Chapter 645 – Yielding

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Chapter 645 – Yielding

The black dragon swam through the sky, maneuvering between the streaks of light, sometimes rising and sometimes falling, sometimes expanding and sometimes shrinking. It made the attacks from the encirclement of Golden Core cultivators miss. Meanwhile, the black dragon brandished its teeth and claws, rampaging around madly like a wolf among a flock of sheep. There were many sheep, but with only their hoofs and horns, they were unable to achieve anything decisive even though they could cause some damage to the wolf.

The black dragon suddenly opened its mouth, revealing its rows of dagger-like teeth. It spat out a black smoke that enveloped a Golden Core cultivator. The cultivator was originally protected by his clothes, so he was not too concerned, but his clothes rapidly turned black, losing their powers. He retreated in a hurry out of fright, flying over five kilometers away instantly.

The cultivators gradually became shocked, How is he so powerful?

He practises the imperial clan’s Black Dragon Emperor classic. It’s more powerful than any of our cultivation methods.

Emperor level cultivation methods truly are extraordinary.

Sure enough, Si Qing was prepared when he challenged us. He’s clearly using us to assert his dominance. We’ve been fooled.

The cultivators all considered retreating. If it were not for the fact that their disciples and descendants were still trapped in the Dragon Arena by Si Qing, they probably would have fled already.

“Prince Si Qing, do you truly plan on falling out with the entire cultivation community of the Ruyi commandery? You can’t defeat us today, and we can’t defeat you either. Why don’t we just settle this peacefully and stop here!”

The cultivators could see that Si Qing was impressive, so they all stopped underestimating him, becoming deeply worried instead. Gathered here today, perhaps they did not fear Si Qing, but once they separated, they would be in trouble if Si Qing suddenly wanted to settle their debt afterwards. And, there were still the unfathomable Jia Zhen and E Dan who had yet to fight.

There was nothing they could do given the current circumstances. So what if they were Golden Core cultivators? If they met even stronger existences, they would still be forced to lower their heads and yield.

Although the battle continued, the battle intent and killing intent provided to the Dragon Arena diminished drastically. Si Qing frowned. This battle had been completely dissatisfying. He coiled up and said viciously, “You really are a bunch of trash. Are you thinking of running now? Do you really think I can’t kill you?”

If it weren’t for the sake of collecting battle intent and the fact that I don’t want to reveal my trump card so early on, I would have crushed the trash you are a long time ago.

Just like how Northmoon was unable to slaughter the Daemon Commanders in the past, Si Qing could not do that either. Asserting his dominance through battle was one matter, but it would be an entirely different matter if Golden Core cultivators actually died here.

Golden Core cultivators were not nobodies. Just the death of any single one of them would be major news, and the Great Xia empire would be forced to make a response.

Under these circumstances, it was easy for Si Qing to maneuver about skillfully and remain invincible, but ripping apart the limbs of these Golden Core cultivators and smashing them all like what Northmoon had done to the Daemon Commanders was very difficult to achieve.

He thought, The strong should be able to do whatever they want, yet they’re bound by these rules and laws, allowing these weak trash to make a constant ruckus. If I ascend to the throne one day, I’ll definitely turn the world back to normal.

The cultivators all looked at one another. None of them answered Si Qing. Whether it was calling them trash or saying he could kill them, he could ramble by himself!

Clap! Clap! Clap!

Gu Yanying clapped her hands three times and smiled. “A’qing, you should be lenient where you can. You can watch your mouth a little too. Everyone, since you’ve all witnessed each other’s abilities, then please hear me out. It’s best to bury the hatchet!”

Si Qing found the battle to be rather dissatisfying, but he still managed to achieve his original objective, which was making all the sect cultivators succumb to him and collect enough battle intent and killing intent. If he kept fighting, it would bring no benefit, so he went with what Gu Yanying said.

“Since Yanying has already spoken up, I’ll leave this matter be today. I just wanted them all to understand that the Ruyi commandery still belongs to Great Xia and that they aren’t the ones in charge of the cultivation community!” Si Qing reverted back to human form and went off in a huff.

No matter how discontent the Golden Core cultivators were, all they could do was make use of the current situation to get out of the battle. They all flew back to the Soaring Cloud terrace. Their faces were all worried. Originally, they thought it was finally their turn to come into power in the Ruyi commandery ever since the hundred schools suffered a heavy blow from the battle of Burial Mound mountain. Never did they think that a few people who were even more vicious would take their place, which instead made the situation worse than in the past.

Li Qingshan hid his mirror clone in a dark place and thought, What a pity. These sect cultivators sure are cowardly. He was only too anxious to see the Golden Core cultivators and Si Qing fight until they were both heavily injured, which would allow him to swoop in and steal the Dragon Arena. However, he also understood that even if Gu Yanying had not stepped in to mediate, this battle would not have continued.

Suddenly, he felt Gu Yanying’s gaze drift over gently. Although she had only glanced past him, Li Qingshan knew she had discovered him. This bird woman’s eyes sure are potent!

Gu Yanying glanced at the cluster of darkness hidden within an alleyway in the commandery city again. It had already vanished. From beginning to end, only she had noticed the existence of the darkness, and only she had managed to see that the darkness had not left. Instead, it entered the Dragon Arena through the huge shadow it had cast under the sun.

She smiled. Things were becoming more and more interesting.

The Dragon Arena rapidly shrank and arrived before Si Qing again. He sent his soul sense inside, checking on Li Qingshan’s whereabouts first. He looked through it, but he actually failed to sense Li Qingshan, which surprised him. Don’t tell me he escaped while I was distracted! That’s impossible!

He immediately recalled there was only one place where he was unable to sense anything in the Dragon arena. He focused his attention on the rainforest battlefield where the Great Banyan Tree King resided, and sure enough, he saw the scarred man and the others surrounding the banyan tree.

Li Qingshan, do you think there’s nothing I can do to you just by hiding in the tree? Si Qing sneered inside. However, he would not be breaking the rules he set in the beginning. He would patiently wait for the twenty-four hours to pass.

Suddenly, he noticed that two people were missing. One was Zhu Lie, while the other was the dwarf.

Si Qing found Zhu Lie’s whereabouts very soon. He was currently fighting against a woman in white in the lake battlefield. The woman’s cultivation was not exactly high, but her control over water was masterful. She was even more nimble in water than fish. Although Zhu Lie was powerful, he was unable to do anything to her for the moment, but as it seemed, killing her was merely a matter of time.

How dare this barbarian defy my orders and not hunt down Li Qingshan. Once the competition ends, I’ll teach him a good lesson again.

However, no matter how Si Long looked around, he was unable to find the dwarf. Don’t tell me he’s entered the great banyan tree with Li Qingshan? Or is he dead already?

Although he could immediately get an answer by contacting his subordinates, he could not be bothered with something like that. In his eyes, Li Qingshan was already a dead man. As for the dwarf, if he were dead, then he was dead. He was a cowardly piece of trash anyway.

Then he checked the situation in the other battlefields and smiled in satisfaction. Just like he had originally planned, the fighting and killing gradually intensified.

The cultivators, in particular the Qi Practitioners, were currently under the influence of the Dragon Arena. Their attacks were becoming vicious, but this was merely the beginning. He was slightly excited. After saving up and being patient for so long, he would be succeeding very soon.

Finally, he waited until the twenty-four hours had passed. He immediately controlled the Dragon Arena to move everyone in the rainforest battlefield to a nearby battlefield, but his smile soon stiffened, and his eyes narrowed. What’s going on!?

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