Chapter 630 – Honesty

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Chapter 630 – Honesty

In the hundred treasures pouches that belonged to these people of unknown origins, he actually found over a dozen pieces of the Three Absolutes Calligraphy, which satisfied his desire to collect very much. If he could reassemble these pieces…

Originally, Li Qingshan wanted to return to Han Qiongzhi’s side, but he immediately changed directions now.

Chu Danqing was currently meditating in his room. Suddenly, he heard knocking on the door, but he saw no one when he opened it. Li Qingshan’s voice rang out by his ear. “I’ll come in and talk!”

The door was closed again, and Li Qingshan’s figure appeared. Chu Danqing said in surprise, “Qingshan, aren’t you accompanying senior sister Han? Why have you come to my place?”

“There’s something I need your help with.” Li Qingshan cut right to the chase and took out all the fragments of the Three Absolutes Calligraphy. “I was wondering if you were as capable as master Chu and could assemble these fragments?”

Chu Danqing said, “Wait, so- Where did you get these from?”

“You don’t have to worry about that- fine, I’ll tell you. I stole them just now.” Li Qingshan considered and felt like it was still better for Chu Danqing to know what was going on, so he roughly explained what had happened.

“Qingshan, you really do become more bold the more capable you are, to actually take action in the marquis’ estate. These people have really been down on their luck to plot against you. So it’s actually called the Three Absolutes Calligraphy. That sure is fitting. However, considering this is connected to a Golden Core cultivator, there’ll probably be quite a lot of trouble.”

“Who cares. Can you repair it or not?”

“Of course I can. My master already mentioned it the last time he repaired it for you. It’s a pity that my cultivation is insufficient, but using the Jade Blood of Vermillion and Black makes it much easier to assemble these fragments!”

Chu Danqing’s face was filled with pride and confidence, as well as some embarrassment.

Chu Shidao had already discovered the way to assemble these fragments, and Chu Danqing understood the entire process, which saved him the largest bit of trouble. Moreover, he was brimming with vigour, so it would actually be much easier for him than Chu Shidao, who already had a foot in the grave back then. Coupled with the assistance from his Jade Blood of Vermillion and Black, he could be described as the optimal choice for this job.

“Alright then. Looks like I’ll make you bleed this time. You can take these paintings as remuneration.” Li Qingshan took out his spoils from killing Chu Danqing’s three seniors.

Chu Danqing said sternly, “Qingshan, I can’t accept these.”

“These paintings all belong to your school of Paintings. Only you can unleash their power to their greatest extent. You know me. I hate owing people.” Li Qingshan placed the paintings on the table, leaving no room for negotiation.

“Being able to study the work of the Five Absolutes Immortal will greatly benefit my painting ability. This is already the greatest remuneration you can give me.”

Chu Danqing refused to accept them no matter what. If Li Qingshan insisted on paying him, he would rather not do this job at all.

Li Qingshan never liked haggling around either. “Fine then! I couldn’t tell, but you sure are stubborn.”

Chu Danqing smiled. “Aren’t you persistent too, Qingshan?” He faltered before saying, “Actually, I hope that I can become accomplished with painting one day and specially paint a painting of you.”

Li Qingshan shook his head with a smile. “I’m not a beauty, so what is there to paint?”

“Painters like painting beauties, but I’d rather paint the heroes of the world, and then establish a gallery of heroes so that people of the future can all look up to their glorious demeanours!” Chu Danqing’s eyes shone.

“I believe a day like that will arrive!” Li Qingshan smiled. Though unfortunately, I’m no hero.


Li Qingshan turned invisible again and secretly returned to his residence, arriving by Han Qiongzhi’s side. She laid on her side with her eyes shut as if she was sleeping. Li Qingshan laid down behind her and pulled her into his arms gently, covering her chest naturally. He whispered into her ear.

“What, aren’t you going to ask me where I went?”

“You’ll obviously tell me what you want to tell me,” Han Qiongzhi said with her eyes shut, without responding to his intimate contact.

Li Qingshan forcefully turned her around, and only then was she forced to open her eyes. She pursed her lips and said nothing, but Li Qingshan was able to read exactly what she was thinking, I’ve already been so considerate with you, so how can you be discontent?

Li Qingshan experienced a great urge to protect and treasure her. She had never been a delicate woman, and after everything that had happened so far, she had developed a sense of tenacity.

“I’ll tell you then. I killed a few people just now, and then I paid a visit to Chu Danqing.”

Smack! Han Qiongzhi knocked his hand away and sat up. “Stop touching and feeling. Talk properly. I’m listening!”

Li Qingshan sat up too. He told her everything that had happened. He did not even hide his identity of Niu Juxia and how he killed the masked cultivator under Green Vine mountain in the past.

“Niu Juxia!” Han Qiongzhi murmured. Although she did not have any impression of “Niu Juxia”, just the fake identity alone was enough for her to think of many things. If she investigated it carefully, there would be even more mysteries she could think about.

“This is one of my secrets.”

“So you really were the one who killed Zhuo Zhibo!”

“Who let that old bastard go too far?”

Han Qiongzhi let out a long sigh. “Actually, I’d rather just hear from you that you have another woman outside. If only your secrets were so simple.”

“Uhh, about that. I do have another woman outside.”

Before Li Qingshan could even finish speaking, Han Qiongzhi threw a slap over. Li Qingshan caught her hand. “Hey, hey, isn’t this what you wanted to hear?”

“Damn men. Don’t forget what you promised me in the past! You can’t even keep your word, and you’re faithless!”

“Hmm? Didn’t you say it didn’t matter afterwards?”

“Never! Who is she?!” Han Qiongzhi wrapped her hands around Li Qingshan’s neck, baring her teeth like a furious panther and staring at Li Qingshan viciously.

“You’ve changed your mind so quickly!” Li Qingshan felt like he had just been fooled. How stupid of him. This was clearly the last thing women could put up with.

“Forget it. I know I’m not some charming woman. If you ever get tired of me and want to go find some other woman, just tell me. Stop being so indecisive, unlike a man at all, or I’ll end up looking down on you.” Han Qiongzhi suddenly released him and turned around again.

“Yeah, yeah. I’m not some charming man either. If you ever get tired of me and want to find some other man, just tell me. Stop being so indecisive, just like a woman, or I’ll end up looking down on you,” Li Qingshan said seriously.

“You’re saying I’m not like a woman? Hmph, I’ll never find some other man. Being fooled and deceived once is enough.”

“Then there’s nothing I can do. Though, according to my earnest observations, you’re still very much like a woman, Qiongzhi.” Li Qingshan smiled.

He could not act recklessly and do whatever he wanted, even having to behave carefully, but having a fitting partner came with its form of peace and happiness. Although he was tempted to embrace all women that fell into his lap, she was both the most ordinary and the most special existence to him.


It was daytime. Perhaps because Li Qingshan had carried everything out too cleanly, but the disappearance of the cultivators did not raise any attention. Everyone’s attention had been drawn away by the competition between the schools of Miscellany. The schools of Miscellany would stock new items every day, and their value would climb higher and higher. The atmosphere of the Exhibition Matches of the Nine Provinces gradually heated up.

In the empty room, a cluster of darkness suddenly twisted and expanded, turning into a pitch-black figure who looked around.

“The smell of death pervades this place! They’ve died!”

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