Chapter 625 – Northmoon Comes with Blessings

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Chapter 625 – Northmoon Comes with Blessings

Si Qing’s face sank. “Yanying, are you just going to allow him to talk wildly here?”

Gu Yanying happened to be enoying the show. When she heard that, she could not help but stand up. “It’s such a joyous occasion, so why must we haggle over these minor details?”

“Commander Gu, my disciples were ruthlessly killed by the moon demon. Are you saying this is merely a minor detail?”

“Hehe, slip of the tongue,” said Gu Yanying. The moon demon who ruthlessly killed your disciples is standing right before you, so why are you glaring at me?

“I won’t let this matter be until I get a satisfying conclusion!” E Dan was vicious.

“What do you want to do? You’re welcome to make it clear!”

Li Qingshan knew he had handled the matters in the Parlour of Clouds and Rain rather improperly, giving E Dan a reason to hassle him, which he would not let go of so easily. Even Gu Yanying would struggle a little to protect him.

“The only punishment befitting of colluding with daemons is death. We just happen to be in need of your head for an offering for such a joyous occasion!” E Dan took a step forward. His aura was like an ancient beast’s, where even the Golden Core cultivators present found it difficult to breathe.

At this exact moment, a black line appeared on the horizon and spread rapidly. A swathe of dark clouds flooded over, instantly turning the sunny skies into drizzling rain.

A scarlet figure passed through the clouds with a streak of wind and fire, shooting over here.

“Flying is forbidden above the marquis’ estate!” Caretaker Zheng went up to receive him. He was surprised and furious. He had just made a huge fool of himself, so he wanted to see which ignorant fool dared to take advantage of his bad luck. Did they really think the caretaker did not possess a temper?

However, when he made out the person’s appearance, his eyes narrowed suddenly. Northmoon!

He had a head of drifting, scarlet hair, a handsome and flawless appearance with a devilish smile, and a pair of horns engraved with “North“ and “Moon”. Apart from the moon demon, who else could he be?

Most of caretaker Zheng’s fury was immediately extinguished. He had no idea what to do with the arcane artifact he was already holding in his hand. During his hesitation, Northmoon brushed past him and did not even glance at him.

“Northmoon, how dare you…” “Everyone, let’s get him together and take down this wretched daemon!”

Northmoon arrived on the Soaring Clouds terrace in a flash. With a swish, all of the Golden Core cultivators stood up, flickering with lights of various colours as they drew their arcane artifacts, gazing at Northmoon vigilantly as he strode over. None of them paid any attention to Li Qingshan anymore.

Only Gu Yanying lowered her head and smiled gently. Si Bao asked in confusion, “Big sis, what’s wrong?”

“Oh, nothing!”

Li Qingshan communicated to her indifferently, “Why rely on others when you can rely on yourself?”

Northmoon did not look at the Golden Core cultivators on the two sides either. Right from the moment he set foot on the Soaring Clouds terrance, his eyes had been locked onto Si Qing. An enthusiastic smile oozed out on his face, and he walked over to Si Qing’s side, wrapping his arm around his neck like they were very close. “Little bro Si Qing, I’ve come to congratulate you!”

Si Qing stiffered all over and looked at Jia Zhen. Now is the perfect time to kill Northmoon!

Jia Zhen shook his head gently. Northmoon did not conceal his aura, but from the aura he demonstrated, he did not seem particularly strong. He was clearly stating to them intentionally that this was not his original body.

And let alone the Water God Seal, he did not even have a hundred treasures pouch on him, which was why he was so fearless. If they struck right now, all they would kill would be an insignificant clone, and they would fall out with Northmoon completely. Their previous efforts would all go to waste.

Si Qing sucked in a deep breath and smiled. “Fellow Northmoon, you’re here!”

“What’re you being so polite for? Aren’t we allies? I obviously have to come and congratulate you on such a joyous occasion! Didn’t you say you even wanted me as a guest a few days ago? Calling me fellow Northmoon would be treating me like an outsider. You can just call me A’yue. I’ll call you A’qing!”

Northmoon laughed aloud as he smacked Si Qing’s shoulder. Despite the composure Si Qing had developed while competing with the other princes in the Dragon province, even his forehead bulged with veins right now.

The expressions of the Golden Core cultivators all became strange. None of them lashed out with the arcane artifacts they were already holding, and they had no idea whether they should disperse their protective spiritual qi either. They felt rather awkward as they stood there and thought to themselves.

So prince Si Qing is actually so familiar with Northmoon? He’s actually managed to get him to come celebrate with him!

Err, let’s just say prince Si Qing is extraordinarily capable and possesses startling charm!

With a swish, Gu Yanying opened her jade folding fan, covering the lower half of her face, but smiles oozed out of her eyes.

“Come, come, come. I’ve even written my word of congratulations already. What do you think?”

Northmoon brought Si Qing towards the terrace with his arm around his shoulder, pointing at the sky.

Si Qing raised his head and gazed over, only to see a line of huge, glistening characters in the sky shrouded by dark clouds. This was the effect of sunlight peeking through the clouds.

The other Golden Core cultivators followed along, all looking over. And, it was not just the Soaring Clouds terrace either. The cultivators from the various prefectures of the entire Ruyi commandery were the same, such that even the common folk of the entire commandery city raised their heads and observed this rare sight.

The words written with the clouds were, “Prince Si Qing possesses endless might, accomplished in the office and on the battleground, showing kindness to all for generations on end, uniting the world.” He even placed his signature at the bottom, “From Northmoon”.

Si Qing laughed aloud. “Then thank you for your blessings- A’yue.”

“Hehe, you’re too kind!” Northmoon pointed at the sky, and the clouds rapidly closed together, forming a new row of characters. “May friendship between humans and daemons last forever! For the sake of peace, not war!”

The cultivators all looked at one another. They all found the moon demon’s reputation terrifying, but his thought process aligned with theirs. Speaking of which, ever since Northmoon heavily injured the group of Daemon Commanders that day, the daemons of the Ruyi commandery became much more quiet. The war that was on the brink of erupting actually settled back down miraculously.

If Northmoon really could achieve an alliance with Si Qing, the Marquis of Ruyi, then they would be able to avoid a lot of pointless water. Everyone recognised Si Qing a little more now.

Li Qingshan peered through the eyes of his mirror clone and made eye contact with Si Qing. He smiled inside. If you want to be patient and scheme, then I’ll let you be patient and scheme to your heart’s content. You’ll be accepting my deep friendship no matter what, regardless of whether you want to or not.

Si Qing continued to smile, but he fumed inside, This damned daemon is clearly playing along! He’s forcing me to admit our relationship as allies before everyone. But I have to calm down. Now is still not the time to turn against him!

“That’s exactly what I was thinking, A’yue! We may be of different races, but we’re all fellow cultivators in the cultivation world…”

“Fellow cultivators are nothing. I think we’re quite agreeable, so why don’t we just become brothers here and now?”

“Ah!” Si Qing was taken aback. Who and who were becoming brothers? You can go die, you wretched daemon!

“What, you don’t want to? Don’t tell me you were lying to me that day?” Northmoon’s face suddenly sank slightly.

“Of course not. Though, as a prince, I need the imperial family’s permission to become brothers with other people.”

Northmoon’s face immediately cleared up and began laughing. “I see. But as forthright men, there’s no need to bother with these empty rules and etiquette. You just have to get your imperial family or whatever it is to give permission quickly. Virtuous younger brother, I’m a little older than you, so forgive me as I’ll be calling myself your foolish elder brother. Hahahaha!”

The group of people returned to the Soaring Clouds terrace. Northmoon released his arm from Si Qing’s neck and made his way over to Gu Yanying, leaning forward and saying tenderly, “Yanying, you’re here too!”

Gu Yanying only smiled. She said with her soul sense, “Li Qingshan, don’t forget about what you agreed to!”

“Tsk, how boring.”

Northmoon straightened himself out, turned around, and asked, “A’dan, where are the beauties you spoke of? Send them over so I can take a good look at them.”

E Dan was taken aback, only just realising Northmoon was referring to him as A’dan. He said, “The beauties are coming right up!”

Northmoon did not hold back at all and squeezed onto the same table as Si Qing. Suddenly, he frowned and pointed at Li Qingshan who stood in the centre. “Who are you? Stop standing there like a rigid pillar. Shoo, go away. Hmm? You look a little familiar. I saw you that night in the Parlour of Clouds and Rain. Are you called Li Qingshan?”

“I am.” Li Qingshan bowed slightly as he thought to himself, Is this supposed to be a monologue or a dialogue?

Northmoon said, “Why are you standing here? With your cultivation, you still don’t deserve to be here!”

Li Qingshan said, “I was summoned by his highness the prince. He said I colluded with wr- daemons that night in the Parlour of Clouds and Rain and killed fellow E Dan’s disciples.”

Everyone’s gazes immediately gathered on E Dan. Just earlier, Li Qingshan’s crimes had been colluding with Northmoon, but in the blink of an eye, Northmoon had come to form an alliance with Si Qing. When it truly came to colluding with daemons, just who was colluding with daemons right now?

“Li Qingshan, shut your mouth!” E Dan suffered in silence, unable to say anything.

“Oh? Did this really happen? A’dan, you’re still attached to them? I was the one who killed them, so if you have anything you want to ask, you can just ask me! If you still feel angry and want to vent your anger, I’ll let you punch me three times!” Northmoon raised an eyebrow and pulled apart his clothes, revealing his bare chest.

“Hahaha, you’ve misunderstood. Why would I care about something as petty as that? I only find this kid an eyesore.”

“That’s good to know. Let’s have a cup together and drink away our grievances!” Northmoon raised his cup, clinking it with E Dan’s before drinking it all. Afterwards, he said to Li Qingshan rather restlessly, “You’re done here, so why don’t you leave? Oh right, Haitang told me to thank you!”

He leaned over slightly and said to Si Qing, “How unfortunate. I was in such a hurry today that I didn’t bring anything with me. Virtuous brother, do you have anything? Just reward him with an item or two and send him away!”

You were clearly afraid we’d finish off your clone, so you purposefully didn’t bring anything with you!

Si Qing ground his teeth in hatred, but he continued to smile. “That’s not a problem!” He pulled out a black hoop from his sumeru ring and passed it to Northmoon. Northmoon fiddled around with it and realised. This isn’t an arcane artifact. It’s a demonic artifact! Although the demonic nature was extremely well-hidden, it was unable to fool his senses as he practised the Demon Suppression Statuary.

Sure enough, why would this bastard Si Qing be up to any good? Demonic artifacts can only be used by demonfolk. If regular cultivators refine them unknowingly, it’s very likely for the demonic nature to be drawn into the body, causing them to suffer qi deviation! But it’s perfect for me right now.

Northmoon casually tossed the black hoop at Li Qingshan. “Take it!”

Li Qingshan said, “I don’t deserve this, so I can’t take it!”

Northmoon immediately became displeased. “You’re trying to turn down something I’m giving you? Don’t get too ahead of yourself!”

All Li Qingshan could do was accept the black hoop “helplessly” and leave the Soaring Clouds terrace.

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