Chapter 634 – The Asura Field, the Three Absolutes Calligraphy

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Chapter 634 – The Asura Field, the Three Absolutes Calligraphy

Right from when the Dragon Arena had first been constructed, it began gathering cultivators from everywhere, making them fight and kill in there. Countless lives had been lost in the process, but their will to fight remained.

Although the intensity of the battles were nowhere close to the wars waged across the nine provinces, later cultivators could use secret techniques to accumulate the slaughter and battle intent and let them constantly ferment. The process was relatively slow, but upon reaching a certain level, the very nature of the Dragon Arena would change, and it would be converted into an Asura Field.

By then, the Dragon Arena would cease to be a large-scale toy that consumed tremendous amounts of resources. Instead, it would be an arcane treasure that could connect with the Asura realm, possessing a multitude of powers. This was the reason why the imperial clan in the Dragon province constantly constructed Dragon Arenas. No amusements were purely for the sake of amusement.

The Great General King of the Green province, Wu Geng, happened to possess an Asura Field like that. The most outstanding disciples of the school of the Military in the Green province had all trained in there before. Only the most tenacious warriors could pass the ordeals.

However, the method to refine an Asura Field was a great secret. Even with Gu Yanying and Si Bao’s identity, they only knew about how it roughly worked. As for the exact process and what kind of formations and inscriptions were required, they were completely clueless.

“Big sis, this is such a vicious idea from Si Qing. He wants to use the entire cultivation community of the Ruyi commandery to make his wild ambition come true. Should we stop him?” Si Bao communicated to Gu Yanying secretly.

“Let’s just wait and see!”

Gu Yanying said after some thought. The Hawkwolf Guard possessed very great authority, but they could only watch over the Marquis of Ruyi. They could not directly interfere with his administration of government affairs. If she forcefully got in the way, then she would have completely fallen out with Si Qing. After all, obstructing a person’s path of cultivation was like killing their parents.

However, while he could order around the Academy of the Hundred Schools, why would these sect cultivators answer his call? She wanted to see how he would handle this!

Si Qing said proudly, “Right now, the world is chaotic and on the brink of war. If we continue with our past traditions and hold these exhibition matches that are no different from games, how will we be able to handle the turmoil in the future? If you really do refuse to participate, I can’t stop you, but do take a look at the value these medals represent first!”

Jia Zheng took a step forward. With a wave of his hand, a black curtain draped down from the Soaring Dragon terrace like a waterfall. There were a few words on there that detailed the value of each kind of metal, as well as the rules of the competition.

Everyone below the Soaring Dragon terrace was thrown into an uproar, as the medals regular Qi Practitioners received were worth a thousand spiritual stones, and the medals would be worth more with higher cultivation. There was absolutely no need for them to fight and kill anyone. If they simply held onto the medal in their possession, it would be quite a sum.

As for late Foundation Establishment cultivators like Li Qingshan, the medals they received could be directly exchanged for an arcane artifact. Probably no one could turn down something so great.

The Golden Core cultivators looked at one another and thought, Si Qing sure is going to some great lengths. He has taken out a tremendous sum of spiritual stones, as much as several tens of million, all at once, as well as countless spiritual artifacts, aracne artifacts, talismans, and pills. He has basically come to spread fortune far and wide.

Si Qing said, “In this competition, all the disciples, guards, and servants of my estate will be participating and contending against you! If you’re willing to participate, then collect a medal and prepare to enter the Dragon Arena. For the sake of fairness, everyone will be transported to a random location in the Dragon Arena. Do you still have any objections?”

Since there were benefits up for grabs and the reason behind this was so impressive, who was still willing to offend Si Qing? They all expressed that they had no objections.

There was a hubbub beneath the Soaring Dragon terrace. The sect cultivators discussed among themselves.

“Senior brother, should we participate?” “Of course we should. Let’s go in together and hide. The Dragon Arena is very large.” “How disappointing of you. I want to obtain a few medals and exchange for a True Spirit pill so that I can break through to Foundation Establishment!” “How can we compare to you, first senior brother?”

“Anyway, if you really can’t win, just hand over the medal. It’s not like you’ll lose anything!”

As a result, most of the sect cultivators registered and collected a medal, while the cultivators from the academies of the nine prefectures obviously had to follow the Marquis of Ruyi. They had to participate, but they all seemed interested.

Long periods of peace and the peaceful atmosphere of the Exhibition Matches of the Nine Prefectures obviously made most cultivators believe that this final competition was merely a “game” prince Si Qing arranged to win everyone over and make everyone participate.

Gu Yanying shook her head gently. She knew this was already going ahead. Si Qing had taken out a tremendous amount of resources despite the costs. He had won over the recognition of the cultivators. Both sides were happy with it. Intense battles had always been a part of the Dragon province’s tradition. Even if this was reported to the imperial court, they would only praise Si Qing’s actions. They would never berate him.

Li Qingshan raised his head and carefully read the words on the black curtain. It detailed the way the Dragon Arena worked, as well as some simple rules.

All forty-one battlefields in the Dragon Arena would be activated. By flying off in any direction, they could enter another battlefield. This was equivalent to several hundred kilometers across in all directions, which was anything but small. However, in order to avoid a few people actively avoiding battles, a few battlefields would vanish with each day. The cultivators in them would be transported to a battlefield nearby.

After losing their medal, they still had to remain inside for the ten days. They had to wait until the competition ended before they could leave. This was so that cultivators who had lost their medals had the opportunity to reobtain their medals.

Everything seemed to make perfect sense, but Li Qingshan gradually furrowed his brows. He vaguely caught the heavy scent of blood.

Si Qing must be thinking of using this opportunity to finish me off. He is sending in all of his disciples and guests. There’s no less than twenty Foundation Establishment cultivators, and they all must have prepared many powerful tricks up their sleeves so that they can give me a fatal blow!

Han Qiongzhi said, “Qingshan, you have to be careful. Commander Gu just passed orders for all White Wolf guards to continue with upholding order!”

Li Qingshan’s frown eased up, and he smiled. “Don’t worry. I’ll probably be in for a big massacre this time!”

“Qingshan, let’s discuss our plan!”

Liu Zhangqing was stern. After being baptised by war, he refused to treat any form of battle carelessly. However, even he did not believe there would be much danger in the competition this time. After all, everyone was human. Deciding victory or defeat was enough. The crux of this all was how to gather together as quickly as possible so that they could collect as many medals as possible.

After a series of discussions, the gong rang again, and the final competition formally began. Everyone entered the Dragon Arena.

Before Li Qingshan stepped into the Dragon Arena, Chu Danqing suddenly rushed over and passed a painting scroll to him.

“You’re done so quickly!” Li QIngshan said in surprise before noticing that Chu Danqing was pale and completely over-exhausted.

“I originally wanted to hand it to you after you came back. You’ll probably be in danger this time, so quickly refine it again after you enter the Dragon Arena. The Three Absolutes Calligraphy will definitely be of great use!”

During the past month, Chu Danqing spent all of his time in his room repairing the Three Absolutes Calligraphy apart from attending the matches between the schools of Painting. He used up a lot of his Jade Blood of Vermillion and Black, and his understanding of its power grew even deeper.

“Thanks! You be careful too!” Li Qingshan accepted the Three Absolutes Calligraphy and shoved all of the paintings he had obtained as spoils from the battle into Chu Danqing’s arms before stepping into the Dragon Arena.

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