in a black tight suit stood at the centre of the web, staring at him with hostility. “Northmoon, why have you come?”

“Obviously because I’ve been thinking of you.” Li Qingshan smiled drunkenly and studied the surroundings. “Hmm? This is Cobweb city!”

Or more accurately, it was the cavern where Cobweb city once stood. During the battle before, Cobweb city had been destroyed, and the cavern had caved in before water flooded in. However, as time went on, the water receded once more, and the cavern stabilised again. Lolth returned here and turned it into her nest.

Li Qingshan arrived before Lolth in a flash and pushed her against the web. Laying on top of her, he smiled. “They say that a night together as husband and wife leads to a life of endless devotion. Have you been thinking of me?”

Lolth said coldly, “I’ve been thinking about killing you!”

“It’s best if you don’t try something like that again. I’m afraid I won’t be able to hold back my killing intent. It’ll be bad if we fall out completely.”

Li Qingshan touched her beautiful face, gently sliding down to her chest and grabbing a handful, fiddling around with it freely. Although it was still a little lacklustre compared to Qiu Haitang’s grandness, it was much firmer and more elastic, where it seemed to push back with a slight squeeze.

His desires were immediately set alit. His lust that had not been completely released with Han Qiongzhi, his drive that Qiu Haitang had roused, and his demonic nature and cruelty that the second senior sister had stirred all erupted in his body while he was drunk.

“Ah!” Lolth moaned gently as she felt her breast ache. Li Qingshan’s fingers dug in deeply. The strength of the fifth layer of the ox demon was so great that even her body struggled to endure it slightly, but he completely ignored it, using some more force.

When he embraced Han Qiongzhi intimately, he still had to be careful, afraid of hurting her, even when the spirit turtle had already suppressed most of his strength. That was even more significant when he made love to her, but he no longer had to worry about so much if he was with Lolth.

He lowered his head and kissed her scarlet lips as his hands explored every single part of her body. Every bit of contact would cause her pain, but lust gradually filled her eyes.

A while later, Li Qingshan raised his head and asked, “Do you want me to rip it apart, or are you going to take it off yourself?”

Lolth spread her arms, and the black tight suit she had woven together carefully unraveled like silk connected to a loom. Her white, smooth body was completely exposed to Li Qingshan. The two specks of red trembled slightly on the snowy peaks as her slender legs overlapped together, sitting in an extremely enchanting pose.

After Li Qingshan forcefully conquered her, she could no longer freely search for sacrificial offerings like in the past until she killed him. Her body had also become filled with lust. As a daemon, she was mostly unable to hold back on her desires, not to mention that yielding to the strong was a part of her nature.

Regardless of whether she still felt hatred or discontent, he had already demonstrated his great strength, so he possessed this right. Moreover, he was the only male that possessed the right to procreate with her right now.

“Northmoon, I will definitely kill you with my own hands. As for now… Ah!” Before Lolth could even finish, Li Qingshan had already struck her swiftly, beginning a new round of battle.

After going for a few times, Li Qingshan yawned in satisfaction. He had completely sobered up. Lolth slept soundly to his side.

I’ve found a moment of peace in my busy lifestyle for once, but while this place is nice, it’s not where I belong. Once I rest up, I can continue cultivating!

At this exact moment, he suddenly sensed a great danger and immediately raised his guard. It’s a warning from the spirit turtle. Someone is coming after me! Don’t tell me Lolth wants to use some sort of trick against me again? I can’t spare her this time.

Li Qingshan waited for a while, but nothing happened around him. No, this isn’t it. It’s the mirror clone!

In that moment, he devoted all of his attention to the mirror clone hundreds of kilometers away. His mirror clone was currently controlling the Water God Seal and refining a river.

Although he was still unable to see any trace of the enemy, he could vaguely sense an invisible net being cast around him. For the spirit turtle to sense such great danger, the enemy was definitely much greater than the three idiots of the school of Painting!

So it’s them!

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