Chapter 638 – Incomplete Sword

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Chapter 638 – Incomplete Sword

As the tiger demon swallowed all of the sword intent, the many strokes that contained either vast, profound, heavy, or graceful sword intent gathered towards a single point at the same time, vaguely forming a book. The book detailed a supreme way of the sword, but it turned into nothingness before Li Qingshan could even look through it.

In the end, all of the strokes linked up with one another like building blocks, forming the black body of a sword. It roughly stretched from the tip of the sword to the sword’s centre, but it was incomplete.

The radiant glow on the Three Absolutes Calligraphy immediately began to subside. Li Qingshan opened his eyes, only to see the scroll was no longer covered in criss-crossing strokes. Instead, it formed an incomplete sword like the sword in his sea of consciousness.

The strands of obstinate and unruly sword qi in his sea of qi automatically merged together. There were now three identical swords, one on the scroll, one in his sea of consciousness, and one in his dantian. They all possessed the essence of calligraphy, painting, and the sword.

So this is what the Three Absolutes Calligraphy originally looked like. The complete Three Absolutes Calligraphy must be depicting a sword, but after being separated, all the brush strokes were split up, which lead to a marvellous combination of strokes like that.

Refining the Three Absolutes Calligraphy is basically even more dangerous than confronting a Golden Core cultivator. If I hadn’t practised the Nine Transformations of the Demonic and Divine, I probably would have been done for!

Li Qingshan relaxed the spirit turtle’s suppression, and the incomplete sword in his dantian automatically began absorbing spiritual qi again. He was mildly surprised, but he discovered very soon that this absorption could be controlled. And, as it continued, the sword Qi would become sharper.

He could recover spiritual qi very quickly anyway with the Arts of the Boundless Ocean, so he allowed the incomplete sword to absorb spiritual qi. He ingested a pill that could recover spiritual qi and waited to see how far it could grow.

At this moment, he felt a ball of spiritual qi rapidly approach him. The surrounding temperature suddenly plummeted.

Are they finally here?

He raised his head and looked around. A blue ball of ice descended from above, wrapped in a cold current.

However, the strange part was the ice ball did not target him. Instead, it landed far away at the foot of the mountain, kicking up an icy storm and swallowing the space within around a hundred meters.

A Qi Practitioner reacted a little slowly and was sucked in. Immediately, he was reduced to an ice statue before turning into dust. Even the spiritual artifact sword in his hand was not spared.

What powerful coldness.

Li Qingshan travelled through the wind and snow and made his way down, smashing apart the tough ball of ice. He removed a translucent, beautiful snowflake from the very centre. This seems to be a technique of the Ice Couple palace. With how powerful it is, it’s definitely from a Golden Core cultivator!

He vaguely recalled seeing a frosty woman on the Soaring Clouds terrace. She was probably the master of the Ice Couple palace, but because she was only at early Golden Core, he had not paid too much attention to her.

Is something happening outside?

Li Qingshan was clueless about Asura Fields, so he was unable to guess the reason behind this. He wanted to send his clone over to take a look, which would also give him an additional card he could use in emergencies. However, the clone was currently refining the water with the Water God Seal, so he refused to take this risk.

Fortunately, the carp he had named as Li’l Red happened to be circling around his clone, asking for pills to eat as it splashed around. He came up with an idea and said, “Open up your mouth!”

Li’l Red immediately opened his huge mouth. His blank eyes seemed to be filled with anticipation.

Li Qingshan sealed off the Water God Seal’s aura and left some of his soul sense in there before tossing it into Li’l Red’s mouth. “You sure are lucky. Hurry up and swim back to Moon Court lake! If you lose it, hmph, have you heard of a dish called sweet and sour carp?”

Li’l Red opened his huge mouth again as if he wanted to try out the taste of that dish.

Smack! Li Qingshan slapped his head. “That means I’ll be throwing you into the pot!”

Li’l Red immediately dove into the water. His figure rapidly shrank to the size of a regular carp, turning into a red smear and swimming towards Moon Court lake.

Right now, the forces of the human cultivators were all caught up in the commandery city, while he had beat up the entire Daemon race of the Ruyi commandery until they feared him. Basically, everyone would be either fleeing or surrendering at the rumor of his arrival in all the regions of water he had refined.

He was unable to think of any ignorant bastard who would be bold enough to intercept and kill his subordinate. After dealing with this, his clone took off, directly plunging into the depths of the clouds and flying towards the commandery city.

Beneath the huge snow mountain, Li Qingshan thought in confusion, Don’t those guys want to kill me? Why are they taking so long?

He could not be bothered with remaining here and waiting for them, and he only possessed half of his spiritual qi now under the absorption of the incomplete sword. Although he was confident he could slaughter them all, even a lion would use its full strength to catch a rabbit, so he might as well walk around and go elsewhere. He could think about it once he recovered his spiritual qi.

In the maze-like formation of the stone forest, eighteen Foundation Establishment cultivators had already gathered together. Someone said impatiently, “Why isn’t the fire barbarian here yet?” “Yeah, with his cultivation, he should have arrived long ago!”

The scarred man said, “Looks like he’s not planning to converge with us!”

The dwarf said, “The barbarian has no concept of teamwork. We’d do better without him. We’re not waiting for him anymore. Let’s go!”

“Hmm? The prey has begun to move, and he’s moving very quickly. Chase him!”


Hua Chenglu also heard the whistle from the distant horizon. Through the circular clearing in the canopy, she saw greyish-white, house-sized boulders. One of them flew over in their direction.

The man in black’s eyes became filled with shock. He could not be bothered with dealing with Hua Chenglu anymore. He used another Earth Submerging talisman and burrowed deep into the ground.

Rumble! The huge boulder smashed against the ground. The ground was like a huge drum that had just been struck viciously, creating a giant crater. A shockwave that spread out in all directions followed. Such power definitely was not as simple as a boulder falling out of the sky. It had been imbued with the powerful spiritual qi of a Golden Core cultivator.

Hua Chenglu was not unlucky enough for the boulder to directly smash into her, but the boulder landed only a few dozen meters away. She felt her body shake as even her bones became numb. The shockwave tore over in an unstoppable manner, sending her flying into the sky.

Only a single boulder failed to strike the ground. Instead, it happened to hurtle towards the great banyan tree in the centre of the sea of trees, caught by the interwoven sun vines and crushed to pieces.


Hua Chenglu groaned and sat up in a pile of dead wood. She felt her entire body ache painfully. She removed the protective talisman on her neck; it had already been completely destroyed. If this protective talisman had not automatically activated at a critical time, it would have been horrible.

The ground nearby shifted, and the cultivator in black crawled out. As he laid on the ground, he vomited blood mouthful after mouthful. He had used the same move, but he had miscalculated drastically this time.

The shockwave was merely a wave of air generated from the collision, but the tremors the boulder created possessed the powers of a Golden Core cultivator. By hiding underground, his organs were shaken to pieces, sustaining extremely severe internal injuries.

Hua Chenglu immediately felt like her body had stopped aching. She leapt up from the ground and unleashed a flying blade, swinging viciously towards the man in black’s head.

“Haha, go die, you ground beetle!”

“The one who’ll die is you!”

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