Chapter 627 – The Beginning

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Chapter 627 – The Beginning

Everyone on the huge square beneath the Soaring Clouds terrace stopped talking. They raised their heads. “That voice! It’s the moon demon!”

Afterwards, they looked at one another with no idea what was happening on the Soaring Dragon terrace. It would have been easier for them to accept if a great battle had suddenly erupted on the Soaring Dragon terrace. What was this singing all about?

“We’ll go if you say go! I’ll go, you’ll go, we’ll all go ah! Hey hey we’ll all go ah! With our heads raised at the sky ah!”

Northmoon struck the drum and sang as if there was no one around. When he reached “With our heads raised at the sky”, he felt like it suited him very much. When he listened to it in his past life, it did not sound particularly special, but it put him in high, valiant spirits as he sang it today.

Originally, he had intentionally done this to create trouble in Si Qing’s ceremony, but he ended up being in a great mood for this. He unfurled his clothes, revealing his bare chest and struck the war drum deafeningly as his scarlet hair blazed like fire.

Although everyone felt like this song completely defied conventional music theory, it was more like a tune sung by northerners, possessing a riling, liberal sense of hot-bloodedness that broke away from convention. It did not sound bad at all, and even if they were unaccustomed to his crude voice, they could not help but be stunned by his vigour.

Enemies surrounded him, yet he sang to his heart’s content, making his enemies fearful and worried, afraid to act recklessly. On and below the terrace, the entire cultivation community of the Ruyi commandery listened along attentively, so how delightful was that!

“Seeing injustice on the road! Give a shout and give it a blow! Roaming the world valiantly ah!”

When Li Qingshan reached the last word, there was a great thunk, and the war drum shattered from the drumming. He let out a great laugh.

Si Bao elbowed Gu Yanying. “This guy sure is something else!”

Si Qing clenched his fist firmly. This damned daemon!

Li Qingshan tossed the drumstick out the window. “Bring me alcohol! I’ll perform the song, Nunchucks, now!” Since you can’t stand that song, I’ll sing another song that you won’t be able to endure even more! I don’t care how you feel or if you want to listen to it or not. He experienced an urge to turn Si Qing’s ceremony into his personal concert.

TL: Nunchucks is a rap by Jay Chou. You can listen to it here:

No one had any idea what nunchucks were, but they knew they could not let him continue anymore. They all tried to persuade him. “You’ve already broadened our horizons with that song. There’s no need to keep singing.”

“I think it’s roughly time. We can announce the beginning of the ceremony!”

Si Qing stood up as well and grabbed Northmoon’s wrist. He said softly, “A’yue, I think that’s enough. I’m going to declare the beginning of the ceremony.”

“Really? Since you’ve already said something like that, A’qing, then I’ll perform for you next time,” Northmoon replied like he still had not had enough. He went with the flow and wrapped his arm around Si Qing’s shoulder like they were close brothers.

“This place of yours is fantastic. It’s way better than my dwelling. The beauties are fair and soft too. Sigh, you have no idea. All of the night roamers are pitch-black!” Liubo, Liusu, don’t blame me. I’m making the enemy lower their guard.

With how familiar Northmoon behaved with him, Si Qing could not come off as too cold. He cleared his throat gently. “If you’d like to, then you can continue.. I can order people to specially build a residence for you.”

Originally, he wanted to use the fine alcohol and delicacies of the marquis’ estate to erode away Northmoon’s willpower, but as soon as he considered the consequences of Northmoon staying behind, he corrected himself in a hurry.

“That’s far too troublesome. And, what’s the point if I’m all alone? I’m willing to stay here and drink and have a merry time with you. C’mon, let’s go talk!”

Si Qing personally believed that he was not even afraid of death, but when he heard that, his heart skipped a beat. He was afraid he would not be able to hold back his killing intent, which would waste all of his previous efforts. He silently warned himself, Si Qing, you have to be patient. The most important part of hunting is patience. This prey really is unexpectedly difficult to deal with!

Northmoon basically pulled Si Qing with him to the terrace facing the square. Gu Yanying walked beside them, while the Golden Core cultivators stood up and followed behind them.

By now, the clouds in the sky had already dispersed. Sunlight scattered in the surroundings brilliantly. Everyone raised their heads and looked at the three most powerful people in the Ruyi commandery, or more accurately, a person, a daemon, and a half-human, half-daemon.

Si Qing began talking with his unique jackal-like voice. To his relief, Northmoon did not interrupt him and embarrass him in front of so many people, or he truly would have lost his temper. Northmoon merely smiled foolishly and kept his arm around his neck, pressing up close…

Li Qingshan discovered basically all the leaders in the world could not go without some buzzwords and cliches when they spoke. They would express their gratitude toward everyone before bringing up things like “pool our efforts together” or “we’re all in the same boat” like they were worthless. In the end, he formally announced the beginning of the ceremony.

Vertical scrolls draped down from the nine Soaring Dragon ships. They were words of blessing each prefecture had gifted to Si Qing.

“It’s completely lacking in vigour!” Northmoon shook his head in disdain.

“It’s just their kind intentions. It’s obviously nothing compared to our friendship.” Si Qing’s eyes twitched. Today, everyone came with gifts. Just a wretched daemon like you came with no gift, even taking something from me and giving it to that Li Qingshan.

Afterwards, a grand performance similar to an opening ceremony unfolded. The banquet was moved out of the covered area and onto the terrace. Northmoon continued to sit with Si Qing without the slightest care in the world.

Si Qing forced out a smile. “A’yue, you’ve traveled a long way, so why don’t you go rest up? I’ll have those beauties serve you!”

“I’m not tired. The performance here is still quite interesting.”

Si Qing gritted his teeth. “The competition between the schools of Miscellany is first. I’ll have someone accompany you!”

“Didn’t I tell you already? I haven’t brought my hundred treasures pouch!”

“That’s not an issue. If anything catches your fancy, it’ll just be on me.”

Northmoon was angered. “Am I the type of person to take advantage of friends?”

“Then… you can just treat it as borrowing from me.”

“That’s more like it. What about you?”

“I have to stay here and watch over everything!”

“Then forget it. I’ll stay here with you. Come, let’s drink!”

You fucking wretched daemon, can you stay away from me? Si Qing roared inside as he raised his cup helplessly. “Alright then!”

The grand ceremony continued all the way until dusk. Thousands of fireworks were launched into the air, bursting apart brilliantly in all sorts of shapes and sizes. It was far richer in variety than any fireworks Li Qingshan had seen in his past life. Mingling with the glow of the setting sun, it was magnificent. This was obviously the handiwork of the school of Mohism.

Li Qingshan and Han Qiongzhi stood together as they watched the fireworks. Han Qiongzhi turned her head and gazed at his face that constantly flickered with colourful lights from the fireworks, like he had been smeared with make-up. Sometimes he seemed rather funny, but at other times, he seemed rather eerie or even terrifying.

Li Qingshan noticed her gaze and looked over. He asked, “What are you thinking about?”

“Nothin!” Han Qiongzhi grabbed his hand.

When the red glow had completely vanished in the west and the fireworks had died down, Si Qing stood up on the Soaring Clouds terrace and loudly announced the beginning of the Exhibition Matches of the Nine Prefectures. Following the order used in the past, the first competition was the school of Miscellany!

Li Qingshan looked back. Before he knew it, nine stores of miscellaneous goods already formed a ring.

Han Qiongzhi said, “C’mon, let’s go for a stroll!”

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