Chapter 632 – The Battle of the Schools of Novels (Two)

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Chapter 632 – The Battle of the Schools of Novels (Two)

Wang Luocheng had many hobbies in his life, from dog-walking and cock-fighting to drinking with women and playing with women and so on. He was skilled in several of them, but fighting did not happen to be one of them. Li Qingshan’s murderousness stunned him, where even his thought processes slowed down. He retreated instinctively, hoping that someone else would block Li Qingshan for him.

However, perhaps because the others had never expected Li Qingshan to strike without batting an eye, combined with his imposing manner, everyone else faltered as well. After all, the school of Novels had never been known for their battle prowess. Because the power of belief did not come easily, they were unable to regularly train and spar. They were more willing to conjure some beauty and train and spar in bed.

Of course, some were truly slow, while others wanted Li Qingshan and Wang Luocheng to waste away one another. In the end, both of them would be heavily injured, and two of their competitors would be immediately eliminated. As their eyes drifted about, they discovered none of them were idiots.

As a result, an encirclement of eight people immediately turned into a one-against-one battle between Li Qingshan and Wang Luocheng. Wang Luocheng returned to his senses. He had just been betrayed, so he cursed inside, Novelists are never up to any good! He recovered some of the functionality of his stunned brain and immediately used the Divine Talisman of Great Creation to conjure a great gate formed from steel. It was a foot thick.

At the same time, he desperately powered his protective spiritual artifact. As long as he could stop Li Qingshan for a while, the others would not simplu stand by and watch on. As a result, the encirclement would be reestablished.

However, before Wang Luocheng could even catch his breath, there was a great boom, and the huge gate caved in and twisted. Li Qingshan emerged like he had smashed through a gate of paper, reaching towards his face with his open hand.

Only very few people managed to make out that when Li Qingshan collided with the gate, his hands pushed and pulled several dozen times, destroying the very integrity of the gate.

Wang Luocheng was shocked. He let out a strange cry and let a flying sword emerge from his sleeve, stabbing straight towards Li Qingshan’s chest. The sword shone brightly; it was an arcane artifact. Although it was the weakest, inferior arcane artifact, it still could not be underestimated.

Liu Chuanfeng could not help but stand up. He was furious and worried. How was he supposed to stop the flying sword with his protective spiritual qi alone, unable to use any protective techniques or arcane artifacts?

However, Li Qingshan completely ignored the flying sword, continuing onwards with a vicious bearing like he had to crush Wang Luocheng’s head no matter what. Wang Luocheng was utterly shocked, staggering backwards again and again. Momentarily distracted, the glow from the sword immediately dimmed slightly, and it slowed down.

Li Qingshan smiled. He bent and flicked a finger on his left hand, deflecting the flying sword with a clang. At the same time, he formed a fist with his right hand and struck Wang Luocheng’s chest.

With a bang, Wang Luocheng’s protective glow scattered, launched away while coughing up blood. His protective spiritual artifact had already been reduced to pieces. With only a thin layer of protective spiritual qi, how was he supposed to stop Li Qingshan’s fist?

Wang Luocheng was only at early Foundation Establishment. He was already two minor cultivation realms weaker than Li Qingshan, and his cultivation method paled in comparison to the Arts of the Boundless Ocean, let alone the difference that existed given his untempered body. Li Qingshan had not even used the strength of the ox demon. He even held back slightly in the end, or killing Wang Luocheng with a single punch would have been nothing strange at all.

Wang Luocheng fainted on the spot, and the disciples of the school of Medicine carried him off the stage for treatment. Li Qingshan turned around and faced the remaining seven people, raising a finger. “One!”

Although the entire process involved a lot of wit and courage, in the eyes of the spectators, Li Qingshan had finished off a Foundation Establishment cultivator in a single lunge.

“His reputation truly is well-deserved. Even without using arcane artifacts or battle skills, uncle-in-law is still so fierce! Tieyi, is he really a disciple of the school of Novels? I think he’s clearly a disciple of our school of the Military!”

The leader of the school of the Military from the Yong’an prefecture was overcome by surprise. The other leaders of the schools of the Military stood to one side, gathered around Han Tieyi. The Han family had held the position of great general for all these years, so all the disciples of the school of the Military were past acquaintances and subordinates. They were all on friendly terms, which was why they referred to Li Qingshan as “uncle-in-law”.

Han Tieyi said, “He really should have joined the school of the Military.”

“Fortunately, he’s a disciple of the school of Novels, or if he were to represent the Clear River prefecture, we can just forfeit.”

Han Tieyi said, “Do you really think you can win right now?”

“Kid, don’t get cocky. Your uncles will test you this year and see whether you measure up to your father or not.” Everyone laughed aloud. Someone said, “Look, the uncle-in-law is striking again!”

A dim, blue haze rose up around Li Qingshan like an illusion as he thought, This is an exhibition match between the schools of Novel after all. If I don’t use the Divine Talisman of Great Creation, they won’t be content even if I win, so I might as well leave them convinced.

He poured all of his attention into the Divine Talisman of Great Creation. Slivers of power of belief were drawn out, gradually weaving into the figure of a person, forming his bones, blood vessels, and meridians. Never had Li Qingshan used the Divine Talisman of Great Creation so seriously before.

“Everyone, use your full strength!”

The seven remaining cultivators all returned to their senses. After witnessing how ferocious Li Qingshan was, how could they still be thinking about anything else? If he truly managed to defeat all eight of them alone, then it would be humiliating. If Li Qingshan learnt what they were thinking, he would definitely be extremely surprised. You still have a sense of shame!?

Four spiritual artifacts and three arcane artifacts whistled towards Li Qingshan together. At the same time, they conjured weapons, natural disasters, and vicious beasts with their Divine Talismans of Great Creation, which surged towards Li Qingshan together.

There were a myriad of attacks, leading to an impressive display of power, which made all of the spectators think that the school of Novels was not as useless as they were rumored to be.

Li Qingshan rose up into the air, leading the attacks into the sky.

The figure he carefully crafted had already taken shape. He was a young man in blue, and he was dressed in a very rustic attire. Even his face was grimy, but his facial features were straight and delicate, radiating with a sense of righteousness. He clasped his hands. “I am Zeng A’niu, and I hope the seniors can show me some guidance!”

TL: Zeng A’niu is the alias of the main character of The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber, Zhang Wuji. If you don’t remember, that was the novel Li Qingshan originally plagiarised in Chapter 317.

Li Qingshan scratched his head. Originally, he wanted to draw away the attacks and have this Zeng A’niu make use of the opportunity and launch a sneak attack, but he never expected him to be so upright and straightforward in character. He was identical to his depiction in the novel.

As it seemed, the characters conjured by novelists were not regular puppets. As the cultivation of the Divine Talisman of Great Creation progressed, the characters they conjured would become more life-like. Only through the forceful control of the Divine Talisman of Great Creation could they make these characters do things against their nature.

No one expected Li Qingshan to spend so much time and effort to conjure a country bumpkin like this. However, one of the school leaders had specially studied Li Qingshan’s works before, so he called out loudly, “Don’t be careless! He’s Zhang…”

“Shut up, I’ll destroy you all!” Zeng A’niu bellowed out and interrupted him. He raised his hands into the air. “The power of dragon-slaying, the strike of heaven-reliant!”

His rustic, honest face immediately lit up, blazing with an imposing manner. His muscles burst through his clothes as he moved around gracefully like a butterfly. A huge, silver sword appeared over his head, with a golden dragon coiled around the hilt. He swung down forcefully.

Silver light filled the surroundings as extremely-sharp sword Qi whistled out, cleaving down on the seven people.

Even Li Qingshan was taken aback. Woah! I almost forgot this was the adapted version! He’s no longer that pitiful man who failed to start a harem, but the cool, awesome, wicked leader of the demonic cult who cut through Mount E’mei in a single strike!

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