Chapter 652 – Killing Them All (Two)

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Chapter 652 – Killing Them All (Two)

Li Qingshan killed the people with delight while making preparations, holding onto the prayer beads from the Unraging Monk in his hand. Si Qing might not necessarily be able to accept this. If he truly tried to kill him without any regard, then he had no other choice either. He would be forced to bring out the Chan Monastery of Deva-Nāga as a shield. Probably even Si Qing would think twice by then.

But a while later, nothing happened at all. Li Qingshan was taken aback. Si Qing sure is shrewd, to even be able to put up with something like this!

Si Qing was taken aback as well before flying into a rage. As it turned out, before he knew it, the bottom of the Dragon Arena had already become dyed with a layer of pitch-black, and it was rapidly spreading. It actually wanted to steal the control over the Dragon Arena from him.

For a moment, he was unable to think about Li Qingshan anymore. He circulated his powers in a hurry to contend with the darkness as he bellowed in surprise and anger, “Who is it that’s being so bold!?”

The darkness was completely unfazed, blindly expanding across the entire Dragon Arena.

After these days of preparation, he’s finally taken action!

Gu Yanying thought as she stood on one side, watching on with interest. Jia Zhen and E Dan were unable to help out in a battle like this, while the Golden Core cultivators had no idea what was going on. However, when they saw how panic-stricken Si Qing became, all of them felt delighted.

Li Qingshan had no idea what was happening outside, but since Si Qing did nothing, he would continue his massacre. His soul sense had already locked onto the three fleeing Foundation Establishment cultivators. He leapt into the air and shot off in pursuit.

The sight around him changed, having reached another battlefield already. However, it no longer bore any resemblance to its original shape. Lights flashed and techniques criss-crossed, reducing the original landscape to a mess. Almost a thousand cultivators engaged in a melee within a region of several dozen kilometers. Every single one of them had become blinded by the killing.

The murderousness and battle intent continued to rise, merging with the Dragon Arena. The redness in the sky grew heavier.

Li Qingshan was mildly surprised. Si Qing was truly out of his mind. What was he trying to do?

Right as he chased after Si Qing’s lackeys who managed to flee, he saw a few familiar people from the corner of his eyes.

Hua Chengzan and Wei Yangsheng led over a dozen Qi Practitioners as they struggled to maintain a formation. They were currently surrounded by a group of cultivators and were closed to collapsing.

Hua Chengzan gritted his teeth, constantly circulating his spiritual qi. Although he managed to retain his clarity, his handsome face also began to twist slightly, while the Qi Practitioners beside him were all in a frenzy. They all fought like they were trying to perish with their enemies.

What is going on exactly? Am I going to die here today?

No matter how clever Hua Chengzan was, he never could have guessed Si Qing’s plan. Even if he managed to guess it, there was nothing he could do in response. The weak were always so powerless before the strong.

Boom! A huge man clad in armour descended from the sky, landing heavily on the ground thirty meters away from him. A few Qi Practitioners reacted a little too slowly, so they were launched away by the shockwave. Their bones all shattered, basically on the brink of death.

The huge man rippled with muscle and radiated with demon qi. His bright-red eyes swiveled around. The vicious aura he gave off was shocking.

Hua Chengzan knew with a single glance that even if he were in perfect condition, he would not be his opponent, let alone now when he was exhausted. He only blinked his eyes and the huge man vanished, sweeping around Hua Chengzan’s group with a red whirlwind before stopping in front of Hua Chengzan.

Hua Chengzan looked around. Two Foundation Establishment cultivators and several dozen Qi Practitioners had been launched away. All of them had a horrific slash across their vital points.

Li Qingshan did not use the Traitorous Demon sword’s ability at all to kill these people. He easily achieved this through the sharpness of the sword qi. After an intense battle, only thirty percent of his spiritual qi remained in the sword qi he nurtured, but he became even more nimble with his control over it.


Cries rang out. Facing such a vicious being, even the Qi Practitioners who were influenced by the murderousness and had lost sight of themselves staggered backwards in fright.

Wei Yangsheng gritted his teeth, stabbing at the monster with his sword. However, he knew his life would probably be over here.

“The two of you, it’s me. Where are the others?” Li Qingshan casually caught Wei Yangsheng’s sword, and his face guard slid open.

Hua Chengzan was taken aback. The face was cruder and much more twisted, but he could vaguely make out Li Qingshan’s figure. He could not help but exclaim, “Qingshan!”

Hua Chengzan explained the situation to him. Only then did Li Qingshan learn that originally, Hua Chengzan and the others went with their plan right from the beginning, gathering together in a battlefield. The leader of the school of Yin-yang, Ma Buyi, divined that there would be great danger in this competition, so they held their ground without any plans to fight anyone.

However, the developments caught everyone by surprise. When their original ambush against Li Qingshan failed, Si Qing’s lackeys carried out their other missions instead. They carried out a massacre in the various battlefields. Against their combined charge, there was not a single sect or academy that could stop them. Immediately, they sustained heavy losses.

And, as time went on, the battlefields constantly vanished, and the killing intent constantly vapourised. Whenever they were transported, everyone in the battlefield would be gathered in a single location, which basically led to an immediate melee every single time. By now, they had all been dispersed, with chaotic battles going on everywhere. There was no need for ten days at all. Probably another day or two was enough for most of the cultivators to die.

The only thing worth celebrating was Si Qing’s lackeys had suddenly all vanished at the same time as if they had been transported away. However, they had no idea when they would launch a sudden attack, which left them uneasy.

“Don’t worry about them. I’ve killed all of them except three, who managed to escape. I was just about to chase after them! If that’s the case, come with me. We’ll gather everyone together first.”

Li Qingshan said. In the beginning, he never expected the situation to develop like this either. He thought Si Qing was merely creating an opportunity to kill him. As it seemed now, it was not that simple. He could not help but become rather worried about Ru Xin, Chu Danqing, and everyone else’s safety.

For the moment, he could not be bothered with dealing with the three stray mutts. It was not like they could flee anywhere in the Dragon Arena. He only had to wait for another day or two to pass, and there would only be a single battlefield remaining. It would be even more convenient to kill them by then.

“What! You killed them all?” Wei Zhongsheng was shocked. Everyone had witnessed the strength of those people. They could basically be described as crushingly powerful. They all thought Li Qingshan had already fallen to their murderous plans when he did not meet up with them in the beginning, even worrying for him!

Looking at Li Qingshan’s current shape, Hua Chengzan wondered to himself. This is probably the strength he’s been hiding, but why does it look like the legendary demonification? However, he also understood that now was not the time to ask about something like that.

“Qingshan, have you seen Chenglu?”

“Don’t worry, she’s doing very well. She’s already broken through to Foundation Establishment. There’s something wrong with the Dragon Arena. Do you know any way to make these people calm down?”

As they spoke, a few more almost-frenzied Qi Practitioners rushed over rashly, and Li Qingshan butchered them in a single stroke. Although Li Qingshan had no idea what Si Qing was trying to do, he would definitely oppose him. You want them to kill each other? Then I’ll make them coexist peacefully.

Hua Chengzan cried out, “But Chenglu is only an eighth layer Qi Practitioner!”

“You’ll understand when you see her.”

Wei Yangsheng said, “If junior brother Mind Enlightenment chants the Peace Spreading mantra, or if junior sister Qin Xin plays the Mind Clearing tune, then perhaps it might have some effect.”

“Where are they?”


“Just talking is useless.”

Li Qingshan sucked in a deep breath and kicked up a whirlwind. His chest bulged high into the air, and he unleashed a deafening bellow that was like a clap of thunder from the sky. Sound waves swept off into the surroundings. The Foundation Establishment cultivators were fine, but the Qi Practitioners all felt their eardrums shudder as their heads ached slightly. Their minds that killing intent had enveloped cleared up slightly.

Li Qingshan did not know some sort of technique like the Lion’s Roar from buddhism, but he practised the Demon Suppression Statuary, so he imbued his voice with the power of demon suppression, deterring everyone’s demonic nature. However, this bellow alone was clearly nowhere near enough. Cultivators continued to fight and kill endlessly in the distance.

Li Qingshan flew into the air and tossed out the Demon Reining hoop, drawing them in one group after another and reining in the Qi Practitioners who fought most viciously. At the same, the Chains of Demon Suppression whistled out and bound a few Foundation Establishment cultivators who were blinded by the slaughter. However, he only subdued them. He did not kill them. He brought them all into the air together.

“Stop fighting. I’ll kill whoever that keeps fighting! Fucking hell, you’re still fighting. Eat this, my hidden weapon!”

Li Qingshan obviously had not prepared some “hidden weapon”. As a result, he extended his finger, and the Chains of Demon Suppression suddenly wrapped around a Qi Practitioner and threw him away. As he screamed out, he smacked into another Qi Practitioner and was smashed to pieces.

For a moment, the shrill screams of people facing death and the whistling of the “hidden weapon” filled the air. Just like this, Li Qingshan killed over a dozen people and finally controlled the situation.

Although basically everyone was bubbling with killing intent under the influence of the Dragon Arena, their minds slowly cooled down under the threat of death. They all raised their heads.

“I’m Li Qingshan. Si Qing has set up a scheme for us to kill each other, so don’t fall for it and lose your lives for nothing, idiots. The Dragon Arena can influence your mind. Everyone, start meditating immediately and guard your mind. I’ll count to three. If anyone is still standing, I’ll kill them!”

Li Qingshan counted to three and not a single cultivator stood anymore. As a result, he nodded in satisfaction. He placed all the cultivators he had reined in on the ground too. The faces of the Foundation Establishment cultivators were very ugly, but they still managed to clasp their hands at Li Qingshan, while the Qi Practitioners who had not been knocked away by the huge hidden weapons threw themselves onto the ground, almost tempted to prostrate themselves at him.

However, Hua Chengzan noticed that most of the people Li Qingshan tossed out were dressed as Si Qing’s subordinates. But clearly, Li Qingshan was not mentally burdened by killing a few innocent people either. If they angered him, he could even kill all the cultivators here, let alone a few.

“I still have to go to the other battlefields. You stay here and keep an eye on them. Don’t let them kill each other. If I come back and I still see fighting, I’ll make you all bleed one by one. There are still a few more days until this competition ends, so none of you’ll be able to escape punishment!”

Li Qingshan gathered all the Foundation Establishment cultivators present and threatened them without holding back at all. Their mentality and cultivation completely surpassed what Qi Practitioners possessed. Once they calmed down, the influence on them was much weaker, and they could suppress the Qi Practitioners too.

Whether they were from sects or the hundred schools, the Foundation Establishment cultivators all said, “We would never!” Under Li Qingshan’s threatening gaze, none of them had any doubts that they would be cut down as soon as they showed the slightest objection.

“Good! I’ll go find the others!”

Li Qingshan immediately set off to the other battlefields. No matter what Si Qing wanted to do, he would definitely screw it up for him.

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